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> > > > The Only Place

The Only Place

Museum RoadCentral Bangalore  

  • 08032718989, 09845326495
  • No. 13, Museum Road, Bangalore
  • Continental, Italian
  • Meal for 2 - 800

92 Reviews / 95 Ratings

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The Only Place Reviews








Consistently The Best Steaks you have ever eaten.. You will only walk out more surprised each time, because the experience just gets better with every visit.

A Must visit for everyone in Bangalore.







Lovely Only Place..

Had the 12th nice meal at this cozy li'l place last Saturday.
Ordered garlic bread with cheese and Whooper Burger, and both were heavenly..Garlic bread was soft enough to melt in the mouth and Whooper was Whooping..A Herculean task but worth the adventure. Others on the table, went for the Lasagne etc
Both were very nice. And finally ended it with the Blueberry Cheese cake.
Highly recommended for all authentic American food lovers and need to definitely check out the Indira Nagar joint soon.


Very Disappointing

Ever since being in Bangalore, I always wanted to experience dining at this location. I had heard so much about it. When my date suggested going there, I enthusiastically replied "yes"

I was there last night ' September 26, 2013 at 8 pm. The restaurant was quiet at this time which was much appreciated. I ordered the Beef medallions and the "London" Fish, which is just fish and chips. I told my date that I wanted to order the main course after receiving the appetizers since I had the feeling that they would bring the main dish while I would still be eating my appetizer.

The medallions were slightly over cooked but the meat was tender. They resembled small hockey pucks. They were served with a few french fries thrown on top.
The main course did come when I was only half done with the appetizer. He set the fish and chips aside on the table. I did hurry to finish my beef as fish and chips are not good when cold. The fish and chips did not resemble any style of fish and chips I had enjoyed in London. The fish was heavily battered and soggy and very oily. I ended up pealing off most of the batter to reveal the small amount of fish included inside. The french fries were ordinary but not hand cut. They looked and tasted like frozen chips one would pull out of the freezer and thrown into a frying pan at home.
That night, I did not sleep for having cramps and the "runs" from what I think was unclean oil in which the fish was fried.


A Very Happening Place to Eat in Bangalore

During my last trip to Bangalore a month back was introduced to this place - what a lovely open air place with great ambience , buzzing with people and great Continental food - would surely visit it whenever I am in Bangalore !


Still As Good As The Old Days

Went here after a long time and found that the place still has the charm that it used to have in the old days.

On weekends, the place is buzzing with people and so do book a table before you go. For all the three hours, I was there, there was not a single table empty.

The ambiance is like a sit out in a courtyard and they have these old wall fans that gives you a nostalgic feeling. The seating is very basic but comfortable.

The food is very tasty and portions are large. So most of us could not even get through the starter, main course and dessert routine. The complimentary garlic breads are yummy and just melt in your mouth.

On the whole a good place to catch up friends on a lazy Sunday, that too if you are not feeling like drinking.


Best place to have burgers

If you like burgers, this is the place in Bangalore where you get small steak chunks inside your burger.

The Whooper Burger is the best I have had so far. It is pretty big in size and is their signature item.

Other food like the steaks and the pastas are on the average side.

One dessert which is a must try is the Apple Pie with Ice Cream.

Make sure you have enough time on your hands when you come here since the orders take their time to come.


Definatly not the "ONLY" place !

Its been a over week that I last visited this place .... but I didn't felt like writing a review as lots been already said. Like many others I had gone thru the comments posted on the website before visiting - and was super excited for the evening as I am big foodie and enjoy eating different delicacy.

Thankfully it was a Thursday evening and not much waiting was there ... so we already went straight ahead with placement of our order. The staff is not courteous and is reluctant when comes to make any recommendation. NOT A PLACE FOR VEGGIE ... so my mom was decently disappointed and the non veg is also not that great .... I will recommend all to give this place a total miss.


Good, not WOW!

I had visited Only Place a few years ago, and had the worst meal of my life. I swore that I would never come back. But a few days ago most restaurants in the vicinity were shut because of a dry day so I landed up here with my partner.

The place was packed and buzzing with banter. The restaurant was adorned with Christmas lights everywhere, giving it a festive feel. We were made to wait for our table, but were seated within ten minutes.The attenders and the waiters are very well trained. Service at the Only Place is one of the highlights. Thumbs up!

The menu is mix of Continental, Italian and Tex-Mex. We ordered the Cheesy Fries and the Crumb Fried Chicken Nuggets as starters. The Cheesy Fries were not the best. They were covered in cheese, all right, but the kind of cheese that hardens as soon as it has melted. It was really a task to eat after a while. The crumb fried chicken, on the other hand, was well made. The nuggets were nicely fried on the outside while still being juicy on the inside.

For the main course, my partner went with the Boston Steak and I chose the Barbequed Chicken. The chicken was done in a tandoor-style and came with a sweetish tomato sauce that didn't impress me much. But I had a bite of the Boston Steak and it was simply delicious! Maybe I'll stick to their signature steaks if I come here the next time.


Feel special

This place is very lively,set in an open air and spacious environment in the heart of the city.The owner makes you feel special,as more often than not he will take your order so there is no way that you can go wrong with your order here.The rest of the staff tend to be complacent at times.
My favourites here are the garlic bread,chicken nuggets,fish and chips special,philly's cheese steak and the apple pie with cream/ice cream.
Reasonably priced and good quantity,you cannot go wrong with the only place.



Great Place!

I have been going to The Only Place for years, ever since it was in Mota Royal Arcade. One thing I have always loved about the place is that they do not tax you heavily. They also give a huge quantity of food - real value for money. Over the years, I have been with many people and tried many dishes on different occassions - Christmas, Thanksgiving and usual weekdays and weekends. My favorites however remain their Cream of Tomato Soup, their Garlic Bread (its the best in Bangalore in my opinion) and their Apple Pie and Cream. My friends swear by the steaks and my mother by the Lasagne. The ambience of the place is pleasant - open air, spacious and quiet as its set back from the road. The service is courteous if a bit slow and the menu is extensive. The food is also fairly authentic from what I have been told. The price is the best thing about this place - extremely reasonable. One of the many reasons to go back, in today's Bangalore where some places charge three times the amount for half the quantity.


ShannahG - Burrp User


4 Reviews

December 05,2012


Love this place!

I love the food and the service in this restaurant. Food is delicious and reasonably priced. You can never go wrong with anything on their menu. The owner is very good in making you feel special. It's like eating home-cooked food here all the time.


linpaws - Burrp User


11 Reviews

November 24,2012


Not that impressed

very crowded and ok... doesnt make me feel like, I want to be there again type of food.
But that said, cant complain.


Inspiring delight

my all time favorite restaurant in the world. the world! too many amazing things to describe this place. sum it up on 2 words? food nirvana! go. just go.



steaks the usp

I have been here a few tyms
The steaks are really good
Its always crowded , lot of couples find dis an awsome place to dine
But d wait for d Seats and den for the food is not bearable
The staff are not all dat supportive i must say
But dats compensated by the awesome food


Neha Singh - Burrp User

Neha Singh

7 Reviews

November 12,2012


Elegant place..

The Only place truly stands up to its name when it comes to the food. It is one of the very few places which serve good steaks. Elegant and classy dishes, with a beautiful night ambience.
The only reason I would not give it a 4 star would be its staff. They could do with a little more hospitality.



Truly...the ONLY place

I have followed this restaurant from the early 90s when it was in Mota Arcade and now on Museum Road. And Bangalore might have changed but not this place! Having tried almost everything on the menu, I can safely say my favourites are the steaks, lamb burger and anything that is made from "Shoaibs Secret Recipe"/. The fish and chips here are to die for and are on par if not better than some ones in London. The turkey during thanks giving and Christmas is also fantastic. Plus, the chilled out, almost rustic setting and the buzzing atmosphere makes for a lovely evening. I also loved the apple pie...Mmmmmm.



Avoid if you have any self esteem / respect

Had gone last night to this "The Only Place", and realized that is the only place that has the worst uneducated illiterate manner-less useless arrogant staff... we were 3 couples, and me and my wife were first to reach... no one seemed to be interested in even attending to us, and after 5 minutes of standing in the middle of the place, (which was 50% empty), one of their super educated staff comes across, and i happen to ask him "table for 6 please"... and he inturn asks "are all of you here ?", to which i replied that the 2 couples are on the way... and his rubbish reply "please wait outside, we can give you the table only if you all are here together only !"


Please avoid this place if you have any sense of self esteem / respect !


killer00 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 03,2012


A really good restaurant specialty - STEAKS

Love the foooood , my mouth waters just thinkin about the steaks just love'm...why spent money on junk overpriced fast food chains when we have "only place.
My favourite - Boston special and apple pie with vanilla ice cream is a must have!!!!
(errr ...these are two dishes). and the burger so huge..... and Meatyyyyyyyy. yum,yum



Classy in an amazingly different way

I have only good things to say about The only place. Even though everybody tells me to place reservations in advance, I've never done that. But never have I had to return disappointed coz of that. The ambience is something you have to experience for yourself and trust me, it'll be worth it. Everytime I go there, I order something different from Burgers to lasagnes to steak and what not. Even though the wait can be pretty gruesome, you forget all about it and start slurping over the food. A bit costly and classy, sometimes I do wish that they'd improve on their service. If you have the slightest affinity for Italian food, The only place is the only place to go. ;)


suzoyy12 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 13,2012


Pathetic onBoarding but Awesome food

Few rules one must take care before one boards for this place :-

1.Never ever give/request to owner with your order even if you are waiting for more than 30 mins for your order .

2. Waiter will say "THANK YOU" jaisey yaaaaaar ki "EHSAAN KAR DIYA" BY GOOODDD

After painful , tragic & sour journey , when the food arrives .......... YUM YUM :

Whooper burger , Fish Steak , Chicken supreme "PHAATAPHAATI"

P.S :- maaf karna mere spelling mistakes ;)





I haven't written a review in ages. But this is one review that's long overdue. I first went to The Only Place when my brother (the full-on Bangalorean, might I add) suggested it more than 2 years ago. Well, he didn't just suggest it. He raved about it. The foodie in me just had to go there. And that's what we did. Since then, there have been multiple visits and I always come out of there, feeling somehow, so delightfully satisfied.

Firstly I'd like to say something to people who have never had steak. If you plan on trying steak, please go to The Only Place, order the Liberty steak, and be transported to steak heaven. It's the perfect steak for someone who hasn't yet been initiated into the world of steak goodness. The most juicy and tender meat I have ever eaten.

A must-try is the cheesy garlic bread. It is so delightfully cheesy. I could've gone there and had just that. Plates and plates of it. I swear it really is that good.

They have this humungous burger. I think it's called the whopper and boy, it actually is that. This is not one for the light-hearted (literally). I had that once (yes, it actually is a once-in-a-lifetime experience) and never again. Once again, the most succulent meat, nestled in a bun, with a fried egg somehow pushing itself in there, onions..i don't quite remember the rest, since I was in no condition, at the time, to keep an eye open for detail. what i do remember is that i could barely move after that.

My favourite on the menu, however is the Philly cheese steak, which, true to it's name is a sandwich with thin slices of steak and cheese (of course!). So delicious. So filling. So perfect.

Warning : The mustard is incredibly pungent!!! So now you know that and you don't have to be the dude who goes up in flames because you ate a piece of mustard-coated garlic bread. :) Cheers!!


Goa in Bangalore!!

Went there on a Friday night. The place was packed, as usual. Had to wait for 15 to get a table. An additional 15 to place my order. And another 30 till the food finally came to my table. But when it did, all my anger just shut up. The food was totally worth the wait!

The Only Place is this cozy little shack thing, tucked in Museum Road. It's more like 'blink and you miss it' on the street. But I suggest you don't miss it. Go there with your partner or friends or family, if you want to get a feel of Goa in Bangalore, minus the sea breeze and beer.



My Childhood Favorite!

been visiting this place from as long as i can remember. it used to be our favorite place to catch a bite as a family. the ambiance is great and the place is always packed. be sure to reach on time or you might have to wait to get a table. considering the population of people inside the service is a little slow but the food is definitely worth waiting for.

my personal favorites are their steaks. nothing kills the craving for steaks better than theirs. the lasagna is heavenly! do try their philly cheese steak. its the best i've ever had. their tettrazinne is worth trying for people that love cheese.
if you have a large appetite then definitely go ahead and try the Whopper burger! its worth the challenge. great taste and flavor.
their seasonal pies are amazing. i love their strawberry pie and their peach pie. lip smacking!




Best steaks I've ever had, have been visiting this place from the time they were on Brigade Road, quality of food has always been amazing, one more thing that has not changed is the laid back attitude of the staff which may take one by surprise especially on a day when the place is packed. Draw the waiter to your table somehow he may not come by himself and place your order and be prepared to waaait for your food, but my experience so far is, it is worth the wait


Cosy and Lively!

Been to this place a few times, loved the food! The steaks are really filling. Also had cheese balls and mushroom spinach balls which were too good!!! Love the 'Goa' like ambience! :P
The waiters looks a bit grumpy though but then its the same with every restaurant in Bangalore!


Good Food, nice place - had a Fab time !

Just got back from this Restaurant.

- Loved the food
- A bit crowded ( weekend rush)
- overall a great time with friends
- wanted to try out the Strawberry Pie (heard its of the " MUST HAVE" things in this restaurant ) it wasn't available today.

I would definitely recommend this place !



horrible pasta

I along with 5 of my colleagues went to this restaurant. I am my colleague ordered two portions of pasta cooked in white sauce. We could not eat the pasta because it was smelling very bad. I dont know whether the sauce was spoilt or the vegetables were rotten. When we informed the same to the person who was sitting on the cash counter he insisted that the pastas were made properly and that is way this restaurants prepares pastas. This was the worst experience i have ever had. Never have pastas in this place. Not a good place to hang around


BURGER-LUVERS: This is the 'only place' for you!

Things to keep in mind:
1) Go at night
2) Please order the 'Whopper-Burger'- Beef (Rs.320)
3) Indulge in your burger
4) Happiness assured for a life time!
5) Now stop reading and Get Going.......! The ONLY PLACE awaits U!


Good food

Nice Ambiance. If you are there you must try out their steaks. My personnel favorite is the Boston Steak. One suggestion, do not go there when it is crowded. I have noticed that the quality of the food and service slightly deteriorates when the place is crowded.



Lovely ambience and fantastic food.

I have been visiting this place for the past 8 years and it still pulls me back to the variety and taste it offers with it. Amazing cining experience and top it up tremendously tasty food. The service needs a lot of improvement though.


neha726 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 30,2011


Best Meal of 2011... :-)

I went to The Only Place today with my husband and cousins from Delhi....We all absolutely LOVED the food....the ambiance is really nice....and Mr.Sohaib is the best host....our guests loved the food and want to definitely come down to Bangalore only to have a meal here....Everything about the place is amazing !!! :-) We love this place :-)



me and the wife had had airing morning with some outside work and wanted to have a relaxed afternoon lunch. we landed here at 12.30. there were 2 tables occupied. we spotted a table for 4 with a bench seat, not reserved. We asked if we could sit there bu for some reason they refused, or rather ignored us. We'd had enough and quietly walked out.

They may have had us eat humble pie and sit where they wanted us to 20 yrs ago, but sorry. there are far more courteous places waiting to get your business. I went to one which i believe catered to my needs.


dhrity - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 09,2011


Good food, terrible service

I decided to visit The Only Place for lunch with a couple of friends on a Saturday, and was pleasantly surprised when we easily got a table as the place wasn’t very crowded.
And then began the long wait for everything, right from being handed the menu to being served some water. When the waiter finally decided to grace our table, we quickly ordered both for starters as well as main course as it was evident that it would take him or any of the others a long time to venture in this direction again, in spite of us calling out several times.
The starters took quite a long time to arrive too, but I must admit that the food tasted great. Only after the starters were served though did the waiter tell us that one dish for the main course, chicken stroganoff, would not be available and we would have to order something else. The explanation was pretty weird too – the waiter went on to say that only when the chef gets around to preparing the actual dish do they come to know if its available or not. I ordered a fish steak instead, as the waiter said it required the least preparation time and we were already tired of the waiting. When the main course finally arrived, we were somewhat placated as the food really tasted superb, but what could otherwise have been a delightful lunch experience was ruined by the abysmally poor service at the restaurant.
As I am a firm believer that a good restaurant is one which rates high both on food quality as well as service, I would surely not recommend The Only Place to any friend who is looking for a good dining experience.



Too much spinach!

"Endless Appetite" by Ananta Sen and Poonam Vaidya
Aiming to devour Bangalore in five days

An all-time Bangalore favourite, Only Place was an obvious option for lunch on a lazy Sunday. The pair arrived at the open-air restaurant, wich was packed with more or less metal-heads, eating a double meal, in anticipation of the Metallica concert being held that day. Appitite had read a few reviews, recommending the barbeque Steak, so she chose the same, and Endless, much in confusion, studied the menu at length, and declared that she had a craving for Quiche. She ordered a Vegetarian Quiche, much to Appitite’s surprise. ‘There’s only Vegetarian in Quiche’ she explained.

Before the main course arrived a plate of complementary Garlic bread, piping hot. It was so delicious, that Endless asked for another plate, which she noted, while studying the bill, was also complementary.

The Barbeque Steak was ‘Yummy’ declared Appitite, where as Endless wore a dissatisfied expression throughout the meal. On enquiring about it, Endless wrinkled her nose and declared , “There’s too much spinach, it’s even coming out of the quiche.”

Appetite concluded in her personal capacity that, “this place is only probably good for steak, and maybe lasagna.” The combined rating of the place was 2.5, or maybe 3 on 5, with the steak being one of ‘the best’(4 out of 5), only second to Appetite’s all-time favourite, the ‘Liberty Steak’., and the disappointing Quiche a mere 2 out of 5.



Ah..comfort food.

The Only Place, true to its name is the only restaurant that has not disappointed me in about two years of patronizing. Drive along Museum Road with a keen eye else you'll miss the sign with a pout. Once at the gate, its like being welcomed home, especially if you have a sweet tooth and have heard endless peans about their strawberry pie. More on that later.

The place is nicely done, retro..old it what you may, complete with tiled roof and the quintessential checkered table cloth. On weekdays, you'll mostly see business lunches in progress..we were the only college students the day before and felt a little out of place for a moment amidst the suits and ties. On weekends, however, the crowd mainly consists of families, college reunions and friends having a good time. The restaurant is great for a romantic dinner too..I've heard it looks beautiful at night. The staff is very well informed, polite and attend to you invisibly! You might notice a full water glass merely seconds after you emptied it and diverted attention to the cheese garlic bread.

Speaking of which, the cheesy garlic bread is a must try. You get three huge slices literally weighed down with a fine mix of cheddar and mozzarella melted to perfection (although on my last visit, the cheese wasn't 'melty' enough but the dish still great). This with copius amounts of the appropriately sharp mustard spells heaven. And before you realize, the mains arrive.

And now, the reason behind this review - the burger. Vegetable burger at The Only Place is the best veggie burger I have ever had (and I have had a LOT of them). The bun soft and uncrumbly, no onions to mar the taste of the soft patty, a layer of cheese, tomato slices? (can't remember if there were any) and finally the succulent patty. Remember Marshall Erikson's speech about the perfect burger on How I Met Your Mother? If I'd ever quote it, it would be after a bite of this burger. It comes with a generous portion of fries, which can be swapped with steamed vegetables or salad because the burger is HUGE. At Rs. 110, it is easily as filling as 1.5 burgers and a regular portion of fries at popular international fastfood chains. ;)

Other items from the main course menu that I have tried are the veg lasagne and pasta with vegetables. Both are exceptionally well made. While the pasta portion is about right for a person, the lasagne serves two and is as cheesy as the garlic bread. My friend tried a tomato and cucumber sandwich and it beats me how well they make a simple sandwich! I can't comment on the non-vegetarian food available here but friends I trust say that their pasta with chicken and steaks are commendable. Most main courses come with complimentary garlic bread slices.

Make sure you spare room for dessert because -despite a limited menu- desserts are exceptional. Do not miss their strawberry pie with cream and ice cream (do not skip either the cream or the ice cream), cherry pie or the chocolate dessert. Once again, the portions are huge and a dessert could serve atleast two people. And they're so rich that you'll want to put in 30 extra minutes on the treadmill the next day. Totally worth it, though.

Its hard to find flaws here, even if you look for them. The only thing I could add would be music - they don't play any. The place doesn't serve alcohol but the iced tea and cold coffee are great. Also, dining alone here isn't awkward at'll find a patron or two enjoying a quiet steak alone even on a busy day. In fact, this is one the very few places in Bangalore where a woman can dine alone with zero weirdness.

In four visits, The Only Place hasn't even slightly disappointed me. Celebrated my last birthday here and since then, things have gotten personal with that burger. :D


suhailrahman - Burrp User


4 Reviews

September 09,2011


Amazing Steak!

Food: Simply amazing. But only on weekdays. Weekends its not upto the mark
The steaks are the best iv tasted in town

Service: Very very Mediocre.

Cherry and Apple pie with cream are heavenly!!



Great ambience, nice food

The only place was the first place I tried steak in Bangalore, and yes it did set the bar high. Hearty portions and the mustard sauce is exactly the punch you need with all that red meat. I do have a problem with the mashed potato. It is more like regular aloo chokha we make at home. It lacks the cooking in milk bit. The desserts are good too, but availability is an issue. By and large a good experience.


Food Taste

this was the first time i visited this place, i would recommend not to go for Soups, the main course was decent enough, chicken barbique was good compared to chicken supreme.



Yum Yum

Excellent food & service I love to eat at The Only Place everytime I visit Bangalore :)
Keep up the good work,




The service is pathetic there .And it even become horrible as the number of foreigners increase. No comments on the food and ambience. I think u can get all this thousands and thousands times better in places like Bangalore Bistro or Desmonds....


Nice place for Fine Dining

Its one of the first restaurants I visited some 5 yrs back and it has remained as good as one could expect it to be. Though service at times could go awry but once your orders come to your table every thing is forgotten and you soak it all in. Nestled amongst high rise structures it has yet kept the out door concept alive.

Highly reccommended for a nice evening out with family and friends. Not formal for a business lunch but if your guests love the food then hit on.



Recently visisted this place with some school friends, being a mix of vegetarian and non-veg cuisine preferences. The place has a very-Goan ambience and the curios shop just outside emphasises the effect. The checkered table cloth, the tall glass pitchers and the staff - all punctuate this effect :)

I ordered lasagne and iced tea...they were a hit, with me :)


The Only Place - Epic Fail

Food: Mediocre
Service: Mediocre, Slow
Ambiance: Bad (Not maintained well). Rain water seeps into the hotel.
Location: Good

Note: Please avoid during the rains as the water from the road finally ends up in the restaurant. No contingency plan and the hotel staff is clueless. Their production area looks circumspect.



The best place in Bangalore to have a steak. The ambience is awesome where you can enjoy a great steak (or a burger) with friends. The atmosphere is very good for discussions and the waiters are not intrusive at all. The service is simply superb. They even take good care of you while you are waiting. It is a very good place to catch up with friends on a lazy weekend.


great value

Awesome place with great value for money.. Friendly service and an amazing array of food. The op special fish is excellent along with the cheesy fries. The chocolate cake is to die for. All in all an excellent place to go with the family..


rao007 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

March 14,2011


Good food

Recently been to this place with a couple of friends..Being a vegetarian I ordered the lasagna with spinach and mushrooms turned out to be a quite good with right amounts of cheese,pasta,spinach and mushroom cooked friends loved thier steaks..the ambience is cool giving u a goa type of feel...Would recommend it to both vegetrian and non vegetarian folk...



Good food @ a very laid back and tranquil place

When I first entered this place I forgot the outside...I thought I had entered some household that serves good multi-cuisine food...I had a veg lasagna and my friend had a steak...and both the things very very good...though the options for vegetarians are very is still always a pleasure to go there...:D

PS: I love the ice tea here...




Decently priced, apparently really good for steaks. I only eat chicken so I had the Chicken Maryland which is delicious. It's lightly breaded and semi crunchy.

I also had the Chicken Sobrero, which is there take on tex-mex. A little saucy, but still not bad.



the steak place

i remember it for their steaks.. ambiance is very good.. and food is delicious.. full marks!! they don't serve alcohol "on menu". But ask for it,
and they may accomodate, depending."



LOVE this place :)

Thinking about the only place makes me smile always, its so cozy and the waiters are gracious. I have eaten at this restaurant from the time that it was on brigade road.... whatever we order its always delicious, the desserts are also amazing it & it always fits the pocket with respect to the quality of food that they provide..... hopefully they will stay in bengaluru for many more years to come ... the only thing we find amiss is the absence of cocktails...


AnushK - Burrp User


9 Reviews

January 08,2011


Cozy eaterie

I absolutely loved the ambience of this place. It is informal and has a cozy air about it. I have been there a few times. I have to say that for a vegetarian the choices aren't that great. My all-time favourite here is fish and chips. On my last visit, I had chicken steak and although the steak was good, the vegetables on the side weren't blanched to perfection. Probably the huge crowd was overwhelming. My companion had turkey - did not have the best of flavours and definitely not value for money. I will go there again to try a few more dishes but probably on a less busy day.


tiwanaz - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 26,2010


Lovely experience!

we went for christmas lunch.been twice there before. alwaya like this place..the ambience is nice. food is good.the pastas, lasagne, steaks.good variety. nice service. the only negative is no drinks. not even mocktails.


chickeats - Burrp User


11 Reviews

December 26,2010


Christmas Day Dinner...

It has it all.. a sweet informal environment... homelike Christmas lights.. and the best sirloin I've had in a long time, and I am a serious beef junkie. It was perfectly medium rare, just the way I asked. The pepper sauce was perfectly seasoned. And everyone was all smiles...

Well except my friend who ordered Chicken and got beef... but it was replaced within a minute... It's Christmas day and they were booked fully and going mad I'm sure... All was well in the end.

My first time here and I will be coming back. Maybe on a lazier day.



bad bad bad

had heard a lot about this place,but it did not live upto it's name.been there 4 times and all the 4 times the experience has been horrendous.the food is not at all good.have tried pasta,burgers, name it,have tried it.cant take the risk of visiting "the only place" again.


cheesypeasy - Burrp User


4 Reviews

November 25,2010


good food

I've been here many many times and love the food (that can be a little "indianised" for continental food). I have tried almost everything and the vegetarian lasagna and desserts are to die for. The ambiance is great too. But I have a feeling the waiters are rude to Indians. I know the most important thing in a restaurant is the food, but I think all this adds up to a not so great restaurant experience.


Suzanne - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 25,2010


BAKED COCKROACH (yes, whole) in our pie

THE ONLY PLACE in Bangalore where you can get a BAKED COCKROACH (yes, whole) in your food - our lunch at the famous The Only Place Restaurant, Bangalore - an yucks-perience never to be repeated!!
My husband and I especially wanted to take my family visiting from Mumbai here, as we were great fans of the food. My Mum didn't really like her shepherd's pie much, n was picking at it when suddenly she spotted a whole cockroach, the size of a middle fingernail, in her pie filling, YUCKS.
Shocking that a restaurant of this standing involved such a disgusting incident.What was even more disgusting was the owner's shocking and unapologetic attitude - the silver-haired gentleman was busy the whole time playing 'famous restauranteur mingling with the customers', but promptly disappeared.when we told our waiter to inform him of the cockroach. He then casually strolled by to chat only AFTER we had paid our bill, n that too AFTER our insisting twice that we wish to speak to him!!! Forget customer service, even his lip service was appalling - n this one's a killer, pun intended - quoting his words exactly - "Unfortunately it happens sometimes"!! Errr...Mr.Owner, did you just say that this is a common event in your restaurant? Guess now that he knew we'd paid our bill, he felt too lazy to even make an effort with his conversation with us... a very big effort as going by what he said, he probably has these conversations "unfortunately" often.
People who've heard the incident have told us we should have asked for our bill to be waived at the very least, but really, being someone who's eaten all over India and abroad, and enjoyed delicious food equally at 5-star haunts as well as Mumbai's street carts, I have at best come across a dirty glass, even at the street joints. To encounter a cockroach cooked into a pie, and be faced with such a lack of concern is disturbing - if the
money really means more to him than the quality of his food, he can keep it, along with his cockroach-infested attitude.
Absolutely criminal in today's high standards of both restaurant hygiene as well as customer service. To say The Only Place restaurant has left us with a VERY BAD TASTE in our mouths is an UNDERSTATEMENT.


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November 22,2010


Excellent Casual Dinner when you are VERY hungry!!

It was my birthday on this 20th Nov 2010, and as a surprise, my husband took us to THE ONLY PLACE ( as I had been wanting to try it out since long but never managed somehow).
Since it was a weekend, my husband was wise enough to reserve a table for us (you should have seen the queue waiting outside!!!).
Though a very simple looking place, it offers the food you keep wanting to come back for....the portion sizes vary according to the dish you have ordered.
I was delightfully surprised when a pastry with a lit candle arrived on our table! On my husband's request, they had made the arrangement, and two staff members joined to sing birthday wishes for me.
We (Me, my hubby and my 8 year old son) ordered Minestrone soup first, which was below average, the only thing that disappointed us. It was too thick and tomato-ey sweet. Then we went for Fish Sticks, Chilly Beef and Stuffed Spinach Mushroom for starters. Fish Sticks were finger licking good....yumm!!! it came with Finger chips on the plate, which my son enjoyed very much with his ketchup. The Chilly Beef and the Fish Sticks portions were really large, and we heartily enjoyed both. Beef was as succulent as it should's way different from the Indianized version of chilly chicken or any chilly item for that matter, that most Chinese restaurants serve in Bangalore. Then came the Stuffed Spinach Mushroom! Though this item left us wanting for more because of a small portion size, we thoroughly enjoyed something unexpected like this. The salt was on the low, otherwise, it is one dish I would love to learn how to prepare at home. All the dishes were served with lettuce, tomato and cucumber, a must when you are downing so much of non-veg. The mustard dip they provided was amazingly fresh, and tingling for those who love piquancy in their food.
I had initially wanted to go for Beef Stroganoff and Shepherd's Pie or OP's Quiche for the Main Course, but by this time, we were almost full. Service staff was very friendly and helpful. My husband could not overcome his temptation for we ordered All American Beef Burger and Veg Burger with Cheese.
Both the burgers were huge, and the Fries on the plate literally gave a scare to our tummy.
The burgers were little too dry ( no mayonnaise). Upon enquiring, the manager informed us that original American whoppers were supposed to be like that!! I still asked for some mayonnaise as it was hard for me to swallow it without any dressing. We couldn't finish our giant burgers and asked them to be packed for take-away.
Our last sweetest delight was the legendary "APPLE PIE"! and boy!! It sure melt our heart with its mouth watering aroma and heavenly taste.....I haven't had such lovely Apple pie since my US/UK brought all that warm memories back with its hot molten apple chunks....GLORIOUS!!!


A good hearty meal

I have been to the only place several times. Its one of the few steak joints in the city that you can be a repeat customer to.

Starting with the ambiance, its very informal and lively. Its warm which makes it a place that you can visit with family and it is cosy if you are with a date. The bustling atmosphere, strangely, gives you privacy... maybe in knowing that everyone is minding their own business.

The food at this joint is at most times outstanding. I say most because there have been times when i have gone back not completely satisfied. Either the steak was bland or the burger just huge and tasteless. But for the most part, the steaks are done to perfection. I might have tried every steak on the menu (and i do prefer them in the sizzler form) and except for the barbeque steak, i would recommend them all.
If you want to waste time on starters.. try the chilly beef. It will certainly wake you up. The golden fried prawns and the chicken fingers are also ok.. but i seriously wouldnt waste appetite and money on starters here.

Steaks-Most of the steaks are delicious and certainly above average. However the barbeque steak i feel is too raw on taste (the spices).. raw in the sense that its like an unevolved recipe that lost its way midway before it reached your table. The steak au poivre however is outstanding. The sauce perfectly compliments the meat and the vegetables.
What is impressive and of note here is that the waiters (though very grumpy) know the food they are serving. It is almost a matter of pride for them that they recommend the right way to eat a dish and hence help you make the right choice. In most places, they will cook you a dish any way you want it even if you are making a complete hash of it. I am a strong believer in eating a dish the way the chef intended it to be rather than influence it with my own twists and turns. In that respect, i listen to the recommendation of the waiters here, and very rarely has it been off the target.
The meat lasagna here is fantastic. And massive. If you are a lasagna lover, the buck stops here. The only other place that has a lasagna to match this is Little italy..(its a pity they are only veg).
The whopper burger is huge.. but i have never liked it much. Once again, the taste has gone away in the size. The beef burger is a much safer and tastier bet.
Dessert is good and should easily help you round off the meal with satisfaction. Try the apple pie or the caramel custard. I must say though that i have found the dessert lacking in consistency, especially the caramel custard.
The owner is friendly and once took time enough to explain the different cuts and how and why they are cooked in the way they are.
A good meal for two, involving a starter, 2 main course dishes and dessert will cost you roughly a grand which is fine considering the quality and size of the serving.

Everytime i feel a lil extra hungry, i always head towards the only place.


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Taste Bin

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November 11,2010


Indeed, the only place for the best steak!

Believe me, after hunting & getting disappointed among the so called steak places in Bangalore, following recommendation from a friend to check out this was simply a gastronomic delight! The quantity vs. price ratio is just right. Must visit for all the steak lovers :-)


The Legend

I have been visiting The Only Place from age 13. The food quality hasn't changed a bit.
The menu boasts of a range of steaks, salads, soups, burgers, desserts and appetizers that are truly not Indianized but live upto what might be very American.
The cheesey fries, crispy prawns, onion rings, philly steak, sloppy joe, OP's special chicken/fish, whopper burger, and apple pie are my personal favorites. The Only Place is beautiful ruing Bangalore rains and with it's diner atmosphere - you find it hard to finish your meal quickly and leave !
While the service is prompt - the servers aren't very friendly and somehow, refuse to smile or make you feel at ease.
The Only Place is a legacy that Bangalore is extremely proud of !


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September 19,2010


Awesome steaks

A french guy staying in Bangalore, I LOVED the only place. The steaks were awesome and served with vegetables and mashed potatoes. Try "the one that made us famous" or the lamb chops. This exceeded my expectations : Up to now in Bangalore, I was only served dried-up, small pieces of tenderloin. Here it was the real deal. They know how to do it. It tastes like home. And German people will be delighted to find schnitzel on the menu :-)

I like the place even more because I know my Indian colleagues can come with me and won't get put off by exaggerated prices like practiced elsewhere.

Service was efficient and friendly. Thumbs up guys, we really enjoyed our dinner. We'll come again and recommend the place.


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September 07,2010


worlds best apple pies

my last visit to the place was way back in 1982 when the restaurant was at brigade road.Apple pies are still the same .The 5 stars are only for the apple pie


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August 06,2010


The food is tasty..but unhygenic

I did like the place the first few times i ate there.. The Whopper Burger, Chicken BBQ Steak n the Shepherds Pie knocked my socks off!.. Until, one rainy evening (in June, i think) i was waiting for my table n i went looking around their backyard where i saw one of the staff preparing the BBQ talkin bout the open area on the right side of the entrance.. The area was covered with a tarpaulin sheet which was cling on to a single stirng.. i cud see the water seeping to the vessels where they had the marinade n what i saw gave me the jiggys.. The guy take the slice of meat dips it into the very vessels which had the rainwater seeping n puts it onto the grill.. My wife n I walked immediately.. we have never visited the place ever since..

Besides the hygiene factor, i thought the service was painfully slow n the Owners looked more interested catering to the Iranian n the regulars at the place..

All in all... the food is descent..definitely over hyped - but then what i saw proly wudnt happen every day..fortunately it doesnt rain everyday in BLR ;)


Too much hype........

I had been constantly bugged by the over adulation of this place both by by my cousin and my friendd.
They love this place and have been insisting me to eat at this place as I love burgers and steaks...
So I went there yesterday with my husband with so much expectations and I am very sorry to say that I was terrible disappointed.
Firstly the service is very very slow.
Secondly, when I saw that gorgeous "All American steak burger" coming towards me, I did not know that my joy was very short lived.

The burger TASTED absolutely BLAND WITHOUT A GRAIN OF SALT in the beef inside. I had two bites and told the person in charge that the burger had no taste at all as there is not even the minimum amount of salt. He stared at me but I told him I could not eat it all.... So in goes my burger leaving me so damn hungry..AFTER 30 MIN (of repeated reminders) I get a new burger and guess what!!! the burger is soooooooooo DAMN SALTY I felt my tongue itch ...... horrible horrible experience...... I has lots of expectations with the food and I was completely disappointed......... I would never recommend this place to anyone and would surely tell my cousin (who eats here every week) to forget about this place.............



I am in love...

And there is no reason why I would not visit this place if I am anywhere near the church street....
I missed Mr. Haroon when I went there last time and came to know that he passed away... He was the one who despite his old age would never mind attending to you personally to make sure that you enjoyed your food the way you wanted to.
I feel blessed to have the only place as my only option for a good value for money continental food!!


A big zero!

I have hardly ever had seriously bad reviews to write about any place but The Only Place hit extreme substandard levels on all counts and I had to pen down my experience.I had been to this restaurant this week after eons(the last time was 4 years ago and I dont remember anything memorable).Upon entering this restaurant,a less than cordial waiter told us that we were to occupy only a 'smaller' table as there were only two of us and since I was too hungry to argue about his tone, I complied.

Now we ordered a soft drink and a chocolate milk shake as drinks and the first one, the waiter didnt even offer a glass to drink out of, but just offered it to us straight out of the bottle whereas I observed that he offered soft drinks with glasses to a set of non-Indians who were seated right next to our table!The chocolate milkshake had neither milk nor chocolate and was as watery as it could get, totally not worth it.

Moving on to the main course, we had ordered for Chicken Stroganoff and a Spinach Mushroom Lasagne and when they arrived all I can say is I prayed at least the taste would be good as the presentation of both were very disappointing.The stroganoff turned out to be just chicken and rice mixed in a very poor cream sauce and was dumped unceremoniously in a small bowl and my friend hardly had 3 bites before he said he would not go through the torture of eating such a poor tasting dish.The lasagne for the first time in my life, came in a plate(its a bake how can it be on a plate?!) and tasted like palak paneer with cheese dumped on top.I for one saw no proof any lasagne sheets nor did it look like one!

We decided to end our ordeal and left our unfinished dishes and asked for the bill and the waiter made us wait for 20 minutes to bring back the change!I felt cheated out of my money for the kind of food and experience I had here...totally not worth it!This was by far my worst experience of any restaurant in Bangalore and I ended up with a bad stomach as a parting gift at the end of it all.



A Great Place!!

I had heard a lot about this place....and wasn't disappointed. Great food, good service and a chilled out atmosphere...Good stuff!!


Tucked away..

Meaning to write the review of this restaurant/bistro for a while now.. and finally i got down to it..its a charming family run business, one sees the son showing people to their seats and the father and the owner is attending the tables sometimes when he's not overseeing the kitchen. I would say the service is quite good, one can sit here for hours with a long lunch or dinner, but of course one is told to order the food soon in case the kitchen is about to close but once ur food is in front of you, you can sit there all day. The ambiance is charming old school-ish ..there's a small gift shop attached. And the food..nicely put together menu, typical American fare, steaks, burgers, pasta..very generous portions and excellent value for to go back
n try more..


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January 15,2010


Good value for money continental fare

Really like the place. Good continental fare at reasonable prices. The ambience is quite casual and good at evenings. Usually the place is full and you need to wait for a while to get a seat. The waiters are not the best, but courteous enough. Overall, I feel a good value for money, with good portions on all the dishes.


Not Anymore

My brother and I decided to head over to The Only Place one afternoon. We trudged all the way to Museum Road just in time for lunch. This place is (at least used to be) a Bangalore institution. The decor is laid back and casual. There is no air conditioning though, so humid afternoons might not be the best time to visit.

Propelled by extreme hunger and the impatient waiter we quickly placed our order. I ordered a veg. steak and my bro ordered a fettucine alfredo. I also ordered a lime soda which got it just right. The steak had cheese and mushrooms on top and I loved that. The steak itself was OK but nothing mind blowing (I maintain that the steak at Millers 46 is way better). The fettucine alfredo, unfortunately, fell into that category of dishes where the chef believes that adding copious amounts of cheese will pass off as fine dining. As my previous reviews indicate, this doesn't quite work for me. The pasta had a slight hint of something promising but it was overpowered by all that cheese. The garlic bread was warm and nice.

I adore the apple pie here and rarely leave without having that. This time, however, there was much drama. They refused to take my order stating that it was post-lunch time and I had to leave. While I understand that it was a little late, I thought their behaviour was a little rude to say the least. There were other customers in the restaurant (still eating) and clearly they were not going to close for another 30 minutes at least. As putting off as that attitude was, I refused to miss my dessert and upon my insistence they deigned to serve me the apple pie with ice cream.

And it was worth all the hassle. One of the best apple pies in the business, it was warm with wonderful caramelized apple pieces and a 'melt-in-your-mouth' baked crust. It wasn't oversweet and was 'oh! so yummy'(sighs wistfully).

The bill came to Rs. 500 for the two of us. The Only Place isn't what it used to be. The food is just above average and better food is definitely available for the same price. The ambiance is very old Bangalore and I love that. I'll probably go back sometime but not in a hurry.

For more reviews visit:


Not The Only Place of yore

I've been in Bangalore for 30+ years, and many years ago, when The Only Place was on Brigade Road, I was a frequent visitor because of the quality of food and service.

I've been there 2-3 times in the past 3 months, I must say this: this is not that place. The staff are inattentive and uncaring. Their attitude is "take it or leave it", and asking them to break into a friendly smile would be asking waaay too much.

The prices are reasonable, so I wouldn't say that the meat/steaks here are bad; they simply aren't good enough. I've eaten the world's best meats/steaks, and these are nowhere near those. They aren't near the bottom either.

People who that claimed the garlic bread was good either have poor tastes or have no experience. Their garlic bread is soft and thin, with an excuse for butter and even less garlic.

Our meals have never been hot, or vaguely warm, and more often than not, tasted stale. I've ordered different steaks, always asked for rare, and *never* gotten them anything less than cooked, nay burnt, to leather consistency. Believe me, **they don't know how to make steaks** - and they don't care.

The french fries that were served were cold and soft and tasteless; they nailed the corpse in the coffin. How can a restaurant ruin french fries? Obviously they're not doing something right. And did I say that they don't care?

On another occasion, the lamb chops I ordered were below average and cold. Their once-famous famous cherry pie was so lousy that I could only grimace and push it away; it was filled with artificial canned and syrup sweetened cherries.

Avoid this place. Haroon Sait made this place into a legend many years ago. Until his son can breathe some life into this dying place, it's not worth visiting.



Contrary to most good reviews

The Only Place is a really old restaurant and there is enough of online space dedicated to this restaurant. I have been meaning to go there for ages now and finally got my wish on a Friday afternoon. The place was quite packed even though we got there at around 12.30pm. An open courtyard with a Mangalore tile roof makes for a nice seating arrangement. I believe the red and white checked table linen is a trademark.

We were seated immediately and menus were brought in. Frankly my salivating mouth took on a life force of its own when it took a look at the menu. A wide array of steaks, burgers, pastas made it difficult for me to make a choice, because I seemed to like it all. After at least 15 minutes of deliberation, we settled for the chicken salad and garlic cheese bread for starters. We also had a new standard for us - lemon ice tea.

The chicken salad was really nice with the portion being good. It had a good mix of shredded chicken and veggies done up in a nothing-spectacular mayo dressing. The cheese garlic bread were bigger compared to the conventional slices served in most restaurants.

Next, for the main courses - Better half opted for the steak and eggs. Beef steak with a double bulleyes, steamed veggies, mashed potatoes and sauteed onions. I opted for the Chateaubriand Supreme - Mini, which again was a healthy portion of beef steak, mashed potatoes, steamed veggies and sauteed onions. The Only Place gives you the option of add-ons and in our case one opted for a jacket potato with sour cream and the other opted for hash browns. And of course there was the mandatory garlic bread accompanying both entrees.

Now for the verdict. The portions were healthy but what I was really disappointed was in the fact that both our meals were not piping hot. In fact they were not hot at all and had me wondering whether we had a microwaved meal placed before us. Better half felt his steak to be slightly stale further emphasizing that we could have been served a microwaved meal. The hash browns too were just about warm and was not salted. Its only when you get to the centre of it will you come across some molten cheese. Better half's steak was juicy and much more easier to the knife than mine was. The mashed potatoes were nice and creamy. The jacket potato thankfully was hot but the sour cream was excruciatingly sour (yes I know it is supposed to be that... but this was not nice sour, this was bad sour, and I should know since I love all things sour).

I had read a lot about the pies here and that's why we opted for peach pie for dessert and creme caramel. The creme caramel was decent. But mine was a disaster on a plate. The pie base was definitely stale and the peaches were dunked in sugar syrup and just placed on top of the base. The whole thing was drowned in cream in all probability to cover up the atrocious dessert. The base was rock hard and would have needed a hammer and chisel to carve through.

Overall I was really disappointed with this visit to The Only Place. I am sure if the meals was served steaming hot like it was supposed to be, then it would have been a better experience. The dessert was really sad. This meal cost us approximately Rs 1200. I did have plans of giving the place a another shot, but several well meaning friends have warned me off saying that they too have experienced this and worse at the Only Place

For more -


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September 29,2009


There is something about this place

Yes, something that makes you go back. I have been to this place when it used to be at Mota Arcade - which is the location where it apparently was in the early 60's. Of course, I have been to the new place on Museum Road ( which I am told they are moving out of) many times as well

I am happy to report the consistent occurences of the best steaks in Bangalore. And the harshest Mustard Sauce ( I love it that way)!

Something makes this place tick.
Its not the food - although the food here is not like anywhere else - its succulent, its hot, its well presented.
Its not the decor - although the interesting wooden tables, the chequered table cloths and a view of the kitchen ( and some nice birds of Western origin among the customers) all make it a unique place.
It is not the service - although it is quite endearing to get to meet the owner who is twice your age and let him know you are loving it, almost embarrassed that he found it necessary to meet you

There is something about this place. Go figure



Good place for having meat :-)

Have been there with my husband a month ago. Ok, the meat is definetely NOT tenderloin, doesnt matter what they write in the menu. BUT the flavour of the dishes were nice.The portions were quite big. The waiters were very friendly, the ambience was clean and we felt very comfortable. Parking is easy. For 2 people ( 2 lime soda, 2 maincourses and 1 dessert ) we spent around 850 bucks.
Leave space for dessert. I tried the chocolate cake a la mode. This was the best of our whole lunch! Really,, really good! Best cake I had so far, since 9 month living here in Bangalore!!


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September 01,2009


Too bad this is The Only steak Place in Bangalore

I guess for only Rs. 400 I wouldn't say that the steaks here are bad, they just aren't that good. If this is considered The Only steak Place in Bangalore, my husband will be very disappointed.

I'll be honest, I liked the laid-back outdoor layout of the restaurant. It felt fun and casual, like a restaurant at the beach. There seemed to be a good mix of people and lively dinner conversation.

However, previous reviewers that claimed the garlic bread was good- don't know what they are talking about. The "garlic bread" is squishy sandwich slices with some butter and a teensy bit of garlic flavoring.

I ordered the Chateaubriand Supreme, which really should be called a sirloin steak. There was no creamy sauce and I'm certain the cut of meat was not from the tenderloin. It wasn't a bad steak but it simply wasn't what was described and it wasn't that good tasting. The french fries that were served were cold and rock hard, which is completely unacceptable to me and is essentially the kiss of death to me- if a restaurant can't get french fries right, why go? My husband's lamb chops were average but nothing special. And the famous cherry pie was so un-American i could only laugh when I saw it. It was filled with artificial canned and syrup sweetened cherries.



Amazing place

I went for a birthday party recently to this place in a corner on Museum Road and just fell in love with it. It has got a wonderful ambiance and good crowd mostly foreigners. This place will definitely rank high in steaks. Its too good. I even tasted the classic chicken salad and guess what it was also good. The pricing is moderate. A group of four with all ordering steak will cost you somewhere around 800-1000 bucks. Quantity is also decent. Parking not a problem, there is a Raheja building next to it where you can park your cars by paying 10 bucks. I would give a 9/10 on all the aspects i.e.Ambiance, Food, Price.



Best steak place in Bangalore

Without doubts. Absolutely love this place.

And I will be honest, haven't tasted better steak in too many places around the world.



True to its name

Yes, it indeed is the ONLY place. The only place where you can find steaks so good you are salivating for days thinking about them, the only place where you get true value for money, the only place where everything on the menu gets at least a 4 on 5 in terms on portion size, taste and quality, and (probably) the only place where no alcohol is served with the meat, but is still so popular!

Situated in a quaint bungalow behind the Post Office on Museum Rd, The Only Place can be missed, if you are not looking for the fat red lips signboard as soon as you turn into Museum Rd from Richmond Rd. Parking space is limited and parking requires some skill here, so come early - that way, you will have lots of room to manoeuvre your car in that little driveway.

As you walk into the restaurant, do remember to check out the day's specials written on the chalk board outside. The restaurant decor reminds me of picnicking in the woods - long wooden tables with chequered tablecloths and wooden benches. Some tables now have proper chairs with cushions as well. Unlike the ant (or other insect) menace in the woods though, this place comes with several of those electric zapper thingies, so you only eat the meat you asked for.

I usually just go straight to the steak section in the menu, but the other items such as the pasta and chicken varieties are much recommended. Desserts are also quite good. Their steak burgers are something to talk about - it's not your fancy thin deep fried patty sandwiched in a dead lettuce leaf with some bun - it's an actual piece of meat that's done just right, set within a soft bun, served with coleslaw and fries. Delish!

The service is quick and efficient. They are also happy to help and recommend, should you not be familiar with certain items on the menu.

It's a great place for families and young couples, though it can get a little noisy during peak hours. Make reservations for the weekends to avoid a really long wait. (Should you have to wait, there is entertainment available in the form of watching late-comers trying to park their SUVs.)

So, true to its name, The Only Place is the ONLY place you'll go to once you've eaten their 'namak.' Go once and get hooked for life!


An american experience

One of the few places which knows what they are serving. The stakes were delicious and the sides were equally tempting. The garlic bread is one of the best i have had in some time. Dessert needs to improve. Many items on the dessert menu are not available


Cave into those carnivourous cravings!

Possibly the hardest thing to get your hands on in Bangalore is a good quality steak served up as it should be: medium-rare, a nice pink centre, firm and succulent as your cut in. Surprisingly, this unassuming steak and sizzler place pulls it off. And that too at unbelievable prices! How do they do it? Don't ask, don't think, just get there in your next lunch break and get your hands on a hunk of meat.

Unlike the assurance for a steak cooked they way you asked for it, and it being top quality as prepared at I-talia, Graze and Lido at the Ista, The Only Place can deliver a hit or miss experience. However, in all fairness, minus sirloins with impressive overseas country of origins that five star menus boast and devoid of hefty price tags that accompany the food miles, at Rs. 400 a steak you just can't afford to complain!
So if it's not perfect one out of five times, oh well, just move straight on to dessert, and try your luck the following week!

The rules are simple at this place. Do try their steaks and call ahead if you like lamb chops. These are truly their signature dish and no surprise they sell out soon. Also, the supply of lamb is erratic and therefore often made unavailable on that account as well. So calling ahead is the way to go to avoid dissapointments. I've had my fair share and learned the hard way!

The chataubriand is pretty good and comes in two sizes. The big daddy is rather sizeable so beware. The pepper steak is a bit of an overkill, almost like someone knocked the whole pepper mill into the sauce!

Things to avoid like the plague: Anything that claims to be "pasta" or "lasagna" or you will find yourself signed up for a plater of stodgy, jailhouse feed. Say your prayers and cross your fingers (and toes). So better still, take my advice, and just don't go there!

Instead, jump straight to dessert. Indluge in a slice of Apple Pie with Ice-Cream, this is a house speciality and a personal favourite. They do a canned, lifesless, cherry version, which isn't half as good. So don't bother looking at the menu, just stick with the apple all the way!


Not a place for Vegetarians

We keep going back to The Only Place just because its very convenient to reach from my work place. But evertime I go there I've had very average satisfaction level.

Looks like their chef doesn't think that even Vegetarians demand quality in food.

The starters (like stuffed mushrooms) are oozing with oil. The pastas, too creamy and cheesy, with no seasoning or flavour. If I have to add pepper and salt to my dishes, to make it palatable, then its definitely badly cooked.

Frankly, even my cook at home does better stuff.

I think this is not a place to visit , if u r 100% Veg.

I'd rather go to Little Italy anyday.


Continental, at it's best

Not many people know that this place has been open since the 60's but its original location was in the Mota Royal Arcade complex.... but shifted in the early 2000's

Ever since it shifted... this place has become a foreigner- friendly place...... with their ever- delecious sizzler- steaks..

Now my personal favorite list starts of with a chicken salad.... all the way to the chicken steak with mushroom sauce.... and ends with a apple pie with ice cream and a smug expression on my face..

You better get used to the slow service because this place is always packed..... but ultimately the wait WILL BE worth it...

Food - 10/10
ambiance - 7/10
service - 5.5/10


navazl - Burrp User


16 Reviews

December 30,2008



We had gone there for their Christmas meal which comprised Roast Turkey, stuffing, boiled veggies,, mash potato... it was really yummm.... Even their appetizers were fantastic.. their cheesy fries were really cheesy not like some of the stuff available outside.. we had chicken nuggets in barbecue sauce... surprisingly( pleasantly) it was not deep fried...

Their desserts too are really good... especially their fudge cake, blueberry cheesecake too is good as is their mousse cake...

THeir Christmas pudding was also yumm!


Mixed Emotions

The only place gives you a warm homely feel. The restaurant though located in the heart of the city, is tucked away in the corner of a large plot, which helps insulate it from the rush of traffic outside.

The menu does not offer too much of a variety but what they serve is worth every bite. The food is good with sizable portions and their London fish n chips is a must try. Though primarily known for its continental cuisine the menu also offers select Indian dishes to satisfy the spicy masala craving Indian tounge. There is not much the restaurant offers for the vegetarian soul, except for salads, quiche and pasta and its advisable to stear clear of the same. For desserts the delicious cheese cakes and warm apple melt in the mouth apple pies make up for lack of variety.

The decor is minimalistic, with simple wodden benches and cane chairs. There is an open central courtyard for those who would like to hold hands and gaze at stars.

Staff is friendly and prompt. The owner takes special care to visit all the tables to ensure the customers are taken care of.

There is ample car parking available in the adjacent building so the crowded museum street with limited parking shouldn't dither you to viist the place. Be sure to call in advance if you plan to visit on weekends.

Important Note: Only hitch, we found a cockroach in the food they served and the oh so very courteous and concerned owner of the restaurant didn't even offer to make the dinner on house. This was the least expected as I am a regular customer and visit the restaurant atleast twice a month. Hence the rating 2 else a 4 is what the restaurant actually deserves.


Four meats and a vegetable

We found this place by accident. I happened to be visiting the shop next to this restaurant as I had heard one can get good "foreign" magazines (albeit older issues) there. It happened to be lunch time
and since I was hungry (hey! when am I not!?) we decided to venture it...

I liked the place even before I tried the food. It’s not fancy at all and if you don’t know about it, you could miss it.... but the open courtyard and the red and white chequered table cloths give this otherwise non-descript eatery a unique charector.

The food is European or what we call "Continental". From Fish ’n’ Chips to burgers and from pastas to steaks - they have it all. My particular favourite has been the Sloppy Joe and the lasagne.
I don’t remember what I ordered the first time I went there but over the past year I have been there several times and keep going back for more. I am not a big red meat eater but their Sloppy Joes are really nice. I haven’t tried the steaks but from the look on my husband and father’s face - I can assume they are good!
The portions are very generous except for the starters which I feel are a bit small....
The vegetarians don’t have too much of a choice other than pasta and veg sandwiches...

Since it is a open-air concept, one can smoke and it is also condusive for small children as they can run about. They are not supposed to serve alcohol I think but they do and bill beer as an "energy drink" hahahah
I don’t think one needs to make reservations (we never have) but it can get quite crowded at lunch at times so if you’re pressed for time, make the reservation.

The place is run by Shoeb and his cousin and they seem to be doing a good job. I once asked Shoeb how the restaurant got it’s name.... apparently in the olden days this was the only place one could get beef!

The deserts are nothing to write home about but after the scrumptious meal - who has room for dessert?huh?

I recommend this place highly. For good food, decent service and above all - value for money.


sanjeev n  - Burrp User

sanjeev n

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December 23,2007


continental grub

good continental grub
food- good
ambience and service - good
cost- moderate
the burger was good but was a touch bland when catering to indian taste. the taste is continental and available are steaks shepherds pie, caramel and other such quaint dishes.
on the whole a recommended place


foodie  - Burrp User


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October 16,2007


Nice food, sad service

I have visited this place thrice because I enjoy the food and the ambience. However, this place had us irritated the last time around. You can see an army of chefs working away in the kitchen and I must say they are doing a good job! The waiters however are just plain dazed!!! I had to call them like a zillion times before they would come over, even for a simple refill of water. We were kept waiting for 20 minutes before we could get our hands on the cheque! We finally got the cheque only after having to raise our voice to grab their attention. Too bad, we did not have the heart to tip them that visit...



Where's the Beef?

I went here for the first time after going almost beefless in India for 4 months, and it was awesome. The service is very good and the restaurant has a nice atmosphere. When I went, there might have even been more foreigners than there were Indians.

The steak is the best thing on their menu - I had the Chateaubriand Supreme. It was cooked perfectly and was very juicy. I actually ordered a steak and a burger because I didn't think it was going to be enough, but I was definitely full after the steak. The prices are also good for steaks, about 200 Rs each. You can also get eggs sunny-side up on your steak, which is very tasty. Way better than the steak at TGI Friday's.

Note: If you order your steak rare, it comes REALLY rare, so I'd recommend medium.

The burgers arent bad - the meat is good, but the bread isn't the best. But since this is India, this is probably the best burger you're going to get in Bangalore (and several other cities).

As for sides, the mashed potatoes are very good. The fries are also cooked well. The cheese rolls were a little weird - I'd skip those and save space for your meal.

Like someone else said, the cheesecake isn't cheesecake as most westerners would think of - it's more like a whipped cream cake with a very light, airy texture. I'd try something else.


meat, meat, meat!

As an expat, this is where I go when I want a good burger or a steak. I have tried just about every other place in the city, and no one does it like The Only Place.

The steaks are grilled and come out to order. When you tell them medium rare, it comes out that way. And the cuts are flavorful and generous. For anyone who has a taste for beef, this is the place you should head. I have not messed around with any of the creamy or cheesy or BBQ sauces. I am a steak purist... I stick with the Delmonico or the Chateaubriand and I have never been disappointed.

My husband, however, grimaces every time I say I want to go there. Why? Their veg options, which center mostly around pasta dishes, are not so hot. They use the same tomato sauce for all of them, which is insipidly sweet and drenches overcooked pasta. He's tried them all, and we have both found them all to be pretty bad. He usually sticks to the veg patty now, and that is a passable option. He does LOVE the stuffed mushroom starters, though, and I have to agree that they are nice... garlicky and not overcooked.

If you are an expat, do not be fooled when the menu tells you they have genuine NY style cheesecake. It is not. It is still that mousse-like concoction that is truly Indian and doesn't resemble NY cheesecake in the slightest. If they marketed it differently I might like it. The pies are OK.... some might love them. I, personally, like tart pies so these are too sweet for me. But I can see where others would find them nice.

If you are here during thanksgiving DO NOT miss their spread. They do a great job, with freshly carved turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, all kinds of veggies and rolls and salads. And the best part is they even have cranberry sauce, too!


Steaks and Apple Pie

A slice of old Bangalore where you are likely to see church-goers gather for lunch after their Sunday mass, The Only Place, has moved from its Mota Royal Arcade, Brigade Road location to an outdoorsy area in Museum Road. This continental restaurant is well know for its steaks and apple pie, but also serves sizzlers, pastas, bakes, sandwiches, burgers and salads.

The restaurant is located in a courtyard-type area covered by a Mangalore-tiled roof. Red and white checked tablecloths on the wooden tables emphasize the country atmosphere. Lanterns hanging from the roof and decorative fairy lights give a festive, picnic look. The tables are well spaced and the corners have wooden benches instead of chairs.

While The Only Place does serve vegetarian food, the real deal here is the meats and cuts. The specials of the day are written on a blackboard when you enter the restaurant. For starters we ordered the spicy steak medallions. This consisted of about eight juicy, well done cutlet-size steak pieces marinated with peppers and grilled with a side of French fries. The Greek salad in vinaigrette dressing consisting of lettuce, peppers, onions, olives and feta was good. All this was washed down with a cold bottle of Kingfisher beer which is the only alcohol they serve.

For the main course, we ordered the Chateaubriand Supreme, cooked medium-rare. The Chateaubriand is a type of tenderloin steak that supposedly originates from the Napolean era. It is seasoned with pepper and grilled with pieces of fat (butter or bacon usually) so that it retains its moistness. The Only Place delivered on that promise – the Chateaubriand steak was moist, succulent and delicious – truly a treat for meat lovers. In fact, I think it was the best steak I had in Bangalore. The steaks in this restaurant are served with sides of creamed potatoes, vegetables and garlic bread. You can also customize your plate at an extra cost by adding on pepper or barbeque sauce or jacket potatoes with butter or sour cream (highly recommended).

Dessert options consisted of apple or peach pie, blueberry cheesecake, chocolate tri-layer cake or trifle pudding. I decided to stick to tradition and ordered the apple pie. It was yummy – warm and delicious with the vanilla ice-cream providing the right amount of coolness!

Service is passable – there seem to be a few very knowledgeable old-timers – but there also seem to be an unnecessarily large number of waiters who seem to be just hanging out. Service was efficient but they screwed up two things in our order – they forgot to get us the garlic bread and got me the apple pie with ice-cream although I ordered it with cream (I am not complaining about that – it was still awesome).

The Only Place is located on Museum Road. Parking is available at the parking lot in Raheja Chambers next door. The restaurant is very popular with expats as well the Cantonment crowd and seems to have a lot of regulars frequenting it. Go there if you are a meat lover and when you don’t want to count your calories. It is ideal for a casual dinner with family and friends.


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December 06,2006


best steak I ever ate

Am new to bangalore, been here a few months and was looking for a place to eat steak .. someone recommended this place. I checked it out, and its quite simply.. the best steak I ever ate ! try the boston special with the cheese ! with jacket potatos and sour cream .. and apple pie for desert ! :D

great service, friendly guys all of them and if you can get to talk to Shoaib, eat whatever he recommends, I've tried the Chateaubriand (did i spell that right !! ? ) supreme and the boston special, the former is a good starting point if you're new to steak, otherwise head right in for the boston special !

Adios and happy eating !


The Best Bangalore has to offer....

This is the best place i have ever had food at...ever... and i mean it..

They basically serve more of continental food.. which explains the constant rush of expats here. The food is excellent. I didnt have the oppourtunity to eat non-veg over here however, two of my friends who acconmpanied me were bowled over by the food. someday i would visit bangalore, just to eat food at this place.. They made reshmi kababs specially for my friends on request..

Some trivia... This place has been up for 41 years and going strong. This says for the quality. The service is again awesome.

Way to go.!!! You Rock!!!