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> > > > The Legend of Lucknow

The Legend of Lucknow

KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  


51 Reviews / 51 Ratings

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The Legend of Lucknow Reviews

anshul240 - Burrp User


34 Reviews

November 19,2012


awsome Kababbs!!!

Kabaabs are a non vegetarians' delight, and India's answer to the Western steaks. Lucknow excels in Kabaabs. I discovered Legends of Lucknow a year back, and have since been able to enjoy delicious Tunday mutton kabaabs in the comfort of Kormangla


Worthless Place !!

Went there when its name was Tunde Kabab, at that time also service was pathetic. The quantity of food just slaps you on your face. Its better to go to Lazeez which is below this restaurant.


Schwanns - Burrp User


10 Reviews

February 11,2012


Fake Tundey's!!!!

This place was way below our expectations..I guess the only common thing between this place and the Tundey's in Lucknow is the name..The famous Gelawti Kebabs had hardly any trace of mutton in it... just some kind of mash ... They seriously need to take classes from the original Tundey's or change their name...

We tried the Mutton Biryani which was cold and tasteless. We also made the cardinal error to order a chicken seekh kabab. It looked and tasted like Venky's sausage.

Save your money - go somewhere else.



A Big Truth

There are some dogs, who never visited this place and dare to write review about a reputed place like legend of Lucknow, they only removed the name because the greedy brand owner who was charging 20% on total revenue, later on when the franchise was about to close, they reduced the percentage to 13% , by the time the person who was running tunday kababi under gone a very huge loss and he decided to through away the franchise and there name. paying 20 percent on gross sale itself a big loss.


Good bargain for your money

I've been to Tunday Kabai, almost 2 months ago, along with my friend.

I had their famous Gelawati Kabab & Sheek Kababs. Both were mild in spice but good in taste. I may visit them again to try something else.
Though my friend didn't like both the stuff we tried, may be its just a matter of palate.

Decently priced, service just like the Decor is just about OK! This despite the fact that the shop is filled with celebrities(Actors, politicians, socialites, etc) posing with probably the owner of this joint.

Overall I would call it a decent bargain for your money.


naveen07 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

December 03,2011


0 stars

one of the worst i have ever ate., me and my friend had been their., we ordered rumali roti and chicken gravy., the chicken gravy was like lime water which finger bowl which will be given to wash hands., with 2 chicken bones which dogs wont eat also., we were so angry i wanted to throw that chicken gravy into their management face..


December 3, 2011response from management at The Legend of Lucknow:

we have already closed bangalore franchisee

December 3, 2011response from management at The Legend of Lucknow:

yes mr Usman saw it has been renamed to legend of lucknow , after such a disaster this was supposd to happen., who better than u will undrstand that a resturant will survive only if it gives quality food., people will come again and again if quality s good., if management tries to make more profit by decreasing quality like adding more water n gravies., chicken kabab with 90 % bone 10% flesh that are served for dogs that will lead to loss., is that legend of lucknow urs only ??

December 5, 2011response from management at The Legend of Lucknow:

Nope we dont have any franchisee at bangalore anymore.

nitinath - Burrp User


13 Reviews

November 01,2011


Melting yummy kebabs

.. the famous place of famous and unique kebabs...
.. very very good tunday kebab to be eaten with their special paranthas
.. limited menu but whatever is there is yummy..

.. the interiors can be improved to match the tasty food served.


sb1907 - Burrp User


10 Reviews

October 02,2011


Go For Tunday Kababs And Nothing Else

If one was to rate this place on their overall menu, service etc. - perhaps a 3 star would be appropriate. But then I dont go for anything apart from their Tunday (Galawati) Kababs and Parathas (and Awadhi Kheer to finish the meal). Agreed, the service is not great, the ambience is not great, biryani etc is nothing to write home about. But if you are famished and looking for tender, melt in your mouth, galawati kababs- this is the place. Heavenly :) !



Decent kabab joint

I had been watching these lifestyle TV shows and I dont know if its pure coincidencey, but I ended up watching several programs on kababs on the same kababs of lucknow. Somebody from the famous Qureshi family would be interviewed and the famous kababs called galawati kababs (also called tunday kababs) and the kakori kababs, and biryanis were the highlights. The delicate tunday kababs that looked like cute meat cutlets, got my mouth watering and wanting to go to lucknow just to try these kababs. But i remember passing by Tunday kababi in bangalore and decided to give it a try. Its a simple, neat place with a simple, basic, no fuss menu. I ordered the mutton tunday kababs and chicken biryani. Both tasted good and fragrant. I also tried the lucknowi kheer which was not bad. The waiter was nice to us, maybe coz we were the only customers at that time. Although I'm from Kerala and my boyfriend is from Chennai, probably because of the way we were enjoying the food, the waiter asked my boyfriend if we were from lucknow :) Sweet guy, he asked if we wanted to try the kheer and we did, since the quantities were perfect for two. Oh and the price was good too.



No fresh food

Been here 3 times, then decided would never go except if I just want to eat gulati kabab. The waiters are rude. If you go late you won't get fresh onions. They cut it in morning and will serve that. If you ask them they will say no on your face. Please don't eat roles! rumali roti most of the time is not fresh, they just heat it up and serve. So much hype is not at all worth it. Beware if you want to eat biryani there.



No merit to its novel kebabs

Been there twice. The first time there, I did not fancy their galawti kebabs or their biryani for that matter. However the Tunday paratha and their boti kebab's were the deal saviour.

This time we ordered for (dry and tasteless) roasted chicken, (cold) tunday parathas and the mutton boti kebab which smelled funny from the very go. The boti kebab didn't agree with neither my wife's tummy nor mine.

Will never go back.



"you must try"

yummy kababs from Lucknow,
mouth watering melting mutton kababs.
every one must try it..............

Imran khan.


Uniquely superb cutlet-kababs!

The back story of this place is quite interesting- a one-handed chef who instead of losing heart, used his brains to go one up on his competitors by creating a winningly textured ,yummy kabab that stole the show...his Lucknow cook-spot synthesizing a cutting-edge popular mutton kabab that took some of the heat off the cows..And now the famous Tunday kababs have made their way into namma Bengaluru courtesy some smart folks who knew the city's welcoming attitude to any good stuff, be it UP goodies or Marathi vada paavs!..And the good news (for humans) is that the joint here has had more grinning customers than smirking ones.While I feel that the Tunday patties-type mutton kababs are certainly an oustanding reation, with highly innovative texture and gentle flavourful taste ,there are those who've come away distinctly unimpressed by this product. For those who're yet to visit, I suggest ignoring the caveats and personally investigating what the fuss is all about.If you're unmoved ,there are hundreds of other kababs to fall back on ,anyway. For those whose tongues perk up, they'll obviously find to their delight a new inveigling experience to savour.

Since I and my companion felt obliged to cover two chow-spots in one go, & since the latter has a reputation for heavy fare, we decided to settle only for starters here- the Tunday mutton kabab (Rs.100) (its incidentally this kabab's centenary!) & the chicken seekh kabab. First impression on tasting the marquee product was its remarkable texture- designed like flat cutlet, the top is fried crisp/toasted , and, downwards from the surface the kabab gradates in quick smooth fashion to a creamy consistency, infused with a tasty (not spicy) blend of Mughal-style spices. One doesnt necessarily feel that one is eating meat, which isnt necessarily a bad thing! A plate carries 4 of these palate-teasing patties. Yes, its value for money,because to modify and stretch one of the Joker's dialogues-"If you're at good at something, and if that somehting is not done by anyone else, & if you're not aspiring for social service, dont do it for cheap rates!"

The Chicken seekh kabab (notwithstanding the seekh's potentially repulsive ,appetite-killing visual impact) was another surprise- you could taste some of the flavour of the meat ,as opposed to just munching on some mashed preparation.And no gripes either regarding the ingredient quality or cooking technique.

For vegetarians ,this apparently is not the most welcoming of places, but in case you do land up here , you'll see Paneer Butter masala(Rs.95), Paneer Roll, and Veg Kadai, with Tunday's Paratha (Rs.25) on the menu . To give a sweet finish ,there's Awadhi kheer (Rs.30). As for missing out on the place's feature presentation, I suspect that ,with the aid of molecular gastronomy, some New Age culinary gurus like Adria, Blumenthal, Dufresne or even some desi cooking whiz might come up with a vegetarian version that mimics the effect of the meat-inspired zinger cutlet!
Also listed on the menu are Biryani, Chicken & mutton rolls; the gravies include mutton korma and shahi murgh masala - both at Rs.150 .Also pricey- the Special Thali available on selected days and timings.

Arrival of orders dont take long. The decor is not much- purely functional chairs-n-tables set-up. The front of the medium size room looks out onto the pavement- a bid perhaps to keep some semblance of the open-air gig of the original place in Lucknow. At the entrance ,on a big circular tawa, about 30 of the eponymous offerings are tended to- an early frank suggestion of what this joint would like you to try. Tunday Kababi, then, is a joint where the 'non-veg' patron might try out a new 'zaika', and end up relishing a little ancient but mighty good re-mixed kabab. .


Sheky - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 31,2011


One word... AVOID

I visited this place today afternoon for lunch and felt strongly that I should comment... Just one word AVOID!
This restaurant is supposed to be a branch of the famous Tunday Kababi of Lucknow and is supposed to be very good. But the food sucks!! Yuck! I am a foodie and leaving in the plate isn't a norm for me but today I did. I couldn't eat the food. I had ordered for a mutton Biryani, Tunday's famous mutton Kabab and Roasted BBQ Chicken.
Biryani was a bowl of coloured rice with lot of cardamom and 2 tasteless pieces of mutton. The rice had NO taste whatsoever.
The 'so called' specialty dish i.e Tunday's mutton Kabab was also tasteless and awful... Agreed that it melts in the mouth but... No taste??!! A big let down. I do not understand if it was better earlier and was worse today or was it always like this n yet ppl like it.
The Chicken was hard and I literally had to struggle to eat it.
Please do not go by the name and waste your hard-earned money. KEEP AWAY!



kababs from another time

u have heard of indian mystique, u would have read about it in ur fantasy stories, that far far land of flying carpets, rope climbing fakirs and now u can taste them too , here . The kebabs here belong to another time , subtle , succulent yielding to the slightest touch of ur tongue only to reveal layers subtle flavours each well-defined yet intricate light yet underscored, its a mesmerizing dance on your palletes.
what i missed though were befitting options to wash them down ;) like i told it is a delightful anachronism in space and time the kababs did not belong to this time and the space definitely was not worthy enough for the kababs.


Its decent.

The Kababs were good. The roti and curry were bad. The ambiance is pretty poor. Would have made a good place to grab a bit but it is just a bit expensive for that.


No great sheek(shakes)!!!

Went with family. The all publicized Tunday kababs are nothing big.....mere fat & waste meat, minced! Tandoor stuff & biriyani were disaster. get better fare in other tiny joints!



Good Galouti Kababs, Rest Pathetic

After hearing my friend rave about their Galouti Kababs, I went ahead and got a parcel for Galouti Kababs along with Chicken Biryani. Must say, the kababs too feel a bit overpriced considering you get only 4 pieces. But the complaints get drowned once you start eating those. True to its reputation, they are pretty good and its not something you get everywhere.
However, the Biryani was a big disappointment. Lack of taste, spices etc mar the taste completely. The chicken is also not of good quality and tends to be very chewy.
I would certainly order their signature kabab, but I guess you need to be good at everything you offer to customers. Else they will not come back


Finally in Namma City

I couldn't have been more excited and glad that galauti kebabs have finally come to Bengaluru.
The kebabs served at tunday kebabs is a no frills affair just like the ambiance. I felt i was transported back to Delhi's Khan Market. Galauti kebabs come 5 in a plate - soft, succulent and melts in your mouth ! The parathas were large and yummy. I was afraid it would be rubbery - but thankfully it wasn't. The roomali roti was light, large and yum. The biryani came with a few less pieces of meat as we would have preferred but upon asking the server for more pieces - he promptly got us extra meat pieces in a bowl without hesitation. The biryani comes with a bowl of gravy that is tasty and oily and is often referred to as saalan.
I'm yet to try the seekh kebab.
I love the prompt service and the fact that the food is hot. If you're not ready for a setting at this - then you may head to Samarkhand or The Vil'age to get a "restaurant kebabi" experience !


spo0nman - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 14,2010


Re: What's the fuss about?

I'm writing this review only to respond to Ms FoodieTam, who reviews a place called Tunday's Kebabi and failed to order the "tunday kebab." Their signature dish.

The Tunday's kebab from tunday's kitchen are a revelation ... in a place like bangalore where "kitchens" such as Empire deep fry red coloured chicken and call it kebabs Tunday's kebab are a breath of honesty. The tender melt in the mouth kebab deserves love and respect.

Sure they don't know how to make biryani or seekh but that's not what you go and eat there.


Tunday Rocked

This was our third visit to Tunday's ,previous two weren't exactly spectacular hence didn't feel the urge to out down the review.Will come directly to the point .
The orders were
1.Tundays Kabab - Awesome is the word ,rightly balanced and spiced and absolutely melt in your mouth.
2.Chicken sheek kabab - Again good and tender
3.Half tandoori chicken - vastly improved from the last couple of visits,the meat is tender and cooked to the bone.
4.Tunday parathas - used to stay away from them fearing the overload of ghee ,but found them to be surprisingly light and low on oil.
Overall an immensely satisfying experience at a very reasonable price of under 500/-
Very much recommended


fibreclaw - Burrp User


3 Reviews

December 07,2010


Nothing GREAT

After seeing the ASLI Kebab.. from Lucknow.. decided to try this place.. with my wife..
Was there by 12.30 and it was not packed.

first disappointment.... the Menu.. We did not have a lot to choose from..
few Dry chicken, a lamb dry.. and 2 seeekhs..
Gravy the same.. I guess 3 choices..
Rotis--- same ..

They could think about expanding the menu .. seriously.

About the food : The Dry Chicken roast.. May be am not the one who is so much sensible to different spices.. for an average foodie. the kebabs.. tasted pretty normal.. just like any other place in bangalore.. Dont know what the Lucknowi hype was all about.

Mutton Seekh. was real awesome.. we liked it.
Tunday parata.. were pretty big.. and goes well.

Overall.. It was just another normal dining experience.. and cudnt see the Awadhi factor at all.. or may be i went in with lot of expectations. :)

average for 2 - 300 to 400.

If u go after 1.30, expect rush..

thanks guys..... will i go back.. Hmm. naa. tandoori guy nearby.. is of the same class.!! so why waster fuel to koramangala..


aninda555 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 05,2010


Bangalore's best Kebabs and North Indian cuisine

Brilliant food... Must-go place for all Non-Veg (North Indian & Tandoori) food freaks. Care a damn for aesthetics and ambience, food is all what matters here. Melt-in-mouth kebabs, roasted chicken with paranthas and the Awadhi kheer.... combination is just heavenly.

Certainly worth many repeat visits!!!


good for take away, kebabs r mouthwatering.

hey think tats some buttery, mouth watering kebabs r straight from lucknow. Not ideal for any cozy seating. More like a bachelor's or working crowds fast eatery. We tasted tunday kebab, roomali, mutton roll. Though packing was not upto mark, so take away to home can become messy. Taste good, price could be lesser.



Yum !!

Having eaten in the original Tundays in Lucknow I could not wait to get my hands on this one in Bangalore. Though the kababs aren't as good as the ones served in Lucknow they still taste heavenly. The trick is not to eat just the Kabab but to have it alongwith a Rumali or a Tunday paratha. Its the combination that makes it special.

P.S: Avadhi style is not exactly known for its Biryani !!




I have heard a lot about this place and once decided to try it out. We tried their highly celebrated lamb kebab and some biriyani. The only thing we liked was their signature dish, the kebab. Its really juicy and just melts in the mouth (you got to forget about calories though).
The biriyani was hopelessly horrible. The meat in the biriyani was just opposite to the kebab. Undercooked and very rubbery (we tried lamb biriyani).
There was just one person serving for the whole restaurant and more than serving the customers he was interested in gossiping with the chef who was cooking the kebab. He forgot to get the raita and even after reminding him we got it only after we were halfway through the meal. Every time he crossed the table he tried to avoid eye contacts with us. We asked for a finger bowl to wash the grease from the kebab and biriyani. But the answer was a big no. We had to settle with the small lifebuoy soap piece that was kept near the smallest washbasin I have ever seen,
And yeah on top of every thing the smoke that was coming from the open cooking place in front of the shop added to the horrible experience.
But yeah the kebab is really worth a try. I have never tried some thing so different like that before.


sachin123 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 29,2010



We 4 guys been there n we tasted Tunday Kabab, Tunday Paratha, Shahi Chicken Gravy, Chicken Biryani n roasted chicken and all were such a waste tht we felt like vomating. Plz I request everyone dont go there n we wasted Rs.220 per head. U cud easily make out from outside only as u wont c any crowd..


Rupesh Ravi - Burrp User

Rupesh Ravi

16 Reviews

September 27,2010


Ambiance is not good But kababs are awesome

This place serves some really succulent kababs.
Here you would find that both chicken and mutton kababs are equally delicious.

If you visit this place try kababs, try shiek kababs and rumali roti. Biryani here is avoidable, not that great. But then when you come to a kababi, to even touch Biryani is a crime.



Good Kebabs

The Kebabs were Good and mouth melting. The chicken gravy was average. Awadhi kheer was gr8!. One setback : The chicken boti kebab roll had some small pieces of bones which was a big turnoff. I assume the rolls should be boneless.Overall it was good. In a city like bangalore where they call chicken fry as kebabs, this place was surely a treat.




i visited Tunday Kababi with my family and friends and thouughly enjoyed the melt in mouth kababs. The place is excellent for awadhi food specially tunday kababs.


grubby - Burrp User


6 Reviews

August 06,2010



Tried out Tunday Kababi for dinner last night with a group of our friends. I seriously do not undestand what the hype is all about. Mediocre kababs, terrible biriyani & shoddy ambience. One visit was enough to put me off for good.



awsome place for foodies!!!!

tundey kabab in bangalore has maintained the authentic taste in bangalore that it delivers in lucknow, especially the mutton kabab and biryani, the biryani is also exclusive that you dont find in any other restaurant in banagalore ......the reviews below are rather disheartenin...few people dont like the taste or they are not well aware about the taste, i have been to this place on weekends as well as weekdays the food is really good all d time...

i also heard they would be renovating the whole place in a months time , tryin to give it an exclusive luknowi dining experience and also they would be adding a lot more items on the menu too, that sees to b a really good newz to us..

way to go tundey kabab.....lookin forward to all d new changes...



Worth for the Kabab only

Went there for dinner. Can come back only for the Tunday Kabab. The Chicken Biriyani was bad. Cleaniness is an issue.Need luck to find a parking place on the road or can park in the bylanes and walk down. Go there only for the novelty not for a dining experience. Started accepting Card payments.



Good Tunday Kababs; bad paratha and korma

We had been there some time back. Tried out their Tunday Kababs. Were really very soft, and actually melted in the mouth.
Also ordered Paratha with korma (or some mutton curry, i don't remember the name). The mutton quantity was very less. Very small 2 pieces of mutton. The paratha was not good. Very thin, not cooked well.
I'd say Lazeez is much better for Mutton kassa and paratha.
Price - reasonable
Service - poor


What's the fuss about?

We went to Tunday Kebab on Saturday to find comfort in awadhi food. And I still don't get it. What's all the fuss around this place about?

The place looks worn out (already!), albeit a great deal cleaner than I had expected. The service is quick. And to think I was willing to give up on all this because I thought the food will be to die for. It is anything but that! Really. I can't qualify as a connoisseur when it comes to Mughlai or Awadhi or any other kind of food. And I still know the food was only average. The mutton roll tasted good, but dripping with oil on all sides. I know this cuisine is generally rich and oily, but I still can't forgive oil dripping all over my hands and the paper wrapped around the roll. Gilawati kebab was goodt. Seekh kebab was strictly average. And Biryani was B-A-D. The quality of rice was bad, the oil in the Biryani settled all around my mouth, and I couldn't even take a second helping. If there's one thing that really puts me off, it is bad Biryani. Something unprecedented happened this weekend. I STILL have left over Biryani in the fridge, and I can't get myself to eat it. And if you know me well, you would also know that this is enough to explain how mediocre the food was.

Tunday may have been heritage in the world where one had to go to Awadh to eat Awadhi food. But now with so many Biryani places in Bangalore, and dosa corners up north, I see no reason to go to Tunday. It's value for money. Actually make that just inexpensive. But saving a few hundred bucks when you can actually eat authentic AND delicious kebabs at Samarkand, why settle for less. And if price is a deciding factor, stick to Kund, Indiranagar. Or Lazeez.

Tunday Kebabs is a 3 on 5 for me. I see no reason to return!

Original post at



go for galawati kabab!


A no frills place claiming to live up to the rich heritage associated with Tunday ke kabab from lucknow. The menu is short and has 3-4 options in chicken, mutton and veg.

Since it was raining hard and radio announced that trees were getting uprooted in many parts of the town we decided to take a take-away. We had a small order since were just taking it as snacks and not a full meal. We ordered mutton seekh kabab and half plate tunday kabab. The tunday kababs were ready in like 2 mins but the seekh kababs were no where in sight. The staff informed us that since everything was being made fresh it would take 15-20 minutes to get seekh kabab. Since we were in a hurry we settled for gelawati kababs instead, another mutton preparation. For those who have never heard of gelawati kababs , please google and get some insights. We did not order biryani or parathas but saw some other people being served parathas and they looked yummy and filling.
We got very hungry on the way back home and opened the pack of gelawati kababs in the car itself. They simply melted in the mouth and were very very rich in flavour a bit spicy though. The prices are a little high for a no frills joint but the gelawati kababs are worth a try!



Forget the tradition

Just go there, as if visiting another eatery (not restaurant).

Chicken is always hard (bad quality meat). Kabab and paratha is OK. Not hygienic. ill trained staff.



Tunday ke Gunde!!


Janab Gustakhi maaf, aap jahan se aaye hain wohi ruk jayiye aur usi mein aap ka naam barkarar rahega....franchisee ke naam pe is khilwar ko agey na baraye!!

Pehle toh khane ka battar quality uske upar se aapke waiter logon ke tewar mashallah!!

Jin sahab ne aap ko yeh franchisee wala kira se katwaya hai unhe jaldi hi bhul jayiye, nahin toh sau saal ka yeh kahani gutter mein beh jayega!!

Highly disappointed with your food quality, as i am not bothered about yr restaurant get up, since I am sure that is not your forte!! BTW I would not wait for you to come in person to cook every that idea is ruled out to change my review henceforth.

Aap bahut hi umdah khana banate hain aur isi liye itna kuch likh daala,,,phir se gustakhi maaf kijiyega!!


Lucknow - Guy

I have been there in Tunday Kabab last week end. The Mutton Kabab and Paratha was delisious as i belongs to Lucknow i use to take it in Lucknow. The only issue i found in Tunday Kabab bangalore is its a bit expensive. I wont think it worth than what you are paying if they can increase the quantity of Kabab or reduse the price they will be more successfull as they are in Lucknow.



First time i tried the Tunday kebabs..i was blown..they were amazing..soft..succulent and ready to melt in mouth..the same day i also tried the Seekh kebabs which were seasoning..nothing..had decided then to try only the Tunday kebabs in future..However i bought some T.Kebabs yesterday and it was quite a revolting start with i feel that i had been served the left overs of the previous day..the kebabs were hard..kind of heated up leftovers on tava...the last thing i expected ofcourse after paying the steep price the restaurant charges...probably my guess is you get the fresh stock on weekends considering the crowd...the place is expensive..quantities are miniscule(just imagine 2 index finger sized seekhs for 180 bucks!!) and i will also make sure that i dont visit it again considering their non-professionalism in serving leftovers!!



the gelawati/galouti kabab was missing that cardamom element which is essential to awadhi food. the kabab did have that melt in the mouth feel but the missing flavor was a dampener. the seekh kababs were ok, bbq chicken sucked. we spent 270 for one plate galouti, one seekh, half bbq chicken & a coke. service was ok but seemed a little stressed out. maybe it was the sunday rush.
I've had better awadhi food - the best was @ "al kausar" in delhi. this doesn't even compare. i guess you may find better options in bangalore itself. "umerkot" or "a taste of rampur"?


Anything for food

Avoid the chicken in this place, the tunday kebabs though lacking in quantity make up for in great taste. They literally melt in your mouth. Have that with the parathas.The sheek kebabs were dissapointing though, bit too dry for my taste. If you like mutton biryani then this place will not dissapoint.
Cleanliness is something that has to be overlooked here. Nice place for hogging not a place to spend quality time.
Warning they accept only cash, so dont walk in without enough cash in your pockets.


vishwas25 - Burrp User


14 Reviews

February 26,2010


Bad service, poor hygiene

My friend took me to Tunday Kababs the other day. He too hails from the same place as Tunday. He gave me a gist of how the name of the place originated and described a few dishes and, frankly, it did sound yum. So we walked into a pretty unexciting ambience and ordered two parathas, one chicken korma, and one chicken kabab.

The food arrived earlier than expected, which was a good sign.
Food was pretty unusual, never tasted something like this before.

Unfortunately, half way into the chicken korma, I discovered a big fat black ant dead in the korma. I had to just wash my hands, stomach half filled, and very furious. But I held my horses and pointed it out to the rather casual manager/owner who didn't even apologize once. The waiter did apologize. I heard a voice which said don't take the money from the customer, which sounded more like an insult than a way of saying sorry. A plain,straight forward, old school apology from the manager/owner would have saved the day. But that didn't happen and hence not recommending it to anyone due to the very poor service. But can't say the same about the taste of the food, as it was pretty good until I found the darn ant which ruined my lunch.

Quantity has to be increased. Not worth paying more for little.
Kababs were interesting but tasty. Looked more like burger patty than the regular kabab, so don't be shocked when you see the kababs!

Overall experience is bad. My friend is from Lucknow too, and he was rather unhappy.


dyw936 - Burrp User


9 Reviews

February 17,2010


needs to clean up

Ive been there a few time and the kebabs are all very nice but their quantity is def not worth the price u pay for it..

Their tables are always sticky n their green seats are uncomfortable and filthy..

As for their service... i have no complains the staff are extremely helpful and very sweet...



Happy to find Lucknow taste in B'lore

Felt happy to find Lucknow taste in B'lore. Galawati Kabab tasted 95% authentic. However, with their service, I doubt they will be able to please cosmopolitan B'lore techies. But I will definitely visit again. 3/5 for food only... Service needs improvement.



Nice Kababs, wish the quantity was more

Last week as I happened to pass by Koramangala, and got a plate of Mutton Kababs ordered.
It arrived in a small plate of 4 tiny pieces of patty shaped kababs. The Kababs were good, succulent, almost melting in the month. However, the enjoyment was pretty short lived for my liking. Wish they could increase the quantity a bit since the price is a bit steep for the quantity served :-)


SSK  - Burrp User


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February 07,2010


Disappointing experience if compared to Lucknow!!

I belong to Lko and needless to say am a huge fan of Tunday's. However, the outlet in Bangalore is highly disappointing- the prices are exorbitantly high (sp. the paratha-kebabs), the portions/size of kebabs are small & the korma dishes & tandoori chicken do not taste all that great. I don't know if the chefs have been hired from Lko bec the food definitely does not taste the same.
The only thing I loved was the Biryani, def. worth a try.
Ambience- 2/5, Value for Money- 2/5, Service- 3/5.
Happy Dining :)


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Nancy Drew

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February 05,2010


Not at all worth the hype..!

Went to this place after reading the reviews on burrp. It was a huge dissapointment...!! We ordered for some mutton kababs which come as 4 pieces in a plate. The kababs were soft & succulent & the only saving grace in the whole meal. Then we tried a grilled chicken which came as half burnt pieces of chicken. The chicken was hard, rubbery & pretty bad. Then hubby ordered for a chicken gravy along with some rotis. The gravy was pathetic. Service was ok. The guys seemed a little eager to please. But not worth a second visit at all. Bangalore has much better places to have this kind of food.....


February 6, 2010response from management at The Legend of Lucknow:

thanks for your critical analysis, we have noted your comment and will surely try to serve you and all our cutomers in more improved way. However I am visiting Banaglore on 9th February,2009 and will myself be preparing the delicacies, you are most welcome to visit the Restaurant so that we can satisfy your taste buds.

February 6, 2010response from management at The Legend of Lucknow:

*9th February,2010

Finaly Kababs have arrived in Bangalore

Tunde Ke Kababs are something that you grow up eating if you are from Lucknow. The moment I heard about it opening in Blore I was really looking forward to it. I make sure I eat tunde ke kabab and paratha everytime I make a trip to Lko. Me and my hubby went last Saturday for lunch to try out how authentic the tunde kababs are in Bangalore. The first thing I noticed was the setting of the restaurant was just like the one in luckow. Same pics of the stars with the chef :)

We ordered one plate mutton kababs, 2 parathas, 1 half plate roasted chicken, 1 plate biryani and 1 Kheer.

The kababs are just yummmmmmmmmm. They melt in the mouth and taste just the same as Lucknow Tunde kababs.

Roasted chicken is very good. Roasted and marinated to perfection.

Biryani is typical Lucknowi style. Very light masalas unlike the Hyderabadi biryani.

And the Kheer in the end just satisfies the stomach :)

Price wise its a lil expensive if I compare it with the prices in Lucknow but, for Bangalore its pretty decent.

Our bill came upto 350 bucks for 2 people.


January 20, 2010response from management at The Legend of Lucknow:

Thanks for your Comments

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January 18,2010


Amazing Kebabs - Kurma & Biryani

Guys - This is a place for MUTTON - Amazing Mutton Kebabs/ Mutton kurma Gravy and Biryani - In this order. The Sheek Kebabs are just passable and the rolls avoidable.


January 20, 2010response from management at The Legend of Lucknow:

Thanks for your comments


Hugely disappointing

There was a review of this place ( more like a self-promoting) introduction yesterday and it was quite an interesting one. So since this place is nearby, one had to try it out and figure out if the legend is true

Well, the experience was disappointing to say the least. I went there around 5:30 p.m and as one would expect, the place was not crowded at all. Nothing against that because its the wrong time of the day to be eating out

The owner,( I presume) sitting at the cash counter greeted me quite graciously and that was a good start. I glanced at the menu on the wall, and opted to go for the Seek Kabab - which I am told is what this place earned its name for. Every plate has only two pieces in it - which I feel is too less. Anyway, I ordered two plates. I wanted to order one and instead try and Mutton Seek Roll. Surprisingly, the waiter who took my parcel order told me that it is not good?! Well, why have it on the menu then? Anyway, what O rdered was two plates of Seek kabab and one mutton roll - all of which came upto Rs. 180 ( not cheap in my book, but would have been worth it if the food was exceptional)

Well, I arrived back at base to find that the kababs were stone cold ( so basically not fresh) and served with no accompaniments of any kind. The mutton roll, was hot thankfully. The roll is bigger than in most other places, but the meat content is far too less and one bites a lot of dough before getting to the meat. Again, no other accompaniment. The meat was not juicy and one found a lot of masala as well.

Finally, after heating the kababs myself, I had it to find that they were not extra-ordinary. Was I expecting too much? They were too plain tasting - no spice at all. Soft no doubt - but not succulent

So overall, this is a bad start. Unless I start hearing some good things - I am not trying this one soon


January 20, 2010response from management at The Legend of Lucknow:

thanks for your critical analysis, we have noted your comment and will surely try to serve you and all our cutomers in more improved way,