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> > > > The Polo Club, The Oberoi

The Polo Club, The Oberoi

MG RoadCentral Bangalore  


5 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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Ola Nola Aug 07 - Aug 30

  • Grab the festive hue and magic of New Orleans at their alfresco bar. Drinks and bites inspired from the vibrant spirit of the Big Easy.
    Price: Rs. 400 - Rs. 850 per beverage

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The Polo Club, The Oberoi Reviews

Always Nice

I was here on September 26,2013. 9:45 pm. We stopped by after dinner for a drink. I ordered the hand made ginger ale. It was fantastic! It was the best I have ever had. It was also presented nicely with a sprig of mint on top.
I will return fore the same drink.


September 27, 2013response from management at The Polo Club, The Oberoi:

Dear Guest,

Thank you for taking time to review us on Burrp.

It was our pleasure to have been of service to you. We are delighted to note that you enjoyed the home made fresh ginger ale at Polo Club.

The team and I are grateful for your compliments and we look forward to welcoming you back.

Thank you and regards

Yours sincerely,

Huvida Marshall (Ms)
Vice President and General Manager
The Oberoi, Bangalore


Fantastic place....

From the Blue Bar to the Polo Club... the journey goes on.

The commonality between these two bars is that both of them are set in fantastic gardens. Atleast part of the Polo Club stretches itself into that wonderful garden Oberoi has.

There can be no two opinions on the ambience of this place. Inside it is all green leather and wood seating. Old world fans rotating slowly above & the great view of the garden outside makes you think that you are in some Caribbean country club!! The seats can be a trifle uncomfortable in the garden, particularly after you have downed a few drinks....

Service is spot on Oberoi standards. Courteous, ever attentive, non intrusive...hall marks of classic service! They spoil you silly...

One thing I have realised after I started hitting the bars in the 5 star joints is that the liquor is NOT expensive. The same applies here also.

All classic cocktails are priced at Rs.450/-. Some premium ones are in the range of 600-700. But what the heck, as long as you can down your Mojitos & Caipiroskas of the world at Rs.450/-, who needs a premium cocktail!!!

And I would rate the Maritni here as one of the three best Martinis in Bangalore.

Being a Bangalorean, I always look for Beer. No matter how good the cocktails are. And beer here does not disappoint at all. All the premium brands are available and what takes the cake here is the pitcher. Priced very very reasonably, this is THE place to drink the golden brew if you have lots and lots of time on hand.

Grub is the standard bar version. Sandwiches and some finger foods. Nothing exciting here. But then, we go to a bar to drink. Right? The tidbits given by the bar as snacks are good enough to go with the booze.

An oasis in the traffic desert of M G Road!!!


Thindipota - Burrp User


27 Reviews

February 09,2009


Nazar lag gayi....

Hey folks,

After my super enthu post last time that Polo Club serves a pitcher of beer at Rs.450/-, I was in for a rude shock when I went there last saturday.

Surprise, surprise, the price now is Rs.650/-. I called one of the waiters and asked him about it and he said the price change was effective only since the last week.

Any relation between my posting and the increase in price????



Psssttt... A secret

What is the best kept secret in namma Bengalooru???

A pitcher of beer in Polo Club, Oberoi is just Rs.450!!!!

When restaurants/bars/lounges which cannot even come half way in terms of ambience or service or class charge obscene amounts of money for a pitcher, here we have, bang in the middle of the city, a phenomenol place with great ambience, fantastic service and awesome comfort, charging Rs.450 for a pitcher of beer!!!

So all my beer buddies, make a beeline to Polo Club and have a blast!


Brunch in a beautiful garden

Lush gardens and limpid pools make this outdoorsy bar at the five-star Oberoi more of an anytime family hangout. There is an indoor seating area as well, but catch the awesome Bangalore sunshine and cool breeze in the patio area that is perfect for a weekend brunch. Beautiful trees set amidst a waterfall that flows into a pond filled with multi-coloured fish ensures that children have plenty of place to walk around and lots of things to see. Splashes of yellow on the décor add to the English garden atmosphere.

The menu here is quite limited – the appetizers, main course and dessert have one pick each from Indian, European and American. Each item is priced at approximately Rs.300. We tried the bruschetta platter and a Greek salad both of which good. The salad was quite large and very fresh. For the main course, we had the hamburger – it was ok. For dessert, we tried the chocolate supreme – the usual chocolately gooey cake – but what was interesting was that it came with basil ice cream – I liked the subtle flavour of basil leaves combined with the cool ice-cream!

The Polo Club is a neat place to hangout with family or for a business lunch. The food, by no means, is fantastic, but I give a thumbs up for the atmosphere and ambiance- especially a nice place to go with kids. A meal for two without alcohol is approximately Rs.1500.