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> > > > The Chocolate Room

The Chocolate Room

Brigade RoadCentral Bangalore    & IN 2 MORE LOCATIONS


8 Reviews / 8 Ratings

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The Chocolate Room Reviews

bv__13  - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 10,2013


Indiana is not Chocolate Room

Nor is Chocolate Room a franchisee of Indiana Fast Foods. In the absence of Indiana, they are cashing in on its popularity by introducing "Indiana" burgers.


Indianas is now Choclate room?

I basically went looking for Indianas and am a burger fan of there and i noticed it was shut and this new place called the chocolate room was open..claiming to be the new Indianas so i ordered a cold chicken burger which was nothing great except for he hikes price..I would normally get this for around 70 to 80 buck it now costed me 150 with taxes..same good taste but not reasonably priced..Chocolate looked tempting will try it next time..


nanda_ramesh - Burrp User


4 Reviews

September 07,2012


Fantastic Chocolate Desserts

I went to this place for the first time with a group of friends as a get-together for one of us who was visiting after a long time. Therefore food really was not the main agenda for the day...

However, I was hungry and immediately started scouring over the menu. I settled on French croque which basically are like sandwiches with melted cheese on top. Very tasty and filling. We also ordered Waffles with walnuts and chocolate on top, Sundaes and another Sandwich which had a Mexican flavour. The waffles were just awesome unlike what I have had in other places.

I made a second visit within a week with my daughter(11) who is quite a chocolate dessert fan. What better place than this? This time we ordered Burger and Pasta for the main course. There were couple of options for Brownies. The waiter recommended one which he said was made fresh. Though it was costly 100+, we went with it and were not disappointed. One of the best gooey and moist brownies that I have ever had.

Well, the 5 stars are for its dessert selection. It is truly extensive and good. I see others praising the shots/shakes. Surely the next time we go there!

Seating is good and comfortable with several lounge style sofas. There is outdoor seating also if you wish to see the busy street as you indulge.

Service is ok. Cost is a bit on the higher side but comparable to other similar joints. The only quibble I may have is that the pasta was a bit over cooked and too spicy.

Looking forward to heading back to check out the fondue and rest of the dessert selections.


Excellent choco shots & cheese fondue...

Went to this place post office in mid of the week. Visit was due for some time
Hazelnut Hot Chocolate: best hot chocolate i ever had.. they serve you in a egg shaped funky mug
Cheese Fondue with french fries, potato wedges, veggie nuggets and bread sticks: Served really hot and tastes great. you cannot stop yourself from eating. What is interesting is that to keep the findue warm they’ll put a candle below the ceramic bowl in which its served. Warning: Fondue is really hot, so don’t start gobbling as soon as it is served on table..
Something kool you should try here are the chocolate shots. The way to have them is similar to tequila shots minus the salt and the lemon ;-). To me it felt like a choco bomb exploded in my head



Chocolaty Amazing

It is a must for chocolate lovers.. Having tried half the menu, the food is amazing and experimental at any Chocolate room.
But the one at Brigade road offers good ambiance, better service and choice of indoor/outdoor dining. Would love to revisit for getting high on chocolate !!



Good food but slow service

The burgers are awesome just like the Old Indiana Stuff, if only they could a lil quicker with the service it would help us to grab a quick bite and some hot chocolate.



A Must for chocoholics

A great place for all chocoholics, good atmosphere, clean and great chocolate dishes, will take you many visits to try all the stuff on the menu, the burgers are another matter altogether unless you like yours hard and dry. As with most places in Bangalore parking is an issue


May 24, 2012response from management at The Chocolate Room:

Thanks for visiting us at TCR. Glad that you liked our chocolate dishes. As for the burgers, these are made by the same chefs of the erstwhile Indiana, with the same ingredients and served with the famous mayo. We have received very positive feedback on this. Apologies if the item served to you was not up to the mark.

For your convenience, there is ample parking available in the St.Patrick's Complex parking lot (entrance from opp Eva Mall). More than 50 cars can be parked, but it is a paid parking lot.

Thanks for your feedbac

May 24, 2012response from management at The Chocolate Room:

The Mayo was the same, unfortunately cannot say the same about the burgers...hopefully just an off day

Chocoholics, this is the place to be :)

Do you like chocolate in a drink or mixed in cofeee or on top of a pastry or just about a topping on a dessert? fancied a Choco chilli Pizza? You need to be a chocoholic or you become one when you reach this place. Fantastic selection of food. You are spoilt for choice. There are also a handful of the non-chocolate items in the menu just to ensure your next choco bite is even more tastier.
In fact I have been to the TCR opp Forum. But wanted to try this new joint in Brigade road.

So we decided that we would go there for dinner. We have a kid and I must say this place has got space for my kiddo to run around without much botheration.

We ordered the choco chilli sandwich (my personal favourite), choco chilli pizza, DBC pancake, Pesto panino and cottage cheese Baguette. Followed by some Cuddle cup classic choco drink and chilled frappe.
i relished the cottage cheese Baguette and my wife liked the Pesto panino.
Choco chilli Pizza was good and choco chilli sandwich did not disappoint me at all.

They were swift. In fact I must say that Mr. Nayaz helped me with making an appropriate choice of the food.

Ambiance: Bright, Spacious. Terrific view of the brigade road the metro line on the MG road. In the night, the sodium vapour lit yellow shiny lane was a delightful scene.

Wishlist: The choc rum shot and Chocolate sizzler. for the next trip.

An ALL VEGETARIAN spread is encouraging to come here as a family (esp. with parents, as they do not prefer restaurants that serves non-veg).

the cuddle cup is a cute thing:)

Please work on the approach to this place. It can be easily spotted around the corner on the First floor but it is difficult to get there. It was a little bit of work for us to find the stairs.. but the hard work was just worth it.

Once a chocoholic, always a chocoholic. TCR, we wud come to c u again.. very soon :)