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> > > > Spaghetti Kitchen

Spaghetti Kitchen

KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  

  • 41160500, 40990500
  • No. 1, SJR Primus, 1st Floor, Adjacent to Raheja Arcade, Koramangala, Bangalore
  • Italian
  • Meal for 2 - 1800

25 Reviews / 24 Ratings

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Spaghetti Kitchen Reviews







An Ideal Place to Hang Out With Friends

I had gone to this restaurant in Koramangala with a couple of friends. Even on an Thursday evening the place was quite full. I was very happy with the bruschetta. While the standout was the Sun dried tomato paste, the mixed greens had a bitter after taste. The polenta stuffed mushroom was actually polenta topped mushroom. Accompanied by a sauce, it was a good but not a great sort of dish. The All Vegetables pizza was again par for the course. It was satisfactory while not being outstanding compared to the low cost ones that are easily accessible these days.


October 1, 2014response from management at Spaghetti Kitchen:

Hi Vaish, thank you so much for an amazing review! We greatly appreciate it. Hope you visit again soon. Thanks, Team Spaghetti Kitchen.





Spaghetti Kitchen and Bar - Koramangala (Karnataka

Italian cuisine has developed over the centuries. Although the country known as Italy did not unite until the 19th century, the cuisine can claim traceable roots as far back as the 4th century BCE.

You guessed it right. You will now hear my experience and recommendations about a restaurant “Spaghetti Kitchen and Bar” situated in Koramangala near Forum mall in Bangalore.

Date and Time: Friday, 21st March, 2014 at 9.30 pm.
Restaurant Cuisine: Italian cuisine

Nonfood experience

The restaurant is on the main road and they have valet parking. I liked the courtesy of the staff.

Restaurant Entry
The restaurant is on the first floor and they have wooden stairs. You have to use stairs and I did not notice the elevators.
The restaurant appears to be an upper class restaurant. We pushed the door and made an entry to the restaurant.

Wheel chair access
No, this is disappointing.

Waiting area
No waiting lounge or seating space.

Seating Experience
We approached the reservation desk in the restaurant and he showed us the way towards seating. We liked the ambiance of the restaurant.
They had comfortable seating and large windows overlooking Hosur Road. The restaurant used Italian architecture; I remember it matched one of the Old Italian museums I visited couple of years back.

We liked the ambiance and the staff of the restaurant is friendly. Even on a Friday evening the restaurant was not crowded.

Food experience
Following was our dinner order

Fettuccine Creame E Formaggio – Pasta is a staple dish of Italian Cuisine. The restaurant serves ribbon cut pasta but we wanted to try spaghetti and asked him to customize it.
This is an Alfredo sauce pasta and we asked them to add Broccolis, Bell peppers and Mushroom.
The quantity of the Pasta is just sufficient for two and we shared it among me, my wife and my 3.5 year old son.

They served us complementary breads along with Pasta.

We all loved the pasta.

Margherita Roman Pizza – The restaurant serves Pizza in 9 inches and 16 inches. And all of their Pizza’s are thin crust. They served us pizza with supper thin cheesy crust, it was slice-able, hot and tasty. This was a basic pizza with toppings of Tomato and Basil leaves. We ordered a 9 inch pizza.

If you want to try good Pizzas and you like thin crust, I will recommend you this place.

We paid 1025.00 Rs including taxes.

Restaurant Exit
Smooth exit. It was already 11 pm and we spent quality time. The staff greeted us.

Time spent in the restaurant
1.5 hrs

The good experience
Seating, Service and food

The bad experience
In a restaurant like this following services are expected:
1. Restaurant generally gives kids a drawing paper and some crayon colors.
2. No kids glass with lid available

My Recommendation
If you like pasta and thin crust pizzas, please visit and let me know your experience.


Keka De - Burrp User

Keka De

1 Reviews

January 03,2014






Avoid at all costs - severe food poisoning

Since I am a fan of the restaurant in Kolkata, went to Spaghetti Kitchen in Koramangala to celebrate 1st of Jan.
We were early and waited at the Coffee Bean and tea leaf factory in the mean time. The only decent thing we had all evening was the hot chocolate there.
It was a bad decision from the start. Had to wait for over 15 mins for even a glass of water. The wait staff were either disinterested in the service or were totally clueless about the menu.
Ordered the bruschetta platter for the first course. Extremely disappointing and tasted weird. We've had this in Kolkata and things were more flavourful. Only 2 out of the 6 options were palatable.
The second course was a chicken risotto recommended to us by the person who took the order. The dish when it appeared on the table was barely warm and absolutely bland.
The third dish we ordered was chicken with mushrooms. Not only was the dish cold but the mushroom sauce was bland as well.
When we complained about the food, we were offered a complimentary dessert by the manager Swapan. The creme caramel turned out to be a damper as well, with a strong coconut taste.
The end result was that both of us ended up with terrible food poisoning the next day.
NEVER going there or recommending someone to do it either


Pathetic Service And Half The Dishes Are Empty

We are a team of 14 and had been to this place on 3rd july '13. We had booked the table for the 2 pm slot and we got the place before the promised time. They served the soup on the table. We went to the buffet counter and believe it or not, half of the dishes were empty and the restaurant team is not at all bothered to fill the empty dishes with food. We literally waited for 15 minutes to taste starters. We had asked the restaurant manager " Are you giving any 50 % discount on the buffet price?" and he said No. I had told them you have to give a 50 % discount as half of the dishes are empty. For a team of 14 people they had served 1 large veg and 1 non veg thin crust pizza. We asked the waiter to give some more pizza slices but he quietly disappeared from the place. Only stuff available there are different varieties of breads and a live pasta counter. We had some hope on desserts but again we ended up disappointed as there were only two varieties ( fruit pudding and apple cake ) available out of six varieties they claim. You need to beg for the food by paying Rs 459. Hope the restaurant management will take this feedback seriously and try and improve the service and availability of the food to customers. Food is tasty, thanks to the chef and service is rubbish and pathetic.



Don't have buffet.

There was a time when I've spend 8 hours at a stretch from 2PM till 10PM munching salads and pizzas and pastas and coffee etc etc. Looks like that aint gonna happen, ever again.

This time, considering budget issues, I decided to go with the lunch buffet. Seemed reasonably priced for the variety of food that was served.

The buffet counter has the veg soup, few bread items, salad bar, pasta bar and dessert. I was surprised cause I didn't see any pizzas! On asking them, they then mention that a lot of other dishes will be served on the table.

1st. Soup, simple, chicken soup. well flavored. Wasn't bad.
2nd. Chicken starter. Basically, was chicken nuggets, fried a lil more than usual. Nothing great, avoidable.
3rd. Fish starter. Good. tasted kinda like fish in shezwan sauce. Nothing Italian
From the counter:
4th. bread items. cold, hard, soggy (toast, brushetta). bad
5th. Salad. Room temperature, hard and rubbery chicken cubes. The veg part was fine though.
6th. Pasta. I asked for both, red and white sauce. Both were bland and tasteless.
7th. Pizza. Finally something that i was happy eating. Good crusts, well topped and had a taste.

Main Course:
8th. Chicken steak kinda dish. The sauce was nice, the meat was well cooked and the flavor was a lil deeper than usual. Good.
9th, Grilled Fish. Tasteless chunk of meat.

10th. Dessert:
Orange mousse: cold sugar syrup.
Brownie: cold, but ok..
carrot cake: cold and soggy
oh and yes, no fruits and no icecream. On asking, they thought for a while and then served icecream

I hated everything there. I actually had to confirm whether the management had changed or not cause I still remember the day I enjoyed every bit of the food! (answer was no, btw)



Shoddy service - Disappointed.

Walked out that place with my wife.Was looking to take the edge off a bad day and decided to try this new joint.
1)We were shown to a shaky table and when asked to be shifted was moved to another shaky one.
2) Uninformed staff - didn't seem interested in taking our order.Just ignored us.
Not a word when I walked out and then the hostess had the gall to ring me after half an hour later to see if I would return.
Fortunately found a spot at a reliable nearby Italian place, where folks seem to know their food/wine & perked up our spirits.

Point is , if any of u folks go to any high-proiced joint, make sure u put u'r foot down if u get spotty service/attention/food, so taking folks for granted doesn't become part of the dining-out experience.


cmohima - Burrp User


5 Reviews

November 18,2012


Great place!

nice ambience..great food and good service!
Loved it.



location ,Ambiance and food

Awesome food, location and mostly food.. its right next to Fourm Mall..


Actually 3.5

Went there one fine saturday afternoon to sample their, now famous, lunch buffet. Was disappointed as buffet is served only on weekdays so settled instead for the a-la-carte option.The first impression which the menu evokes is "Expensive".The pastas and main are consistently priced at 500/- or above.Settled for a couple of main courses , an anti pasti and deserts.While the choice is huge the menu is somewhat similar with any other italian eatery in town.
Basa has become a hot favorit of late so choose the same in garlic butter sauce.The other main consisted of triple layers of chicken breast stuffed with a smattering of cheese spinach and corn.Probably mushroom and olives could have been another alternative.

The dishes took their own sweet time to arrive.meanwhile we were served with a break basket with few cubes of cheese,olive oil and balsamic vinegar.Olive oil and balsamic vinegar is probably a match made in heaven and we greedily polised off the bread slices.They were too stingy on the cheese and found the quantity miniscule, which we did not like.

By the time the dishes arrived we were too hungry to have noticed the presentation, though it was nice!The basa tasted great ,moist and flaky.The sauce which accompanied in a separate bowl was winsome and rightly flavoured.
The triple decker chicken was more wholesome and robust in terms of taste and texture.The herbed seasoning along with the cheese and spinach tasted good.While both dishes were good in their own ways , the wow factor was missing.We had clearly expected a lot more in terms of taste and presentation.
Desert was kind of a let down as the creme burlee was nothing to rave about and we have had much better ones in other places.
Overall for a bill of around 2.5K + the value and experience delivered was well short of worth.



Good Food, Bad Service...

We went for lunch buffet (450 Rs). They served well initially (they serve starters & main course on table). But once the big corporate crowds started coming in, they ignored existing customers completely. They did not serve few items to us & no one asked us if we want anything more.

They directly brought the bill without even asking us.

The food was tasty, but I doubt if me & my colleagues return to this restaurant if they have that bad attitude.


More than Spaghetti and more than a Kitchen...

We went for a lunch buffet priced at Rs 458 (inc taxes) per person.
I had read few reviews and the reviews were not great as I guess they were for al-a-carte service.
The buffet is really more worth than what it is priced.
There is a huge spread of fresh bread for starters. The salad is freshly prepared for you.
Tomato Basil soup was perfect for a cloudy weather with varieties of bread.
Fried chicken and Fish in Pesto sauce for starters were yum.
Thin crust chicken pizza is very tasty and total value for money.

I took Chicken pasta with white n pesto sauce at the live counter and it was really tasty.
We just finished Pasta and to our suprise the main course was still to be served.
Main course with Fish and Chicken n Mushroom was soo tasty that I had to make more room for them even though I was already stuffed.
Desserts spread was also good with carrot cake,Irish coffee pastry, Chocolate walnut brownie, Mango mousse, Fruit truffe and lemon curd pie.

Go try the weekday lunch buffet, its really tasty and worth.
Contrary to the other reviews, service is pretty good.

Try the lunch buffet, you would love to go again.


Excellent food!

Having just finished a trip to Italy, my benchmark for Italian food was high, and the food at Spaghetti Kitchen more than surpassed my expectations.

The minestrone soup was hearty and bursting with flavour, served with some excellent garlic bread. the pizzas were thin crust and clearly the crust was hand made which is the way it is done, the toppings were authentic. the pepper chicken was fabulous and the plating and presentation was outstanding.

the food is definitely priced on the steeper side, but is absolutely worth it if you like good italian food.

a word of caution, the food here is definitely not suited for people used to eating indian-ized Italian. The flavours are subtle and distinctive, loved it!



Average food

Overall: Just about average italian food, could get something much better for a lower price
The only nice thing about the place was the lively ambience.A meal for 3 cost us around 3000/- wouldn't mind paying that much if only they had something decent.
Can't be bothered to go again


Mouth Watering Salads!

I enjoyed every bit of the Salads, pasta was regular. I ordered Farfalle Paprika, Insalata Greca & Bouquet Di Verdure, Don't ask me what they meant, I just copied them from the bill. Well 2 of these are salads and one pasta.

Very good service, pleasant place to sit. I had a business meeting with an old colleague. Nice ambiance.

Hope they maintain the same standards always. Just the cost seems a bit high, but for a nice time spent, its worth the bill.

I guess they deserve 5 stars!




Horrid experience

I tried the buffet here at lunch.. Evrythng was pretty cold and hard the fresh breads were not fresh..guaranteed. They must have been out there since morning. The only good thing was the Fish entree and the fresh made salad and pasta prepared and served at the counter infront of you. Staff walked around ignoring requests and orders. Service was such that it would seem they sent someone to catch a fish, cook it and then serve it up. Desserts were the peak of my disappointment. I said to myself, alright food was bad but I am yet to go through desserts. I mean how bad can it be? trust me you will be amazed how they have managed to screw up the desserts as well. You would find better desserts at small bakeries. You call yourself a restaurant...shame on you...



thumbs up.

Food took some time but it was yummiest and portion was also good enough! To summarize, its a great place! A must for any food lover!!! A series of quirky masterpieces served one after another in equally quirky & masterfully done interiors.


Crayzig - Burrp User


9 Reviews

February 19,2012


Not worth the price you Pay

Starting with food, I would say that the food is just average. Pasta was more or less the best dish I had. Pizzas are not that great. If you are a non-vegetarian, you might like a few of their main course stuff. But, I would say that I have had better food at other places. Drinks are definitely not worth it.
Ambiance is pretty decent. Service, a little bit here-and-there but its fine.


food not bad but bar a complete disaster :(

The food is not bad but the drinks are complete trash. The bar man is either drunk or has bottles filled with water to make his drinks. I tried the sangria n long island. Both were complete trash


food not bad but bar a complete disaster :(

The food is not bad but the drinks are complete trash. The bar man is either drunk or has bottles filled with water to make his drinks. I tried the sangria n long island. Both were complete trash


Delish VFM Buffet!!!

Been pining for some pasta since the beginning of the week and finally went to satiate my taste buds at the newly opened Spaghetti Kitchen in Koramangla, husband in tow. I've had a couple of meals at SK when they were located at the LIDO Mall and had liked the food there, but stayed clear of their Indiranagar Restaurant because of the consistent bad reviews. Anyways, Glad to have visited SK last afternoon as there was nothing that I disliked about this place. Infact, I was very pleasantly surprised by the courtesy of the staff and the lovely Italian buffet at a very reasonable price. I walked into the Restaurant with the single-minded intent of devouring a plate full of Spaghetti but found the buffet to be an equally interesting option. So there was a soup, assortments of breads, a 'live' salad & pasta counter, Pizza to order and a lavish dessert spread...and all for 349+ tax. Amazing!!!! I settled for a spaghetti with mushrooms, olives, broccoli & smoked chicken in tomato gravy & a pizza with chicken & cheese topping and both were husband's cheesy penne was exceptionally good...his pizza was a pineapple, cheese & chicken one and once again the flvours were spot on. The soup, bread and desserts were fresh and appetizing. My drink - 'belly button' with creamy coconut milk, orange juice & vodka was also very nice. I am definitely heading back for more of this buffet soon.


Good Food.. Very Good Service..

I went here with a group of 4 just a week after this had opened. I wanted to have some nice wine or such but then they didn't have their liquor license. :-( I was a bit disappointed at this but the food and service made it up for me.
They have great food in quality and taste. We had ordered a variety of dishes like Pasta, Pizza, Lasagna and a salad. Everything was really tasty n of high quality.

The service is top notch. All the staff is very friendly and helpful. I will definitely visit the place again now more so since they have their liquor license I hear.



i did read some reviews before i got to this place.. the food was pretty decent.. in fact their pizza was delicious.. we also ordered a pasta dish and found it moderatey nice... the beverages require an upgrade.. otherwise... spaghetti kitchen rules over mine anyday :)


vivekv68 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

October 02,2011


Best Italian taste in long time

I visited this place last weekend. The food was fresh and really tasty. Soup, pasta and Pizza were great. Perhaps the best Italian in a long time. Food was a bit heavy, as expected in a restaurant. BTW, the bar in the name can mislead - they did not have license but hope to have license soon.


revanth109 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 29,2011


Not at all worth the cost.

I had gone to this place with my team (with loads of expectations), which invariably came crashing once the food was being served. There were hardly any items served. 2 starters, pasta, pizza and desert . Really not all worth it. I wud suggest ppl to try out the numerable ones in Kormangala region that this one. The ambiance was also not the best . The food was of good quality but u wud get it everywhere else. Its a total waste .