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> > > > Swensen's


KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  

  • 41313674
  • No. 621, Ground Floor, 80 Feet Road, Koramangala, Bangalore
  • Ice-cream

8 Reviews / 8 Ratings

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Swensen's Reviews







I went to Swensen's with a friend after seeing so many good reviews and the place actually was worth the rating. I ordered a Oreo chocolate and brownie sundae (if I recall the name correctly, it is not listed in the menu here) and my friend took a crispy cocktail. My sundae looked delicious the moment they served it to me and I enjoyed every bite of it. I got two different ice cream scoops and both of them were not the regular flavours like how they serve in most of the regular ice cream parlors. The ice cream was light and tasty in itself and the added bananas and brownie just made it even better. The chocolate cherry they put on the top was really tasty and mind me, I usually don't like the cherry they put on ice creams and cakes. So this one actually tasted good. The cream was so light and smooth too. Even the chocolate waffle they put for decoration was tasty and same goes for the waffle container on which the sundae was based. All in all, I loved my sundae and though the sundaes come out to be a bit on the expensive side, I will still suggest that you try it as it will be worth the money you pay. :)


Creamy Goodness

Swensens finally brings to India a more complete ice cream experience the American way. The large helpings and great Sundaes options finally give us an alternative to corner house that was the only choice in Bangalore for all these years. They make great creamy ice cream have a whole lot of Sundaes to choose from and service and ambiance is great.

The best part of the swensens experience is to gather some old friends order one of their massive sundays meant for a group and all dig in over some reminiscing and conversation cant think of a better way to spend a hot summer afternoon or pretty much any time you want to catch up with some one.

The only reason i knock off one star from the rating is because a lack of enough fruity options in the sundae menu as usual they are heavily chocolate focused but then again i cant blame them for serving up what the customers want. All i request is that they add s few more fruity/caramel based sundaes to please us alternate types.

Pros: - great tasting icecream of high quality
Good ambience and service

Cons: - Just that they need more locations so i don't have to travel so much to get a swensens ice cream



Average, not great...

This is certainly an ideal place to hang-out or meet-up with people in peace, and its enticing menu makes sundaes look exciting as they should - but its somewhat downhill from there on. The portions are small and the pricing is disproportionate; the ice cream itself is no better than regular store-bought kind. That is disappointing for an ice cream themed store, especially when there is definitely better stuff out there - places like Cream & Fudge offer much better quality ice cream. Sundaes come with whipped cream on top (which not everyone likes) which needs to be chilled to taste good - it wasn't chilled in mine and the nuts on top were stale/rancid, while the brownies on top were dry as well.
Overall it was a fairly forgettable experience - their stuff is strictly decent and there are definitely better sundaes out there...


Prettyprav - Burrp User


7 Reviews

November 10,2012


Love this place :)

Its become a weekend habit for us to drop into this place whenever we have guests at home.. :D their choice of icecreams are brilliant.. i loved the ebony and ivory icecream.. its a must try.. also the rocky road icecream is so yummy... my parents and in laws also loved the place..but they can improve their variety for the chocolate earthquake.. becomes too monotonous after eating for sometime..:)


Fan of low sugared icecreams? Try Swensen's!

As soon as you step into Swensen's you'll be able to guess the quality/quantity of the icecreams! Its HUMONGOUS! They excel in customer service, its jus too good. Unlike many other parlours, in Swensen's you have very comfortable seatin like a proper restaurant! you can relax and chillax! I tried the chocolate mountain icecream and it really was a mountain ;) the place is really colorful and has the perfect ambience for an icecream parlour!
Note: The icecreams lack much sweetness in it, much lower than Baskin Robbins.


Sagarika  - Burrp User


11 Reviews

February 29,2012


Awsome......A good value for money!!!!!

All the ice-creams mentioned in the menu card are SUPER FANTABULOUS :) :) :) You would like to have them allllllll
Had ordered for Gold Rush & Frosted Choc Malt Fantasy was awsome esp. Frosted Choc Malt Fantasy ........ (as i love chocloates)
For all the ice-cream lovers .....One MUST visit this place....


The most awesome place for ice creams!

Everything on their menu is like food porn..Yummylicious!! Must visit!


Dushie - Burrp User


4 Reviews

January 15,2012


A must visit IceCream Parlour the best in Bangalor

Went to Swensen's Koramangala last night, it was my 5th visit. The place rocks the ice creams are awesome and the service is good. I like the walk away sundae and its my favorite.Swensen's is a must visit at least once. If you have not eaten ice cream at Swensen's you are really missing out on something. Its open from 11:30 AM to 12:00 PM. Overall a great experience.