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IndiranagarEast Bangalore  

  • 08041636363
  • 276, First Floor, 6th Main Junction, Binnamangala Layout, Defence Colony, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore
  • Multi-cuisine
  • Meal for 2 - 1100

65 Reviews / 67 Ratings

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Southindies Reviews

Crunch - Burrp User


6 Reviews

March 08,2013


Decent food horrible service

We sat there for 30 mins before we managed to get anyone to explain to us why they wouldn't let us go to the buffet and had to wait for starters!!! Finally they got us a single starter!!! Bunch of waiters were just standing around staring the entire bloody lunch time!! Probably not going there again despite decent food.


rastachef - Burrp User


46 Reviews

February 04,2013


Veggie delight

Vegetarians make a big deal of this place and despite being a staunch non-vegetarian, I decided to give the place a shot. I went for the Pongal Buffet and found the food to be just about average. The Appams were a bit too sweet and most of the food was loaded with Soda, which is a tried and tested way of beating those with large appetites. My review of course, is hugely indicative of the fact that veg food rarely moves my needle and may not necessarily be an actual review of South Indies' culinary capabilities.



Good but expensive

Very good place for vegetarians. Good food, should try the "appam" there. On the expensive side. Ambiance is nice, staff is nice and food is great. Rasam is a MUST try. Too many varieties of chutney / pickles. Delight for vegetarians - Highly Recommended.



Great south indian breakfast buffet

I have been to south indies for a few times. I am a big fan of the south indies breakfast buffet. This is likely the best premium south indian breakfast buffet in the town. Idlies, dosas, chutnies, sambar and almost everything is awesome! On top of it service is just brilliant. However, I am not big fan of south indies lunch.

The breakfast buffet costs 220 bucks including everything and is so much worth it. You also get 20% discount on amex cards!


Avoid this place at all costs

Ridiculously expensive for the kind of food they serve, the ambience is really shoddy and the food tasteless. You might just start hating south indian food if you ever tasted food from this place. Names of the dishes are very fancy but the pleasant experience ends there once you have tasted the food! Avoid at all costs!


soumya_k - Burrp User


23 Reviews

November 17,2012



ALL with all entire place is filled with blossom frangrance with entire kingstone taste

that our tummy gets really very happy by the food they serve us

unbelieving but really a very good food :-00

loved it



EXTREMELY unorginal .

we went 2 days ago in a hardcore veg group for the sat lunch buffet;. ambience , seating, staff all fine. but lets come to food. starters were mysore bonda (sour batter) and gobi fry (too oily) . was no soup- thats ok. but the main course was shocking...there was plain rice and some tomato-heavy sambar(?) and a very feeble stew...also was tomato rice with some beans thrown in and was called BIRIYANI ?! if that was bad, we were served kerala parottas supposedly fresh but were the kind you got in FROZEN pack and reheated. even this the inner layers that were still cold and the outer was burnt. the appams were decent and so was the podi dosas....there was a shortage of katoris for curd...and the ice creams was vanilla with some silly syrups to make a combo. Sweets? there was some payasam called APPI PAYASAM (wonder where he got the name ) the end we ate since we paid rs 300 per person. in short? a completely unoriginal menu without even a single signature dish that lifts up a buffet. it was a COMPLETE WASTE for rs 300...go for it if u are not a south indian and still want to eat something without giving two hoot about ORIGINAL tastes...


Mokka Junna Miriyalu Fry

As we were early, we got the table quickly and the waiter brought the menu. Along with it he got us some chips to munch on.
Their ‘Mokka junna miriyalu fry’ seemed to be especially tempting. This is basically baby corn marinated with crushed pepper , tamarind and besam flour served with three varieties of chutney. I wanted to try it for a looong time. The menu had an enlarged image of this and looking at it made my water. It tasted exactly the way it looked like in the menu … a-mazzing!!!

For the main course, we browsed through the menu and very quickly reached a consensus. We wanted to have their Appam and Kari Kari Stew. This stew is garden fresh vegetables cooked in a coconut milk based gravy, flavored with curry leaves and green chilies. This stew goes well with Appams and had been recommended by many friends.

The waiter came up to us and swiftly took our order on his i-phone.
The service was quick, I’m guessing probably because the order taking was computerized. The waiter takes order and sends it out. It is then automatically displayed on the digital signage along with serial number in the kitchen. The process is simple and quick.



Onam Sadya 2012, Bangalore, Indiranagar at SouthIn

Porotta, Appam, Dosa, Bhaji as starters, Ghee Rice, Icecream with strawberry, chocolate and butterscotch as flavours, are some of the dishes that Southindies caters for Onam Buffet (Yeah, its not a sadya, it’s a buffet).

And yeah, Onam sadya to be served on plate , not leaf !!!!

That says it all !!! . What south indies calls as Onam Buffet 2012 is just a buffet of some south Indian dishes. Its no way a sadya, let alone the grand Onam sadya.

Been to south indies for onam sadya 2012 with colleagues today (28 August, 2012), and it had been a let down completely.


Packed Lunch

Hi, Last week we ordered packed lunch from South Indies. Veg lunch costs Rs. 150/- per pack and it is awesome. Strongly recommend for corporate lunches.


Name says everything

Authentic south indian delicacies can be enjoyed here. I am a regular visitor to this place and I like the lunch buffet and with staff being courteous it makes a good package to dine out.



Whattae Disappointment

We went there on Ugadi to have some special food but were taken aback by the horrid service, the terrible ambience and to top it all, even the food wasn't great...

a huge disappointment as I had taken my friends along with me too :(


vwxyz - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 09,2011


the south food

the best restaurant with best food! just love this place and always ensure we have food here for all special occassions.


dagmar - Burrp User


15 Reviews

September 15,2011


Totally Southeeee

The first time i stepped into this place i had a feeling that it will be yet another south indian restaurant boasting the usual stuff but the minute we tasted the starters i changed my opinion. The staffs are really warm,you don't wait more than 5 minutes to get a table no matter how big your gang is.

The first thing you get is a bowl of fryums that tastes yummy with an array of chutneys. And after being fairly regular here these days we just go along whatever the waiter suggests us and best about this place is that they actually remember you and thanks to us visiting the place is like coming back home for a hot plate of trad south indian food.


Awesome Place for South Indian Food

I have been to this place with my family for lunch, and the experience was really great, yummy food all my family members liked a lot,

I will visit this place again with my friends and I'm sure all of them would love this food.

Once again I repeat the taste of food was marvelous.


Foodiejojo - Burrp User


38 Reviews

September 09,2011


Great food, service should improve!

Been visiting this place for extended family lunches since a very long time. Though the menu is not as exhaustive as earlier, the food remains exceptionally good. I also like the fact that they have kept the decor stylish and classy unlike most purely South Indian restaurants. The buffet items are changed every week I think, as there have been times when I have been for their buffets on consecutive weekends and found different items on the buffet table. Service in the restaurant is a tad slow and it generally takes a few reminders for serves on the table but the lovely food kind of makes up for it. If the management is reading this, its a request from a regular @ South Indies to do something about the indifferent service so that I can bestow a 5 star on this Restaurant.


Raja Sekar - Burrp User

Raja Sekar

1 Reviews

September 05,2011


Pathetic experience

Went for a evening dinner on 03/09/11 with my wife. We ordered for drumstick leaf soup and main course of kal dosa, kalan curry(as suggested by the waiter), plain rice, butter milk. All the order we placed in the starting itself. We waited for twenty minutes after that the waiter came and said us that the food will take twenty more minutes. we waited and we got the soup after half an hour. after finishing the soup the main course took another half an hour. finally when the main course reached our table the steamed rice was looking pathetic and it was in yellowish colour and all rice were broken in to several pieces. i am very sure it was not fresh one. i have spoken to the captain he said that it is a good one only and if u want u try some other rice and he left from there. the next surprise was the kalan curry. i was suugested by the waiter that with kal dosa(uttappam) this mauushroom curry will go very well. and found the curry was suppose to be good for roti or chappathi. this restaurant is pathetic and do not even try this.



Nice vege buffet. Slightly over priced.

Went to south indies last week for the send off party of one of my colleague. I have heard a lot about this place from the same person and thats the reason why we picked this place.
Initial impression.. The place with it's ambiance can easily take you away from he dust and noise created by metro work and traffic on the 100 ft road.
The buffet spread had nothing very extra ordinary in it. Just normal vege food. I would expect some thing very special south indian in a place named after south india.Yes the menu was south indian, but what I would love to have will be the hidden gems like Raggi Roti, Akki Roti, Gogura Chutney, Kappa (tapioka), Aviyal, Kuzhi Paniyaram etc. Other things like Podi Dosa, Aappam, Madras Sambar or Curd rice.... you find them every where.
The service was not that efficient, many of us had to wait quiet often looking to the kitchen and licking our fingers waiting for aappam and Dosas.
What I liked about the place is the quality of the food they served. I could sense that they use the best quality raw materials for every thing, May be thats why the price is a bit high. Still being a non vegitarian I used to feel that veg food can always be sold for lesser price.. Because I KG of good fish can cost one 600 bucks, One KG of good mutton costs around 500 and the max you pay for bhindi, Alloo or carrot is 30 a kilo.. :-) Just kidding
The verdict, you can go to this place to have some good time with your good vegetarian friends..


Best south Indian buffet in town!!!

My in-laws were here and they love South Indian food. We thought of taking them out for a nice lunch buffet at South Indies. Of course, me and hubby had tried the buffet many times and simply loved going there every time we were in the mood for some authentic south Indian food. This time also the restaurant did not disappoint but maybe will avoid going on Sunday afternoon henceforth as it gets really crowded and one has to stand in long Qs for helpings, also I thought the buffet has shrunk a little from the last time. Yet, quality wise there is no surpassing South Indies...its become a favorite haunt whenever family visits us and wants to try some authentic South Indian food. Keep up the good work guys!



Love it!

Good south indian buffet for Rs. 260 on a Sunday? I'm all in.


Pretty good food.

We went in for the set course, the food was good. Good variety under the same roof. Good place to visit if bored of the Rotis and Naan's. The service was a tad slow though the manager apologized for it as he said it was an exceptionally busy day.



South Indies was so crowded for a weekend lunch, but I suppose many come here as it is convinient. I just do not understand the hype that this place gets. It's really no better in terms of food or service.

The main course were all rather ordinary and not particularly well prepared. None were good enough to finish. Whatever we ate to start us off was better than anything we actually ordered. Service was mediocre, but the restaurant was so busy it's a good thing we made a reservation or we would not have had a seat. We did not have dessert because none of them looked particularly appetizing.
I won't be back. There are just too many other great restaurants in the area.


Good place to visit on occasions.

My son and daughter-in-law selected this restaurant for my wedding anniversary. We have reserved for nineteen guests for the lunch. When we went there we were well received and seats were reserved in one room.
The starters were good with choice of fruit juices served on table.Soup was good. Main course in buffet have limited choice. It will be difficult for people to take white rice and add liquid items in Buffet type. The management should think of adding some prepared items like Bisibele bath and few other popular South Indian food including vada or bonda. Also add some prepared side vegetable dishes can be added in the menu. The buffet area is too small for the guests to move freely.
Ice cream and fruit salad is of ordinary quality, with no choice.

The service is good. But the guests should not be forced to clear the place when they finish eating. People come to these restaurants to spend some happy moments with their family and friends.

Though the price is of higher side, our overall experience is good and satisfying.


Bountiful, Indeed!

On a weekday for dinner, my friend and I, were driving towards a place that we always wanted to try. But, just when we were in Koramangala, we heard on the radio about the food festival going on in South Indies. The look on our faces said, we need to a different turn to go to South Indies, straight!!

The two hungry souls, gave the car for valet parking and almost ran into the place. The restaurant was pretty crowded and the staff dint take too much time to give us a table. Due to the food festival, they were serving only buffet and waiter said, he would serve the soup and the starter to the table. The soup was more sour than the usual and there was just one starter – ambode with coconut chutney. Ambode was crispy and good but the onion wasn’t added to it. Next is a list of series of good things we enjoyed. There was Basale greens in dal which was like home made, alu masala, moongdal that tasted different – may be a very typical south Indian. There was also veg stew, pudi and many more things. All of this was enjoyed with really nice Appam, Uttappam – Pudi, onion, vegetable and one more. There was also pesarattu and uppu puli dosa which I loved. I think they had added beetroot to this. whatever it was, uppu puli dosa was a quick hit with me. They also served the plain crispy dosa to be relished with coconut chutney and some pudi with ghee.

After heavily loaded all that’s mentioned above, I did manage to taste little Bisi Bele Bhat with some more ghee. This wasn’t all that great and I would say, I have tasted better Bisi Bele Bhat. There was also plain rice, rasam and curd which I dint bother to take. For the dessert, they served the Parupu payasam which tasted brilliant with some ghee on top of it. Overall, the dinner buffet which was a part of the Bountiful south festival stood by its name.

After all the heavy meal we had, my friend had to round this off with some aromatic filter coffee. And this made a perfect ending to the dinner.

I’ve always heard, South Indies is an expensive place and does not give a great experience. As far as the ambience is concerned, I agree with the comment and I have no clue about the a-la-carte food here. But, all that I can say is, the buffet at this food festival was a bliss. Buffet dinner for one was Rs.349 bucks!

I would give this place another visit to check if their a-la-carte food gives me the same experience!!


srinivast - Burrp User


145 Reviews

February 03,2011


Could regain its Original Status

I just happened to revisit this restaurant with my buddies...only to experience the following.
Food: neither is there any variety nor the quality of food any insipiring, in the buffet menu. However the menu on A la Carte seems to be quite exotic and mouthwatering.
Ambience: good; glad that its still maintained
Service: quite prompt; despite the rush hour during lunch; the steward is able to manage the crowd farily well without any heartburns
Price point: not worth it, given the current quality of food and fare during the buffets
Promise: given its parentage and the promoters, am sure it has lot of promise but its time to unravel its potential or shall we say regain its lost glory since its incepted



Very bad experience

Had been to this place for lunch buffet with colleagues after getting a reservation. The initial impression was good and the people seemed friendly. We were having a good time when all of a sudden, the manager comes up to us and says that we have to vacate the table as soon as possible because a group which had reserved the tables had shown up before time. He kept asking us to vacate while we were eating and was apologizing at the same time.
The food was nothing special to talk about. When the the place is almost full, it seems to be very cramped near the buffet table and people end up just standing at the same place without anywhere to go. One just doesn't care how good the food is when the overall experience is so bad.
I definitely will not suggest anyone to try this place. Most of the darshinis in Bangalore server better food with an even better experience of eating.


anuvk6 - Burrp User


27 Reviews

August 30,2010


Good lunch, average breakfast

Lunch is very good. If you are south indian vegetarian, you'll like their lunch.
There is hardly anything in breakfast buffet. Breakfast is pathetic.
For lunch a rating of 4 and for breakfast a rating of 2.



Great Ambience, Food and Service

I was passing by 100 feet road Indiranagar and noticed South Indies. I have gone through the road on numerous occasions but only noticed it after the barricades from the metro work were removed.

On entering the place I was pleasantly surprised to find a extremely nice setting. I had the buffet lunch with one my clients and both of us left the set up really happy.
The buffet gave us a wide spread of staples, curries, dals etc. I loved the Appams!

The food was extremely tasty and the offering at 225 + taxes is value for money!

Keep up the good work!


Good South Indian Food and Excellent Hospitality

I am not an expert in South Indian food but our first experience at South Indies was very good.

We were a group of three and were searching for a good south indian place to go for dinner on Ugadi holiday. We finally decided on this place. We reached around 8:30 without reservation - the place was full (which is usually a good sign) and we had to wait for about 15 minutes to get a place but it was completely worth it.

The place seems to be a bungalow turned into an eatery. They have decorated it tastefully - the ambience is nice and cool and comparable to any A-grade eating place. The menu is pretty detailed and has different pages for food items from different states.

We ordered mini idlies with Podi along with butter milk for starters and a kerala veg stew and a cottage cheese dish in spicy cashew gravy for main course. We got neer dosas and appams for accompaniments. All the dishes were very tasty. Neer dosas and appams were exceptionally soft and one the best I have ever eaten.

Service was impeccable. The captain himself took our orders in a PDA/blackberry sort of device. He explained the dishes to us in detail and it was clear he knew the food by heart.

The only reason I took away one star from the review is the price of the food. We paid 1200 for 3 people for our meal. It might not be too high for a continental or a chinese fine dining place, but if I am eating vegetarian south indian meal without drinks, I expect paying not more than 250-300 rupees per head, however good the place is.

If they rationalize the prices a little bit, I am sure they would hit a sweet spot among foodies.

Overall, loved the experience and would certainly visit again (would prefer the meal to be sponsored by my company or a friend next time :) )


Good stuff

This place has a good buffet and the food is worth a one time visit. The spread is considerable and the interesting thing to note is the fact that they have something from each state in the southern region.

They serve hot aapams, dosas at the table and they have a good collection of chutneys and podis to choose from..

overall a good experience


priya_a30 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 10,2009


Amazing hospitality @ South Indies

I recently hosted a dinner party at the South Indies Restaurant @ Indiranagar and I must say the hospitality of the staff and event conductor was awesome. This was a party for about 50-60 people and they included elderly people who cant sustain long hours of moving around or standing and also there was a pregnant lady. They were automatically attended to by the staff. The serving was excellent. South Indies there are no worries about food anyway. If you are a true blue South Indian you would anyway love it. The staff were so much into action that as a hostess I had time to mingle with each and everyone who attended and was not pulled aside by pockets of the crowd because all small services were totally managed. The hospitality was outstanding and staff made sure they marketed all their dishes with each and everyone and made sure they tasted it...Even after the party was over I am getting calls from the guests about how nice the staff were. i would like to appreciate a certain edward george who took care of serving everyone on time and with amazing promptness...

If you want to host a small party for about 60 people and you want the food to be good and no tensions, the best place would be South indies indiranagar. They also gave a contact for decorations and it was all done and ready on time when we arrived.

If you want to hold a dinner for about 30 people or so, you can book a table at infantry road branch which has a better ambience.

Cost is very nominal for these parties. You get very good food and excellent service. What more is required!!?


shaveerv - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 10,2009


South Indian Experience

I had the dinner buffet at this place and I was pleased. The spread was good so was the ambiance, the service and the taste. The highlight for me was the on the spot pottery lesson I got. This restaurant offers a pottery stall and a chanpatana toys stall during the dinner buffet on Fridays.

I started off with the Melagu Tanni Soup which was excellent, I am really not sure how it was made but it had a perfect blend of spices and herbs which I had never tasted before.
There was a choice of 3 to 4 varieties of chutney which are the coconut chutney, mint chutney and red chutneys which were really good.
The starters had a collection of miniature south Indian appam and vadas, I loved the Banana Dosa which I had earlier tasted only in kerala.
You can mix and match different tastes as the spread consisted of gravies like Basle Balae and Pesarattu Koora which I was told are from different regions of South India. I had hot appams and Kerala Parathas served at the table which were really tasty with the gravies and the chutneys.

The Desserts did not match up to the food and did not have more than sweets and ice cream but overall I liked the food, the ambiance and the pottery class.


Sambar and more

Been to this place during September. It is a complete veg place and the buffet cost is Rs 200 per person. You have two choices of soups and 3 rice varieties, 1 veg biriyani, aapams and dosa made as per request and served hot in the table, you can pick 3 to 4 varieties of chutney which are the coconut chutney, mint chutney and red chutneys. They are too good. It is unlike the sweet sambars you get in bangalore.then you can fill your plate with bisibella bath and curd rice with nice variety of pickles. The food is good and well worth its money.

Their watermelon juice is amazing.good food and go while you are hungry.


yasmin.mosi - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 06,2009


Authentic South Indian Food !

I have been planning to dine at South Indies for quite some time reading their blog and word of mouths, recently watching a segment on NDTV Good Times had further raised the desire. Despite the road block and the lanes i had to take to get there,here is my share of my experience :

* Place had a lovely ambience ,waiters neatly dressed .
* Menu was pretty unique as it looked like a cute shopping paper bag
* It was a well laid buffet-I'm mentioning my favourites here. Appam with Olan(white pumpkin and runner beans in coconut milk), Paruppu podi with Plain rice and loads of Ghee, etc. Having a thing for spicy khana, I devoured the roasted dry red chillies that added a punch to my lunch and yummy Parotha so crisp and well made.
*The service is another factor that would bring me back.
* Prices might look little on higher side but thats what you got to pay for fine dining experience with good food, ambience and service.
* Place is highly recommended !!!!
* I'm a foodie, a food critic by nature and do not get impressed easily but this is where i had The best Appams i've had till date !!!


jlnblr - Burrp User


52 Reviews

September 11,2009


Average Fare in a great ambience

The concept is great - take sagar style food, present it nicely in a great ambience, offer alcohol and charge high prices for it. The lunch buffet is avoidable - though it seems to be value at 225 bucks, you can get better fod outside. Their ala-carte options are worth a try - simply for the style of presentation and the freshness - clearly the food is made virtually from scratch once you order. The infantry road location has better ambience than the indranagar one. The breakfast buffet on weekends is a loot for 199 bucks - not worth it for what's on offer. A five star hotel buffet for 300 bucks offer far more value.


prameela - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 06,2009


An Unforgettable Onam Lunch

Any experience is unforgettable be it the best or the worst. The experience of Onam lunch on 2nd sep 2009 at southindies indiranagar was such an awful one that I thought I would alert who have an idea to have one next onam.
Can anyone imagine a onam lunch without Olan??Appam without Stew??????One pradaman for the festive Onam??????palada was comparable to rava kanji....a regular granny's med for loose motion.
This was what was instore for us who had very methodically made a reservation for 12.30 thinking that the first few atleast would get the best of taste.
What do they think? Getting Rs.250 and cheating public like this? Make hay when the sun shines or not...??????????
The place was made maximum use make money...but to the inconvenience of the people dining there about which there was none to bother about.
My sincere advice and suggestion to anybody who wants to have a true onam lunch....NEVER EXPECT ANYTHING GREAT FROM SOUTH INDIES,,,



Southindies - Empty Purse and Half Empty Stomach

Hi All

I got a reply from Southindies for my complaint and my reply to them is also appended here

Dear Sir,

I am naturally very distressed to read from the mail the inconvenience caused to you at our restaurant.

I perfectly understand and sympathies with your feelings and on behalf of the restaurant we offer you our sincerest apologies. Please know that we feel as strongly as you that the service you received was unacceptable and certainly not up to our normal standards and this whole adverse experience was completely avoidable with better coordination on our part. Your comments have been taken up by me personally with the entire team.

We hope that you will accept our deepest regrets and apologies for all the unpleasantness you suffered. At the outset I would like to inform you that we are in the urge of taking Southindian dinning experience to a different level, since there were no options in the city in the fine dine southindian restaurant space. There is no other restaurant offering you the Southindian food (food from 4 states of South India) with a contemporary ambiance with professional staff at the service of the customer. Here I would also want to take the opportunity to inform you that we are priced less than that the market standard or in par with the ?A? class restaurant in the city. I will be very glad if you would pay us a return visit and in this regard, please ring me at 09901000700 or by E-mail, so I can personally attend to your booking .It will be my pleasure to extend to you special courtesies and ensure that we provide you with a happy and enjoyable dining experience that many others have come to appreciate at our restaurants.
Thank you once again for bringing this matter to my attention and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

With Warm Regards,
Jiju P Haridas
Food & Beverage Manager

My Reply

Dear Mr Jiju Haridass

Thanks for your belated reply. Your reply is as unacceptable as your pricing. Your pricing need not be so high just because you serve all the four southern states foods at one place and you have a contemporary ambiance. People don't want to pay for your ambiance as yours is not a star hotel. but your pricing is. Despite high price, you serve too less a quantity.

If you are talking about South Indian Item, all southindian tiffin items should be accompanied by various kinds of Chutnies and sambars. For none of the southindian items, you serve neither chutnies nor sambars free of cost. Then, How do you claim yours as a southindian restaurant. Absolutely ridiculous.

Two appams at your restaurant costs Rs75 plus service tax for which we have to order for Rs 175 plus service tax for a small quantity of gravy. Which A class hotel in Bangalore charges this type of atrocious pricing. If we prove it, we shall take up against that hotel also

As I said in my earlier mail, even if you reduce your pricing by 50%, your food is not worth half of it. There are very good southindian food hotels available in Bangalore serving andhra, kerala, karnataka and tamilnadu foods.. One is Adyar Ananda Bhavan. Very good food and very reasonable prices. People will definitely patronise such hotels and not yours.

My replying to you is only to see that if you can some amends in your pricing and supply free accompaniments to all the southindian tiffin items you serve so that your customers enjoy not only the food you serve at moderate prices but also cherish the good experience they have. If the have good experience at reasonable prices, they will come back to your hotel. Otherwise they will not. Take the cue not from me but your neighbours like Adyar Ananda Bhavan and MTR if you want to be in business.

My efforts may or may not bear fruit. But I will not fail in my responsibility to inform Bangaloreans through web and other media about the bad experience I had at your hotel so that they are saved from that kind of bad experience.

Thanks & best regards



abcd  - Burrp User


29 Reviews

August 03,2009


Glorified Darshini

Everyone on burrp seems to have a very bad view about this Darshini..oops "Fine Dining Restaurant"...well I am no different.

How would you feel -- If you are made to wait for an hour, ever after booking the table in the morning. They served the lunch almost at supper time :)
How would you feel - The food served is very ordinary with some imaginative name

Just by having "south indian name" for everything in the menu, DOES NOT make a restaurant "south indian". The food has to taste authentic.

The only thing you will never forget about this place is the price you pay in the name of "authentic south indian"

Please AVOID. Dont get cheated.



Southindies - Empty Purse & Half Empty Stomach

On 25th July evening, I had been to Southindies hotel with my family & guest and I was dumbfounded at the exorbitant price and low quantity of food they served. First of all, any south Indian items like kal dosai, appam and dosa should come with free chutney, sambar and other special varieties of chutnies. We were astonished to see that we had to order for gravy items separately again at very exorbitant price for a very small quantity of gravy.

We ordered for two portions of Bisibele bath at Rs250 and it is not sufficient not even for one. We don't understand What kind of pricing do they have?

What Southindies is doing is absolute daylight robbery. It is ridiculous and atrocious. Even if they reduce the price by 50% on all items, their food is not worth it. Added to this, their service is too poor. As a responsible citizen, I need to bring this to the notice of all gullible innocent people of bangalore. .

Bangaloreans should not get cheated and they should avoid this type of hotels.

For God's sake don't visit Southindies at Indiranagar. Visit only if you want your purse empty and your stomach half empty


Sincere Advice - Don't Visit

On 16th July I decided to treat my best friend and his wife on the eve of my birthday at South Indies. We were shown to a table. I requested for a change in the seating to the other side where the seating are on Sofa, but was told that there is a booking for 20 & hence cannot be provided with the seating there.

I ordered a fruit punch,when the fruit punch arrived, I was surprised at the quantity as it was about 100ml odd but was priced at 175/-

?Mokka Junna Miriyalu fry? was tasty. Price - 120/- for abt 9~12 pieces of baby corn.

Main course :
We ordered ?Neer Dosa? & ?Appam? with curries ?Kai Kari stew? and ?Mirapakaya Pattani Curry?.
The Dosa and Appam come as 2 per portion and the portion is priced at 75/- each.
Both the curries are priced at 175/-.

Neer Dosa was good, but Appam was not great. Kai Kari stew is supposed to be coconut milk based stew, was watery where in the vegetables were on one side and the gravy ran the other side when served. The peas in the Mirapakaya curry was uncooked and raw. When the steward asked abt the food, I told abt the uncooked peas, they took the remaining portion of the curry, reheated it and bought back.

I ordered my favourite - ?Khashi Halwa?, only to repent!! The grated pumpkin was kind of rawish and there were sugary granules in it.

Prices are extremely steep for the portions served.
Service is efficient, Ambience is not so great.

Sincere advice is not to go to South Indies, but if you do, never order the curries that we did.
Also, the group of 20 people never turned up :-)



Good food

I visit this place about once in twenty days. There are two things I look for in restaurants:
1) The food served should be steaming hot. This kills disease causing bacteria.
2) The food should be tasty.
South Indies satisfies both these conditions. All the dishes served in the buffet are steaming and tasty. In addition there is reasonable variety. The rasam is superb. Two or three visits ensure an introduction to most dishes cooked in southern households.
The service is prompt and courteous.
The only negative note is the access to the buffet area. You have to enter and leave through two narrow gaps. People tend to bump into each other with the ensuing risk of getting food onto clothing. This can be quite irritating.
The metro construction is also a hindrance. This is not the fault of the restaurant though. Their valet parking, minimizes this inconvenience.


very bad combination of food

i had been there with my family on deepavali festival. they had a lunch buffet. trust me, it was a waste of time and money. i hated the combination of bland appam and bland stew. finally i had to eat it with pickle and ate just salads.



horrible experience

It was a birthday of my brother in law we wanted to try out something different so we went to Indranagar South Indies the ambience was gud , bt the food ws quite horrible and too expensive also.It think they also did not know as to what they were preparing.I wud personally not suggest anyone to go there.


A perfect vegeterian paradise

A perfect place for all vegeterian people to be at
Also here is an answer for all those people who says that there are not much choices in veg dishes, this place has got so many choice of veg dishes which is quite incredible

The price though on a higer side but still no complaints as the quality of the food is very good & not to mention about the service which is definately above average

Must visit one for vegiee food freaks



The food is the usual that you get in every household. The setting is OK. But but but. Its way too expensive for an exclusive south indian veg food. Nothing struck me.


Expensive and a tad disappointing...

I knew it was expensive even before we ( I, my wife, my mom) ventured to this place one fine Saturday evening.

Driving from BTM II stage to Indiranagar is no fun. Ofcourse, we had other reasons to go to Indiranagar, so we just clubbed this on the way....

The restaurant is at the far end of Indiranagar, just before you hit the Old Madras Road... Drive carefully as there is bridge construction going on..

There is valet parking available and the first impression is pretty good, as the ambience is just great. However, i did notice that the top floor is closed ( not much people, eh? I can understand, what with the pricing :-))

Now for the food itself...The concept is great, but the execution is disappointing. They pride themselves as specialty south indian vegetarian top class and all that, but a couple of minor irritants:

1. I ordered buffets for myself and wife and a-la-carte for my mom. So, we order "neer dosa" for mom...guess what? we need to order "side-dish" ( meaning chutney/sambar) seperately. C'mon now...You can call yourself any fancy name, but it is ridiculous to be asked to order "chutney"/Sambar/side dish for dosa seperately. You don't order idli and then say, oh, btw, i also need sambar/chutney along with that...they GO TOGETHER.... whatever reasons you have, just does'nt wash....

2. So, they start explaining the unique specialities on the menu....However, please spare me a description of saying "sir, this is idli from TamilNadu, this is appam from kerala, pesarattu from Andhraetc"... you could make it "innovative", perhaps, indicating why that particular dish is different.

Overall 3/5 stars and that too only for ambience....


solo4life - Burrp User


6 Reviews

January 28,2009


bonSouth:Tops on ambience, dips on taste

From entry to seating space, the restaurant decor and ambience is brilliant.... and then, the food arrives that is. I have tried both the buffet and a la carte lunch on weekdays. Maybe I don't really dig South Indian meals -- other than breakfasts, I find little to please my palate. The buffet had hardly any variety for starters, the kozhumbus were bland, bordering on sweet, the combinations with appams -- sweet again. All in all a sweetish aftertaste which pretty much took away the zest of an afternoon lunch. I'm afraid I'm not going back!


bevarsee - Burrp User


30 Reviews

January 18,2009


NEW location at Chevron

Had been there for the lunch buffet its on the 4th floor


The place is on the rooftop and they have sliding glass water fall i think they have done a great job to make it look really good and eclectic

Food is good simple and tasteful nothing too good but just right

Service is attentive and courteous well trained staff


Their chairs are very uncomfy makes no sense they have sofas for 3 people and it just does not match the height of the table take a table with regular chairs

i would have given 4 stars if not for the horrible furniture selection

just one south Indian dessert

My 20 paisa

all in all the restaurant is 3 days old and its good for a nice buffet lunch good to take the family and friends not good for business lunches very uncomfy

i would not go there again but you should try it once in the daytime to see the place its nice


Joyoftaste - Burrp User


5 Reviews

December 16,2008


Good Buffet

I went in for their Lunch buffet and found it subtle and light and healthy when I walked out. It is for that refined vegetarian experience of South Indian cuisine.
Appam was sweet and light, and the vegetable stew was subtle. Their Mango milagu (chili) was good.
Overall a small quite place for a lazy weekend buffet.



Where a simple stew takes an hour to arrive...

My colleagues have been discussing this upmarket Indiranagar restaurant for weeks on end. They had mixed experiences but unanimously agreed the food was overpriced. I decided to try this one out for the sake of my south-indian-food-loving husband.

This restaurant is touted to be giving a fine dining edge to South indian food. we went in for dinner and ordered a la-carte.

We ordered a Tomato Soup which they choose to call a godsmangled "thakkali chaaru", Vazhaipoo cutlet, appams, stew and neer dosa. The soup and cutlet arrives soon enough. They are passable and does not justify the price in any way. i decide to overlook that, hoping for a better main course.

Ah, the main course that doesn't arrive until an hour later. The manager and the waters were not even apologetic about it. Finally we take a bite and realize that the coconut used in the stew is rotten. The manager went around asking everyone except us the same old "how-is-the-food" He cleverly avoided us, because he was sure he would get a piece of our mind!

We didn't create a scene, paid the 730+ rupee bill and quietly and left deciding to never step foot in their pretentious restaurant every again.

I have seen such wonderful service in small eat-and-go darshinis and these waiters and managers have to learn a thing or two from those people who know how to treat their customers.

But of course if your restaurant's main goals include giving fancy names to the dishes and pricing the dishes so high to attract the fat-pockets, I can understand how you would miss simple details such as serving good food to people who pay through their teeth.



Expensive is not the word! But the cuisine consisting of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerelean dishes are great to taste. They have some rare concoctions like Dumpaala Kaaram, Kulipaniyaaram. Worth visiting once!! But ensure your wallet is well loaded!


What south indian should be....

I've read the reviews knocking this establishment down pretty awful.
The fact that it is in a posh location doesn't mean that the decor should resemble a 5-star place. If you notice, this was a house earlier that has been converted to a restaurant.
I've been here thrice, all for the lunch buffet. The food seemed authentic enough for my grandma (kerala descent), wife (true blue malnad) and in laws to praise lavishly. Of course, if you are used to your traditional anna-sambar, you may want to look elsewhere and not bother with this place.
The subtleties in the taste are truly worth a visit. At around 270 for the lunch buffet, it is worth every paisa.



Bon South - Koramangala

The husband and I were eagerly awaiting the non-vegetarian offerings from South Indies. That it is walking distance from our place was a huge bonus!

We had dinner there yesterday. The appalam basket with the three different chutneys (coconut, coriander and tomato) was to our liking. We ordered a prawn soup and a mangalorean chicken starter. Both the soup and starter were very good. For the main course we ordered karimeen polichattu and a crab curry (tamil nadu section) along with an appam stuffed with crabmeat. The karimeen was a little smelly but the crab was really tender, juicy and tasty. It was a little too spicy for me. The service was excellent. They noticed the frequency with which I was downing water to beat the spice and offered to replace the gravy with a milder one :)

We ended our meal with Elaneer Payasam which was absolutely heavenly. It was sweet coconut milk with pieces of coconut malai! At the door we were gifted with our first ever plant. All in all, a very nice experience. It also happened to be our most expensive bill as yet. It came to about Rs 2,000 for the two of us. The menu could do with some expansion. The menu offers one chicken, mutton, prawn and fish preparation from each state.



Good food, great ambiance

If I want to have a nice evening out, a fine dining experience, and am in mood for good authentic South Indian food, but not go looking for the exorbitance of the 5 stars, then South Indies is the only option that comes to mind.

Their dosas are not seeped in cheap oil. The Kal-dosas are light and fluffy. Their appams are good. And their menu even includes Bisibelebath and curd rice.

I love the innovative way in which they serve their rasams and soups. The afternoon buffets are hard not to over eat at. The staff has always been very courteous and I have been left satisfied on every visit.

The only issue is that the approach to the place is now an issue due to the metro construction. And their valet might take a long time to retrieve your car due to the understandable chaos caused by the metro construction - hardly their fault!

Yes the place is expensive. If you are looking to get dosas at the price at a Darshini, then this is not the place for you. Its NOT a Darshini. Its a fine dining experience serving good authentic South Indian food. It will cost you what a fine dining experience will cost you.



Too much of funda.

I have never gone after my first visit a year back. I don’t see any reason for the cost. I didn't find the taste to be anywhere proportional to the BIG price they charge.


Fourier - Burrp User


33 Reviews

August 11,2008


Overpriced average quality food.

I won't recommend this place or visit again. It just didn't seem worth paying for "THAT" quality at "THATTTTTT" price.

Your call!



real nice place

damn the guy bleow has some issues...!!

DOSA is supposed to be enjoyed with chutney not sambhar!

anyway i thoroughly enjoyed south indies finally aplace for Bangalorean PURE veggies to eat in a FANCY place- with family and frnds!
the service is gr8 believe me!!

the guy below has some issues!

the manger was kind enuf to reply and send him a mail!

think it was a mistake this guy has a real bad temper!

chill dude.....!



Horrible Mockery of south indian cuicine

If you plan to visit SouthIndies, Please think twice. I use to be a frequent visitor to southindies and in the recent past the quality of items and service has become really worse.

The money they charge is some what equal to a five star hotel and quality is as bad as the 2 star restaurants.

I took my business guests to south indies and had a very horrible experiece right from begining till end. Though the seats were free inside the restaurant, the staff seated us in the outside area. One of the supervisor suggested that there is a chef special for the dinner.

They were serving hot pineaple juice as 'soup' and strawberry milk shake as 'fruit punch'. The bearer was not interested in serving our group and they were serving wrong items at the wrong time. They were serving one portion of each item for 2 people.

one of my guest ordered Dosa and they served Dosa, they did not provide Sambar. When we requested for the same, the answer was that "Sorry! We donot serve Sambar for dinner". I guess no authentic south indian restaurant serves Dosa without Sambar.

While serving the food they were not providing the side dish when the side dish came we were not served rice.

For 4 people they simply charged over Rs. 2000 plus Tax where actually nothing we enjoyed or rather eat. (all what we enjoyed was Chutney & Pappad"

We waited for 10 minutes outside in drizzle to board our car near the security gate.

I gave the feedback to those people for which I had to call them for atleast 10 times. They say that their director and so called "CEO" are too busy to hear customer's voice

See the mail which I received after 2 weeks followup. No other restaurant will be this courteous to get more money for their stupid service.

From: Rakesh Gurung
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2008 11:38:45 +0530
Subject: Apologies from South indies

Dear Mr. Ramesh
Thank you very much indeed for taking the time and trouble to share with us your valuable feedback during your recent visit to Southindies Indiranagar.

At the outset, please let me extend my sincere apologies for the obvious inconvenience we must have caused you and your guests on the occasions. It is a matter of grave concern to me that our guests were not been taken care off..

Your comments have been taken up by me personally with the entire team and the learning lessons from this experience were shared with them and effective guidelines communicated to all concerned managers. It is my endeavour to meet and indeed exceed our guest's expectations, and I truly apologise that this was not the case.

Mr Ramesh, I truly hope you will give me an opportunity to redeem ourselves. In this regard, please do let me take care of your reservation. I will personally attend to your visit and extend to you special courtesies to ensure that your time with us is a memorable one

I look forward to welcoming you back to the South indies .

Kind Regards

Rakesh Gurung
Restaurant Manager
840/A ,South Indies Restaurant
100 ft Road , Indiranagar
Bangalore -38
Ph 41636363
Mobile- 9972251036

In total, it is a mockery in the name of authentic south indian cuicine. I believe it is waste of time and money. If you have any queries, please write to me.

Thanks & Regards,
Ramesh Sethuraman


nixsix - Burrp User


9 Reviews

February 16,2008


You decide.

A dosa costs Rs90..Upto you to decide.And for the taste of that dosa.:Ordinary
Ambience too is simply rubbish.



Saved from the "Sagars"

This is like a follow up review some 6 months after my original visit.

Had to celebrate a family occasion with elders who would consent to eating at only vegetarian places and South Indian preferably put me in a quandary. Dakshin is definitely not only vegetarian and out of fear of eating at one of the dreaded "Sagars" we headed off to South Indies.

We had bookings and the table was waiting for us. The seating was smooth and so was the order taking process. The food that came was appreciated by all of us - some more some less. But the elders of the family were thrilled- fine dining with this kind of food was a marriage made in heaven in their opinion.

Some of my cribs of the old review still stand:
1. Tables too close
2. No wine/beer atleast- Imagine celebrating without a dose of the favorite poison ...

All of my other cribs seem to have been attended to. So in my books this place has definitely changed for the better.


dileesh - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 05,2007


Not Worth It


I work for a reputed MNC in Bangalore. Recently I had the fortune(Or Misfortune) to visit "South Indies" a couple of times as part of the Project parties. For starters, I feel the price points are too high for a Veg restaurant. Off late I have found that the quality of food is receding.

Another thing that we noticed is that if you reserve a team Lunch/Dinner for X number of people and in the end a couple of folks miss out, they charge you the expenses for X number of people (and not X-2 as the case may be). Their justification "We turn down people because you reserved the seats. I found this a little ridiculous. In our company we have recomended to the ADMIN's not to have our folks go there anymore.

Best Regards,


Out of Place

After the last week's disaster at The Indian Affair I had to make it up to my wife and there we went gain...
South Indies...Had heard mixed reviews on this place and decided to check it out for myself what this place is all about...
First impressions...Nice place but so are a hundred others with nice decor, ambience etc. The problem I perceive is a designer who has no idea of context...if you are an upmarket restaurant serving South Indian food ....where is the decor...nothing to stand out...The decor and ambience are nice but do not stand out. The only concession is the Mallige hu male (String of jasmine) sported by all the women working there...and kept at the entrance for any enterprising customers to wear. The other staff were dressed in standard suit etc....again the context...
The ordering process was smooth with the stewards sporting blackberry like devices to take orders which wirelessly communicated to the kitchen etc...The starters and soups arrived and very nice without being exceptional.
The same with the main course.
Another thing i noticed was the amount of chaos and confusion that seemed to prevail among the staff...maybe a function of a sunday dinner crowd ...but still unsettling. In truly good restaurants this is one element that is handled very well and the whole process goes unnoticed...the waiting staff has to be there but never noticed is my philosophy for a good restaurant.
The other weakness is that the tables are so close by it is disconcerting to over hear the conversation from the other table...but with us indians being loud and gregarious it would mean 2 tables to a restaurant if you want that kind of peace.
The other weakness is the lack of wine/beer. Apparently they are waiting for a bar licence...
My advice to the team of South Indies if they are listening:
1. Reduce the number of tables...I think a max of 100 covers against the 145 currently.It gives some much needed space.
2. Expand the menu...I am sure the menu is carefully researched etc etc...but a lot of the things on the menu are available in many places at less than half the prices
3. The decor needs to be more authentic and not fall into the trap of going by the lowest common would be another restaurant without standing out
4. Wines atleast would be a must...would definitely add to the already substantial APC :-)
5. Open in Delhi, Chandigarh...and I feel you would be far more appreciated

And I have to say the food was authentic...and a request


I read in a foodie column that there are interesting battles in South Indies team on whether to stay authentic or dilute to please the masses....


Mayank - Burrp User


2 Reviews

August 27,2007


Nothing special

I tried the overpriced Set Menu yesterday. Works out to 500 per head. You get soup, starter, 4 dishes from each state, kal dosa, neer dosa, appam, curd rice, bisi bele bath and some desserts. Absolutely nothing was memorable. There was absolutely nothing that I would want a second helping of. I've had much much better for much much less. Very disappointed.


Not worth it!

Being a true South Indian, was really excited on hearing a place like this, and along with my husband really wanted to try this out! We thought, we had found a pretty good south indian restaurant serving good food.
Here comes a very frank review of the place pointing out both the good and bad features.

One good thing about the place is the ambience and decor. The decor is very posh and creative(But unfortunately has not even a bit to do with anything related to the South Indian culture, which alienates the type of food served and the atmospehere). The decor is very nice, but just seen alone.
We went for the lunch buffet there!
The food was normal, nothing extremely good or bad about it. The aapam was good. Then was the normal rasam, sambhar, veg curry(pretty ordinary). Parota, the normal variety. Curd and pickle. The food was definetely NOT AT ALL WORTH 175 bucks +taxes!
We ended up spending 800 bucks for a very ordinary south indian meal for 4!
My feeling is that this place is not for south indians to try out their favourite south indian food! It is for the people from the north who do not have much idea about south indian food, to go and try. But even for that, I would recommend some other good food places.
If you want good food and value for money, I would not recommend this place


True-blue South Indian

If gongura chutney, rasam and idli-vada are what you crave, head over to South Indies. This new vegetarian restaurant specializes in cuisine from Kerala, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Andhra and has a sit down restaurant area, a live kitchen, a bar, a business lounge and a party terrace. Interesting, the people behind the restaurant include a 19-year old entrepreneur, a well known chef and cricket commentator and one of the co-founders of Deccanet.

It is located in Indiranagar in a beautiful house converted into a restaurant. Décor is a mixture of contemporary and classic with comfortable tables and chairs with some traditional pieces such as an antique Chettinad mirror and coloured stainless steel tiffin boxes and tumblers. I found the seating slightly crowded.

We visited this restaurant for the buffet lunch on Mother’s Day since I had this craving to touch base with my Tamilian roots. An a la carte menu is also available and included tiffin/snack items like dosas, pongal, uppittu as well as main course dishes. The buffet had live counters dishing out appams and parotas. The appams were excellent with the vegetable stew while the parotas went well with the vendaikai chettinad, ladysfinger in a spicy tamarind and pepper gravy. The tomato rasam was fantastic and so was the drumstick sambar and steamed rice and the beans cooked Andhra style. Other items including the Andhra vegetable biryani and the bottle gourd kootu (a gravy made with dal and vegetables) were good. Sides included papads, mango chutney, chutney pudi and pickles. Dessert included yummy semiya payasam and vanilla ice cream. I finished the meal with perfect filter kapi (it does not come with the buffet) served steaming hot in gleaming stainless steel cup and tumbler.

Valet parking is available. The buffet is priced at Rs.175 per head plus taxes. Crowd consists mainly of families. I recommend you go to this restaurant if you like authentic South Indian cuisine and do not normally eat this kind of food at home.