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> > > > Soul City, UB City

Soul City, UB City

Vittal Mallya RoadCentral Bangalore  


6 Reviews / 7 Ratings

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Soul City, UB City Reviews

Safe Haven for foodie

Chicken Satay and Peanut Sauce!!! Unforgettable ones were the Pan Asian-Thai soup & Harira soup which was made up of Chick peas ,Chicken & some Bruschetta with Pesto. dimsums were decent (Veg & Non-Veg).Recommend : For the main course we had roast lamb in chilli sauce with hakka noodles. This Joint is very spacious to accomodate a lot of people!!! Definitely a place to try out at least once.



Not the food nor the place for the soul

I think this is the only place in UB which absolutely failed to impress me. It isn't really noticeable as it's tucked away inside the entrance to the Oakwood below Shiro. Some friends gave us some coupons from Groupon, for a Sunday brunch so we headed there. The reservation was tricky, my friend called about 2-3 times and he was asked to call later when he announced we had a coupon. It is totally uncool to sell deals on your restaurant if you don't want to make good on the offer!

In any case, we landed up there, and the place was quite nice and spacious. The starters weren't the conventional chicken and veggies, though that was there too! They had a nice array of salads, and we picked up 2 cocktails as well which were quite good. There were grilled and sauteed chicken, a good mutton starter and veg kebab and fried veggies. The main course was mostly vegetarian, in fact non vegetarian was sneaked away in one side. But taste wise the achari paneer, dal makhani etc were not too bad.

Now for the downside, there was an middle aged group event happening that afternoon, which we weren't told about when we reserved. So after some time there was an MC and DJ playing party music in the afternoon. So the whole point of a nice brunch was disrupted quite a bit.

Brunch for 2 with a cocktail each was 1300 in the offer. Whereas their actual prices are something like 600 per head for brunch, and 1000 with alcohol. Their service was just about okay, despite the multiple attempts at reservations, they didn't have us on their list. The staff was not groomed well, and fell a little short of being courteous due to this. I think I wouldn't go back here. Nothing memorable about this place.



A Wow Experience

I love going to UB City and since this restaurant opened, I have solemnly eyed it every time a friend and I would walk past. However, for a long time, I found no one who was interested enough to come with me to this restaurant. Happily my luck changed last weekend and I enthusiastically scurried into the restaurant, friend in tow and sat down at a table next to large bay windows. The extremely discreet and pleasant waitress assisted me with my napkin and then handed us the food menus. She very courteously placed the drinks menu in the center of the table and then left us to mull over the various foods and drinks available. Both of us opted to not have alcohol and instead we settled for soup. My friend chose a Thai soup and I chose a Harira soup which was made up of Chick peas and Chicken. This was a Morroccan soup and I have never come across this before, hence my choice. For my main course, I chose a Nasi Goreng and it was accompanied with Chicken Satay and Peanut Sauce. My friend conventionally stuck to a Hyderabad Mutton Biriyani which came along with a bowl of Raitha and Chicken Curry. After we placed our order, the waitress brought us some complimentary nibbles - Bruschetta with Pesto. They tasted delicious and we finished the whole plate. The soups when they arrived were lovely. The main courses were also done to perfection and were plenty in quantity. We happily ploughed our way through them and then debated the question of dessert. The menu had some really interesting desserts on offer. Sadly though, we were both feeling full and so we skipped dessert and asked for our bill. While waiting for the bill, I looked around and admired the very tastefully decorated restaurant and well stcocked bar. The chandelier hanging from the center of the room was beautiful and I could just imagine how wonderful it would look in the late evening when the whole place is lit up. The furniture was lovely and comfortable and the floor to ceiling windows gave the place great outside light. The restaurant is very spacious and can accomodate a lot of people and I love this fact because it means that I would never need to be stuck close to a stranger's table, even if the place is crowded. Service is wonderful, as can only be expected in any place in UB city. The food is great and spans cuisine from different parts of the world. The prices are not very high, considering the other restaurants in UB city. This place is more suited for couples and would be great for a special evening out. Definitely a place to try out at least once.


A fair experience

I went to Soul City for lunch with a friend, we started our meal with chicken dimsums and thai style fried chicken. The dimsums were decent, not outstanding. For some odd reason, the chicken filling was lumpy and the dimsums were breaking, but the taste was above average.
The thai chicken was sesame crusted and done right. I quite liked it, it had a unique flavour and was served with a tangy chilli dip which was lovely.

For the main course we had roast lamb in chilli sauce with hakka noodles. The lamb was done alright, the sauce was good and had succulent mushrooms. The noodles however were slightly below expectations. They seemed a little oily and the presentation made them seem like they were being served in a road side joint. Not expected from a restaurant such as this. The taste, however, was pretty alright.

The staff here seemed a little confused, even though only 3 tables in the entire restaurant were occupied. They weren't quite attentive and needed to be beckoned repeatedly.



Didn't touch my Soul

Came here Saturday evening at 8 p.m. This was my first visit to this place and was really excited. We got seated immediately as the place was not crowded. The menu had Indian, Continental & Thai cuisine.

Ordered Fritto Misto and Roast lamb in chilly garlic sauce. Fritto Misto is an Italian sea food platter (scallops, squid, prawns and fish dipped in wine batter and deep fried). It was served with white sauce. It was good and light. (I could not find any prawns in the platter and on enquiring I was told that the prawns were cut into tiny bits and fried which I could neither see nor taste). The 2nd item, roast lamb was served with mushrooms in sauce (a bowl of curry) accompanied with noodles and pickled cucumber and carrot. It was bland and just average.

The ambiance is really good. It has a well-stocked bar. This place is somewhat round in shape, really huge and very spacious. It has huge windows, 4 very broad silver-colored pillars with a beautiful chandelier in between. The tables are far apart from one another and not cluttered like other restaurants in UB City. Service was okay.

Price Rs.860 + tax = Rs.1079 (for 2 items). Sadly, the food was not up to the mark.............


Good Buffet

As of now, Oakroom is probably the least crowded of the restaurants in the UB City Mall, and it's a decent option if you don't want to wait for your table and would like to have a good, relaxed meal.

The Oakroom is nice,big and airy, with good natural lighting, and has this huge chandelier right in the middle of the room. They serve soup and starters at the table, both of which were good. Mind you, the variety here is quite limited compared to other similarly priced buffets. Which means you get only 1 veg starter and 1 non veg starter. The salads were OK, and there was nothing really interesting, that you would want to waste your appetite on (yes, i *am* one of those healthy food haters)

Onto the main course, the buffet had a mix of different cuisines, a bit of North Indian, a bit of continental and a bit of Chinese as well. As the choice is limited, I really could have a try of pretty much everything on the spread, and i certainly wasn't disappointed. There was some really delicious fish, some great mutton Biryani, a nice rich Paneer curry, some noodles(again good) etc.

I'm someone who likes to gorge on the desserts at buffets, and at first glance, i was disheartened. They had precisely 4 items if i remember correctly plus the usual serving of fruits (yeah right, as if i'm even remotely interested in them). But once i dug in, the buffet had redeemed itself. The chocolate mousse i had was some of the best i've ever had, may not be as good as the ones you get in close by Ecstasy, but almost there and that's something. The lemon tart and the assorted pastries were equally good and that brought to end a thoroughly satisfying meal.

At 325 plus taxes per head, you might argue that you could find much better spreads in the city for the same price or even less, and you might be right as well, but there really isn't a lot that you could complain about this one apart from may be the limited variety.