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> > > > Smoking Chulha

Smoking Chulha

Sarjapur RoadEast Bangalore  

  • 9916350167
  • Green Glen Layout , Off Sarjapur Bellandur Outer Ring Road, Sarjapura Road, Bangalore
  • Punjabi
  • Meal for 2 - 150

19 Reviews / 19 Ratings

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Smoking Chulha Reviews





Must try...!!!

Lip smacking daal makhni and achari paneer paranthas, visited it yesterday night
was quite impressed with the spread of paranthas , lassi was really heavy
and the meal was a bliss which i ended with halwa.

After ages Bangalore got a reasonably priced authentic north indian restaurant.

The staff at the restaurant are courteous and non intrusive,happy with their service.



Yummie Yummie

I have been visiting Smoking Chulha for the past one year at least thrice a week for Lunch and Dinner.Quality of authentic Punjabi homemade food is the first that strikes your mind and makes you visit the place often.
Staff is very well mannered , clean and serve food with love.
Wonderful choice of Menu and very simple and neat place to have a quiet meal with family.


Amazing paranthaas!

Hey All,

I have been staying in Bangalore for 3 years and havn't found many good places that serve good punjabi food!. Me and my friends ordered all the parantha's on the menu and liked them all. Desert was quite memorable as well. Although an addition of rabdi to malpua's will make it royal!

Ambiance is very simple. A uniform for the servers will be good addition too.


Awful food

Ordered for the first time. Went by to pick it up.Place was empty with 4 guys in baniyans sweating and juggling there way in the kitchen in the hot summer. As I waited for my parcel noticed the certificate from "Burp! " which claims "Search for authentic Punjabi food ends here " . I was impressed by what a small place could achieve without any frills.As I walked by there window near the kitchen one of the Baniyanwala's rushed to pull down the curtain and soon the door was shut too. Took my order got home and opened to see one of my orders missing and then came the horror when I saw the lacha parathas with thick uncooked batter .So was the aloo paratha .Absolutely lousy and disgusting. Rajma was fine .Dhal was runny and weird .So much for the certificate from Burp which puts both Burp and Smoking Chulha to shame.With so many potential customers around there place they could have easily created a good market for themselves which I feel they miserably failed to do.Never ever go to Smoking Chulha .



decent prices and food

This place is simple no nonsense place with not that great ambiance and situated in the maze of 100s of apartments in the ORR area near bellandur. The food is typical north indian fare and the prices are decent by bangalore standards.The thalis are the best bet and the phulkas are great and served hot most of the time. Their lassi too is not too bad. I go there mostly for the pricing and not so oily food that sure does make ur tummy full


Kish_pics - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 17,2013



Have been ordering food from smoking chulha very often, off late the quality has gone done substantially , found few hairs in food last time. Since then don't feel like ordering food any more. They used to be good but that's history now


February 18, 2013response from management at Smoking Chulha:

I understand you created this profile yesterday to specifically post this review. I wish you had called us too to report this whenever you had faced the issue. I have never till date recieved a complaint to this effect and hence my conviction that 'quality and taste' are what makes us who we are. We have phone records of all our regular customers and regularly interact with them. Since you have at one point liked our food I would appreciate if you called and told me when this issue had happened.

KUM7san - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 16,2013


Bad service and unhygienic food, beware

Never order food from smoking chulha, there service is pathetic and food most unhygienic , we found cockroach in one vegetable and hairs in another one. Please beware, order on your risk. If you want to know the genuine of this review please reach out to me through mail


February 17, 2013response from management at Smoking Chulha:

I wish you had not posted about cockroaches and hair in the food which certainly was not the case last evening. Taste and quality are the only two aspects that have stood our restaurant the test of time over the past three years!

I understand we completely messed up a delivery order from you last evening post which you did not accept the food and also warned me of dire consequences through an internet posting that you intended to post. I regret the delay last evening and furnish no excuses for the same. It was entirely our mistake and

February 18, 2013response from management at Smoking Chulha:

So you messed up some other delivery also. Anyway if you are confusing with some other goof up you did let me tell you , I got the food and paid for it as well though it came in 90 mins against the delivery time confirmation of 60 mins. We could not eat it due to obvious reasons. I could have called you and told but no point listing " SORRY" from you. Wants to warn the people who are ordering food from your place, now it's up to readers to consider this review as fake, as you are trying to claim, or find it of there help. I wouldn't have replie

February 18, 2013response from management at Smoking Chulha:

So you messed up some other delivery also. Anyway if you are confusing with some other goof up, you did let me tell you , I got the food and paid for it as well though it came in 90 mins against the delivery time confirmation of 60 mins. We could not eat it due to obvious reasons. I could have called you and told but no point listening " SORRY" from you. Want to warn the people who are ordering food from your place, now it's up to readers to consider this review as fake, as you are trying to claim, or find it of there help. I wouldn't have re


Burrrp! - Bad. Smoking Chulha - Bad

So I wrote this long review for Smoking Chulha on Burrp!. I didn't have a Burrp! id so I was asked to create an account after my review. I did that and I had no way to go back to my review! All what I typed was gone. Seriously, Burrp! is this the user experience you create?

Back to my review of the restaurant. I am not in a mood to type everything again. I'll be brief. Went for lunch on Friday the 13th of July. Dusty tables. Particles floating the transparent water cups. Jeera rice that had absolutely no trace of any taste. Disappointing experience. And oh, I had meal discount coupons (although that shouldn't matter).


Nice Food

We went there as we wanted to have a feel of food to order it for my grandson's birthday bash, we found it quite tasty. As they weren't having proper packing material, they told us to check it first and let's us know. We ordered for twenty-five people but instead of chapaties which we tasted there, we ordered for paranthas which we didn't like that much due to thickness. Although people liked the food and appreciated. The food was quite homely.


jsuraj - Burrp User


13 Reviews

October 29,2011


Great north indian food - very affordable price

A genuine north indian restaurant. Very humble ambience but yet very neat. Do not expect to have an A/C kinda setup and a waiter at every table. This place is quite modest but when it comes to its food, the story is very different. Just have one person to cater to around 6 tables which make up this eating joint. A very warm waiter serves you food with care. One needs to wait a bit for the food to be preapared. so be prepared to wait a bit. To come to the food - have never missed their dal makhani. For a Vegetarian like me who considers Baingan almost like a non-veg dish, I go back to this place for their baingan ka bhartha. Every dish you order is home style. you just will not feel heavy. Average per head should not be more than Rs. 120-150. Lucky to have this place close to my house.




Very wholesome food, might not suit some taste buds that are used to that over dose of butter and stale oil. Everything is fresh and piping hot!


richa.pande - Burrp User


4 Reviews

February 11,2011


A Delightful Supper!!!

Thanks to Burrp & Smoking Chulha for making our dinner an experience worth remembering.
Yesterday, I went to this place with my friends after reading the Burrp Reviews & I was truly impressed. Food was good, phulkas & parathas reminded me of mum & the Jalebis were simply superb.
My friends hit the like button for the butter milk too. And the best part was, we enjoyed all this without a big hole in the pocket.
All in all, a 'must visit' place for all the foodies who want to fight recession yet please their taste buds. :)


HengliMridu - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 09,2011


Finally Manpasand Punjabi Khana in Bellandur - Sjr

We have 3 Punjabi Dhabas on the ORR and a "Dhaba" as well. While the Punjabi Dhaba (name of the restaurant) happens to be extremely unhygienic and unhealthy, the DHABA is not authentic and is overpriced.

Being an ardent lover of authentic Punjabi Food (By the way I am from Kolkata where we get awesome Punjabi Food) I was very disappointed with the kind of so called Punjabi food available around Bellandur-Sarjapur area. Although my husband is true blue malayalee yet he loves punjabi cuisines I serve him at home. To my biggest surprise finally we found Smoking Chulha which is far less expensive than DHABA and far more healthier and neater than the Punjabi Dhaba.

As a trial we went for Makki Di Roti de Sarson da Saag and Alu Parathas and no words can describe the taste. it was simply awesome :) I am so happy to have found this small restaurant at Green Glen Layout.



Over Exagirated

This was my first visit to the place,
I felt it was atleast about 20% over priced, for the quantity they served.
The paneer butter masala(the paneer subji of the day) was shockingly watery.(I would not want to call it paneer butter masala)
Its just about okay place to visit incase you are stay close by.
But definitely not worth the travel from the place I was staying.


Thanks burrp

Burrp reviews have landed me at many a lemon restaurant. All forgiven today, as they helped me find this gem.

The restaurant is located inside locality, away from main road. Its run by a Punjabi family. The food is truly "Punjabi Ghar ka".

No extra oil, excellent taste and hot phulkas.Tried various thalisl, sweets and drinks. All were excellent.

My only regret, they don't serve non-veg. I am craving for a true punjabi kukkad.


truly burrped

Its a tiny restaurant tucked away in a residential layout at Sarjapur. We did drive alot to find this. we were hungry and we ordered almost everything on the menu. And we finished it. We reordered...and then we BURRPED!
it was delicious. home cooked authenticity at its best. lassis, parathas, sarson da saag..would love to visit this place again!


Smoking hot parathas!

Ordered the following for the 2 of us:
1 Alu paratha
1 Onion paratha
1 Chhole/mirchi paratha/lachcha paratha combo

The mirchi paratha was the pick of the lot; and then onion, alu and lachcha in that order. Chhole were nicely done as well.

The best part of the food here is that there is no oil dripping from any of the items. And they go rather easy on the masalas, so you dont get a bad after effect post the meal!
Note that all parathas are deep fried here, and hence are very filling. We were both rather full completing the stuff we ordered.

The restaurant is very cleanly maintained at the moment and i hope they continue keeping it as tidy when the popularity rises.

All in all, a satisfying meal. Will consider going back there when i am in that part of town.



Search Ends Here...

Search for the real North Indian food which I always used to crave for has finally ended last week. Thanks to Burrp and smackingfoodie for having posted the first review about this joint as I decided to try this place out after reading the review.

Actually in Bangalore whenever I have tried to get authentic North Indian food, I have come quite close to it but never completely succeeded. Somehow the taste that you even get at a dhaba on any highway near Delhi would beat several of the north indian serving restaurants in Bangalore. It is same like you can never get an Idli or a Dosa as good as Bangalore in Delhi.

Anyways, this place serves you food which is less oily, less spicy and more like Home food.

I have already visited this placed thrice and have tried their value for money meals Kunvar and Yuvraj which can be taken as per your diet. There is one more option in the meals which is Maharaja which can be taken if you are very hungry. These meals will have 2-3 veggies, dal, chapatis (same as you make at home), raita and rice. Everything tastes too good and you can hardly complain of any item not meeting your expectations.

I also tried their Mirchi Parantha with Dal and Raita. Again it was extremely delicious. My wife is a big lover of Makki Ki Roti and Sarson Ka Saag. So to have that we had gone on the Saturday (pls note that some of the items are available only o select days). It was probably the only 1 item which was OK and wasn't something great. I had also tried the Baingan Bharta on that days which again was too good.

All in all, this place is the place to be if you are looking for home like north indian food in Bangalore. I doubt if some place can come even close to this.

This place actually is run by Mrs.& Mr.Malhotra from Agra and we had met aunty the other day who told that they have even brought the cook from North. Also you can see all his children actively running around serving customers and doing home deliveries. Looks good to see the entire family working together to give you some great food.

The place as it is new and has been kept low at budget has its limitations. Like you need to take water yourself, AC is not there etc. The current scale of operations are low and at rush hours they run out of stock of items as well. For example we ordered Gulab Jamun which had been finished for the day, it being a weekend. Anyways, these things are a matter of time when the scale of operations will increase and these glitches will go away.

My ratings are as follows.
Ambience - 7
Food - 9.5 (Should have been 10, but 0.5 goes for the Sarson Ka Saag which fell short of our expectations)
Service - 9
Overall Expereience - 9.5


Pindh di yaad aagayi

Had gone to Bengaluru recently and on this trip I ate at this amazingly authentic Punjabi food place called Smoking Chulha...its not just the food but the ambience and simplicity of the place just add to the beauty...the food was amazingly delicious...and they literally made me lick my fingers...the dal makhani was jst awesom and so were the 'sweetu' Gulab Jamun...nxt day came fr brrkfast n had Aloo paratha and Muli was like eatin straight from my mom's hands...the food is not 'restauranty' and has gt a grt homely touch to it...its a must go for everyone in Bangalore...esp d north Indians...u wnt miss ur home much after this ;)