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> > > > The Cream & Fudge Factory

The Cream & Fudge Factory

KoramangalaSouth Bangalore    & IN 3 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 41726222
  • #368 , 7th Block, Opposite Forum Mall, Koramangala, Bangalore
  • Ice-cream

15 Reviews / 16 Ratings

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The Cream & Fudge Factory Reviews


A mediocre experience

I had gone their after an amazing date and everything was so perfect that we expected this place to be perfect too.. But it did not deliver.. They didnt have the first 2 things I'd ordered.. so that was a let down but when i finally ordered the third thing which they had it tasted good. The hazelnut surprise is good here.. Lil expensive though.The place is usually empty as there are cheaper ice cream parlours near the locality. Incase you're looking for a quite place to enjoy with your spl. someone this one would be fine I guess, just a lil heavy on the pocket.


Goggle-eyed in wonder

My girl just loves this place, because of the ice cream smashing, filling mashing, swashbucklery.

I love this place because I love watching her get excited.

The ice cream quality is superlative, the mint ice cream da jawab nahin (Palmoleeeeve), the fillings are funtimes.

The people allow us to spend a long time sitting there. Whee!


ashwya - Burrp User


60 Reviews

August 08,2011


creamy and good

Its not next to pizza corner!!!! they have a shared place...nice cozy place bang opposite the FORUM.Ordered a choco fudge with extra walnuts...the prices are not that bad..88 rs for a scoop and 15 for the walnuts. The service too is quick and courteous...Also ordered a pizza which was pretty decent too...The cream and fudge is nothing extraordinary but certainly is rich and good and the service and the option of stepping out of crowded forum to a quieter place makes it a 4 star place


Awesome peanut butter ice cream!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE their peanut butter ice cream, superb!! Other flavors are alright, but we only stick to peanut butter, really too good.. Prices are more on the steep side, but it is worth it...I have never had peanut butter flavored ice cream before, but this is just really good, It has oreo cookies, some nuts and chocolate sauce..Really good, do give this flavor a try..I have to say though, the peanut butter taste is definitely subjective, depending from one person to another.



We decided to check out Cream and Fudge during our lunch time. As usual didn't have lunch and went straight for desserts :) We ordered Mocha Temptation and Cookie Surprise in waffle bowl. Both of them were yummy. The waitress was very helpful and the place was neat and tidy.
Overall a pleasant experience.



Expensive but gooood!

You could end up spending a thousand rupees for 4 people on desserts at this place.But its worth it. Stuff that can leave you drooling for days... Rocky Road etc. Garnished with most of the nuts you can think of.. Pine, Hazel....
Considering its next to our house in Bangalore I kinda leave with a light wallet when I return to Bombay.
And nopes none of the places can match up to Cream & Fudge which is sad.


Ren-C  - Burrp User


33 Reviews

September 16,2008


Once in a lifetime!

Visit the place at least once in your lifetime, if you are not eager on ice-creams.

They serve really delicious ice-creams that's too much for a single person to finish off. They got some really interesting flavors by mixing a few nuts here and a little syrup there. Of course, the place charges you for all the good things they serve. The one I had was Black Forest.

Head out to the place, if you are really depressed and you need some pampering and lifting of moods or you are feeling very generous toself and others.


sharan_3 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

September 08,2008


Pathetic experience

Had heard about this brand a lot so tried to visit their outlet in koramangala last week.
The ambience was nice and peppy & we ordered for a sundae of chocolate & coffee with nice toppings & the bill went above 200....The presentation was wonderful only for the view. The moment we tasted the was so awful...the ice cream is very synthetic & they claim that they import the icecream from thailand. The ice cream is very greasy and it smells oily and tastes the same. The product matches the old saying .... whatever glitters is not gold !!!! It was a horrible experience all together !!


Fourier - Burrp User


33 Reviews

August 18,2008



This place makes me gluttonous!

You should definitely go there to try out the combos and not the regular scoops. Single scoop is enough to serve two - do try out the freshly made waffle cups - those are neat.



wow!! what a delight!!!

It was one of the best icecreams I had. The best quality icecreams you can ever get.

But the price is on the higher side.. be ready to shell out atleast 150 Rs to get a good one melting in your mouth




For what you're paying, this is horrible ice cream. It tastes fake and diluted. The staff also messed up on our order and after messing it up told us we'd be charged more to get it fixed. How ridiculous.


just_food1 - Burrp User


18 Reviews

February 20,2008


Different and Novel

It is a good place if you are looking for something beyond normal ice cream. Corner house and Baskin robbins are better if you want just plain ice cream. The portions are huge and difficult for a single person to complete.


lovetoeat - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 15,2008


Super Duper

Me and my valentine celebrated a part of our valentines day celebrations at the Cream and Fudge Factory
Wow!!!!!! What a place to be.

I drooled over the combinations they had
Coincidentally, we also met many friends there and we all ordered different combinations and all of them were extremely good

The moment you enter the place, you would find a guy who would help you with the menu and each type in the menu card / menu board decribes what all goes into the icecream we order
It started getting too crowded (may be coz it was valentines day) as the bangaloreans know the best of the eatouts here.
The crowd included the couples, couples with their kids, college students, many professionals with the ID cards around their neck

Their focus and target looks like its for the people on the move, the young crowd (atleast who think young) overall for kids - middleaged people.
Definitely not a place for people who wants to sit and relax, spend lots of time enjoying the icecream (cream & fudge factory also serve the icecream on the 1st floor where the doughnut baker is located & one gets a place to sit there)

Please make sure your tummy is not filled before you bump in as they give icecream in huge quantity which we all felt was really worth the price they charge.

The combinations start from around 80 bucks and can vary depending on what you have ordered with the toffees, cookies, imported chocolates, the dry fruits etc

If one is ready to spend thousands of rupees on the best brunch or the dinner (be it on yours or others expense), spending on the yummiest and the creamiest icecream which will make your day (and your loved ones ofcourse) is just peanuts.

I had the super duper experience with the yummiest and creamiest icecream with my loved ones around and it made my day



Fudge Definitely

A definition of fudge (noun) according to Websters-"foolish nonsense —often used interjectionally to express annoyance, disappointment, or disbelief"

This place definitely meets the definition. Post the meal at South Indies we went onto The Cream & Fudge Factory for desserts.

Reached there to find a huge issue parking the car. Figured the parking bit out -only to realize that there would be no place to park myself in the outlet( I do not what else to call it). All my hard earned popularity with the elders of the family for having fed them with a pure vegetarian south Indian meal at an upscale restaurant vanished in no time when they realized that dessert would be a stand up option only.

Then came the next challenge of figuring out the menu . Deciding from the complex menu which has just names and no descriptions ( mere mortals do require some descriptions) and asked to do some complex jugglery of choosing items from various columns proved too much for the elders. I and my significant other half managed probably because of our familiarity with decision trees (sic) and the elders just plumped for plain vanilla. The matters were not helped with an impatient crowd behind us to order and a sneering order taker who looked as if he would be glad to get rid of us idiots.

We were then asked to pay Rs.577 for all we had ordered and the older people just could not figure out why plain vanilla should cost them so much. Post this ordeal there was the ordeal of dealing with people in front of the counter who were trying to collect their orders. This had taken us about 20 minutes. The ice creams were delivered - I loved the quantities and the flavours. The elders were non plussed and asked me seriously if it was the monthly quota of Ice cream.

The bad things about the place;
Too small- I have not seen too many smaller places
No sitting room- At an average of close to Rs.150 per head on dessert alone one would expect to sit down and finish it at one's own pace.
Too complex a menu- We could figure it out, but lots of people around us looked non plussed. Have to simplify . No customer will forgive them if he or she is made to look like an idiot in front of others.
Quantities- too much. Would probably be appreciated if you were to cut the quantity by half and price by 30%. Remember we are in India and we are still not used to "Super Size"
Not enough information- The staff should warn customers about the fact that one portion could be enough for 2 people. They just seemed bent on making the sale. Also some orientation on how to order before one reaches the cash counter would definitely be appreciated.
Too much on the menu- too many flavors and too many condiments to mix creating a humongous number of permutations and combinations.
Too expensive- Rs.577 bucks for 4 ice creams with 2 of them mountainous vanillas

We got fudged definitely....


Sinfully Tempting and Delicious :D

The Title says it all.......

Went there on a chilly night thinking its a Gelato outlet. But, No. It actually isnt one.

The pictures put up there are so tempting, I was completely confused to pick my choice. Everything looked so attractive and yummy :)

You could either choose from their list or make a combination icecream of your own with all the nuts, chocolates, chocolate chips, biscuits, sauce, cookies etc avalable at your disposal
All this is mixed on their frozen marble stone and handed over in a freshly made cone.

The quantity was huge and filling and I have no regrets to have indulged and pampered myself completely with this sinfully delicious and mouth watering stuff :)

Worth a try and I bet!! You will go there again