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> > > > The Egg Factory

The Egg Factory

JP NagarSouth Bangalore    & IN 3 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 40124848
  • Ground Floor, No. 288, 15th Cross, 18th Main, 5th Phase, JP Nagar, Bangalore
  • Multi-cuisine
  • Meal for 2 - 400

18 Reviews / 18 Ratings

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The Egg Factory Reviews

vivekv - Burrp User


19 Reviews

November 22,2013






Everything Egg without the Smell

If there is a place where you want to have eggs, it is this, it is this, it is this. Since others have described this place, let me add something unique: this place does not smell of eggs at all. There are a few pure veg stuff in case you want to take your pure veg friends.



Ande Ka Funda!

Recently visited this place, recommended by my niece who came with her college gang, was bit skeptical but the ambiance was very friendly and non fussy. One could just get out from bed on a weekend and hit this place. Being a family of three where 2 are non veggies and one veggie( has eggs ) it was a blessing. It was good to see that there was so much to select and taste from an humble egg. What we missed was some desserts or pastries of which eggs of which eggs are an integral part. Suggest the Egg factory team to include them too so that one can satisfy the sweet tooth urge. Oh by the way tasted Anda burji, bun masala and yes its yum!. Also could not stop myself from tasting Egg biryani and Spanish omlette, They were good too. The omlette accompanies 2 roasted brown bread, and yes for an informal place like this, they can have some folks attending customers with a good smile. Most of them were blank and did not have interest.
Nice parking space available and a sit out too under a shady tree to have that long chat with your friends.


June 12, 2013response from management at The Egg Factory:

Thanks for the good words. We will have a new menu in a couple of months with desserts added too.

The Anda Place

Wanted to try this place from a long time, finally I got a chance today. Ambiance is good. The sit out region is well maintained for a place on a main road. The concept of wine bottles for water labeled Ph 6.5-8.5 H2O is interesting! The menu card is a little shabby.. but contains a lot of Egg Options. The staff was very friendly . We were told Bun masala here was good. Yes it is true. Really good.Then we ordered Frittatas. Fluffy and rich, very filling. the garlic bread was good. Great taste. The limited choice in desserts was disappointing. There was nothing available other than caramel custard. I would like to explore more the next time i visit the place.


June 12, 2013response from management at The Egg Factory:

Thanks for the good words. We should have a whole new menu in a couple of months and more desserts for sure.

Don't go on a Sunday for breakfast

Me, my hubby and another couple had been there Sunday morning for breakfast, experienced very very bad service. Not only did they forget 2 of our orders, when we went back to them after about half an hour of waiting and almost famished, the response we got was "so what, we only forgot 2 of your orders". We were horrified at this response. The place has no proper exhaust also, all the smoke from the kitchen is in the dining area. Overall an extremely bad experience with pathetic service. Sunday mornings are definitely a bad bad time to visit this place.


Best Egg joints!

One of the few eggetarians residing in Bangalore, I absolutely love this place. The ambiance and the variety they have is nice. You must try the scrambled egg sandwich should you happen to visit the place.

Last but not the least Yogesh Mokashi is a gem of a person :). Call the folks and do try to meet him. you would earn a lot of other facts about egg that you wouldn't know.



December 24, 2012response from management at The Egg Factory:

Hi Rahul,
Thanks sire...we hope to have you back soon.

keification - Burrp User


4 Reviews

November 18,2012


Must visit

What can you make out of the ordinary with just eggs ? If this is what runs on your mind as well like it did on ours, do drop by and you will be treated for a surprise. Right from the classic french toast with maple syrup to some amazing egg based pasta dishes they just rock. The cannelloni was awesome, just unbelievable that you can make something so yummy without chicken or meat stuffed in. This is going to be our favorite haunt for more time to come.


November 20, 2012response from management at The Egg Factory:

Hi Keification,
Thanks for those good words. We hope to have you back with us soon.

Egg - Tastic Place

A paradise for Eggies. The dishes are tasty to the core. I being a egg lover totally enjoyed this place. There is so much on the menu and so much to try. An ideal place for Sunday Breakfast. Visit this place again and again...


November 20, 2012response from management at The Egg Factory:

Hi Anshuman,
Thanks for the good words. We hope to have you back soon with us.

Eggy weggs!

Egg lovers must try this place!!! Everything is good!

Except the pastas with scrambled eggs (the eggs are wet, washed-out, and not scrambled enough to my taste).

The cucumber soda is fun. So is the chlorophyll thinger.

The menu is currently like one of those manuals you get when you buy a new electronic gadget. Quirk strikes back!

(You might want to see this:


November 20, 2012response from management at The Egg Factory:

Thanks for the good words.We hope to have you back soon.

December 10, 2012response from management at The Egg Factory:


I did come back yesterday. I had really good food, the quality is consistently great!

However, I would like to point out that your waiters could do with a lot of training and improvement.

I came for Sunday lunch, the restaurant was quite crowded, and we could see only 1 waiter at a time on the floor. We tried calling a waiter to order lunch. One pretended not to hear us, one didn't even look our way, and the third's face fell when we called him: it really looked like he was unhappy that we were giving him wo

isha02 - Burrp User


5 Reviews

October 28,2012


A discovery

This has been my best discovery in bangalore so far.Certified by Matt preston of Master Chef australia :) (am a big fan),this place is truly deceptive.The interiors were a bit dilapidated but when i tasted that oh my..i swore to never judge a book by its cover again!!
Will be going back again and again ! And yeah,a scrumptious meal for two costed only 600 bucks..and thats when we ordered almost all dishes on the menu!!


November 20, 2012response from management at The Egg Factory:

Hi Isha,
Thanks for the good words. We hope to have you back soon with us.

Egg-lectic in JP Nagar!

Well, I really have no count on the number of times I've visited this place! And everytime I go there, the staff make sure I fall in love with the food, again and again. The outlet in JP Nagar is closer to home and everytime I have a desire to eat out, everytime I need to take a friend out, TEF has become an obvious choice.

The best part about the JP Nagar outlet is, the service is quicker - I guess it could be coz' it attracts a little less crowd than the St.Marks Road outlet.
The taste of the food remains as delicious as ever, the staff are courteous and smiling, the ambiance is similar to the first outlet. The patrons include people from all age groups. Overall, its a place that would be liked by any new customer who heads here and would love to go back!
A meal for two is close to 600-700 bucks and totally worth it.


October 1, 2012response from management at The Egg Factory:

Hi Roopashree.BN
Thanks for all the good words you have for us. We hope to have you back with us soon.

Jaishy50 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 28,2012


Where exactly is this?

I Man in J P Nagar 4th Phase. How can I find this place? Landmarks please....


September 28, 2012response from management at The Egg Factory:

Jaishy 50,
This is not exactly a review. But to help you find the place:
Opp . H.P. Petrol Pump and Wine Baron on J.P.Nagar ring road, about 250 mtrs from Delmia Junction towards puttenhalli underpass.

This should help:


Sunny sides on a sunny day ... Eggcellent.

They say if you wish for something hard enough you just might get it. Now this may seem like a silly thing to wish for but being a big fan of eggs, it was just a few months ago I was lamenting to my husband how far the St. Mark's branch of the The Egg Factory was from our home. Wouldn't it be nice if they opened up right next door? And lo and behold, a sign pops up for TEF in JP Nagar a mere 10 mins away. It's hardly been open for a couple of months and it has already become our favorite weekend breakfast place! The menu: Very extensive. It's amazing how many dishes one can make with a simple egg! Ranging from the humble desi burjee to French Toast to Mexican Huevos Supremos, it's all there. The prices are pretty decent. The ambience is great, very airy and bright, sparsely furnished with wooden benches and tables. Good cutlery. It has a very lazy laid back feel. Good music - not too loud. Parking is not a problem (as of now). What I recommend: The Huevos Supremos (great sauce!), Eggs Florentine, Menage a Trois, Feta Frittata, Bread Masala, Burjee, Garden Omlettes, French Toast. Some of the dishes come with slices of Garlic bread which are fluffy and yummy, perfect for mopping up the saucy leftovers in your plate :) We've also tried the Egg Curry and Malabar parathas but it was just ok. There is room for improvement there. The coffee is excellent. The service is great albeit a tad slow perhaps. One of the drinks I had ordered for a bit too sweet for my taste and the waiter noticed and promptly had it made again, without me asking for it! Pleasant surprise indeed. One thing they should do is improve their sign board - it's hard to spot from the street. Perhaps put the name in a bolder font, something that stands out. Anyway, in summary, I would certainly recommend it (many of our friends are regulars already!). I hope they continue to maintain the quality and service and keep it up!


August 16, 2012response from management at The Egg Factory:

Dear rpb_india,
Thanks for the good words. It is our constant effort to maintain the quality and improve on the service.Hope to have you back soon.

The egg

Well its a good thing this opened in JP Nagar closer to home. I don't think a lot of people know about this place and the sign board is kinda dull so its easy to miss.
I'm not really a huge fan of eggs but the menu had a pretty decent set of choices for the egg. I do wish they would increase the dessert section however. I did love the Desi Penne pasta was a good quantity too. Its pretty spacious and the outside seating felt somewhat much better than indoors however.


July 17, 2012response from management at The Egg Factory:

Dear Dtrmchndr,
Thanks for the good words. We will be increasing the dessert options in a couple of months. Please bear with us till then.


perfect for sunday

Glad it has opened in JP nagar, its perfect for sunday later breakfast n love the options...the service needs to be a bit faster...but guess coz they hv just opened dis outlet it will take a while....


July 8, 2012response from management at The Egg Factory:

Hi Fooddoc,
Thanks for your understanding. It should not...just that it was Saturday yesterday and salary day. Both put together means absenteeim for sure..especially in the morning shift :-). We will make sure we do not have this problem in future.


Good for the most part...

Had been to the St.Marks outlet once earlier and found the food decent, but not great enough to warrant driving all the way from one corner of Bannerghatta Road. So was eager to try out the JP Nagar outlet. Landed up this past Sunday for lunch. The experience was a mixed bag. Ordered the classic french toast, the Malabar egg roast, Quesadilla and the Spicy Bhurjee.

Firstly the good part - the malabar egg roast curry was pretty good. By the sound of it, I was expecting a dry curry, but this was a gravy with boiled fried eggs in it. I have never eaten a malbar egg roast before, so I guess this is how it should be. It tasted quite good. Next, the spicy egg bhurjee was great. Loved it.Surely calls for a repeat vist.

Now the areas that need improvement (in my opinion) -
1. The parathas with the malabar egg curry need to be cooked better. They were kind of raw and tasted of dough. Substituing them with malabr parathas might be a good idea.
2. The salsa with the quesadillas needs an overhaul. Fresh salsa would be nice. The salsa was very insipid
3. The french toast - the size was good. The toast was a little raw. I think the egg batter should have been allowed to cook for a while longer and it needs a little more cinnamon to be added

While having my lunch, did see some delicious looking pastas at other tables and will return to try some of those.

Service needs to be a little more organized. There were probably too many waiters floating around in a disorganized manner.

Overall, nice concept, good food, a few rough edges to be smoothened, but a very welcome addition to south bangalore.

This last item is not directly to do with the restaurant, but I hope Yogesh takes note and does something about it. This is to do with the empty plot that is used for car parking. There is a wide gap between two of the slabs that have been laid over the drain and my car got stuck in between while exiting. The guard there helped me out, but it would be best to just plug the gap and prevent mishaps from happening.


July 6, 2012response from management at The Egg Factory:

Hi Bhookha,
Thanks for the good words you have for us. Specific issues that we have addressed:
Parathas: We would look at moving away from the current form. We are working on something better and soon we will have it.
Salsa: Will look into it...have never heard one that before.And we make Salsa really need to figure this one out.
French Toast: We have had some problems with the bread supplier changing his mix and not informing us. We have a new product being readied and this should be on in a weeks time at most.


Great Food, Service needs a tad improvement.

I read so many good things about the same outlet on St. Marks road that I was waiting impatiently for it's opening in JP Nagar. I ventured in on a Saturday for a late afternoon snack around 230 pm. I liked the ambiance and immediately fell in love with the place... Great job done!
We orderd the food and it came quick - quesedillias (did I spell that right) and 2 pastas for the 3 of us. The food arrived quickly (kudos to the service there) and we dug in. I'd have to say I loved the food...
However, the place had no ice - so the smoothies we ordered weren't really that good. Iced tea wasn't available (I'm again guessing lack of ice).
However - since the place is just opening up (just the first week) I'm not going to be hard on them. The food is great and I'm definitely gonna go in again for some of the great stuff... Hoping they find ice soon ;)


June 25, 2012response from management at The Egg Factory:

Hi Mshirali,
Thanks for the good words you have for us. We are having some small teething problems and we shall overcome them soon. We have beefed up our service staff strength and a week or two from now the problems should have reduced considerably.
Hope to have you back soon with us.


Good food, simple & funky ambience and economical

If you love eggs, this place is a must visit! Had been to the one on St. Marks road but wasnt mightily impressed back then. But this time around at the JP nagar branch, the food was just amazing!! The ambience is pretty funky - bare minimum but nice. Its economical as well - I mean, egg burji here might certainly be expensive if you compare it to the road side shop but by good restaurant standards, egg factory is your wallets best friend! Service is good as well.
I am going back there for sure!


June 25, 2012response from management at The Egg Factory:

Hi Rohit,
Thanks and we look forward to having you back soon.

Delivers almost as expected

Finally egg factory has arrived in JP Nagar.Since the time we spotted the logo on our way back home we had been waiting for it to open.They have stuck to the same menu and quirky interiors as their st marks road outlet.Wish the seating could have been little more comfortable.Yesterday was the first day so there were lots of teething troubles.To start with the food took around 45-50 minutes to arrive and in between meals we were left out in the dark for around 5 minutes as the generator wasn't up.
The food though familiar was consistently good.We had ordered for a scrambled egg fajita and a malabar egg curry combo.While the malabar egg curry was creamy and flavourful , the scrambled eggs did pack a good punch, all thanks to the generous amount of jalapenos.Overall a welcome addition to the south Bangalore's food scene.
Surely recommended.


June 25, 2012response from management at The Egg Factory:

Hi Rahul,
Thanks for your patienceand sitting through. The litany of woes on workmanship is a long one and I will not bore you with it.

Thanks for being our first reviewer. We look forward to having you back with us soon.