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> > > > Tewari Bros

Tewari Bros

Dickenson RoadCentral Bangalore  

  • 25549012, 41133015
  • 27, Near Malabar Jewellers, Dickenson Road, Bangalore
  • Multi-cuisine

3 Reviews / 3 Ratings

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Tewari Bros Reviews





This Place Needs Publicity!

I made this account just to post this review.

Palak chaat, pea kachori + aaloo sabji, hot fresh rabdi (at 3 pm), authentic pedas.

ALL of this at dirt cheap rates.

There isn't a single place in Bangalore that is half as good as Tewari.
(Shree mithai in HSR comes close, but that can't really be counted to be IN Bangalore)

They have quick service and at the rates they offer you can't really expect 5 star ambiance, so get off your high horses before going in. Also, the ceiling is low so the horse thing wouldn't work anyway.

Food - 5 stars, Service - 4 , price - 5, ambiance - I DON'T CARE COS THE FOOD IS SO GOOD.

And yes, its open now.


Good stuff!

After years of living in Fraser Town and avoiding it for the fear of traffic and lack of parking around, I decided to go there early in the day on a weekend last month.

And I got upset.

I should have come here way back. Very good samosas (with potato stuffing that does not taste like it belongs to a masala dosa), average/decent mithai, and satisfying kachori-gatte ki sabzi and palak pakoda chaat. Finally, another place with food that actually tastes north Indian.

It has, may be, 4 tables, so be prepared to get things packed. And do not go expecting ambience and service for the prices; it is not meant to be a hangout place.


sashni - Burrp User


70 Reviews

November 29,2009


Horrible - avoid this place

I had heard quite a bit abt this this weekend we went to Tewari bros to have some chaat ...
Must say i was terribly disappointed. First of all, the owners/staff or whoever are hardly bothered abt the customers.
Tried the Masala puri and Vada Pav. The masala puri was stone cold and tasted not-at-all-good. I have had much better chaats even at the most south-indian-seeming-place !!
All in all this place is defn a CAN-MISS