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Taco Bell

MalleshwaramSouth Bangalore    & IN 3 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 08022667222, 08022667223
  • Upper Ground Floor,Mantri Square Mall,1st Cross, Sampige Road,Malleshwaram, Bangalore
  • American, Fastfood
  • Meal for 2 - 400

36 Reviews / 36 Ratings

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Taco Bell Reviews






Ring the bell!

Taco bell was one of those places I looked at and wondered - should I try this today? Or maybe later. Maybe later kept ruling the day till I went with friends who were huge Taco bell fans. We ordered Chalupas and burritos and got ourselves some of their unlimited coke. The food was absolutely yummy and definitely something I go back for .


Big Let Down

On the insistence of my son , had to visit this place as it has yet to come to Mumbai - was a big let down and the food lacked taste or character - never again !!!






Soft drinks

When I go to bangalore this place is always on my list of things to do . Myself being a pepsi addict this place provides you unlimited soft drinks and automatically becomes my favorite place . The food is very good and the service too is awesome . Parking available . Beware it is a bit crowded at times


Thank you, Taco Bell! I love Ya :')

There are very few resto's that tickle your olfactory senses and make your eyes lighten up and drive you to the origin of the smell and grab that dish that was emanating that aroma. Taco Bell is one!

Let me tell you up first that this is going be a highly praising review because, if I say now that Mexican cuisine is my favourite, 50% of the credits should go to Taco Bell. They sure do serve you mexico on a platter.

Those quesadillas, those burritos, those nachos, those tacos!! :')

Also try their chocodilla, it is not bad at all. Bottomless Pepsi. Enough said. The prices are extremely nominal and the ambiance is perfect as well. Just take care of the crowd at times.

Now, go there like Speedy Gonzalez will you?



Wasted expectation

Had eagerly been to Taco bell for its Mexican fast food offers but all hope crashed bitterly. Stuff is not good, served tastelessly cold and utterly flavourless. It's a complete no no for me.


Debaprita - Burrp User


8 Reviews

November 20,2012


Cold Toppings

Food was okay shokay... they can try with comparetively warm toppings instead of cold hard topping from fridge..


dumbs - Burrp User


8 Reviews

November 18,2012


horrible experience

I have been here tons of times. The food here has been consistently nice.

But last time I went my family went to the lower floor as they did not have any seats. But when I picked up the food the lower floor was closed. The manager said that the lower floor did not have service. When I insisted that my family was downstairs he opened it for me. What was surprising is he let me go and did not send anyone down for service. I had to come up for spoons/tissues/sauce. I had to come up and yell at the manager and then he sent someone down. That left a bad taste.



freefill is the usp

Hav been here many tyms
But on d day of its launch at mantri mall
I happened to treat a few friends in dr
The menu dint ve much of varities like today
But it was memorable
Freefill is the only good thing in der



oki doki

Came here Sunday and ordered Chalupa (chicken) which was chatpata. It had chicken mince, sour cream, crisp shredded lettuce, cheese blend and diced ripe tomatoes. The mince was hot at the bottom but the other veg toppings were very cold (as if they were straight out from the fridge).

It was a big taco for Rs.59, quite good........



No comments!

That's the only thing I can say about this place.


Cheap place for mexican food

This place, although easy on the wallet, does not serve authentic mexican food. The drinks are unlimited which is the only thing I like here. Cleanliness is on the lower side and I would not recommend this place to anyone looking for real mexican stuff. Just another hangout. A mexican McDonalds, if you will.


quayler - Burrp User


31 Reviews

February 07,2012


Cross the border !

The author Marcel Proust famously talked about smells triggering off memories of things past and scientists now study the reasons for this. Visiting Taco Bell took me back 15 years to when I was a poor graduate student in the US and used to eat there as that was one of the better options in the university food court. The moment I entered I got a waft of the severely `refried beans' - which come in a box to which you just add water. The taco I had - or some variant of it - tasted exactly like the inedible gop I used to eat - liberally dabbled with Fiery Sauce to make it vaguely edible - but it made me realize that Time and Space is no match for American Innovation - 15 years and 10000 miles had not made any difference to the taste !


good and cheap food

this is a nice place if u like mexican food and dont want to spend much. it works out better than other fast food joints. the food is filling the tacos are nice, also i like the crunchwrap.
one can have a nice meal within 200 bucks


jlnblr - Burrp User


52 Reviews

February 20,2011


Great Indianised Tex-Mex Fare

I am probably one of the few folks who used to like Taco Bell in the US. So I was obviously excited about Taco Bell in India. I was quite impressed with the menu (especially the way they had indianised it). I ended up tasting a lot of their dishes over 3 visits and liked it - their volcano burritos, Nachos and Snackitos. The dessert Taco was not good though. Overall, I think Taco Bell will be a winner in India - very far authentic Tex-Mex, but should satsify Indian palates.




Why would one want to eat un-authentic tex mex? The bean burritos are good as a laxative - they will clean your pipes. Guaranteed.
taco Hell is a sure fire cure for a nasty hangover (it will make you feel, the hangover is better than THIS!)


bad staff

went there on sunday around 6.30 in evening for the first i entered i felt like surrounded by a huge cloud of bad smell throughout the time...i didn't know that drinks are unlimited..i read it while having i went to refill my glass...i was asked by that fellow on that machine,,sir aap bahar se ayee hai ?? i said,yaar mein pichly aadhe ghante sey tere samney baitha hoon !!! with 'looks' he filled my glass...funny part is that after 5 mins. he came around my table to check me sitting...



Can't believe that there is a Taco Bell in B'lore

Not only 1 Taco Bell but now 2 stores. It's a pretty addictive US fast food chain but certainly India could have brought a more delicious chain in before TB. The quality and offerings are pretty close to US standards (which isn't necessarily a good thing). But the tikkas and masalas choices and lack of beef options give it away!



Just like a U.S. Taco Bell ...

right down to the general shabbiness of the place. I visited it the week it was open and the lines stretched outside the door, so I bailed. Went back about a month ago to get something familiar for lunch for my visiting U.S. relatives and the crowds had thinned out. If you've been to a U.S. Taco Bell, you know that it's maintenance and look is a couple of notches below a McDonald's and that has been copied here too. And it's a little amusing to see an Indian imitation of a U.S. imitation of Mexican food. Still, there's no better place to get your nitrate fix along with the Tacos and Burritos (since that's what real programmers need to get their creative juices flowing which is why I suspect it is so popular in the U.S.). So I'm giving it a three star instead of a two that it deserves. What the hell, I'm going to raise that to a 4 just because we have a Taco Bell in Bangalore. Yaaay!


The Reason Obesity is a Problem

Is also delicious.

Taco Bell is one of the unhealthiest places you could eat. Everything is cooked in lard (animal fat) and butter. But try telling that to an American teenager drunk at 2AM seeing the lights of Taco Bell calling his name.

When I moved out to Bangalore, I was delighted to see those same lights outside of the Mantri Mall. I drove all the way from Koramangala the following Sunday to reunite here with another group of Americans who were at one point, that drunk teenager at 2AM.

This is also probably one of the closest things to "actual" Mexican food in India, even though it's got a fast food vibe. Go, enjoy, and curse thy Taco Bell name when you're in the bathroom at 3AM. In the end, you'll come back. They all do.



Nothing great

Had taco and Burrito(Both veg)
Taco = Folded masala papad with potato.
Burrito =Maida Chapathi roll with potato filling.
Sauce was also not that great.
Taco doesnt fill ur stomach.
Good ambiance
Good service.
I would prefer having Mc Aloo tikki than Taco.



What a Crowd!

I've been here 3 times. First with a friend around 4 p.m. Place was literally empty, so we got the order very very fast and enjoyed our late lunch in peace. The second was with my wife around 8:30 p.m. We waited in line for 35 minutes and waited a further 10 minutes for the food. The third was with my wife again, this time a wait of 20 minutes with 5 minutes extra for the food.

1) Food is quite similar to the US version Both my wife and I have been there separately (She in Milwaukee, me in Alabama) and we love their 7 layer Burrito.The first time we went together they had run out of beans... not a good thing.
2) Never ending drinks. You get unlimited refills.
3) Inexpensive

1) The drink refills are free, hence the big rush for the drinks. Sometimes they seem watered down and/or with much fizz.
2) The crowd is truly huge and can be very annoying and rude.
3) The wait is just tooo long for someone who's there for an ontime meal.

I saw this on several occasions. Free refills doesn't mean one drink per family. I've seen families of 4 or 5 sharing one drink cup. They take turns, go to the drink counter and get their choice. Then another family member does the same with the same cup. No wonder the drinks are watered down. Think about it, 8 to 10 drinks (2 for each member of the family) for the price of 1 instead of 2 drinks for the price of one. How long would you be able to take it without watering down the drinks if you ran this place.


Good To see Taco in India

Nice place enjoyed almost all teh time when I'm in US, Here in india same taste it didnt differ, adn price resonable from all other places like KFC, McD etc...! :)



Horrible Food

I am writing this review comparing food and choices available at Taco Bell in US with the one in Malleshwaram. It is no contest. The food at Taco Bell in Bangalore sucks big time. The Tortilla Chips were also a big disappointment.

Burritos like Bean Burrito, Seven Layer Burrito would have been ideal here as they taste good and are quite filling. I have a Grand Stuft burrito and while it was ok, I didn't feel like I wanted to come back and eat more. They hardly put any beans in the burritos as well.

I would not recommend it. It's possible that folks who have not tasted Taco Bell food in US may like it but I sure as hell didn't.



Worth the hype

Hearing about Taco bell from so many people who have already tasted it in US, I also gave a try in mantri square malleshwaram. These new Mexican food are definitly worth the hype. For those who are eating it for the first time find it definitly different from any of our usual snacks and comparably healthy too.
Ofcourse the place is crowded due to novelty factor.


Poor Experience

Being a big fan of junk food... ( love my fried chicken and burgers!), I decided to give taco bell a try. My only experience of eating Mexican food before this was at fine dining Mexican places abroad. Mexican food is known to be spicy ( at least what I have eaten!) and I have eaten quite a bit of it in the US.

I should have tried Taco Bell in the US since it could have been a good benchmark to compare. Anyway, I did pay a visit to the newly opened Taco Bell joint in Mantri Mall.

The experience was horrible and disappointing.

Taco Bell is in Mantri Square in Malleshwaram. A very congested area of Bangalore and getting there is a bit of a nightmare. The Mall is nice though.

Taco Bell brought down the American concept of unlimited drinks for anyone and everyone who pays the standard 35 Rs. Without exaggeration, I thought there were at atleast 20% people who were just sitting and drinking Pepsi! The crowd was terrible, too many people, drinks and liquid on the ground. The whole world want to come and make a mess of things because the damn thing is unlimited and free!

Since so many people were constantly refilling from the vending machine, most of the drinks were flat. Imagine about 200 people all pushing and shoving at the vending machine trying to fill up their favorite drinks. Flat Pepsi without gas was horrible! And still no one seems to be giving up. After all its free!

Then you place the order. I ordered for Burritos and nachos with fries. It took about 15 min to come through since they have a token system. My token number was 2012 or something so 2011 people before me all day?! I was there at 5pm.

Fries were half cooked. Nachos were half cooked. The Burrito was bland and I wasn't sure if Taco Bell is horrible or is the Burrito supposed to be tasting bland and boring. I actually got bored eating it half way and the half fried fries dint help either. And yes, the flat Pepsi to wash it down. Horrible!

My partner and I went next door to KFC to remove the horrible taste from our mouth! Nothing like a good ol KFC chicken piece!

KFC and Taco Bell both have the same parent. Yum Foods. So I think that they do maintain high standards but they just couldn't cope with the high crowd turn out. If 2000 people land at KFC one afternoon, I am sure the quality could suffer.

I will go back to Mantri Mall for sure but I will play it safe and be happy with a single fill of Pepsi and and nice crunchy chicken at KFC! :)

My suggestion. Wait for a few months. Let the initial euphoria die down and then you could pay a visit. I will probably give Taco a second chance a few months later.


Can give it a try...

After seeing all those giant hoardings of tacos with cheese oozing out plastered all across the city, I simply had to try out Taco Bell.
Firstly, make sure you learn all your directions to get to Mantri Mall, because you're bound to get lost and a lot of people gave us confusing ways to get there. Secondly, be prepared to deal with the traffic, because it is extremely heavy. Thirdly, if you have a bike, I'd suggest you take that as the car would be a bad option in the crawling traffic.

Now, Taco Bell - it looks good, but is extremely overcrowded. And we're talking about a weekday afternoon filled with 70 hungry customers in the queue and about 80 already sitting and eating. Make sure you know what you want to order by the time you reach the counter as you would delay the queue further. There are only 3 counters, which is extremely less. Also, they had run out of chicken yesterday for our tacos, which was a complete disappointment. Didn't seem like it had air conditioning either, so it is extremely hot inside.

The Crunchy Taco and Volcano Taco taste pretty much the same, where the latter claims to have a hot lava sauce, which I barely felt. The Topped Nachos were delicious and loaded with cheese, jalapenos and tomatoes. The Snackito is very tiny and the filling begins only halfway, so don't believe the picture.

The Crunchwrap was really good, but it seemed more like stuffed Parathas to me. The Burritos had stuffed rice in them, which wasn't particularly my favourite. I also had a Strawberry Fruitista, which was just right for the weather. They also have a Pepsi Freefill here, where you can have unlimited refills of the drink here, priced at Rs. 35

Don't expect ketchup and mustard sachets here, they give you a 'Mild', 'Hot' and 'Fire' sauce, none of which I found even remotely spicy (they should try our South Indian food out). I'd also suggest you have a friend save a seat for you while you wait in line, as booths are impossible to get, and takeaway is not the best option with Mexican food as all the tacos and Nachos would get soggy.

This place is definitely worth a visit, but nothing special really stands out about the food here. Try it for the novelty.

Mantri Mall: They charge you Rs.20 for 2-wheeler parking, and there's no security here. When we were about to leave, we saw 3 more rows of biked parked behind ours, and were furious as it was completely disorganized. When we spoke to the employees outside, they said that it's not their responsibility, and if we wanted to complain, we had to do so to the Manager, who was impossible to find.
Very rude staff present here, and the mall overall is dirty and very smelly. Not the best crowd either. The next time I visit, I'll definitely hunt the Manager down and give him a piece of my mind.



Definitely worth a visit!

Taco Bell, the Mexican food chain has opened its first outlet in Bengalooru (at Malleshwaram), India. Being an total foodie, I decided to pay a visit and cannot resist writing a review! Here it is...
What's Good
Unlimited Refill:
This is new to us and I have never seen an unlimited refill anywhere in India (or I do not know, please enlighten me if you do!). This is obviously an attraction, given that we love to eat hot crunchy food along with a sip of the cool drink. The refill comes with all the combos and box meals.

Service time:
I would say this is unbelievably quick, given the crowd and the amount of orders. The token system is good too and the display boards for the token numbers (for which food is ready to be served) are placed on both the floors. I grabbed my drink and sat in the ground floor until my number was displayed on the board. Awesome!

Food quality and hygiene:
We would never expect international food chain outlets to serve unhygienic food, would we? Well nothing needs to be said on hygiene. Food is served in neat boxes (like Domino's) and clean trays. The quality of food is really good and satisfies the appetite. They have tried to adapt to Indian tastes but without much success. One primary reason is the stuffing of Paneer into every dish they dole out? Need to wait and watch if it works for Taco Bell like it did for all pizza outlets!
The red and blue decor is a pleasing sight without too much colour striking the eye. The seats are cool (Mc D type) and can be a good hangout place until you get bored of the crowd looking at you for a place.

Though my primary reason was to eat at Taco Bell, I really had a nice time at the mall (Mantri Square) where the outlet is located. Walk around the mall, eat the tacos and again roam around until you are bored. Then get into one of the many brand stores and see if you can strike a deal. A wonderful time pass with a promising food at Taco Bell to ward off hunger!

Value for Money:
Undoubtedly the prices are very reasonable, Taco Bell is sure to attract a huge following in India if they maintain the same prices for sometime. Probably even force pizza outlets to reduce prices :-). Following meal for four cost only 600 odd rupees and was filling enough:
Quantity & Menu
1 Quesadilla - fajita veggies
2 Topped Nachos
1 Grilled Stuft Burrito - Fajita & Paneer
2 Crunchwrap Potato Combo
1 Grilled Stuft Burrito Veg Combo
2 Volcano Cake

What's not good
Printed Menu shortage:
Though there are big LCD screens displaying the menu attractively, it would really be handy to provide printed menus for those waiting in the line. Because of the publicity, the crowd is large and the waiting line goes a little outside the shop's door, it would be better to provide printed menus to make sure people do not gaze at the LCD screens when they are at the counter and make the waiting time even longer! It was humorous (until I got real hungry) to see people grabbing any paper that you kept in your hands, thinking that’s the menu!!

No of counters to take orders:
Only two counters were active at the time I had been there. When asked, the lady at the counter replied "we have only one kitchen". I took a look adjacent to the counter where I could see Taco Bell staff working on automated cooking devices and it looked small for the 50 odd people who were waiting at the line. I still do not understand whether she meant 'this is all we can handle' or 'we would expand the kitchen soon'. But the message was that if they opened more counters (there were two dysfunctional counters too!), they would not be able to deliver food as quickly as they did now!

Only one refill counter:
The soft-drinks refill counter is available only on one floor. This makes it difficult for those who find a place to sit on the ground floor. Every time you need a refill (atleast one refill is required) you need walk up to the upper floor. I did not like holding the appetite to refuel the glass! There could be one more counter in the ground floor too. This would: 1) Reduce the crowd on the first floor, 2) Help enjoy the food without the pain of walking up and down in-between the indulgement!

Unavailability of complete box meal:

When I ordered box meals, I was promptly informed that "Twistease", which are part of package, are "out of stock and have not yet arrived". I questioned whether the box meal price would be reduced and was again informed, much to my irritation, that I need to pay in full for the box meal (minus twistease) and without a replacement for twistease. Who would want such an amazing deal? Hence I settled for the combos that come with bell fries (finger fries), crunchwrap/burrito, soft drink (refill). Order extra for dessert, which otherwise would come in the box meal!

Overall rating:
Food: 4.5
Service: 4 (No of counters to order food pulled it down!)
Place: 4
Price: 5 (You won't believe until you visit!)



Good food but terribly overcrowded

Taco Bell - The tex mex specialists of the US, finally set shop in India and no better place to inaugurate the chain's first Indian outlet than good old Bangalore.. So, after dealing with the crazy weekend traffic jams in and around Malleshwaram, we finally made it to Mantri Square.. Taco Bell was terribly overcrowded with close to about a hundred and fifty people in there.. It was pretty suffocating, and only three counters were functional where orders had to be placed and paid for..After negotiating the serpentine queue,I finally managed to get to a counter and ordered a Bean burrito and topped vegetarian nachos along with a fajita veggie quesadilla.. All of them were pretty good, and very well priced.. I think Taco Bell's definitely got the pricing right; perhaps if crowd management would have been better, I'm sure dining there would have been a pleasure too.. Also, their "free refill" gimmick seems to be going down very well with people who just rush to the soft drink dispenser to grab their unlimited rounds of soft drink refills!! Free refills in a place that is overcrowded doesn't necessarily seem to be a good idea.. Unfortunately the dispenser is located near another queue where you need to wait again to collect your order.. Other than that, I think it's worth a visit, especially if you love mexican food.


Too Crowed and long wait

I would recommend, lets wait till Taco opens more joints as promised in koramangala and MG road. This one is way too crowded and tiering to get there in bangalore's worst traffic


Worth a try, but wait for the crowd to settle

Tried this place over the weekend. Getting to this place is a huge adventure by itself, horrible traffic jams, and the place is surrounded by one ways. We were greeted by a huuuuge queue, the likes of which i've never seen at a fast food joint in Bangalore. And it wasn't even lunch/dinner time! Thankfully they managed the queues decently, and there weren't any bad experiences apart from the obviously long wait.

The menu is quite simple, and just like any McD/KFC. We tried the crunchwrap, the GSB(grilled stuft burrito) and the tacos. The crunchwrap is easily the best item off the menu, decently filling and scores high on taste. The GSB was really disappointing, and I wouldn't recommend it at all. The taco was nice and fresh, and crispy, definitely the pick of the snacks. The frutista freeze was quite nice as well, with a nice tangy flavor. As for the combos, the soft drinks are bottomless, which is a unique offering as far as fast food chains in Bangalore are concerned.

The ambiance is of a typical fast food joint, thankfully they have 2 floors which barely accommodates the crowd. The pricing is quite standard as well, you would get combos for Rs.100-150. The food is definitely different, and it is surely worth a try, but you *must wait*. Going there right now would be madness, it's worse than trying to get a table at MTR :|



this is the first taco bell in the world we had to queue up for.... the food doesn't taste anywhere as good as any other taco bell in the world... it took us about half hour in the queue and the experience was just horrible... place was dirty with muck on the floor and the music was too loud but then again it was not as loud as the people in there.... basically the whole experience here in india was just BAD!!!!!! i'd suggest even if u have a craving for taco bell wait atleast for a couple of months cus there will not be anyone in there after that.... the only thing worth mentioning was the service but hey we go to taco bell for the food.....


Decent Snack Joint

Propelled by the general excitement surrounding Taco Bell and the fact that it is very close to home, Pri and I paid a visit last night. The first thing that strikes you is how crowded this place is (keep in mind we went on a Wednesday night). i'm told that the line during weekends is insane. That said, the queue moves fairly fast, therefore, despite the daunting lines you can get in and out fairly fast.

The menu consists of Tacos, Specialities, Combos and Desserts. The cheapest taco here is Rs. 18 for veggies and Rs. 20 for the non veggies. The most expensive dish here won't cost you more than Rs. 80. The cool thing about the soft drinks here is that it is a Freefill. So you can keep topping up your drink. While this didn't excite me much, those of you who love soft drinks can get your money's worth. The soft drinks could be colder.

I ordered the Volcano Taco Combo (Volcano Taco + Snackito + Drink) and Pri ordered the Crunchy Taco Combo (Crunchy Taco + Snackito + Drink). The Volcano Taco (Rs. 25) was a crunchy red taco filled with potatoes, mayo, vegetables and topped with cheese. They also give this incredibly hot sauce with which you could have it. The Taco was tasty, messy and I quite liked it. Pri's Crunchy Taco was more or less the same except that it was slightly smaller and that the taco shell was less spicy.

The truly disappointing bit about the meal was the snackito (Rs.20). It consisted of a cold, maida roti which was filled with vegetables. The stuffing wasn't great in taste or quantity. Overall, the snackito was quite bleh. Avoid it.

We also ordered the volcano cake (Rs. 40). Unlike the misleading picture on the menu, the real deal is rather small. It's similar to the Java Lava at Domino's. Spongy chocolate cake on the outside, gooey hot chocolate oozing on the inside. (Personally, I prefer the Java Lava.). Taco Bell also has Burritos and Quesalidas which look promising. Will keep you updated on those.

Taco Bell is the McDonalds for Mexican food. It's not the best Mexican food you'll ever get but it's very Value For Money. Once the novelty of it wears off, I think we will discover that it's just another McD type snack place. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad at all but it's not great either (Something that afflicts most international chains.) It's definitely worth visiting at least once. And the mall is pretty cool too.

If you're looking for more restaurant and travel reviews, do visit:



Taco Bell does not live up to expectations

Firstly, the Mall's location. What were they thinking????? Horrible traffic, narrow by-lanes. Bad entry and exit systems make it a nightmare to get to unless you choose non-peak hours...even that...maybe...

Second, Taco bell just didnt live up to it. Stuff was decent, but bland for the most part. Naturally I am not advocating that they Indianize it (god forbid), but, well, I just didnt get it...

Pricing was quite economical (taking the brand into consideration). But, then again, in certain cases, so was the quantity. :( We ordered Chicken Nachos, chk Taco, Crunchywrap, Burrito, quesadilla, 1 refill soft drink, volcano cake (really small and dry) which came up to Rs 366, all inclusive. Not at all a bad deal in my opinion.

Overall, the quantity was fine, Refills for the soft drinks are nice (of course...), but placed inconveniently on the first floor, right next to the huge queues. which brings me to the last thing

The queues are just ridiculous!!!... and follow the same trend all previous foreign chains have had to face after opening.

So, as mentioned earlier by another burrper, will wait for the next Taco Bell (pref stand-alone) to come up near the centre of the city.



Awesome Food

Had the Volcano Taco and the Grilled Stuffed Burrito, were really good. I loved the free refills concept.



Sure rings a bell!

Taco Bell is the latest sensation in Bangalore. We made an unplanned trip to malleshwaram to check out the latest mall (mantri square). Must say it is a huge mall and would be a great shopping place once fully operational. The Taco Bell on upper ground floor was a treat as well. We ordered a Potato volcano taco and paneer filled grilled burrito. Both were yum and felt healthy eating types to say the least. The staff is very good and full of energy. Somebody called "Roy" was the cheerleader for the new joint and kept the staff excited and customer happy. Overall a cool place, easy on pocket and a nice change from fast food burgers...true to the tag-line that says- "Think outside the bun!". Welcome to Bangalore, Taco Bell :-)



Good stuff but mis managed

The burritos and tacos were nice but the enchiladas were not 'cheesy' enough.
We went in late(10:30) so found the place was almost about to close with people taking out the trash. The service was very slow and it took them at leat 15 mins to fulfill our order
The pepsi freefill is nice like most places abroad but kids have dirtied the place. the ice dispenser kept running out of ice even when the place was not very busy.
I will wait till they open an outlet in the centre of the city or south bangalore before trying to go back to such a difficult to reach place.