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> > > > Sweet Chariot Cafe

Sweet Chariot Cafe

Cunningham RoadNorth Bangalore    & IN 2 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 41148215, 41148216, 9886713558
  • Prestige Center Point, Cunningham road, Beside Pizza Hut, Bangalore
  • Continental, Fastfood
  • Meal for 2 - 300

6 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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Sweet Chariot Cafe Reviews






Decent Place for a Quick Lunch

Went there for a quick lunch with my friends on a work day. There's nothing spectacular happening in terms of decor. It's a just a neat, simple cafe setup and is comfortable for a afternoon of small bites and long conversations.

We ordered many a plate of french fries, a couple of sandwiches, Chicken Stroganoff, a vegetarian lasagna and a couple of desserts. My paneer sandwich was filling and had uncomplicated flavours and, best of all, came with a portion of potato chips. My friends were not impressed with the vegetarian lasagna and the stroganoff was more like a chicken curry with rice. Yet, they insisted that the flavours were good and had no trouble polishing off their portions.

We ordered a couple of black forest pastries for dessert and that was good. The pastries were juicy and tasted good. The service while not stellar was helpful and prompt. The bill was the best part of all, it was light on the pocket and is definitely an incentive for us to come back.

Come here if you are in the mood for a quick, economical bite.


Unethical Salespeople

Last week bought some pastries from this outlet which was stale and uneatable. The sales folks had the ignorance/audacity to sell old pastries to unassuming customers.




Well... this used to be a really good place to hang out 'once upon a time'! God knows what has gotten into those waiters! They act like they don't get paid by their employers and live on the tips the customers leave! The staff there are very rude especially the manager and they all act like buffaloes in a pond... in other words.. lazy! Avoid this place!


Macaroni, Mousse and More..

This is easily and undoubtedly my favourite cafe/fast food joint for the longest amount of time.Be it their lasagnes, macaroni, pizza or mousse, I can shamelessly claim that every bite is drool and guilt inducing.. Unfortunately recession has hit sweet chariot the worst. they've increased their prices by about 30% and reduced the quantity by 50%(the lasagnes at least).One of the very few things i can never be bored of cos as they say, you can never have too much of a good thing :)



Try the Chicken Pepper Steak!!!

A good place for a late Sunday breakfast. Sweet Chariot cafe offers a whole of shorts eats for the hungry soul. Definitely paradise for those with a sweet tooth, the place boasts of a variety of other stuff. Steaks, lasagne, salads, juice, hot dogs, sandwich.....quite a lot to choose from.

The bright orange interiors and chic wall hangings give it a very contemporary look. The cafe depend on the under utilised World Space for entertainment. A TV on mute in the background is also good timepass if you happen to come here alone.

When you are here, try your hand at the Chicken pepper steak, they have managed to retain the same flavour and taste for the last two years. Priced at Rs 75, the steak is a good choice if you are kinda hungry kinda full. It comes with a portion of garlic bread and two three pieces of buttered vegetables.

For those who are worried about putting on some extra pounds can try the salads. The non-veg salad is a meal in itself and can be shared by two. You have an option to choose what you want in your salad, but make sure you check the salad bar to ensure everything is fresh.

Remeber not to eat till you burp. You HAVE to keep some space for that melting chocolate pastry.


Taste & service gone from Good to Bad

Once a upon a time i was a regular customer for 2 months eating chicken ala King almost everyday. Then the service and the taste of food was too good and with a affordable price tag.

Now the price has increased, the service has gone worst..Once the waiter was drunk!! For me it was one of the best place to have continental food which i totally avoid now.

You can find few other restaurants near by like casa picola(a little higer), or frescos (costly).