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> > > > Swensen's


MalleshwaramSouth Bangalore  

  • 22667144
  • UG No.15, Mantri Square Mall, 1st Cross, Sampige Road, Malleshwaram, Bangalore
  • Ice-cream

5 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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Swensen's Reviews


Where's my cake?

"Endless Appetite" by Ananta Sen and Poonam Vaidya
Aiming to devour Bangalore in five days

Appetite, who had already been here around four times, recommended this place to Endless. Endless agreed, and after a very filling platter at Manchester United Restaurant and Bar, they arrived, wet from the rain, to the ice cream parlour opposite rendevouz in Koramangla.

Endless asked for a Oreo Brownie ice cream, and Appitite, who had a bad cold and a terrible (and slightly embarrassing) cough, ordered a Trio Strawberry Cake. However, as the strawberry cheesecake was over, the parlour took it upon themselves to change the strawberry cake into a strawberry icecream, much to Appitite’s annoyance.

Nonetheless, she was rather pleased when they were ready to ‘replace’ it. as nothing really to Appitite’s liking that was not made of, or came in accompaniement with icecream, was available, she made Endless’s order her replacement (Endless had ordered only after Appitite’s order had arrived)
Endless seemed to think the icecream was just ‘okay’(3 out of 5), though the presentation was fabulous (a good photo op)much to Appitite’s disappointment, who had made it her short-time life’s goal to compel every one of her friends to try out the place with her. Appitite recalled with satisfaction everything she had tried at Swenson’s …the Triple Celebrity Brownie Sundae, Chocolate Malt Sundae and the Croit Tower. She looked on the last one with mild disappointment, especially because it was dubbed as a ‘Swenson’s Favourite’, apart from the eight scoop favourite, ‘The Earthquake’.

‘Good ambience, amazing presentation and a good, standard icecream.’ Was Endless’s verdict, ‘on the other hand, the V.A.T for one rs. 140 icecream was rs. 20, the waiters here were ‘a ‘bit dumb’ and ‘I’d prefer Corner House anyday’ was the last decree by a very full Endless.


Get "High" on Swensens

Location : Just 100 mtrs from Oasis mall/ Domlur road, after the sony centre.
Ice Cream : The ice cream is JTG ( Just tooo Good). I went to this place at 4 pm, and mind you it was FULL. The variety of ice creams they have.
The menu is like Huge and each & every ice cream on the Menu looks very attractive, even if just contains the picture.
The preparation is one thing to observe. I ordered ebony and ivory which was recommended to me by a friend. It had 6, mind you, six extremely delicious layers, which had Cherry, Cream, 3 scoops + layer of chocolate + layer of caramel.
This is by far the best ice cream/ sundae that i have had.
I saw a person sitting on the next table, who had ordered an Earthquake, forgive me if i have named it wrong. This sundae has 4 huge scoops, like really huge, which cherry on top.
(I think Swensens has its own farm where they grow cherries. One can and willl fall in love with the cherries that they serve.)
The person literally folded his formal shirt's sleeves and crossing his legs sat on his seat was enjoying the ice cream.

The ivory and ebony that i ordered is tempting and the best i have had.
For students like me, we should totally go here once in a month. And for all those who earn, pls stop drinking on Saturday nights, if you want to get high, ethically, Swensens truly is the place to be at.


Awesomest ice cream experience

Quite frankly though the prices may seem on the steep side at first but once you see the servings and dig into the throughly fantabulous ice cream you will realize the the true value and how places like Baskin Robbins have been taking us for a ride all this while. A must visit if you're in the vicinity...


Can bring ice creams back in vogue

Of late ice cream parlours in the city is reeling un-der the onslaught of gelatos, frozen yogourt and what not.This place is certainly the fitting answer to the competitors.Superior ice-creams,served at the right temperature ,great taste and great presentation ,makes this place a knockout among all others.The deep frozen BR parlours have now pretty high standards to match if they want to justify their price.



Ice Cream Parlour Extraordinaire

Swensen's is a creme de la creme ice cream parlour that is not easily found in the US so to be surprised by one in Mantri Mall is a big deal...and reason enough for everybody to give it a try. It recaptures the good old days of a traditional ice cream parlour straight out of the 1950's poodle skirts and saddle shoes. The options are limitless and I didn't realize how huge the sundae I ordered was until they brought it out. I didn't have anybody to help me but had no problem enjoying every last tasty bite on my own.