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TGI Friday's

Airport RoadEast Bangalore  

  • 25210570, 25210571
  • 1 Carlton Towers, Airport Road, Opposite Diamond District, Airport Road, Bangalore
  • Multi-cuisine

19 Reviews / 19 Ratings

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TGI Friday's Reviews

aquariius - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 30,2009



passed by TGIF the other night, there were 3 of us. Food was ok, nothing great, I have had better burgers and a pasta than this place. we had drinks before and with our food. the bill was nearly 3K!

Like some other reviewers have said, its a good place to go only for drinks or in a group at happy hours.



An average place

TGIF is a good place to be if you are going in a group to have a conversation on drinks. Happy hours is an added attraction.

Otherwise I have always found this place to be average. Service and ambiance is okay.


foodie_87 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 07,2009


Long islands to die for!

The Long Islands here are the best you can get in Bangalore. Do the happy hours and its sure value for money. You definitely will step out of there feeling realllllyyy happy. the starters too have really progressed over the years. Love the dynabites and the wings with the blue cheese!


shefalish - Burrp User


13 Reviews

November 24,2009


Shanti Sagar of the US

Don't get me wrong - I like Shanti Sagar. I like it for its quick and cheap food and fast service. I don't go there expecting ambience or valet parking or even good seating.

I do expect these things when I dine at TGI Fridays, however. TGI Fridays, though considered equal to our Shanti Sagars in the US, have come to be associated with lounge dining here in India. (More upmarket than a McD's but lower than a regular restaurant, sorta.) TGI Fridays prices are almost dollar rates converted into INR, but they used to boast of an international menu, comparable to the US menu.

Here, in India (at Bangalore's Carlton Towers location specifically), I am charged to park my car and I pay a premium for food that no longer looks or tastes remotely international (or even friggin American) - they have changed their menu and taken off some of the better items. I think I'm being ripped off if I dine at TGI Fridays and get a Shanti Sagar-ish service and food to match.

Case in point: A bunch of us girlfriends went to lunch at TGI Fridays last Friday. It took ages for the menu to arrive. When it did, we saw that many popular items had been taken off (Fish and Chips, for example). Fine print under several items on the menu told us that though every attempt will be made to serve the food as described in the menu, the food (and its presentation) is subject to availability of ingredients. So we decided to speak to the server about what's available in the kitchen and order accordingly. (Why TGI Fridays doesn't just take those items off as well is anyone's guess.)

After a few more agonising minutes, the server finally comes to our table. I ask if they can still do Fish and Chips. He says, yes, but the fish will be tortilla-crusted. I agree. A friend asks for a BBQ chicken salad with Monterey Jack cheese, and with this, we are ready to eat.

Our food arrives. I struggle to keep the tortilla crust on my fish (the crust started falling off as soon as I cut the fish) as my salad-ordering friend searches for any traces of Monterey Jack cheese (or just any cheese) in her salad. As we are cribbing about this, my lemon ice tea arrives with more ice in the glass than anything else.

Like I said earlier, I don't mind all this happening at Shanti Sagar. But I do have a problem paying good money for fish and chips and the dish falling apart in my plate. And I do have a problem if I find two distant strands of cheese in a salad that specifically states it comes with cheese.

I'm sure TGI Fridays has sound business reasons for why it is turning into an Indian Shanti Sagar. However, they need to take a look at their pricing model and alter it accordingly as well. Or else, they will lose more customers than just the three ladies that dined with them last Friday. Sigh!

P.S.: Thank God they still have their dessert menu intact. The Mocha Mud Pie did soothe my frayed nerves for a while!


ashanker - Burrp User


13 Reviews

November 19,2009


Good but pricey

TGIF's is a nice place, good music, good ambience and only worth at Happy Hours else the drinks are atrociously priced. It has good Tex Mex food for Bangalore standards. My wife & I had gone last weekend - meal for 2 ~ 1800/- due to happy hours thankfully but somehow they seem to have switched off the AC or something !


my good old hangout spot!

I was a regular here till sometime back... Was there recently, to get served a cocktail with some dead insect in it! A little, very little (once) flying thing, but an insect nevertheless. They did promptly replace the drink, and we were in one big crowd to care...
You should try the ultimates, the very size of the glass can paint a smile on my face :) The food is above average, wish they had more options though, for simple finger food.
It's a bit on the pricier side, but defly worth it... and oh the music gets LOUD, so if that's not your thing, be warned!


Awful Service ...Below Average Drinks

This used to be one of my favourite drinking joints, So when me and my wife wanted to unwind on a Friday this was the obvious choice since its very close to our place.

The first shock - Rs 30/- parking charge for a upmarket restaurant.
2nd Shock: Had to wait for 30 minutes to get a table
3rd Shock: Asked for Margharita on the it frozen...moreover its too sweet
4th Shock: 12.5% service tax


must go..

nice place to hang out with friends good American food light on stomach but heavy on pocket... try the happy hours its really good n if u become a member there u really get a gr8 discounts... do try this place...



yummy cheese smthings :))

though a bit expensive, i luv this place for the amazing drinks n yummy dynabites (molten cheese in a crispy shell)....they'll just melt in ur mouth :)) ambience is jus fine...


Good american food.

This place is friggin' expensive for students but has a great ambience. We ordered fried mozerella, nachos and a dessert called turtle something something. Turned out to be cake fudge with a catchy name, that's all :) very nice place to hang out when it's the first day of the month and you're reasonably high on budget.
However, there is no separate smoking area.
Price: 1100 for two.



Happy hours and ultimates!!!

I'm really 'happy' after happy hours...but for some reason I always think the bill has more drinks that were actually ordered..:)

Anyways a must have is the long island ice tea ultimate!!!
It rocks...


A few good drinks...

Since TGIF had opened a few new places, there was a one on one offer on the food and drinks for the last 5 days. Thought of taking advantage of this to have some good food!!! Recessionary times and one has to save all the pennies while one can!!!!

The place was full.. lots of people thought like we did!

Still got a table near the bar area. Ordered the ever favourite LIIT. I always felt that LIIT in TGIF was as lethal and as potent as its name sake, but sadly this time the drink was bad. It was totally diluted. Looks like the changing fortunes of its namesake elsewhere had some effect on this....The sad part is this. They have jacked up the price of this cocktail by a huge huge margin.

The next drink was Strawberry Decathlon... a lovely mixture of fresh strawberry, cream,vanilla ice cream and Vodka...sweet and punchy, it was.

And ofcourse, the local poison KF was also 260 bucks, the BOB quotient was pretty high, but remember, there was this one on one that helped to ease things a bit.

Never a big fan of food in TGIF. Over rated & over priced. Still we ordered something called Cottage Cheese Tchoupatoulis ( dont know how to pronounce the last name, copied it from the bill!!!) and some chicken tacos. Average, very very average.

The overall bill came to 1520/- for three drinks and two orders of food.

Again the shocker is the service charges. Its a bloody 12%...
So with Vat and Service charges another 239 got added to the bill.

Like there is something to cheer about even in the worst times, since our bill came above 1500, we were told that if we log in on their website and register within 48 hours of dining, we would be given a free gift coupon of Rs.501/-!!! I logged in, i registered and I got the coupon!!!

Thank god for small pleasures of life....


Heikkilaine - Burrp User


3 Reviews

December 09,2008


Not impressed

I popped in for an after work dinner, only to find that "multi-cuisine" was just a chicken, hamburger and pizza restaurant. The staff was friendly and the place very neat, but food quality did not meet my expectations. I was expecting a bold mix of western and Indian tastes, but instead I got a really bland set of fries and chicken fingers. Coleslaw and honey-mustard dip sauce were a little better, but not enough to justify the price of almost 500 rupees without serving charges.

The good thing was that I got two beers for the price of one since I happened to be there during happy hours. There were also a lot of different nationalities present, which was nice for a change.

I might go again for a drink, but for dinner I will go somewhere else.


Thank goodness it was Monday...

...because even for a Monday, this place had a pretty decent sized crowd when we enterred at 7:30, and soon started filling up. As soon as you walk in, it's almost a deja vu feeling if you've been to Indi Joe, with an retro American look and feel inside, and the music (which at times gets loud) and the look of the bar gives you the impression that they're also trying to make it look and feel like a pub where the patrons would have to speak in higher decibels to be heard over the music being played.

We started off with Long Island Ice teas, White Russians, Manhattans, and Blue Martinis. A word about the ultimate long island ice tea - it's the most potent one I've had in Bangalore thus far (no wonder they prefix it with 'ultimate'), and this one is massive, served in a glass that's like a cauldron! And another plus is the waiters know what is what (at least the guy who served us did). For starters, we had chicken wings and the classic Mac & cheese, both of which were excellent.

For the main course, we had the bacon cheeseburger, the Jack Daniel's burger, Jack Daniel's chicken, a sirloin steak and broken noodles pasta, all of which were good. However, a slight disappointment with the burgers: both burgers were the same! The only difference was in the size of the patty, nothing else. And to add salt to your wound (quite literally), the bacon was toooo salty :( Apart from that, there were no other complaints, and I'll that one slide since everything else was good.

The service was quick and we didn't have to wait too long for food or drinks. This place charges 12% service charge on the bill, which I think is ok because it still maintains the quality that it promises and the quality you'd expect from TGIF. It's a lil heavy on the pocket, but if you're the kind who enjoys American comfort food and good booze, heading to this place once in a while is well worth the money.

For pics, visit


Thank god for TGI

My first encounter with TGI was in malta where this colorful place looked quite tempting. Curiosity got the better of me as I ventured in to that place for the time and there it all began, my courtship with TGI.

TGI Bangalore is one place I hang out very often at. The ambience is perfect, especially if you are a working professional a nice place to chill out.

The music isn't that great, but the food is pretty decent, try out Fried Mozeralla cheese and the courteous waiters.

And hey the happy hours rock. From 4 through 8PM.


Shruti  - Burrp User


5 Reviews

September 16,2007


TGIF, anyday!

Living in domlur or indira nagar which is about a 10 min walk from TGIF is a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing is TGIF is very close to your house, the bad thing is that TGIF is VERY close to your house.

You will end up shelling out atleast 350 bucks for a reasonable dish and another 300 bucks for a cocktail. So be prepared to spend atleast 650 bucks with drinks or 350 bucks for food. If you get over this initial mental block.. you are bound to love TGIF cuz they serve yummy food, lipsmacking cocktails and provide you a good - unrushed ambience. Their quantities are very generous.. I believe 3 people can share two dishes and be full.

From 4pm to 8.30pm, their happy hours are on so you can get a free drink with any drink you order, so thats two fo rthe price of one; good economy.


Bachgaye Shukravaar hai

Ive tried TGIF in pretty much most parts of the US. Usually it used to be a case of, when in doubt, just go to TGIF. But this was my first time in a desi TGIF, and I wasnt disappointed. The menu looks familiar, but does contain a comforting abundance of herbivorous fare for the meat-challenged. The food is great and the ambience, well, it is TGIF, isnt it :)


Rajesh  - Burrp User


3 Reviews

March 12,2007


Lunch at TGIF - worth a shot!

My other (who said it was the better one ) half works at Diamond District, bang opposite TGIF and being the foodies that we are, this has been a good enough reason for us to visit Friday’s for lunch.

I had been to Friday’s a few times prior to this, but mostly during early evenings, and usually during the Happy Hours. Visiting the restaurant during happy hours (from 4:30 to 8:30 pm everyday) is a great way to enjoy the place, without letting the expensive prices get to you. There is a “one-for-one” offer on for most drinks and selected short-eats!

Lunch: The entire experience was pretty impressive. The place is not too crowded for lunch and it is not too difficult to get a place you like. The air conditioning is well done – nice and cool, without the irritating draught you get in many places. The service is brisk. There is a decent mix of American, Mexican and Italian food to pick from. The portions are generous and the quality of food is impeccable. It is a trifle expensive, but then we expected that when we walked in.

There’s also an offer by which you can get a pint of Fosters for Rs. 50 along with select main course orders – try this out!

Recommendation: Surely worth a try. I intend to visit this place once a month myself for lunch! The evening visit during happy hours is also worth a shot. Try the chips and salsa along with your drink (Margaritas/Long Island Tea can’t go too wrong)

Location: TGI Friday’s is located close to the intersection of Airport Road, Inner Ring Road and the Indranagar 100 ft Road, beside the flyover and opposite Diamond District.

I am attempting to consolidate my reviews at Do check it out



Overpriced but what the heck!

Well, its a vibrant place but the meal as well as the drinks are way over priced.. the rates are comparable to the Taj! The staff can be a bit careless on a Saturday night when the place is packed. All-in-all, not bad at all.