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> > > > Spaghetti Kitchen

Spaghetti Kitchen

IndiranagarEast Bangalore  

  • 41113500
  • No.2006, 1st Floor, HAL 2nd Stage, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore
  • Italian
  • Meal for 2 - 1500

29 Reviews / 29 Ratings

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Spaghetti Kitchen Reviews






Got More Than I Bargained For !!!

Have been to the place numerous times over the past 2 years. Visited again yesterday with a friend and reckon it would be my last visit for a very long time.
Service as always was rather pleasant, which is certainly what is expected at a high end restaurant. Placed our orders and halfway through my meal, I found to to my horror and mortification an insect ( read cockroach) in my pasta.
Had the meal taken away and was flooded with apologies and some dessert, which we blatantly refused. When my cheque arrived, the pedestal crumbled further, I was told very politely 'm'am I've discounted 10% from your bill, which was disheartening. Deducting the pasta off the bill would have been the courteous and smart thing to do.
Well, to sum it all up, a once splendid place in my opinion beyond mediocre now.



Excellent food, good service, but expensive

Me and my husband have been to this restaurant quite a few times. The draw has always been really good food. The pasta sauce is always good, and well prepared. The pizzas are very thin and flavourful. We also order the Minestrone soup always, and its always good.

The only negative that the prices are a bit too high. If they were about 20-25% lower, this would've been a perfect restaurant.



Excellent Italian food place

This place serves the best of italian cuisine in Bangalore. With my Spaghetti Napolitan being the favourite, also must try should be the fire wood cooked authentic tuscany pizza's and the dessert esp the gelato is really the best here. It boasts the best looking crowd of the city and a must visit for a romantic date. The ambience is nice too just a lil too pricey.


mandeep3101 - Burrp User


7 Reviews

November 16,2012


Decent food but below average service lets it down

1. Great spread of menu
2. Nice warm ambience with wooden and earthy decor
3. Serves alcohol
4. Decently priced for the class of restaurants it belongs to
5. Located at heart of Bangalore in Indiranagar

1. Pathetic service takes minimum 45 min for any order to arrive if you are lucky
2. Food is often cold or lukewarm and you have to constantly complain to replace and get your order in time
3. Tiny portions

Though not sure if other outlets in the chain offer same experience, so try other outlets first



italian food hub

the buffet is worth every penny(ask the chef to whip yup a white pasta with mushroom)
Very good service and hospitality.



Good Hospitality.Gr8 Grilled Chicken. Starters.

When to this place for the weekend buffet. After reaching, asked the manager about the buffet, who personally took me to the live pasta and salad chicken explaining me the dished being served. Hats off to the service and hospitality.

Not many wrongs with this place, but let me cover both:
# The starters were served cold during the first portion. However, on complaining they were replaced.
# Desserts were overall an average on vareity. 3 out of 6 desserts tasted more or less alike. NO ICE CREAM in desserts which is a big minus.
# Not much vareity on the pasta front as well.

# Excellent grilled chicken.
# Though i did not try a-la-carte, but the menu is both extensive and mouth watering. Next time will surely give it a try.
# Excellent Hospitality.
# Pizza was better than what I have tasted at Little Italy.
# 5-6 starters were served. Was served a potato-cream based starter which probably tasted like MILAN. :)


pvjagan - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 23,2012


If you want real Italian food? Go here

This is one of my favorites.
But ... Please go here only if you want true Italian food and not Italian food that you want to taste Indian - like our Chinese food. I am saying this because i have lived in Italy for 3 years and i know what i miss. I find this the closest match to real Italian. Pizza's are perfect. Not the crunchy ones but the soft ones.
Ambiance is very different and cool. Food is great. A little spendy, but worth it.
Take care and Enjoy.



Minuscule portions average food

My biggest criticism about this place is the quantity of food. Per their own staff the starters are 50 to 70 gms of food and in the main course they serve about 150 gms of food. We were a group of 3 and we ordered 4 different main courses. Believe me and I am not exaggerating that each one of them had 3 to 4 spoons of food at best. Left hungry we ordered a couple of pizzas and there too were disappointed. The pizzas were extra thin and even a papad would have been more filling. 6 main courses and Rs. 4500 later we left the place hungrier than we entered.
The taste of the food was average.



No better place for Italian food.

After Italia (worst service, average food, best nachos), Little Italy (good Pizza, average food, good service) this was third Italian restaurant I tried in Indiranagar. I was really impressed with the service and the quality of food they serve. I have favorited 'Parmesan Cheese in Baby Potato' and Wow those Pizzas. Just finger licking good. Ask for suggestion from the highly experienced waiters and tell your taste to get right food on table. Don't try buffet, go for menu. I have fallen in love with this place and people who serve. Have visited 5 times in 8months and willing fore more :) Sphagetti Kitchen deserved my five stars :)



Avoidable: average yet expensive food

First thing we noticed: nice ambiance, casual environment. We decided to go buffet, which included soup, salad, two starters, pizza, pasta as main course dish and desserts. They have live counters for salad and pasta. Soup was bad, salad was passable, starts were okay but too salty, pizza was really bad, pasta was bad (under-cooked sticky pasta with strange tasting arrabiata sauce). Service was courteous, but they charge 10% for that -- highest that I have seen. Drinks are best avoidable, even juices. So called fresh orange juice priced at 160/- + tax + 10% service tax, and my wife couldn't drink more than half glass -- I mean it takes quite a talent to get orange juice wrong! Fresh lime soda was worst I have ever tasted. Deserts were passable.

Verdict: several Italian restaurants in vicinity with much better food and not as costly as Spaghetti Kitchen.



Not worth trying

We tried this place after reading some reviews, but sadly it was very disappointing.
The ambience, service etc is ok. But what about the food??
With half cooked and bland dishes, we neither satisfied our taste buds, nor our tummies as most of us ended up with stomach ache... give this one a skip, there are much better restaurants in the city....


if its Italian it got to be Spagetti Kitchen !

Awesome ambience and decor ! I just love the decor of this place very tastefully done and spacious .
Service is good and the food is delicous . Pasta was good , to me veg pastas are better that their non veg versions and lasagne was ok .
All in all a good experience !try the lunch buffets with array of dishes its worth every penny !



Food is decent.ordered the risotto.but you get better value for money across the better ambience.


pravsr - Burrp User


4 Reviews

January 25,2012


They don't know what they are doing! Stay away!

First, I don’t go to any place without a reason and this place was not an exception. I had a Rs. 250/- voucher given to me by this restaurant on one of my previous outings done through my company. I got announced at work that I would be promoted that day. So, on a Friday night, I decide to venture out, all by myself to this totally undeserving so-called Italian restaurant in Indiranagar.

I handed the 250/- voucher to the manager right in the beginning, on being seated. They have a “Fettuccini con Pesto alla Genovese” on their menu. I asked the Fettuccini to be replaced by Spaghetti. Now, how hard is it to make a simple dish like spaghetti with pesto! Thirty minutes later, I get my dish and I see no traces of pine nuts in them. The menu (click on the menu here and see it) clearly says that the dish is “finished” with fine pine nuts and I don’t see no pine nuts in my dish. I call the waiter and politely ask him to bring me the menu again, cross check the menu again and ask him why my dish doesn’t have any pine nuts in it. I like my pesto chunky, not in the consistency of coriander chutney, I am sorry! Two minutes later, I get a reply that the pine nuts are in the pesto. Really? Thank you very much for letting me know. I know how to make pesto at home and I make it all the time!

Now, I am really fuming and I ask them to read the menu carefully. What happened to the “finished” with pine nuts part? The chef comes out and tells me that they ran out of pine nuts. How convenient is that? They don’t even apologize. I don’t want any pesto which isn’t finished with nuts as promised on the menu. I ask them to replace the dish and bring me “Penne Vodka”, another piece of disappointment listed on their menu. A few minutes later, I am eating something that felt like they had just cracked open a bag of Sunfeast pasta. Literally! I mean it..

This is a restaurant that thinks that Indians know nothing about Italian food. They are arrogant and not willing to accept their mistake.

Whatever! I was here to celebrate my promotion. So, I quietly ate my Sunfeast pasta and asked for the check. It is common sense that you don’t charge for food that is sent back to the kitchen and this restaurant has the audacity to bring a check to me and guess what, I don’t even see my 250/- voucher applied. I have to now send it back and wait for another 30 minutes for them to correct their mistake and bring me back a corrected check. How terrible! And nowhere during this process was a simple apology from anybody working there.

I didn’t want to trust my credit card with these people. I took out a bunch of rupee bills, shoved them all in there and left for good. As I walked back my 20 minute walk home, I vowed never to return!


harisr - Burrp User


7 Reviews

November 12,2011


Pricey and unsatisfying meal

We ordered a starter and 2 pizzas. While the starter mushroom caps was pretty decent, the pizzas were quite mediocre. In fact even the menu descriptions are pretty misleading. The "crunch" crust is not really crunchy. the 13 inch roman crust isnt really roman. in fact these descriptions are reversed. The multigrain mediterraneo pizza is not really a pizza. it is not even baked like a pizza. Its basically a salad just spread on top of pre-baked crust. And the menu nor the waiter tell you exactly what you are going to get. Verdict - AVOID


Taste  Bin - Burrp User

Taste Bin

8 Reviews

October 28,2011


The restaurants down the same lane are better!

After regularly passing by this place since it opened shop, we decided to go there for a special Monday dinner. It was disappointing with minimal options for non-vegetarians. The thin crust Pizza Pollo was delightful, next the Fussilli Pollo Funghi though amazing filled up our tummies with no room for dessert.
The staff still needs training regarding the food on the Menu.The staff is courteous given the 10% service charge & some unknown Educational tax.
The VAT & service tax is charged on the bill + service charge. These unnecessary charges drove the bill up to 1300 bucks for 2 dishes for the 2 of us.


Subashini - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 17,2011


Pricey for an average meal

Being a big time fan of Italian food...waited for Spaghetti to be opened in Koramangala.... The decor was great but the food experience did not meet my expectations. As a veggie...we started with a safe bet of ceasar salad thinking nothing could go wrong with this simple dish...but to my surprise the leaves were not fresh and the salad was soggy....i missed the crunch of the leaves. We had a Romanan pizza for our main course. .. though it did not meet my expectation as the pizza base was like a papad...very crispy it was not bad. Service wise this place did not have anything to boost about. Overall to pricy for the service and food.
Be prepared to spend Rs.1250/- for 2 (approx)
Overall rating 3/5




I'd been to Spaghetti Kitchen with a friend. The ambiance and decor, I must say are lavish. The staff is friendly and highly responsive. About the whole set up, the only thing I felt missing was a restroom. For a place with two floors, they just had a one loo for the guys and one for the ladies.

I had a cocktail called Sogni Di Notte(Kalhua, Vodka, Cream etc on the rocks), which I liked. The mocktail.... Virgin Pina Colada was brilliant.

We ordered Involtini di Funghi e Formaggio(a dish with fried mushroom caps and cheese) for starters. Honestly, I had never ever had a more blissful starter before this. It was simply marvelous.

Next, we ordered Penne Vodka. It was one of the best pastas I have tasted, till date. Truly amazing.

Factoring in all of this, the price tag it comes with is more than a bit too high. Two drinks, a starter and a pasta cost us close to 1.5k!

All this said, Spaghetti Kitchen is a place worth visits, infrequent visits.


skeet - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 22,2011


Overenthusiastic service

Hmmmm... let's see. Several first for an Italian restaurant for me... I know Italian culture is very friendly but for the first time a server shook my hand as he introduced himself as we were seated. Not good or bad... just unusual. Another first, was no bread was served (not even with our main course). May be it was the choice of dishes we made. We had a salad and two main courses. The salad was passable.. nothing to write home about. The black pepper chicken, was well very peppery. Good thing was it was not smothered in sauce but too dry without it. My colleague's chicken parmesan was again not bad, but not great either. Coffee was ok. All in all, an ok meal. No highlights and no low lights other than the size of the tab. For the amount of money we paid we felt pretty let down. The service was too intrusive. In a 1 hr meal we were asked about 6 times how everything was. Pretty disruptive given that we were trying to hold a business conversation.


PreeSouza - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 18,2011


Waiters need a crash course on Italian Cuisine.

Friendly service, but they hardly know their stuff. We went for a friend's treat out to Spaghetti Kitchen. I'm allergic to wheat and asked them to suggest something that didn't have wheat in it. The waiter suggested Pork chops - the days special and swore there was no wheat in it. Turns out the pork chops were dipped in batter which triggered off an allergic reaction at the first bite. My friends finished off the dish for me, while the waiter suggested various pastas. Someone needs to tell them Pastas are made of wheat. I ended up not eating a thing :(.
If you have a wheat allergy or are lactose intolerant avoid the place. I'm surprised for such an expensive place the waiters are really not aware of what's in a dish.



Decent food....terrible pricing!!!

After a couple of circles around Indiranagar, we finally chose to settle off for Spaghetti kitchen...very importantly had valet parking...great ambiance...nice and well placed seating...
Since we were too hungry we decided to go for the main course and the Chef's special Pork Chops,which was indicated on the board. But they didn't have the "Chef's special" - guess it was too tasty, hence the wipeout!! ...Nevertheless we placed our order (all non-veg) was a good wait for all the 4 dishes to arrive....pollo con peperonata, risotto con pollo E olive, famous black pepper chicken, involtinode pollo arabiata.....Food just about decent and the portions too...nothing much to rave about, the presentation good...and finally the bill...then realized apart from the basic bill we payed about 600-700 rupees MORE...and why? all the possible taxes - vat, service tax, service charge , education cess!!!!! quite a way to loot out more.....



good food, bad price!!

We decided to check this place out for dinner on a weekday night, we were glad that they have valet parking services, since you do not want to deal with traffic and trying to find a spot in that area. The place was not very crowded and we were impressed with the service- very attentive waiters and the lady who showed us to our tables, explained the specials and made sure we knew what to expect.
I tried the white sangria for drinks, and we ordered a veggie (spniach/feta) thin crust pixzza and a pasta. We also had a dry chicken (forget the name) dish as a started. The presentation was almost impeccable, while the taste of the chicken dish was below average, the pasta/pizza more than made up for it. We loved it.

Be aware that this is an expensive place, average meal for 2, is more like 2000, not 1500 as mentioned here. We did'nt order as dessert. We just 2 entrees, 1 drink and 1 starter (plus garlic) our bill came to 2150. What was weird was there was a separate bill for the food and another separate one for the drink. So they added everything twice. We enjoyed the food/ambiance a little too much to bring it up and make a big deal. But this wont be a place that I will frequent often. I guess its the price you pay for the quality of food, ambiance and service combined!!!!



Good option for pizzas and pasta

We fought through the kormangala and indranagar traffic to find a new place and ended up at spagettit kitchen. Nice, spacious and noisy. Food was very decent. We went for the "known" dishes - the thin crust paprika chicken pizza was awesome and light. The kids had spagetti with mushroom and chicken and pesto sauce - the mushroom did not taste good and they were quick and gracious on swapping the dish. The tiramasu was average - not the best - the best was available at a little restaurant in koramnagala called Vicky's. Overall a good experience and worth visiting once more. However a little on the pricey side - dinner for 4 with 1 drink/1 main course each/a desert each was over RS 4000/=

Watch out for the fine line in the menu - they charge a so called mandatory 10% service charge.

Also I wish all these lovely restaurants would figure out parking - as opposed to valet parking - which essentially means they park your car in a residential neighborhood.



Pleasant surprise

a totally unexpected experience....

We had booked a few hours in advance which was good that we did cause there was a line longer than that for basic commodities!

As soon as we had entered we were ushered to our seat and provided the menu cards.

Had some Pasts which as usual i ask if they can customise as that normally indicates the level of customer service. Very helpful and provided us with what we wanted.

Perfect pasta and awesome atmosphere!

A little on the pricey side but very welcome change to the bland pasts joints!

Must visit for Italian pasta lovers...

The other tables were having Pizza that looked absolutely delectable will try that next time.



A new option in Indiranagar

I am normally not a big fan of restaurants in 100 ft road as they are more style than substance. This was referred by a friend. The entry to the restaurant is something that i always start as a dining experience. It was awful with having wade through the bikes parked at the entrance. This was almost killing my mood, then there was a good reception experience followed by good ambience of the restaurant. Menu is limited, but the quality of ingredients was authentic. Food was VFM compared to some of the celebrity italian paces around



awful awful awful

Walked in on Saturday. Ambiance is good. Service is good too. Their veggie menu looks big and enticing. Unfortunately, i am a non-veggie.
One quick scan - their pastas and entrees didn't look promising. I inquired about couple of dishes. Turns out they were out-of-stock. I was forced to ask them 'what you got' and pick from that 'menu'. 'Pesto spaghetti chicken' it shall be. The spaghetti came without the bread !!! Quantity - my mouse could eat more chicken than 3 tiny pieces... The taste was very average. I had to unload some Parmesan shavings to complement my taste buds. Finally the bill - service charge yea, taxes yea , yea yea .. its just rings up...

Definitely not worth your hard earned Rupee !! Stay away..


Awesome food, decent service

Me and few friends went to this restaurant on a Saturday afternoon and it was literally empty with about 10 people in the restaurant. I was a little surprise to see it empty but the experience after that was much better than what we expected.

We were seated in a table immediately but that table had some problem as it had too many grills under the table and it was impossible to strech ur legs even a bit, so we moved to table by the bar and it was quite nice.

First we ordered for a pitcher of draught beer, which they didnt ve inspite of having it in the menu. So we went ahead and ordered the kingfisher blues. The starters which we ordered were Cheesy potatoes and black pepper chicken which were served in less than 10 minutes and they were really yummy. The potatoes were really well cooked and they melted in the mouth. The chicken was also delicious and the whole gang liked it.

For the main course we ordered a veg pizza, a farafel paprika pasta, parmesan chicken and grilled chicken (forgot the exact name). The waiter said that 2 - 3 people can have the pizza which turned out to be totally wrong as it had only 8 slices and I myself would have finished the entire pizza so v ended up ordering another main course of grilled chicken. But all the dished the pizza, pasta and the chicken were amazing. Would definitely recommend this restaurant.

I'm giving it a 4 rating, as I felt that it was little over priced and it comes to over a 1000 per head for proper meal with a drink.


Loved the food!!!

A total Italian foodie!!! Absolutely relished the Italian fair at the new Spaghetti Kitchen!!! Great ambience, quite filling portions and good on the pocket. Thumbs up for Spaghetti kItchen!!! :D


Absolute ripoff and minuscule portions

Avoid this new Italian restaurant , since this is an absolute ripoff in the name of Italian food.

My family went for dinner on Sunday night and ordered few items initially, just to check out if the meals were really upto mark, before we ordered more items.

We ordered few common items like Spagetti and Veg Lasagna. The prices are terribly expensive and there is no bread basket , which is normally served as complimentary along with the meal at other italian restaurants. Some 4-5 pieces of breadstick were served only.

Imagine to our horror, when the meal came in, we were almost laughing at the tiny portion of food on our table. My nine year old daugher finished off her Spagetti in 5 minutes and we finished the entire meal in 15 minutes.

The food quality was very good, but this just does not justify the high prizes -(each main dish is Rs 350 onwards) and the tiny portions, which essentially force you to order more. A family of 4 can easily expect for a bill of Rs 5000-6000 for a simple meal. And we are a skinny family and have eaten in all restaurants in 100 Ft road.

After the meal, I and my daughter went to Subway meal to get some sandwiches , since we were hungry after the meal! This was the first time, that I went to a restaurant and ended up eating another meal!. Abosolutely ridiculuous.

After the meal, the management noticed that we had not eaten well and mentioned that there will be a buffet on weekdays for Rs 400 etc and also gave us a discount coupon for next time.

Avoid this restaurant and instead go to Medici or Chamomile, where prizes and portions are much fairer and satisfying