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> > > > Sweet Chariot Cafe

Sweet Chariot Cafe

JayanagarSouth Bangalore    & IN 2 MORE LOCATIONS


8 Reviews / 8 Ratings

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Sweet Chariot Cafe Reviews

AlphaFoodie - Burrp User


6 Reviews

December 31,2010



This place has gone from bad to worse!, the management, the service, pathetic! The service is so bad that it takes them 20 min to realize they can't serve Orange juice, wow! and ya, on any given day more than half the items on the menu won't be available.

I am giving this place a one cos that's the least!


Rude,Arrogant manager/franchisee


Had a very bad experience at the Sweet Chariot Jayanagar cafe

It was 25th Nov 2010 – We had ordered a 2 kg rich chocolate cake at the Jayanagar Sweet Chariot Café. Since we wanted 2 lines written on the cake, we had specified not to garnish the cake with choco flakes. When we went to collect the cake, we found that half the cake had been garnished. On enquiring with the lady franchisee, we were told that it was a standard design and she couldn’t help it though we had specified earlier! Mildly disappointed, I requested the lady to write the 2 lines[altogether 6 words of around 3 letters each] on the remaining half of the cake, she curtly refused ridiculing that it was a cake and not some banner. Whatever happened to the element of courtesy ? ! I mean its ok if it is not possible to write but there is a way to tell that ! And she asked me to hurry up though there was no other soul in the damn place ! I profusely requested her in all possible ways…. But each time, I was met with a condescending glare and some murmurs.

[Was standing there flummoxed when a group of college kids came in and the lady started abusing the staff in front of everybody ! Poor guys ! ]

Was indeed a humiliating experience.Well the pastries are indeed awesome here , but such experiences will leave a sour aftertaste. A customer deserves some respect and should not be treated like dirt. Feel the franchisees are giving the Sweet Chariot franchise a really bad name! Did not enjoy the pastry that day.

I feel for the money that a customer pays , all he expects apart from lip-smacking pastries are a smile and that positive vibe or the “feel good” factor he/she gets from some basic courtesy by the staff and more importantly the franchisee/manager. We are not beggars to be treated like dirt.
Given that there are loads of bad reviews on Sweet Chariot’s courteous service, I urge the concerned to introspect and drill some sense into the franchisees that the chariot will go on only if the “sweet” factor is present. Else, it will die a slow, excruciatingly painful death.

I have decided not to visit the Jayanagar Café again. Hail the arrogant female !

- Memoirs of an ex-staunch Sweet chariot patron



A cool hangout

Have been here once. The place is not that attractive;looks like an old house has been renovated. Couples usually come here, frens also come;We saw a bunch of friends who were munching on french fries and a cool drink for an hour. So it's basically a frens' hangout. We took lasagna, garlic bread and a pastry(forgot d name sorry). I was so much smitten by the yummy, steamingly hot lasagna that I ordered another one. It was god damn tasty ... We took another garlic bread... All in all a good place. Will come here again.


Decent cafe to hang around

Hi.. i love this place specially when it is raining. the outside section is so so beautiful. The service is bad though. But sipping a hot cappachino in the rain is worth it. so next time its raining and u r near jaynagar. just drop in here and feel the difference.. The lasagne is worth mentioning.


nice ambience

love love love their lasagna..and thats all i can say bout their food..the pastries are as all sweet chariot pastries..YUMMY!!the service is slow is an understatement but anything for their lasagna.. :)



Decent pastries ... terrible customer service

I like some of their pasteries ... black forest cake, chocolate mousse cake etc. However, they hire total idiots in this place who have no notion of "customer service". You could wait there for 10 hours or more in that place standing right in their face and not once will they ask you "may I help you". Maybe they will look at you but unless you explicitly fight for their attention and call out to them, you are as good as invisible. They could care less who came in before whom and who should get their attention.

Of course, the customers who visit this place have sadly learned that is the only way to get their attention and hence have to behave just as badly (queue? What;s a queue? Typical Indian ghetto-ism at its best). The problem is that it makes everyone feels degraded for having to stoop so low at the level of their staff.

Aaaarrrggghh.... just thinking about them makes me want to inflict the chinese water torture treatment on them. Some times I wish I had the money to buy this place. Even a chimpanzee can run this place more gracefully. The only reason I give them 2 stars is for their decently priced pasteries.



The worse customer service ever !!

Have you ever walked into a cafe, where talking and making a little noise when in a group is not permissible and acceptable??
Have you ever walked into a cafe,, where after having a cup of coffee you aren’t allowed to sit and relax despite the fact there is none waiting for your seat??
Have you ever walked into a cafe,, where you can't park your vehicle and take a stroll after you are through with the snacks?
Well Welcome aboard, presenting you Jaynagar sweet chariot cafe, who have no clue as to how a customer should be treated. This franchise seriously ought to put a series of sign boards with a list of things-to-do and not-do so the customer knows what they are getting into....

The food served, the pastries everything is simply mouth watering and delicious but the way the café is run , the invisible rules that are being set , and the worse of all the way the Customer is treated there is simply PATHETIC!!

If at all you want to have a good time with friends, Take my Advice, Please don't bother sitting there... You want pastries take it and find a peaceful place where FUN is allowed...

Sweet chariot is the WORSE cafe I have ever visited...........

Rating 2/5 and 2 only because of the pastries served there...


Terrible customer service

Is it so difficult to be polite to your customers?
I went to this place - bought some chocolate truffles - which I am going to grudgingly grant - were yummy. But almost ended up having my head bitten off - since I had the audacity to ask them for their address and phone number. The lady at the desk tells me- sorry - no use getting our number since we do not do any transactions by phone. She did not give me their address either. When I persisted, the man who was at the billing section - gave me a discarded bill which had the address and phone number.
Granted they were busy and they are pretty well know in this area - but is'nt it time to brush up on some customer etiquette.
I am giving them 4 stars - 4 stars for their decor (they are located in a lovely bungalow - with a terracotta jewellery store attached) and 3 for their food - and am subtracting 3 stars for their terrible attitude.