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> > > > Sue's Food Place

Sue's Food Place

IndiranagarEast Bangalore  

  • 25252494
  • 4, Sri Krishna Temple Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore
  • Caribbean, Seafood
  • Meal for 2 - 600

31 Reviews / 33 Ratings

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Sue's Food Place Reviews

I loved it ... the food ofcourse :)

This is too good............even with the price at 750rs for the buffet. I got reminded of the food i had outside (I mean, outside our country) and this got me recollect the good memories and love i got from the world. This experience forced me to give a tip of 100rs along with the buffet charge (little high end, as its valentines day today?) even though my finances are in the negative as of now :D ....i know its all worth it for me. Too good mam Sue, as I said, i guess its high time you start expanding business rightaway.......of course , without giving away your recipe to anyone :D , as your worry turns out to be.... :D :D :D Good Luck mam to you and your family.

--- Love,
Anil P.



Awesome Food

Tried this place for lunch today..btw,the name has been changed to"sue's food place".very homely place..decided on going 4 for veg like me,d items on d menu were variety of salads, sweet banana fry,sweet bread,mashed tapioca,veg roll,veg pakoda,corn rice,normal rice,lentil stew,ivy gourd fry and 2 other curries..found dis menu refreshing from a normal buffet for non-veg,there was jeera pork,crab curry,jerky jamaican chicken,fish cutlet husband fell in love with the pork n crab curry..for desserts,there was banana cake,rum cake,fruits,and 3 other things..all of them were delicious..

in short,

ambience: homely ..they play nice groovy carribean kind of music in the background which is very entertaining.
cleanliness:very clean(even the washroom's )
buffet price:400 rs including taxes
definitely recommended..


Delicious Pork...!!

It's a warm and pleasant atmosphere... We didn't want to go for the buffet. The ale carte menu had some great options in pork. All the pork dishes was simply delicious and filling. A must try here is the sour sup punch, a fruit from the Caribbean. Really refreshing and tasty.
Thanks to Sue, she does add a personal touch by interacting with all her customers.



Great Place for Continental/Jamaican Cuisine

I love their buffet spread. Though I wish they change the items from time to time because for a frequent diner, it may become run of the mill. Their service is excellent. The ambience is homely and welcoming.

Definitely worth a try. The buffet is economical too.


Amazing food

Proper Peaceful Sunday Lunch at Sue's Was Simply Amazing


Amazing food :)

Proper Peaceful Sunday Lunch at Sue's Was Simply Amazing



Ambience needs a caribbean remake

Been here a couple of times - mixed experiences. My last experience was a bit of a downer - ordered fish steak - tasted awful... Have been there three times the last couple of months - and we were the ONLY two people at the restaurant. Which is both good.. and bad.. Doesnt anyone else go here? The absence of a bar sucks - and funnily Sue's is listed as a bar on Burrp! (among other listings).
Waiters arent too helpful either - neither recommending or suggesting options, and seem more interested about whats happening on TV (this has happened each time we visited).
On the positives - great beef - all dishes. Decent desserts and love to cocorico.


vishakha0309 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 13,2011



Decided to go to this place since I heard a lot and also read good reviews!

Firstly, this place is very difficult to find since its away from the main roads.. So we called them for directions.. And they directed us wrong three whole times..
Finally when we found the place, we were irritated, but were looking forward to the food..

But that turned out to be disappointing too!!
Every dish has a sweet flavor to it... Most of it seemed stale..
The chicken and the pork were the only things that were OK,,, but still not great!!
Dessert comprised of caramel custard which was unbearably sweet and some cake which wasn't good.

I wouldn't recommend this to anyone!



Love Sue's place. We go here atleast once every 2 weeks. Love this place. The food is simply awesome. One of the examples of exceptional service I can mention here was when we went there one day for a lunch, a regular in our group just asked the waiter there if there was crabs on the buffet menu. We were informed that there was no crabs on the menu that day. After a while, a bowl filled with delicious crabs was served on our table. And on the house. Superb service!! Superb food. Love it!!!


Sue's a place you can avoid the crowds

Sue's Kitchen is hidden away from the main road and hence does not attract too much of a crowd, nice place to have a conversation in very homely feel ( the restaurant is a house). Love the Apple punch spiked with rum and the eggnog passes too. In a la carte you have nice choices for main course, never tried the starters as their main course portions are huge. The steak in Caribbean sauces is one of the best I have had. Last visit I tried the buffet and loved everything on it, the ginger pork and the caramalised chicken was really good, the desserts are good but some of them in the buffet seem stale. Not very cheap but I could justify paying the 300 odd rupees per dish cos of the portions. This place is definitely not for vegetarians as the dishes on offer are bland and lack any innovativeness. The Mac and cheese is also good and comes as a standard with the steak. So go and give it a try, you may end up really enjoying yourself



Sue Casa Mi Casa!

I find myself asking a FEW friends and a LOT of work collegues, "What is the one thing that you look for when Dining outside"? Inexplicably, the answers always vary.In the 'tug-of-war' between 'Dining' Vs 'Decor': the battle swings precariously from one to another.Some prefer to adjust it with adjectives. "Fine/Great/Terrific/Good/Better/Best/Acceptable" are ones that can be added to both sides of this virtual battle-of-sorts. With a little bit of prodding and adjustment :Almost all (save the few whose mothers' dropped them accidentally on their head when they were born!!) say that they prefer GOOD (and increasing adjectives) Food with a Decent (no further down!) Decor. That brings us obviously to the next question: Define "decent"? .1) No one sweating down your shoulder to sit while you try pretend they are not around.2)No soiled tablecloths and atleast a box of tissues to use on each table.3) Clean plates. and forks/knifes apart from spoons that dont look like they have been placed for 'presentation'but for use.4) Choice of Ala Carte or Buffet :with almost all (if not all) choices listed in the Menu being available.5) Waiters with a semblence of Hygiene and just enough sense to suggest when people need a point in the right direction were amongst the top 5 I could find .

Sue's Kitchen Aims to provide exactly that:nothing more,nothing less. The food, though, is what its (mostly) about!

The place:
1)The restaurant does not have a pretentious front! So ensure you make a note of the address and ask : coz its easy to miss. I drove around twice before common sense (and petrol prices)dictated that I ask for help.Unlike common restos: this one opens on the side. Located near a car-pool for BPO/IT cabs:you would recheck the address if not for a sign that says Sue's Kitchen.Walk up a small flight of stairs and you're there.
2)The whole place is much like a factory ,made of Tin Roofs et al (much like we are wont to see factories now). There is a reception (but I guess it is chaired by someone only when the place might get super crowded towards weekends),Sue (who owns the place:obviously why its called Sue's kitchen) a Matronly woman,whose cabin is towards the immediate right, the dining area :with mostly seating for fours. They have bread plates set @ the tables with the cutlery in place.Table cloths,paper napkins and a faux rose come as standard accessories ,so no worries there.I dont remember seeing ACs there (although I might be wrong),but except for those hot and dry summer afternoons in Bangalore : a Fan and a glass of water should pretty much make you comfortable. Being in a suit and eating their 'spicy West Indian Curry Chiken' is :asking for trouble though.
3)The waiters are basically local boys picked up who have learnt the menu pretty well.To rely on their suggestions though would mean that their choice is either based on (possibly) the most expensive item available or the one they find most popular.As you have obviously guessed, they cannot "tailor" their recommendations to match your palette liking. So skip that.
4)I would recommend that you try the Buffet vis-a-vis the 'A la Carte'.At 350-400 INR Your advantages include: a) Tons of choices of Salads, Main courses and Desserts b)Almost bottomless so you can grab 'all you can eat' c)In your selections : you might come across something on the display that you thought was great : yet did not taste as good as you expected.No problem. scrape it to your bread plate and go on for another round of something else /one that you liked. d) they replenish the stock @ regular intervals. So it does not get stale and e) the BIGGEST advantage yet: This is a cuisine you might not know too well: God knows we have spent a fortune trying something fancy and hating the choice (it hurts more when you pay for what you didnt eat :) ) :having a buffet is a welcome option to INDULGE without getting your wallet blow off (and by extension your pants).
A good way to start this experimentation would be to try different things in small quantities (instead of bulking on your plate ASAP, which a lot of people do). That can give you a better Idea of where your "main stay" will be.
5)The place has lots of pics with Susan and (what you might call) celebrities.Also the West Indies cricket team was here sometime ago. I guess there are not a lot of places that attempt to serve their fare in India, leave alone Bangalore.

The food.
1)Susan is an obvious Keralite who seems to have spent some time (and effort) in the Caribbean. The food here is best described as an eclectic mix of Keralite Coastal and Carib/Creole cooking.Even for a 'recent inductee' like me it is evident that Indians who were "exported" to the Carribean as laborers in the early 19th century did take along some of their recepies from here. Combining it with the Creole cooking they saw there : have given rise to some terrific combinations that happens when you 'fuse' culinary cultures. Sue's step is in that direction..
2) Nice Choices on Salads: While I did not want to try one specific one : their combinations include vegetarian/chicken options with sweet, tangy and bland options. All options are good. I prefer a veg salad without much Mayo/Ceasar/Thousand Island combos which has a tangy touch to it. Creole carib cooking always has a sweet/sour combo to practically everything!. Also being summer : it is definately a healthier choice to keep the body temp. down.Tomatoes, Lettuce leaves, Potato and grapes with some vinegerette is always a nice way to beat the heat. Also asked for a Lime Soda which went well with the Salad.
3) Main course was spoilt for choices including Non/Vegetarian Rice, Some crab meat , Fishes and Chicken. I had some Chicken with Rice. Chicken was done well. The Rice, sadly is Indian as it could be. Not that I mind it. But fancy sounding Rice is seldom what comes thro.went back for some more (and since I did not want to fight with the dead crab) picked some Mutton Cutlets. They did not betray my trust. Neat :and easy to slice : although a little oily for my liking .But really no complaints. They did not overdo the cutlet and there is a fine difference between dark brown to almost charred/black. On all three patties. Very very satisfactory.
4) Dessert is another curious mix-and-match routine in this place. They have some carrot cake :which was a nice surprise. The standard custard with fruits (which I miss so much from Ma's Brown and Polson mixes) and for those specific on Creole food : they have Fried Bananas. This last one is terrific! . They are Bananas sliced lengthwise and kinda fried and almost have a "glazed" feel to it. I am guessing there is no extra sugar in the mix since dessert these days seems all about sugar overloads. So for me : a custard with fruits and the fried bananas made a more than wholesome choice to finish up the meal.
The damage factor , I have already mentioned previously (for one).

Heads up:
1) Go here if you dont mind trying Fusion : with a few near-creole recepies thrown into the mix. Dont go with authentic in mind. You are not going to get that. Sue NEVER advertised this place as "The Bahamas" (or Kingston, for that matter). She has put up on the menu: things that "work" based on her knowledge of running a kitchen and well-worn recepies. I dont see people complaining about places that serve "Indian Chinese" that advertise as Chinese. So dont see the point of it here either. Besides : Authentic Caribs are few and far between in the subcontinent. She needs to keep her options open ;). If you catch the drift. If you like "Coastal food done the Indian way" with lots of Masala and spices: I think you will find be an acceptable audience here.
2)The focus of the resto is to offer good food under acceptable circumstances. That way : (I am presuming) she can run her ship well and keep the place going. Sue is very "hands on" from what I've seen. And she has quite a following among a certain age group and a clientile base. She could have gone onto a national conglomorate (like we've seen Benjarong/Tangerine do so in many cities ) but, thankfully, not so far. And I think thats what keeps the place afloat.
3)For those of you who are planning to go there: make it on a weekday and enjoy. Or make it on a weekend (esp. sudays) but be prepared to wait as a lot of people swing-by after morning mass or for lunch). Like the old saying goes:" Be careful what you wish for : You might just get it "!!

4 Stars for me :
Good array of food, interesting options, great buffet, decent staff and environs, A family-run place.Now, if only the place was as reflective as a warm and convivial host that Sue can be!



So-so but costly

The place is so so, in terms of an informal touch given to it, and dishes taste okay yet full of variety. Lasagna was the only tasty thing here, so were the veg gravies upto an extent. Salads were decent at best and deserts were quite simple. Rajma Chawal were not good at all. This place boasts of Caribbean cuisine, but most of the dishes seemed Indian to me. Though some Caribbean people were eating there and that added to the pertinence of ambiance.

It's indeed a buffet but a very normal one and charging 375 for it is a little too much. Plus the caretaker asked me if I would like a glass of coco-nut water. I thought it would be included in this pricey buffet but it was 75 bucks extra and was so pathetic that I couldn't drink even half the glass. So if you are a foodie and refrain from ordering anything separately here, I would still recommend a visit. Non-veg people may like some dishes.

Food Taste- 2.5/5
Service - 2/5
Ambiance - 2/5
Wallet Factor - 1/5



Nice Place but Certainly Not Authentic, Foodwise

I live almost opposite this restaurant and so have been here at least 10 times from the day it opened. My latest visit was early this week, when my Mom and I decided to have our dinner here. We strolled across the road and climbed up the few stairs leading to the restaurant's front door. This was being held open for us by a smiley waiter. Being extremely familiar with the place, we didn't wait to be escorted into the dining area but rather walked in and chose a table towards one side of the empty restaurant. Sitting down comfortably, we accepted the menus from another smiley waiter and slowly thumbed our way through them. Sadly, many of my old favorites (it has been a year since my last visit) were no longer on the menu. We finally settled on a Chicken soup and a Sue's Special Jamaican Jerk Chicken. Also a plate of garlic bread. We then settled down to a long wait for our dinner. I spent this time looking around the restuarant, the ambience of which had also changed since my last visit and noting with approval how nice the ambience now is. The music playing in the background added to the "West Indies" feel of the place. First to arrive was the plate of garlic bread, accompanied with a Red Bean Sauce - a dish which was actually part of our main course. Then came the soup. We enjoyed our soup though it certainly wasn't a plain chicken soup, as the waiter had implied. This soup was thick and was probably the vegetable soup (the only other soup available) into which chunks of chicken had been put. Soup over and half of the plate of garlic bread and, we turned our attention to our just-arrived main course. It consisted of a small portion of Spanish Rice, a piece of Macaroni pie, two pieces of Chicken with Masala and a rather nice-looking salad. My mom and I split the main course between us and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The chicken was well-done, the rice and pie were good and the red bean sauce tasted fine. I didn't like the salad very much but my Mom did. We were so full, that we reluctantly skipped dessert. We paid the bill and were then politely bowed out of the restuarant by one of the ever-smiling waiters. My view of this place is that it has a lovely ambience, nice music and great service. The food used to be super-good and maybe Carribean (though honestly I have no idea what Carribean food tastes like) but now is quite Indianised. This is sad, as this restaurant is supposed to be an exclusively Carribean one and therefore an effort should be made to serve authentic food.



definitely one of the worst places

really bad food. nothing Caribbean about it.
i went for a weekday buffet.the food was old without doubt.

the desserts were pretty homely and nice though



Just Desi, Nothing Carribean

Not being situated on the main road, we had a tough time locating it. Sue's Kitchen, true to its name, feels like Sue turned her kitchen into a restaurant. An old-fashioned house with old-fashioned furniture crammed in and which still looks like a house and not a restaurant.

Despite their boastful menu of 3-6 items of every course, here’s what we found on yesterday’s menu (sorry I forget the names, so I’ll best describe it by the way they tasted). Most of the dishes did not even have names across them:
• Soup (only veg)
• 5-6 types of salads
• Eggnog
• Bread: 3 types of bread and all tasted so stale.
• Non veg starters included chicken cutlets, some chicken dry that for some strange reason it tasted like fish and Fish gravy cooked Tobago Style
• Main course had something that tasted very much like a poori and just white rice and Calypso Rice, methi dal (did not know it came from Trinidad), some Indian gravies, two veg curries which sure did not look Carribean, two types of veg cutlets
• For desserts, there was custard, pudding, cut fruits, some pulpy cake

Despite being the first to arrive, our food was not even hot.

Now the 300 rupees question: is it worth it for something not even remotely Carribean? Definitely NOT!


hegdapo - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 17,2010


Value for Money

I don't agree with the other reviews on this page. I had been to this place on 14th feb. The dinner buffet was priced at Rs.500 and I must say it was a total value for money. The non-veg items included crabs, fish, 2 types of pork, beef roast, chicken fry, etc. The pork dishes were delicious. I must say I have never eaten such well cooked pork in my life. The meat just melted as soon as I put it in my mouth. The welcome drinks were good too. They had a special tender coconut drink, eggnog and rum punch. All the three were yummy. The drinks were unlimited too unlike other buffet restaurants in Bangalore. The ambience is not all that great compared to the other restaurants in Bangalore, but it still gives a very homely feeling. The best part about this place is the hospitality. The staff is very friendly and makes sure you have a good time there.



Not value for money

I was there on one friday afternoon with friends and the buffet was priced at 300/- , the spread that day was good. Went today again (on wednesday) with 10 other teammates and the price tag was 250/- but the spread was not even the half the one it is on Friday and the quality of food is too simple to be eaten in a restaurant. The place is not worth money. The food was worth hardly 100/- , all my non-veg eating friends were left dry with only two non-veg curries being available for them. Besides that they started charging a 2.2% extra charge if you want to pay by card. When the owner and staff was informed about the pricing and quality of the food , the reaction was beyond expectation. They are comparing themselves with the rates of Indijoe , barbeque nation and other top restaurants though food quality is not equal to even 1/10th of those restaurants.

Pl. avoid this place and don't waste your money and time.


What it was...

The place when it started, was a bustling enterprise where food was as quirky as the establishment's look and feel. Now those times are gone, and it is mostly a heavily Indianised adaptation of all the fares they have to offer. Plus with so many restaurants opening up everyday in that area, they should have picked up the pace a long long time back. Anyway, since its open, lets hope it improves, because the wait staff is sweet, the dishes just need more authentic taste and at the end of the day i am still looking for a better caramel and coconut pudding than this place once served.

Would I go again? Yeah... if I am in the neighbourhood, to hang around with some old friends.

Would I recommend it to newcomers? Unfortunately no.


Poor Ambience and Service

Very Poor Ambience and Service. I agree with the other reviewers that this place is past its prime. Avoid it if you can. Not worth your money and effort to find the place.

Food is edible and just ok.


Past its prime

I have been to this place 3-4 times. The first time was about 6 years back I guess. The last one was early this year. I think the place is losing the touch. With many restaurants now opening up serving continental and other cuisines, Sues is not a novelty it was back then.

Its located little inside on Krishna temple road (this road is parallel to CMH road and towards Old madras road). Its very near to imperial.

There is ample parking space available around the restaurant. The ambiance is basic, a house converted to restaurant. One thing that I like here is variety the buffet offers.

As far as food is concerned, I like crabs they offer. Service is basic and slow.

On my last visit, (two families) nobody liked the food, except me. And I guess I like it only because of my old association with the place and its "old days charm".

Not planning on visiting anytime soon.




Went there all excited for a good caribbean experience, and well, it wasn't fun.

The music is too loud for a Sunday afternoon, the decor is none to speak of - too crowded, the buffet is not placed appetizingly enough, and some of the sofas need reupholstering. And while Susan herself is very friendly, the rest of the staff mostly look past you.

As for the food, I frankly thought it was mostly as Indian as it could be. Most of the stuff were items you could cook better at home, though I must say that the small puffed bread and the coconut juice-jelly mix were excellent.

The buffet was also not replenished often enough, which is probably a cardinal sin in the world of buffet spreads.

Not worth the Rs 300 tag for sure.


Very disappointing

Yesterday was the second time I was there, the last was 5 years ago and I don't remember it being this bad then.

The food was old, tasted like it was reheated multiple times. We ordered pepper prawns and prawns were rubbery - really bad. When this was pointed out to the manager, he was gracious enough to take it off the bill.

The Jamaican jerk chicken was not half as bad, but the sore point was that everything served was leftovers from the buffet. They passed on the day's rice as Spanish rice and a whole host of salads that were sitting out all evening. Not surprising, given there was nobody in the restaurant and the buffet was lying open and unattended.


rmathias - Burrp User


13 Reviews

February 23,2009


Barbeque Chicken......with a weird aftertaste

Yes! That's the only thing I remember from my meals at Sue's Kitchen. Having dined there at least thrice(despite one of my colleagues warning me about the bad chicken that he was served), I've had a taste of their food on buffet as well as a la carte. And all I remember from the meals is the weird aftertaste. (you've gotta give it to them for consistency!!)

Though the owner is a friendly lady, I'd much appreciate my lunch without her loud voice in the background, greeting guests, talking about their families and laughing out loud. Let me mention here that it wouldn't be that bad if there was some noise to drown her out. But Sue's Kitchen is so quiet(minus the owner's laugh), that its kind of unnerving.

The food on the other hand, is nothing extraordinary. The beef though, was tender but had a strange odour. The fish curries are average. The deserts are good, but after a disappointing meal, not nearly good enough to elevate my mood (or the review). The price for the buffet left me feeling a little cheated, coz i didn't realy get value for money.

As my friend and I left the restaurant the last time, I wondered out loud, "why did we come here AGAIN?" To which i got a prompt reply "So that we're reminded AGAIN that we shouldn't come here"


Ren-C  - Burrp User


33 Reviews

January 30,2009


Hmmm... Caribbean?

Have heard a lot about Sue's Kitchen from friends and reviews that I had very high expectations from the place. Wanted to try out this place when one of my friends came from Chennai on a Monday. For all to know, MONDAYS ARE HOLIDAYS!

Determination succeeded and I made it the following Sunday. Initially we had a little difficulty finding the place because I wasn't as well-versed as I thought I was about Indiranagar. Well, so weren't the auto-drivers because no one able to give us proper directions to find the Sri Krishna Temple Road. This place has been in function for around 7 years and run by a very friendly lady called Susan John. Almost all the patrons who came to Sue's Kitchen on that fateful Sunday had a lot of plesantries to exchange with her, be it the new born in the family or the latest trip to Goa.

The restaurant is a actually a house converted to what it is. The decor was simple and cheap but intelligently put together to make you feel like you are in Goa or any other place with sand and sea around. As soon as I entered I felt the silence enveloping only broken by an occassional clattering of cuttlery. There were couple of paintings and T-shirts brought back from faraway lands probably Caribbean. Probably! The tablecloth and curtains were clean and docile. Very feminine, very conventional.

As a la Carte was hardly an option (2 dishes cost as much as the buffet), we went for the buffet. Nothing extraordinary. Your regular fish curry, cutlets, some other meat curry, some potato starter (yawn), blah, blah and ended with a dessert! A dessert and nothing else to it. And nothing like the promised Caribbean, more Konkan/Malabar it was. True enough the food was homely and well-cooked, but was I paying Rs. 275/- for a lunch that I could make very much in my own kitchen? I thought not. No, siree.


vviegas - Burrp User


3 Reviews

November 10,2008


Taste of home

The food at Sues kitchen is great! especially the non veg items. The mutton they make is amazing and reminded me alot of my mums cooking.
However I strongly feel that the ambience needs some improvement.
I would highly recommend anyone to visit them on a sunday, when they serve the most amazing crab curry.

All in all, the meal is total value for money.



Okie Dokie

It has got its postivies and negatives

Authentic carribean food at a moderate price. The buffet can be tried once and who knows.. some of you might like it

I didnt like it that good coz the food was extremely oily. I could visibly see it and was a big turn off. The ambience is not good.. its just a place where you go and have your food and come back.

Well, I tasted some carribean dishes and if you too are looking for a lunch above the normal stuff, then definitely try it out



A very intresting buffet , so to say !!! cariabeaen food!!! tastes great, lots of salads and very good variety. Very Tasty Spread.Gives you a feel you're eating in Mangalore or Kerala. Crab curry is fantastic !!!
Not great on ambeience though, but very good service.BUFFET @ 250.


sunray - Burrp User


3 Reviews

January 13,2008


Excellent place

Have been visiting this place for about 7 years now. The buffets are especially good. Very tasty food. The service is also excellent.


You have to overeat!

I recently moved out of Bangalore and one of the things I miss the most is Sue's Kitchen. The buffet spread on Sundays is especially excellent. My favourites were the mutton patties, fried bananas and the soup.

Oh and the carrot cake dessert. Tip: Try the Cocorico with your food. It goes really well.



Great salads & Pork ribs

I first went to this place around five years ago. I dint appreciate the place as much as I do now. This friday was my second visit to this place and over the weekend I had gone there once again. I am hooked on the salads.

I have tried only the buffet there. The place resembles a house which has been modified to look like a restaurant. The coffee room looks tempting, but we dint sit over there both times, cos that would have been a long walk to the buffet counter. The coffee room has a tv too... So if you want to watch the world cup in the carribean with some carribean food to accompany it this would be the place.

The buffet counter is divided into 3 - salad bar, main course and desserts. I loved the salad bar. There were sooo many varieties of salads - I can't even name them except for russian salad, egg salad and chicken salad. But I counted about 7-8 varieties of salads. The Pork Spare Ribs is also placed in the salad bar and its yummmy... I havent had such delicious pork in a long long time. I almost filled myself on the salads and pork.

The main course has two different kinds of rice- plain rice and some other variety of rice. There is a seafood gravy - first time was fish and second time was crab. The crabs were very small so were not that easy to handle. Some kind of chicken fry, some fish cakes, a veg fry with a dip, something which looked like a pie, plus various veg gravies. There were also something very different like banana roast and baked sweet potatoes. The banana roast was too good. But I really wasn't all that impressed with this section.

The desserts were a chocolate cake, caramel custard and fruits. I dint like any of them. The cake was too hard and the custard was overcooked.

But I would return there for just the salads.

Price of buffet - Rs. 225/- per head


Alex K - Burrp User

Alex K

4 Reviews

January 24,2007


Caribbean Restaurant

It’s called Sue’s Kitchen,
A good place to have a quiet hearty meal. Buffets are really great. Not much of a crowd.
Any one who likes costal food will like this place.