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> > > > Soul Kadhi

Soul Kadhi

Richmond TownCentral Bangalore  

  • 22111112, 22111113, 22111114, 9686601021
  • Shop No 3, Laurel Lane, Behind TNT Office, Richmond Town, Bangalore
  • Indian, North Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 600

6 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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Soul Kadhi Reviews

Southindies To Soul Kadhi

I am a South Bangalorean and on my marathon discovered, this wonderful place, from Southindies to Soul Kadhi recently and found a very familiar sense of being at home.Located on one of the busiest roads in Bangalore:) Loved the Sumptuous pieces of meat and the paneer and Prawn and Chicken Starters. A little higher in terms of pricing but totally worth it once you taste the food. Will recommend for sure.


June 4, 2013response from management at Soul Kadhi:

Dear Aravind,
Glad you discovered us and enjoyed your meal with us.
Thank you for the feedback.

Best wishes..


I just loved this place by the end of the street.. Loved the ambiance.. Pretty small place but quiet one.. Love the chicken starters.. Prawn was pretty decent too.. Customer service is good too as they allowed to get us coffee from cafe Ora :)
I must say, affordable and a must visit place


June 4, 2013response from management at Soul Kadhi:

Dear Rumana,

Thank you for your kind words, hope to see you around often..

Best wishes..

cygnusx2 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 10,2012


Loved It...

Went to Soul Kadhi recently and found a very familiar sense of being at home..Walking towards a table here felt like walking into the dining room of my house..The ambiance is such..I just wished the food would be just as familiar as home but it wasn' was better!! Sumptuous pieces of meat and the paneer was to die for..I think I'm a bigger fan of paneer now than I am of meat thanks to this place..All in all, a great place for good old fashioned North Indian..

And then there's beer.....



Soul satisfying

Firstly, I love the spot where this restaurant is located. You will never realize that tucked away behind one of the busiest roads in Bangalore is a building that houses two of its best restaurants.

Soul Kadhi (Full points for the name) is a cozy restaurant that serves incredibly tasty North Indian food. I absloutely love their biryani, especially when you couple that with a cold beer. There's not much more you can ask for in a meal on a saturday afternoon.

Small things like the delightful tiny onions dipped in vinegar that they serve prove to me that these guys love their food, and that makes me want to return to try out some of the other stuff on their menu... and slowly wean myself away from that awesome biriyani.



Super Food and Ambience

Been there last week and was pleassantly surprised to see that they serve Beer as well,
Tried the chaat was excellent especially the quality of the ingredients used. (curd and chutney were superb)

Then had the Mutton kababs ,roti, with chicken pyazaa and black dal followed by Chicken BIriyani. I must say one of the best stand alone restaurants serving this good biriyani.
Yes a bit on the higher side in terms of pricing but totally worth it once you taste the food.

Will definitely go back.




Okay food but portions are small and cost a bit higher. Rs. 114/- for one paneer parantha and Rs. 70/- for papdi chaat is just outrageous!! Service is pathetically bad, no response from the management! When I brought the service inefficiency to the notice of management, there was no response whatsoever. Even free kitchen in temples and gurudrawas provide some response, whether you like it or not! One more couple cancelled their order and left without having food because they were not served anything other than Roti and Daal.

Even handwritten bills comes after a long wait. The neighborhood eatery in residential areas will provide better service and experience than this place.

Must avoid as I couldn't find any reason why should one come there!


July 12, 2012response from management at Soul Kadhi:

Dear Ranjan mdb,
We are terribly regretful of the poor experience you had. It was a crazy weekend for us and we had several unhappy clients..we just werent ready for the number of customers who came in due to the article and coz which service and kitchen couldnt cope up at all..
The manager too was in a spot trying to amend issues hence the lack of response..
Do try us again as all the feedback on food have been very positive and we have geared up with our teams to avoid a similar situation.
Best wishes..

July 12, 2012response from management at Soul Kadhi:

Good to know that you are tracking the reviews. I am sure you already know that to select a restaurant for dining out, food is one dimension but not the only dimension.

All the best!