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> > > > The French Loaf

The French Loaf

Richards TownEast Bangalore    & IN 12 MORE LOCATIONS


5 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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The French Loaf Reviews

rastachef - Burrp User


46 Reviews

November 13,2012


Excellent snack food

Wonderful ambience, great snacks. If you're looking for a nice, quiet place to have a long conversation, or some nice snack food, this is the place.



good brunch

i always go here for brunch
the brunch is delicious and each and every component had so much flavor packed in it.
it isn't like the usual places where everything just tasted the same
the service was really fast and the plating was so well done

the sandwiches are really bland and dry

the ambiance is great!



a place in Bangalore apart from the Boulangerie where bread is what it should be and wheat bread does not masquerade as maida bread. We went for a fairly late dinner with junior and loved the space available. 2 sandwiches with different breads - panini and rye. lovely.
Where they failed miserably was the pineapple cake and tiramisu, the latter being just puffed cream. Go for the real thing guys. mascarpone!!!


sadly gone down now

I am a frequent visitor to FL.I must admit my children still love the pack aways which we do usually. We also tried their breakfast last time a few months back and it was not bad. Today my son insisted we have breakfast at FL and persuaded me to join him (mainly to pay the bill). Gosh what have they done to their customer handling skills. First they had 20-30% items not available. Then they miss half items on excuse that we did not tick-mark them in their ordering form (they never insisted earlier). Finally their citibank credit card machine was lying faulty (they give 15% discount on citibank cards), On the whole they have a lousy service with rude waiters (they have inducted a train full of meghalaya girls it seems recently who are just passing their time here). The cash counter is always a confusion area with lot of traffic (their own people) coming in and out. The only saving ground is their products are still good quality. It is their service and maintenance which need a step improvement.


Cribbie - Burrp User


6 Reviews

September 16,2010


Slow Service, bad lawns and walk areas

I like the cafe but there are a few things that need to change for the better. Their billing is slow and there's always a lot of confusion near the cash area. The parking arrangements are disgusting. There is never a peaceful time spent at FL. If we're eating, we're always disturbed with the parking thing. Why can't they do enter through one gate and move out through the other? It makes it simpler for the customers! The walk ways are dangerous. Just putting square bits of stone isn't enough. A friend of mine went there yesterday and fell. Luckily didn't hurt herself. But none of the staff cared to help her up, they just acted like they didn't see!!! Kids come there and these are dangerous situations where they can fall and hurt themselves badly! Just smiling at a kid and pinching their cheeks isn't being CHILD FRIENDLY. That is just bad manners and service. And they're over priced!!!