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> > > > Soho Bar & Grill, 31 South Park Hotel

Soho Bar & Grill, 31 South Park Hotel

BasavanagudiSouth Bangalore  

  • 9980565326, 41609444, 41609445, 9902788677
  • Rooftop of 31 South Park Hotel, 31 South Park Hotel, #198, 2nd & 3rd Floor, Basavanagudi, Bangalore
  • Continental, Fusion
  • Meal for 2 - 1000

3 Reviews / 3 Ratings

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Soho Bar & Grill, 31 South Park Hotel Reviews






Definitely Not for Family

As described by others here, this place is sick. Neither great beer nor good starters. Highly shady place suitable for all kinds of shady activity. No one should plan to go with family.



Lies, Lies, Lies

I stay in Basavangudi and finally I decided to try this place. Today went to that place by 6pm by seeing a big board outside (movable banner) saying buy 1 mug and get 1 mug free @ Rs.90. AFter entering the place I noticed that its completely empty and I was wondering why ( but at the by 8pm I realised why )

I asked about happy hour and server started telling that offer is not there and now its buy 2 and get 1 ( actually he could not able to communicate with us properly and he was telling "get 2 and get 1"). since we were already in that place, we decided to order something. We order two mugs of beer and large whisky + fries.

Music was horrible and service was worst. After taking 2 mugs I went and casually asked abt the banner. They started giving wierd answer like... it is like that only and if u have any problem talk to manager. They I asked wehre is manager... they pointed out to some guy who was just playing snocker from long time and does nothing.

When I asked him he was telling that offer is closed 2 days back and now its buy 2 and get 1. Then i politely asked him to remove the banner outside otherwise it confuses the customer. he was not all ready to listen and kept playing snooker..

Then I got pissed off and later we ordered just a harabara paner but even after 30 mitns the food was not served... later we thought enough of this sick plce... we paid the bill and left not even single rupee as tip and returned.

Guys there are many good places in Bangalore, please try those and avoid this place. ITs good for nothing...


Where is the grill gone?

An appealing picture ad on burrp, made me reserved a table for two last Sunday evening. The entrance to this place is pretty funny….enter the elevator from one side & exit on the other side...I had seen such elevators only in some Park Chan-Wook movies. The restaurant is on the top most floor spread across 6000 squares…part of it is open seating with a projected screen playing pop videos. We decided to pick seating of our choice as the place was 80% empty, but the manager had other plans for us & was not happy with our choice. His proposal to offer us bean bags in the open space was turned down without a second thought.

Once the seating confusion was sorted out we explored the 3 piece menu (Appetizers, Main course, Drinks). Continental & Chinese is what they serve along with Kingfisher draught beer, regular hard liquor & a few cocktails. Well… to be honest, the C of West marrying the C of East in a food menu is a perfect recipe for disaster. The menu was very basic & gave us very little opportunity to choose. The first order was for a Pitcher of Beer, Virgin Mary along with Caesar salad, French fries & homemade nachos. The waiters were a confused lot & had very little or no information about the offerings, but somehow managed to serve us without delay. The salad was dry, soggy were the fries & the nachos left us with a mild throat inflammation. POB was the usual, but Virgin Mary was deprived of the right Worcestershire- Tobasco mix.

Buffalo wings & mutton ribs were the only bbq offerings at a place whose last name is “Grill” & our devouring appetite for grilled meat ended in a bitter disappointment. The wings were tiny & burnt with an overdose of bbq sauce...with great effort we emptied the plate. The “mutton ribs” to our surprise was extremely overpriced….285 bucks for 3 ribs!!!!...The natural flavor of the meat was over powered by the spicy sauce that tasted more like a cross between bbq & Cantonese sauce. The pricing needs a revision as the quality of food & ambience fail to add value to the overall customer experience.

Soho is a city in the West of London known for its porn film industry & up market restaurants. On the other hand this Soho in Basavangudi is an effort to recreate the lifestyle offered by the former. Did this effort yield fruit? Well, yes…a genetically modified one. How many of us would appreciate it? It’s not for me to decide. Soho Bar & Grill comes across as a “wanna be” kabaddi raider who dozes off while wrestling the opponents to his side.