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Summer Vine



15 Reviews / 15 Ratings

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Summer Vine Reviews

One word : solitary_Honestly Read once

I visited the place last week considering that I have been living hardly around 500 mtrs from it since past 1 and a half year. You will hardly want to go to the place looking at the exterior until you are short of places; which obviously i was.
So going point wise:
1) Interiors: Pretty good, nice place if you want to see a major chunk of bangalore from this 4th floor open roof restaurant. The building looks creepy from outside and eems under renovation but no doubt interiors are much better.
2) Food: Hmmmm... good or i should say average; you would be a bit disappointed if you looking for something great. The quantity is good and the prices not very high. So not a bed on this front.
3) Service: I dont know but I saw just 4 people in the whole place on Sunday from 7:45 -9pm. Me and my friend and the 2 people from restaurant. It was not hard to know why -exteriors. The service was slow but the staff(please read 2) was very cordial and helping.
4) Solitude: As I already told only 4 people in the whole place means gives you ample time to talk...think and thinkk reason for not finding any quests around. But really it helps you in case you need time alone.

2 people with ample food on table and ample to talk with a bill of 500 and ample leftovers.


capridh - Burrp User


5 Reviews

February 18,2011



I will take refund from the person who recommended this place to me... we ordered for a sizzler and thai curry with rice.... sizzler was full of cabbage and other veggies coutable by one hand's fingers (not more than 5 pieces)....and then rice...i have never seen anywhr rice being so dry and undercooked. Avoid this place at any cost. McD or cosmos mall foodcourt is a great deal for the same budget.... thankfully we came out alive after eating thr..


fozylet - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 02,2011



food is good, ambience is ok - but that is not what this review is about

do not hand over your mail ids to these people (in their feedback sheet) unless you want to be spammed often and be invited by them to every social networking site out there. surprisingly, they don't even bcc you, the whole list of their spam victims are there in 'to' for you to see! doesn't remove you from the list on request.


resh85 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

October 22,2010


One flop wonder

Im not returning back. So in case you're looking for a pleasant review, you can stop right here. Ambience was ok... but they could do with some fans during the hot afternoons. If you really really have to go (seriously u wanna go? still?)...go in the evening...The drinks were passably good. Food was stale with often undercooked veggies rubbing the wrong way on the palate. I know of local mess food which tastes far better than this place.


All dats well, aint well !!!

A shady lookin building until u walk into the restaurant, nice interiors but they have pushed the open air dining funda to a different level...!! Indian food with no fans around you at 2p.m on a hot bangalore afternoon? well really not good for my soul..!!!

The food was good nevertheless but the tagline they use "25 items for Rs. 175"...well 25 if you count the pickles, chopped onions etc...!!!

Overall a 'strictly-to-be-visted-only-once-in-a-lifetime' kinda place.



good time at summer vine

This place was little difficult to find. The building was not very promising. Until we saw the restaurant ..the interior’s is really good and clean. My family liked the food. The rotis were hot and soft. My husband liked the chicken gravy and rotis a lot. My children liked the Chicken Kebab and Gobi Manchurian. I liked fish fry and mutton gravy. The staff was very friendly and attentive. The owner was friendly and accommodating and the table service is usually very good . The moderate price and warm atmosphere encouraged us to come back for more.


Wine served in plastic glass. DISASTER

It is located in a corner building on the top floor. The place does not have parking facility. You have to park your vehicle on the road. The only thing that I have learnt about the success of a restaurant is its location and then the food comes in. Therefore, in the foremost category, this restaurant is nowhere being in the right location. Ok. Let’s talk further.
Location: Before I zeroed in on this restaurant, I searched the ever reliable internet for some information about this place. I could find 3 reviews of this place. All of them said good things about this place except for the parking. All said the food was good and all that stuff. Someone even said that he felt that this place was like an oasis for him. The picture looks great on the website too. After much of deliberation, I had decided on this place. For someone who is not good with directions, this place is going to be a bit tough to find. This one is located right after the HP petrol bunk on the ITPL main road, which is after cosmos mall if you are coming from Marathahalli. Will give an Average for location
Ambiance: The entrance to this restaurant is from the side of the building. They have used a lot of wood to give the place an earthen look. The entrance is well decorated with lot of plants and wood mixed. Lot of pots and cement pillars to depict a dome effect, there is no carpet at the door and the place looked dusty right from the entrance. Talk about some cleaning. Now, as you enter the restaurant, you enter next to the bar and on the left, you will have the way out to the outdoor sitting area. That is where the buffet is served. A mixture of red, green, and maroon colors is all that you will see in this restaurant. You will see lamps, which looks like those you see in a Kotha in movies. You will also find modern looking lamps as well. The inner room did not appeal much so we decided to sit outside. Right in the middle of the outside sitting area there is this square structure, which I think they tried to make it look like a well. There were lamps, lanterns, bulbs, stones, shrubs, and creepers all over this structure. Right before that, there was a huge pot with water and petals on it. The surrounding area to the middle structure was the walkway, which was nothing but gravel. The tables had dust all over. Here too, the rating will be average.
Food: This is the most important part for me whenever I go to a restaurant. The buffet spread was not a huge one. They had Chicken Kebab and Gobi Manchurian as the starters. There was a veg clear soup. One chicken gravy, one Mutton gravy, one paneer gravy, another paneer dish, 2 rice items, papads, pickles, and Rotis made up the list. Now, the kababs were cold so was the Gobi. None of the other items was hot and it was just noon when we started eating. Oh great, Imagine this, the place calls itself as the wine bar, so I ordered a glass of Grover’s red wine. The wine was served in a plastic glass. Can you imagine that? The normal drinking water glass was glass and wine was served in a plastic glass! That was it. I ate no further. Poor is an understatement for the food. However bad the food tastes, it has to be served hot and not cold.
Music: this was another disappointment. Whenever the song changed, the new song started on high volume and gradually reduced. Average for music
Staff: Now, this was the saving grace I guess. They were pretty good and were able to serve well. Dressed in T-shirts and trousers, it was a welcome change from the other overdressed waiters in other restaurants. Good is the rating
Crowd: This was the sore one. It was the typical Nandini restaurant type crowd. Nowadays, everyone can afford any kind of restaurant but it is very difficult to find people who have the right table manners. This crowd was no exception. I mean, children running all over the place, sounds while eating, talking loud while eating, using phish phish to call the waiter, the list is long.
Overall: This place was a disaster for me. It was a disastrous lunch, and I had to do a lot of make up for the day, because the day me and my girlfriend went there, it was our anniversary. I will not suggest this place to anyone else. Poor is my overall rating for this restaurant.


franklyn - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 20,2010



I happened to visit this place in whitefield and it was a truly a different and a beautiful experience for me. The food is really tasty and service is friendly. But the best I liked about the palce was interiors and antiques they have. Why called this place as Oasis in Bangalore because it is little off the main but once you reach there you will really enjoy.Also this place is great to host parties. Infact I am so excited about this place that I am going to have my birthday party this month there. As for as the drawbacks are concerned this place is a bit difficult to find out. You have to really go looking for this. But otherwise its a great place and sure MUST VISIT.


preethi - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 18,2010


Excellent dining & great Atmosphere

Summer Vine fabulous place to dine with family. Great food .Very friendly service and a fantastic relaxed atmosphere. Hope to be back soon



Tasteless food

Food has a common trend here, it is tasteless. They seem to advertise as authentic kerala food. But it was more than disappointing. Had a lunch buffet. Chicken curry had a funny taste, malabar parotta was very chewy. And why have tasteless 'punjabi' dal in a Kerala restaurant. Paneer korma (again not a kerala dish) had uncooked tomato taste in the sauce. For dessert they had jalebis, which seemed to be a week old. And this is a terrace top restaurant with gravel poured all over, so if you have to go, go in the evenings.


Funny Side of Soup...

Have you ever had THICK CHICKEN SWEETCORN SOUP in COFFEE MUG ??? if you want to try then go to Summer Vine..
when we asked if they can change it to soup bowl, the answer was NO and the best they were able to do was give us a SPOON :-)

Food was not all that good.. Its was Kind of OK..


gshankr - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 21,2009


Excellent mix of kerala and conti cusine

Its a pleasant place to hang out with friends or invite your family friends. The ambience is perfect place to unwind after a stressful day at work or the the busy road rides at ITPL :). The music at the places soothes u and gets u to in a mode to relax.. And to compliment the whole the food at this place is excellent. It reminds of the homely food cooked by my grand mom back home. Guys don't miss out on this place....If you are a foody and if you are not you will like it. :)



Finger licking good!!!!

I discovered Summer Vine quiet by accident when a friend canceled an appointment which left me in front the mall nearby. Though you have to go all the way to the terrace floor of the building, the ambience
That greets you there is absolutely breathtaking. I found it hard to believe that such an oasis actually existed in Bangalore and that too in Whitefield area.

The choice of food is just right for you to make up your mind as to what to eat and not like other places where they load the menu card with n number of dishes, half of which are not available and the other half what you have almost every day......

The starters were delicious and i could have eaten just that all day long. The main course was a chicken dish called Puthupalli kozhi Peralan, a delicacy made from coconut milk, light brown gravy, which is originally from Kerala. This teamed with Vellayaapam, another type of hoppers from the southern state was unlike what you would find at any other restaurant in Bangalore.

The place is done up using a lot of antiques and natural e3lements like stones, bamboos and wood. The bar area is decorated with an absolutely stunning collection of coins, dry flowers and other artifacts. The overall effect was that of dining at an old ancestral house in full glory.
Even the and wash area is fully decked up to match the overall atmosphere.
The only drawback of this place is that they don’t have the bar license yet and the lack of visibility from the road. you are bound to miss it unless you are specifically looking for it. The staff were all extremely helpful and there was always someone to help you with be it the menu or the service.
Summer Vine is truly a surprise and also a relief from all the other regular restaurants in the city.



Reason to whine.

The restaurant left me whining until i left the place.
Agreed, i chose the wrong day to visit Summer Vine for the first time i.e. New years eve. Priced at 450Rs a couple for a buffet dinner without drinks.

Considering the low pricing, i wasn't expecting a fabulous new year's night to remember. But I was rather disappointed at the arrangements and service. The result of low pricing, could not allow this new restaurant to afford a DJ! The sound system was blaring and jarring to the ears. Starters vanished for people who joined the party at 10 pm. The buffet dinner was cold around 11pm. Giving a feedback about the cold food was given no importance. I didn't understand why the burners were switched off. The stewards were probably having a tough time with customers having to resort unclean tables, lack of cutlery, and the list goes on.

It was a night with many people pouring in. However, for a new restaurant to leave its mark amongst many other eateries in this area, i surely was expecting a little more than this. I surely hope to visit the place on a regular day.. does have a good ambiance, feel, and it is open air roof top !


Quite elegant place with good food and service

I enjoyed my meal (chicken and daal with naans & roomali rotis) there. The service and food were better than expected. Bar hasn't started yet so can't say anything about that. Decor is decent. Parking is available in the basement. They also deliver home within 3 kms..