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> > > > Suri Garden Bar and Restaurant

Suri Garden Bar and Restaurant

Airport RoadEast Bangalore  


2 Reviews / 3 Ratings

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Suri Garden Bar and Restaurant Reviews

roses are red old monk is maroon

Lets be honest...nobody enters a garden bar for the 'ambience'. We go there to get drunk, cheap and hopefully not get ripped off after the drinking process is complete.

The day was a very ordinary one. I had been in bangalore for almost a month without a drink which I considered as sacrilage since Im from chennai where a beer costs 140 bucks in a shady govt operated TASMAC bar (I hear there is a TASMAC MBA school here in bangalore but lets not get into that). A bangalore immigrant (no he's not from one of the BIMARU states) and an IIM Indore grad to boot told me lets goto a garden bar. Having never been to one and hoping for some nauch girls I entered Suri!

The place was dingier than dingy. There was this huge ass projector screen at one end and a long table (which I presume is the bar) at the other end. The drink was so cheap I ordered a half of Smirnoff Vodka and asked my buddy what he wanted!! The #ButOfCourse necessary side dishes of egg bhurji, chilli chicken and to my surprise(but totally yummy) french fries were ordered. He got a quarter of OMR and we began our merry journey. The place had the usual group of drinkers. One group which after a few drinks called everyone in their vicinity (including a potted plant) as friend and brother. One group whose guffaws and thumping of their table made Navjot Sidhu seem like a gentleman. And groups like us who get their pseudo intellectual questions like 'pulli raaja ku aids varuma' after 3 drinks. Overall was a wonderfully pleasant experience. The service was quick for the first drink but took ages for subsequent ones (maybe its just us as time seems to slow down after a quarter). After about 2 hours we were ready to pay our bill.

First of all he charged Rs.210 for a quarter (both OMR & Smirnoff had same price). I thought it was regular pricing but friend told me it was overpriced. As they didnt have a menu rate for drinks I couldn't check. They made a totalling mistake (supposedly a clerical error which i doubt). Third the bill was a slip of paper (black money seems to be the order of the day in this government so no surprise I suppose). Overall these guys basically get you drunk and cheat you a little. But the drinks were good, place was nice and if you get that drunk its probably your fault anyway.

Tips : Drink but put some lime in your mouth so that you can calculate the bill amt atleast


Best low cost Watering hole

Let me be frank. This place is not beautiful, it is not great in ambience, it has no cocktails..... but who needs those.
It is the ultimate place to go for a drink after work!

Sit in the Garden Area, and order away the drinks. Most good whiskies (including JD) and all possible other drink available easily in Bangalore. This place serves you your drinks, serves them fast, and serves them cheap. To top it off, the bar food is actually pretty good for such a shady place. The vadas, egg pakodas and chicken 65 are the standard stuff to have.

It's proximity to TGIF as prompted us to start calling this place Thank god its Suris!

To get away form the fluff and the loud music and the snobbish crowd, this is the place to go!