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> > > > Sukh Sagar

Sukh Sagar

GandhinagarSouth Bangalore    & IN 3 MORE LOCATIONS


8 Reviews / 9 Ratings

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Sukh Sagar Reviews






Bad food!

I visited this place twice, once for breakfast and lunch.
Breakfast was decent. The dosa was good but the sambar vada was equally bad.
The service is very slow. They take time to refill chutneys and sambars.
The ambiance is not bad.
And as for my lunch experience, it was bad. I ordered a thaali and the rotis were like rubber. The food was cold and I had a tough time gulping.
Prices are average.


Gaurav Mehta - Burrp User

Gaurav Mehta

1 Reviews

September 02,2012


Most disappointing & pathetic Gujarati thaali

Being a Gujarati & having heard a lot about this place I went one Sunday evening. But guys dont just get fancied by the word of mouth. I tried it recently & all I can say is that I tasted the worst Gujarati thaali on planet earth. Below are my observations & crticism.
1) Pathetic Service ( I had to almost wait for 10 mins to get the Rotis)
2) Cold & Stiff (All the items whether it was the subjis or the farsan (to name it was muthiya) were cold & i had to tell the waiter to get it changed.
3) Thepla was stiff & you would not believe Only One thepla ..that also in Special thaali
4) Taste Factor: Everything was utter sweet ...all the sabjis , kadhi ( i know Gujju food is a bit sweet but this was the heights ..They had put pounds of sugar in every item just to make it so called Gujarati cuisine.
5) The Khichdi is always the winner dish in Gujarati thaali but here I tasted the worst khichdi ever. Khichdi should have the smooth texture which can be swallowed but here I had to literally chew the rice in the Khichdi. (Really pitiful)
6) Coming to Sweets, there was nothing special. Rasmali was ok. The ice cream with fruit salad was also having mediocre taste.

To conclude, I can say that there was not a single item in the thaali which made me happy or satisfied.
Folks, Please avoid this restaurant by all means. Its a humble request.

If you are looking for some Authentic Gujarati Food, you can go to Rajdhani or NH8


Worst ever Gujarathi Thali

This Sunday I went with my family after about 7 years of gap hoping to get best thali. I found the taste awful. The Srikhand had become sour as if it is 7 days old. The sabji was awful and cold. Dal which was good but at the end with rice they exausted and gave freshly made dal on insisting and it was full of strong spices and hopeless taste. If they donot write any dish in the menu card they term it as complimentary. Like they have been serving jaljeera and butter milk for more than 25 years with the thali , now they term it as complimentary. Wicked tricks and attitude. I paid Rs.160 and Rs.190 per thali. It was not even half worth. I will never step in the restaurant again.



Had bhaji-pav here in Januray 2009 with my relatives. It was as good as the stuff in Ahmedabad-Honest restaurant(in Panjarapole and Bodakdev)


Hands down the best Gujju-thali in Bangalore

The Gujarathi Thali at the Majestic-Sukh-Sagar ( near the movie theatres ) is far and away the best Gujju-thali in Bangalore - the one at Maiya's is sweeet , Ramanna's ( no thali , just a la carte ) is terribly over-priced , Rajdhani does a better job with the Rajasthani food but even that is often pedestrian .
The prices are up - the standard thali now costs Rs. 140/- and the 'excellency' thali (sic) costs Rs. 185/-.
My mum and I had one of each .
The major difference is that the excellency thali comes with two extra kinds of rotis/flatbreads , a glass of masala chaas , a bowl of pulao , a fruit custard/some dessert and an extra sweet .
We started with a glass of jaljeera and a glass of masala chaas - both very good .
A kala jamun and a piece of a rasgulla-like sweet were next - not terribly sweet , quite good .
The farsaan was outstanding - the khaman was grainy and dense but melt-in-the-mouth - not the 'chaashni'-soaked fluffy mush other places serve - and the tempering was spot on . The accompanying green pudina-coconut chutney was a great accompaniment .
The sabudana vada was crisp on the outside and soft on the inside - just perfect with the ( too ) sweet raita .
The athode was another delight - spiced just right , not a dense and dry dough - that day we had the capsicum athode - tasty and not too spicy , an excellent starter .
The subzees and dals came next - a delcious dry bhindi with besan , a spicy alu-mutter in a thick tomato gravy , white rajma gravy and a thing gujarati dal ( not too sweet , thank God ! ) .
These were accompanied by the flat-breads - the excellency thali getting the best range - ghee-phulkas ( nice and soft ) , bhakri ( wheat , insanely good !!! at par with the best I've had in Gujarat ) , special thepla redolent of methi but a bit too oily maybe and puran-poli which was very soft but too sweet to eat along with any of the side dishes .
The vegetable pulao was the only really ordinary dish - the rice didn't have much of a taste at all and the vegetables were bland as well .
The papad served alongside was incredibly peppery - people with a higher tolerance to spiciness might like it far better than I did .
We were so full that we didn't even try and have the white rice - a serious food coma was setting in ! Even so I managed a bite of the fruit custard with ice-cream - not bad at all , but not spectacular .
The crowds of people ( many of whom were Gujarati or Marwari ) on a weekday afternoon are a testament to the authentic flavours Sukh Sagar manages to bring out .

I am dying to go back there - distance and difficulty be damned - and stuff myself silly once again .


Best Gujarati thali in town

On days when I just absolutely need my Gujju thali fix, this is where I head to. It's quite a trek going to that area, but it is totally worth the effort.

There are two thalis to choose from - deluxe and executive (not sure about the names), priced around 120 and 150. Both are packed with loads of goodies, but the executive one is more elaborate with extra sweets and extra farsaan.

We usually start with the jaljeera, which is a great appetizer.

In the roti section, they typically have phulkas (with or without ghee), bhakhris, theplas (bhakhri and theplas are usually in mini sizes). Sometimes they also have vedmi/puranpoli/obattu (roti with sweet stuffed).

They have 2 curries, one is usually potato. During winter, they have the oondhiyu (love it), otherwise they have any seasonal vegetables. Also, they have a "kathol" or pulses made Gujju style, with some sweetness of jaggery/sugar.

For farsaan, they have khandvi/khaman and other yummy stuff.

Sweets are not gujju, they are usally bengali sweets.

And then there's the usual Gujju dal, papad, rice/pulav, curd, chaas etc.

There can be long queues, as the seating is limited and the demand massive, during lunch times. So be there by 12 or so and be ready to wait a bit. The service is not the best, but who cares about that when I'm getting lip-smacking Gujju food which is so rare to get in Bangalore.



Great gujarati thali

I had been looking for a Gujarati thali place in Bangalore for the longest time. Was aware of this place Sukhsagar Majestic), but never ventured there. But the other day decided to try it out and was blown away, the Gujarati Thali (Rs 125) was absolutely delicious, am looking forward to visiting this place again.


Luv the Gujju food here!

Met up with a Gujju friend and her big family after almost a year and they insisted we meet at Sukh Sagar, Gandhinagar. That immediate second I?d decided I?d have the Gujarathi Thali there. Thanks to my previous visits here. I knew what I?d get to eat in the evening and I?d started drooling over it just by the thought of it. The second floor there serves exclusive Gujarathi Thalis. We were around 10 of us and occupied a large table and gossiping, being nostalgic, discussing our future plans, getting pampered by her parents and that?s when a huge plate with many small cups arrived at our table. This was accompanied with a glass of buttermilk and jal jeera.

The inflow of food started and it was non-stop for the next half an hour! They continued to serve and we continued to relish without uttering a word. There was dal, 2 kinds of sweets (both Bengali), dhokla, besan mirch (I loved this one) ? this was a big hit amongst us and I made the waiter serve this for me many times. Then there was dal, tomato-sev, kadi, dahi boondi, subzi, kachoris etc. hot philkas were served in addition to theples and another sweet thick and slightly hard roti kinda thingy. I forgot the name of it.
Each of the stuffs served were delicious and amazingly better than the other. After this, they served us the pulav, kichdi (umm.. this one was yumm!!). At the end of the meal, a cup of thick curd made magic. We?d overloaded ourselves so much, at that moment I thought, I will not be able to eat a bit till the lunch time next day.

After a long time, I had such a sumptuous meal and totally relished it. The unlimited thali costs around 125 bucks and every penny is worth it! There are 2 Sukh Sagars in Gandhinagar. one is the mall near the national market and the other one which serves the Gujarathi Thali is opp the Majestic Theater which is being demolished now