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The Tasty Tangles

Vittal Mallya RoadCentral Bangalore  


33 Reviews / 33 Ratings

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The Tasty Tangles Reviews

Tangled in Taste

The Tasty Tangles is truly an unique experience in Bangalore. Located conveniently at the UB city food court its one of the first places you notice as you walk past the fountain. Laid out well between an indoor bench style seating and a semi open out door area, the decor is neat well though out and also features a see through glass partition to their kitchen so you can witness some (limited) of the activity.

The first two things i noticed on entering the place was the order forms on your table and the beautifully glazed, golden, full ducks hanging in the kitchen. The menu consisting of pan Asian cuisine requires you to simply tick the items off on your order form along with your choice of portion sizes and simply hand it back to the waiter. Easy enough we settled in and waited for our food to arrive, the dumplings (chicken sui mai) were beautifully made and had a distinct pinkish shade to them, well prepared juicy with the accompaniment of a few good sauces I thoroughly enjoyed them. We also ordered a chicken satay with some peanut sauce and it was well received among all guests at the table. The main course was a mix of some pad Thai, some Thai curries and rice and some Singaporean noodles all of which were well prepared and left us thoroughly satisfied. The desserts were the only let down and seem to be something of a limitation with the cuisine. Most Asian restaurants seem to have a severe lack of choice
as far as desserts are concerned.

All in all a good ambiance, polite staff timely service and full bellies we left the place feeling like it was an afternoon well spent. The price factor is on the easier side compared to other restaurants in the UB city food court, but not exactly cheap so go prepared for high quality meal that's reasonable in my opinion.

Pros: - Good food, great variety of pan Asian
- Good service and decor
- Reasonable from price for quality and taste perspective

Cons: - Dessert menu is very limited literally just 3 items none of which sound great either.


Overall good

Went there for lunch with colleagues, there were 4 people total. Restaurant was not busy at all during prime lunch hour. Overall feedback on the food was fresh and good flavors.
Prices on the menu seems average for dinner portion items. I had lunch special, Roasted chicken with egg rice plate/platter. Very simple meal and good taste, the rice was cooked in juice/broth of steamed chicken so it had lots of flavors compared to regular steamed white rice. I'd go back there again although I am hoping to see more people eating at the restaurant.



Excellent place but avoid during weekends let me start off by saying that this restaurant is one of my favorites in bangalore. Lovely ambience, great variety in the menu and authentic signature dishes are to die for. We generally make a trip to the restaurant atleast twice a month and order our favorite thai curry and phad thai along with the lip-smacking chicken satay.

However off late we have noticed a disturbing trend...that on weekends the food at this place becomes below standard. Not really sure if it is because of the excessive crowds during weekends...but the quality of food definitely goes bad. And we have experienced this a number of times now. For instance, the basic ingredient in phad thai is bean sprouts but we got the dish without any, and upon mentioning this to the waiter we were shown one bean sprout and told that it has been put. Not the kind of response one expects.

So my reccomendation...go to this place during weekdays for awesome food...and avoid during weekends


Terrible place to dine

Bad service, Dirty linen and terrible food.. A very disappointing evening at UB city.... :(



Nice roast duck

Im from Malaysia and have been looking for some of my country food. Decided to try this restaurant, the duck is great but the wrap could be improve like say make it to soft buns. Curry laksa is not as tasty but probably the best in Bangalore. Popiah I believe has been localized, we hardly stuffed 2 pieces into the mouth and swallowed it. Worth another visit to try some other dishes.


Hina Gujral - Burrp User

Hina Gujral

3 Reviews

September 10,2012


Nothing great

I went for shopping on weekend with some guest to UB city, we decided to have lunch at The Tasty Tangles. It was a bright sunny day so we chose outdoor sitting and there was nice crowd around. I like the concept of ticking your order in menu card rather than spelling it. We ordered Kung Pao chicken with egg noodles & Spicy chicken with cashew & coriander, both the dishes were not spicy at all despite of being classified as spicy in the menu card and were not served hot. There were no oriental sauces on tables so that you can add on spice in your food, no tissues & no black pepper or salt. Portions of dishes are sufficient for two people to share. After we finished our meal waiter took some 15min to get our bill and another 15min to bring back the card after payment. In overall experience what I like most is the outside sitting which is near to fountain.



A tasty tangled delight ...

Bit confused with the negative reviews. We had a great time here. An impromptu decision to dine here turned out to be a very pleasant experience indeed! We had guests visiting us in Bangalore and decided to take them around UB City followed by dinner at Shiro's (which we knew to be good). As we passed by Tasty Tangles we remarked (as we have done on numerous occasions) that we always meant to try this place but never got a chance. Well, why not today our friends said. Let's check it out! And so we did. The food was great and the service quite prompt. We were seated outside. The food : Highlights - Black pepper chicken wings (Superb!), Curry laksa soup with chicken and shrimp (Delicious), Dry fried chicken with mayo. Main course: Highlights- Simple egg fried rice with spicy chicken and cashew (both great). Apart from these we also ordered Chilly Prawns (not worth the price), Chicken Dimsum (bland and pitiful quantity) and Kung Pau chicken with noodles(not that great). Again, these dishes weren't bad per se but not comparable to the former. Drinks - We tried the iced tea's - Lemongrass delight, Asian Fever and Virgin Mojito's. Asian fever was particularly good. Others were ok. However they seem to be quite expensive (for an iced tea). Things they can improve : the lighting (some candles on the tables would help the ambience), prices for non alcoholic drinks (wont be ordering them again at those prices) and quantity for some of the appetizers (Dimsum was only 3 pieces?! Come on!). Overall though I would recommend the place.


Black Cloud

Endless Appetite: by Ananta and Poonam
Aiming to devour Bangalore
If you desire to be robbed, stalked and poisoned, head to Tasty Tangles in UB City.

As Appitite vomited the contents of her lunch, she cursed the noodle bar for the hundredth time that day, as she wondered what, actually kept the walls of the place up.

“Were people that stupid, that they’d ever, I mean ever go there again?” she wailed, as her stomach heaved again, and she felt the Fried Icecream leave her. Hardly Fried Icecream, she snorted, If you can call vanilla icecream coated with rice crispies with a dribble of honey ‘Fried Icecream’.

“That waiter probably poisoned you,” said Endless, as she patted her friend on the back. Appetite’s eyes flew open in horror, as she concluded that that was, probably the case. Like a movie, her mind flashbacked to the restaurant, where she sat, and stated plainly, “ That waiter is so rude! And so pushy as well. ” As her friend’s faces were blank, she looked questioningly at them.

“He heard you, whispered Endless.” As Appitite ducked her head in horror, Endless consoled her by saying he had heard her say something rude about him, as well.

Appitite and Endless had gone out with a friend, named Bon, to UB City. Having never tried the supposedly famous Noodle Bar, the trio ventured into the dark interiors of the place, partly to try the completely new experience and partly to get out of the hot sun.

As they looked into the menu with the interest of eager tourists witnessing a landmark in their dining experience, a troubled waiter loomed about like a dark cloud, hovering and giving owo had never before tasted.
Nodding her head after a moment’s hesitation, Appitite consented to the bird. As they scanned the menu foff unusually impatient vibes. As Endless read out and discussed the contents of the menu with her friends, they deliberated about having duck, a dish which the other tr noodles, which had no description, Appitite and Endless discussed what to get, as Bon had her heart set upon Green Thai Curry. The discussion was not easy, especially with no explainations given and a waiter breathing down their throats.

Finally, they picked the Singapore noodles with chicken and prawn, praying it was the right decision. “Do you want drinks?”asked Endless. Bon said she’d have a Sprite, which the trio later decided was the best thing they had tried at the whole restaurant. Appitite heard the drinks being read out, and wondered whether she should get any. She usually didn’t, but today she felt like having something. As the drinks were read out, the waiter suddenly snapped at Endless’s reading of ‘Asian Four Seasons’ and almost forcefully, said that was an all-time favourite. Reluctantly, Appitite agreed to try it.

She regretted her decision as soon as she sipped on the pink drink, which tasted simply like diluted Mousambi juice with too much ice. So much so, that the glass seemed to contain only water after she had completed a third of it.
The Green Thai Curry arrived. The rice was not worth criticizing, but the chicken that came along with it was hard and difficult to eat. Bon couldn’t eat more than around half her meal because of it. Appitite was more interested in the Duck. As Endless continued to read the menu, she saw ‘Fried Icecream’. The two cheered loudly, earning stares from strangers, as well as from Bon. “It’s a long story,” explained Endless. “We’ve wanted to have Fried Icecream ever since a year ago,” completed Appitite. As they didn’t want to get their hopes up, they asked
he previously accused and pushy waiter, whether there was Fried Ice-cream. When he nodded, the two cheerd again.

The noodles were placed in front of Appitite. As she dug in, bland and unexciting flavours forced her smile upside down. She and Endless shared the noodles, their expressions blank. The Duck arrived. Appitite’s smile returned, and she waited as Endless, who knew how to ‘make’ the Duck put together ingrediants in a little roll.
What greeted her pallet were course textures, like hardened egg and tasteless vegetables, with a strange- tasting sauce, like curdled mayonese. “I know it says ‘Roast Duck’, but it was way too roasted, to the point of being overfried”, whispered Endless. As Appitite confessed to the party that despite Endless’s recommendation (Endless had tried the Noodle Bar at Muscat), she hated Duck.”
Perhaps the Fried Icecream would save the day? Thought the party. How wrong they could have been. If they wanted icecream dipped in rice crisps, they could have done it themselves, they mused angrily. As they swallowed the ugly vanilla icecream, the waiter hovered, waiting for them to ask for the bill. Finally, they did. And what they saw shocked and horrified them. the bill had come close to Rs. 3000, for what? Three terrible dishes, drinks and dessert.
As if it wasn’t enough, the waiter seemed to think looming over his customers would please them and they’d produce a tip that would make all his troubles disappear. He stood at our table, and watched what Endless noted was a look of ‘anger and disappointment’. However, he didn’t stop at that, following us like a dark cloud to the foyer, and then even to the outside of the restaurant, his eyes like a hawk.
That night, Appitite silently cursed her friend Endless for having such a strong stomach, her mind drifted to Bon, as she voiced her concern. Hands trembling, the two friends dialed Bon’s number, praying she was alive. She was, and she answered the phone and told us that all functions were going on as before. When Endless told her of Appitite’s plight, she laughed and said, “ Perhaps that guy performed some black magic…”


May 16, 2012response from management at The Tasty Tangles:

We regret your experience at our outlet. We wish to improve our services based on your feedback. Please send us your contact details on We would like to compensate your loss. Kindly co-operate.
Yours faithfully,
Sameer Uttamsingh

Mayur Sinha - Burrp User

Mayur Sinha

2 Reviews

February 11,2012


Strange experience

I was recommended this place and found the decor and setting very nice. the ordering through a check list was great. Ordered a Wonton Soup with vegetable and had three insects in the room (through the brocholli). asked for the manager who took 20 minutes to come and he tried to pass the buck to the restaurant being open air. Then his statement was "usually this does not happen". It is not supposed to happen ever.

Sometimes these things can happen however the way it was handled showed extreme lack of empathy.


March 28, 2012response from management at The Tasty Tangles:

Thank you for your valuable feedback. Being an open air restaurant it is difficult to figure out how the insects got into the soup. As you like our space here, we hope you visit us again soon. We will try and keep the insects at bay!

- Yours sincerely
Sameer Uttamsingh,
Brand Manager.


Not worth it!

the only good thing about this place is that it is in UB city..everything else sucks!
the service is poor...the food tastes awful and the prices are exorbitant!

Not recommended at all!


January 30, 2012response from management at The Tasty Tangles:

Hello Visitor,
We regret your bad experience with us. The food is made in authentic style and we would like to apologise that it did not suit your taste. Your feedback is valuable and we are working towards improving our services.
Do visit us again soon.

soup n starter kinda place

Liked some names on the drinks menu, but was in a rush so can say the vegetables in a bun did not really win too many points and the wonton soup was just about okay for a working lunch. Would need to give the place more time before i can decide if its going to be on my regular haunts list or nyet. But the service was prompt, and with a smile.


January 17, 2012response from management at The Tasty Tangles:

Thank you for writing to us. We are glad that you liked the service and food. Do come back for a proper lunch or dinner. You should also try out the lounge areas specially for our Bangalore visitors. We have different offers, each day for our visitors. Enjoy your food and drinks there. And if you are from Media or IT industry you can try out our Media Night and IT night at TTT- Lounge. We assure you that you won't be disappointed.

tupai - Burrp User


8 Reviews

December 25,2011


Horrible experience

This Sunday we went for a lunch with an old friend from Chennai, who wanted to visit UB City.
I thought let us try Tasty Tangles. But I really regret that decision. The service, right from the hostess at front desk to the waiters were very casual in their approach. After we got seated, we had to wait for a long time and finally I had to wave at a service guy to get some attention.
We ordered Roasted Duck, which was very less in portion and I thought was just average. The waiter spilled some salad on my friends, shirt while trying to serve !!!
The Thai Red curry was not up to mark, I thought the coconut milk was little more than usual. Though the chicken fried rice was good and had a subtle flavor.

Oh!!! To add to this, they did not have napkins, they offered us face tissues!!!
The service was really outrageous, the waiters serving did not have the courtesy to even serve the food.

I would advise and request all to pls avoid this place... if you can...


December 28, 2011response from management at The Tasty Tangles:

Dear visitor,

We are glad you picked The Tasty Tangles for lunch with your old friend.
We deeply regret the inconvenience caused to you due to our service, the professionalism of our staff and the spilling of salad on your friend. Please note the portions of every dish is measured to serve 1 person only. Thank you for taking time to write about your experience. We will surely work on our shortcomings. Hope to see you again at The Tasty Tangles.

Chaitania - Burrp User


58 Reviews

December 21,2011


Tasty and Tangy

Had been here Sunday evening. Had non-veg Bakmi noodles (round and thick). Quite tasty and filling.

Overall, good service and nice ambiance but expensive though (Rs 420 for 1 item including taxes).


December 28, 2011response from management at The Tasty Tangles:

Dear Chaitania,
Thank you for the feedback. We are glad you enjoyed your meal at The Tasty Tangles. We hope to see you again.

Fourier - Burrp User


33 Reviews

November 10,2011


And the bad food continues!

We stopped coming to this restaurant a couple of months ago due to inconsistent quality of food. They never replace the dishes, add more coconut cream and soya and send it back at you. After multiple such occurrences, we stopped visiting the restaurant. But, thought of giving it a try last week, when the food was good. And, here we are the week after with a inconsistent bakmi goreng thrown back at us for the as third time in a row in a span of 15mins. The chef needs to give the sous chefs a measuring spoon and cups and learn to accept the mistakes. As for us, it may be a while if we decide to come back.


December 28, 2011response from management at The Tasty Tangles:

Dear Visitor,
Thank you for your feedback. We deeply regret your experience at our restaurant. We have been working hard on the feedback we get and trying to improve.
Our customer experience is very important to us. We would like to have you back at The Tasty Tangles again and serve you fantastically fresh delicious food.


Summary: OK place, but I am sure one can get better Asian food elsewhere. The price was around 400 a single entree, so a full meal would get to around 600. Wouldn’t say it’s worth it.

TT is a moderately upscale, pan-Asian restaurant located on the third floor of the UB City Mall. The decor is pretty expansive with both indoor and “outdoor” seating; the outdoor almost spills into the foyer of the mall which gets pretty alive (and crowded) on weekend evenings. The service doesn’t offer much to complain about; although we did get asked if everything tasted OK before one of us got our meal. The food is mediocre, at best. There were five of us at the table, and among us we believe we got a good sample. I tried the red curry which was way saltier than it should be masking the delicate soothing taste of the coconut milk; the Singapore fried noodles was a disappointment - this is one dish which should be much tastier here than on the other side of the Atlantic, but it wasn’t. The Nee Goreng, which is Indonesian for fried rice (and if I remember right, never mentioned in the menu), was pretty dry and I felt sorry since I suggested my friend to be “adventurous”. The best dish was the paneer in spicy pepper sauce, and I would recommend that to anyone who tries out this place. We didn’t have the time (or space) for desserts, though I would’ve probably not gone for it even if we did.


December 28, 2011response from management at The Tasty Tangles:

Dear Visitor,
Thank you for your feedback, we are very glad you enjoyed your food. Thank you for recommending The Tasty Tangles.
We promise to work better on our service and get things running faster so that you don't have to wait for all that tasty food.
We would love to see you again at The Tasty Tangles.
You can have the Noodle pen if you want! :)

P.S. Mee goreng is a noodle dish but the Nasi Goreng is a rice preparation.

manwell1 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 06,2011



Bland food that has clearly been reheated. The worst tasting duck I have ever experienced and service so bad it will make you laugh.

If you like salt this place might be for you!



Great food, but the menu dude...

....the menu could have been written on the back of a postage stamp! For the type of cuisine and the variety they have chosen, well you leave very little for the connoisseur.. But, and well there is a but... The ambiance and the competition around makes then take it up a notch with a few signature dishes. I for one really loved the crispy duck, even though I felt they could been a bit more crispier! The Pad Thai's and the Wok tossed noodles do justice to their taste and the wine and beer are reasonable well priced. But again, the menu... hmmm.. Postage stamps are nearing extinction these days, I hope that does not smell doom for this wannabe nice restaurant.


Nice ambience, poor service

It was my first time in Tasty Tangles. Out of all the restaurants up there in Ub city, this one looked good, and the place was calm and spacious. Although the food was sort of ok, the service was very slow, the servers did not seem great at their politeness - and always looked in some sort of hurry. I had call them over a couple of times to bring out the sauces with the noodles!!



good food...a lil less than delightful experience

weekends are always a rush-hour movie...I went there with very less expectations since I had already read that the service isn't that good...anyhow I wasn't disappointed...the service indeed could have been better but there is just one poor guy taking orders and the staff is not in sync...

coming to food I being vegetarian ordered veg dumplings for starters servers 1 has 3 dumplings in it and my friends ordered a portion of black pepper chicken(I m not sure if that the name but the bill says BP chicken) both of which turned out to be good....the dumplings are totally bland but the sauce with it gives the flavor so don't eat without the sauce and later blame the restaurant that the food was utterly bland :D....we had liquor so can't really tell you about the moktails but they looked beautiful and reading the menu I was really tempted to order one...but then got drawn to the usuals....he he...any how here come the main course after a little wait....and I don't wanna blame the poor guy coz he was the only one managing all the orders and it seemed to me that they were overstaffed but haven't been utilizing it properly(a very disappointing thing that happened was that there was no body to greet us or show us to our tables but we found our way...and I consider this wrong there has to be a guy who has been charged with this responsibility and he has to be there till the restaurant closes irrespective of the frequency of the customers...coz that is what his job is...)we had ordered a chilly chicken and chicken fried rice for my three carnivore friends(;p) order more coz that won't satisfy three...I being the vegetarian got the advantage of not sharing my food...I ordered a wok fried noodles in veg pad thai sauce with tofu, peanuts and mushrooms....and I have to justify the 4 point and I'll say this : I Loved It....a squeeze of lemon on it and just wow...I wanna describe the dish in more detail it is malaysian noodles(for those of you who don't know its those flat noodles, just like the flat ribbon pasta : Tagliatelle)... prepared in pad thai with ground peanuts on one side and with tofu and mushrooms in it with some other less prominent veggie's in the dish...

The guy who took our order was very polite even though he was very frustrated, he knows in and out of the menu, if you are not sure what to order ask him and he'll explain what the dish is and how many does it serve he'll suggest you what to take as well...over all a good experience...worth more visits...the bill for 4 people including drinks and food came to some 3000/_...which I think was very I wanna justify the deduction of 1 is due to the close to bad service....if you own a restaurant in the piazza of UB City you can make no mistakes and no excuses are have to live up to the expectations that were set the moment you took this place...because we deserve a delightful experience....advice: you have a lot of staff, manage you human resources well...:D


Small good menu!

My friend and I had been planning to visit this place for atleast 3 months now but never made it. Finally, last Sunday, without fail on a hot afternoon we ensured to be there to enjoy the meal.

Located in the UB City, this restaurant has 2 sections. A beautiful outdoor section which lets you watch people walking around and enjoying the crisp weather of Bangalore in addition to relishing the food in multiple restaurants in the same floor.

We chose to sit in the outdoor section. The staff there appeared to be hospitable. There was no delay in serving us the water, handing us the menu and explaining the same. They have a separate drinks menu which also had some interesting tea concoctions. The starters, main course and dessert is all listed in a sheet on which we could tick based on what we preferred. This is how they take the order here!
The menu isn’t exhaustive and for the veggies, there isn’t too many choices.

The waiter recommended Sweet Passion Tea to me. It was a combination of a few syrups in tea. Good to go and perfect for summer. My friend chose a Long Island Iced Tea which was good but not great. For starters, we were recommended Sweet n Sour Vegetables. This was good. But, was more sweet than sour. We preferred a good balance between both. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case though this starter wasn’t disliked.

By now, the heat of the noon was catching up and we could not sit in the outdoor area anymore. We requested them to move us into the indoor section where ample a/c effect could help us. Though initially they said, that section is closed, a few minutes later, they accommodated us. And this indeed saved us from the heat wave. For the main course, Bakmi Veg Noodles is what we ordered was nice with loads of vegetables, soya sauce and more! My friend wanted Tuborg beer as he felt this goes down well.

The meal was really good and tasty. It was just apt for the 2 of us and was not an overdose of anything. We spent around 1500 bucks for the 2 of us. It’s a beautiful place with delicious food and decent service. I would suggest one to pick the right place depending on the weather! If its hot noon, please choose the indoor area. And if its the night, pick the cool and breezy outdoor area


Lovely main course and dessert

After a round of the saddest starters - duck wontons and a veggie satay we were treated to really yummy main courses - all of their food is rather good after you get past the appetizers ! You must try their Thai curries - all good and their veggie fare is amazing as well! But their pièce de résistance is the Mango Pudding - one of the most delicious mousses I have ever eaten!! We actually ordered more after finishing the first one.

Their portions are large - so go in a large group or you will miss out on ordering a variety !

Would have given them 4 stars if the waitress didn't keep forgetting to give us cutlery and filling our glasses and the weird starters !



Painfully slow..

Entered the restaurant at 1.10 pm. We were a group of 3.
Gave our "Express Lunch" orders 5 mins later
Starters arrived at 1.55 pm (one by one..though we had all ordered the same thing)
Main course at 2.10 pm (upon much frowning & reminding)
Bill arrived at 2.30 pm (wrong bill that too - they had charged us for an extra Iced-tea. Pointed this out to the Manager and he asks "Are you sure you dint order an extra iced tea?"
Correct bill arrives 5 mins later, we pay & leave.
Food - 5/10
Overall experience - 0/10
My advice - Dont go there during peak hours. Post-lunch and pre-dinner times maybe they'll serve you well.


February 12, 2011response from management at The Tasty Tangles:

Dear Visitor, we are sorry that your experience didn’t meet your expectations. However we will address this matter immediately. Thank you for your comments; we look forward to serving you soon.

okay then!

So we walk into this incredibly posh looking restaurant, big wooden doors tastefully done interiors. A waitress in a perfectly tailored dress comes up to us and fills our glasses. I'm officially impressed! This is until we are presented with a menu that looks like someone swiped it from McDonalds but i'm here for the food right? so anyway we order some sort of pad thai, greens and a chicken dish that I can't for the life of me remember probably because everything was too spicy and very mediocre. So much for that



Cool Place; Menu Could be More Extensive Though

A friend and I decided to dine at Tasty Tangles, after having a snack at Cafe Noir. We walked into the restaurant and were greeted by a very nice and friendly hostess who asked us if we preferred to sit in the smoking or non-smoking zone. Both of us being non-smokers, and having already had our fill of the open air, we opted to sit in the non-smoking section which was in the air-conditioned part of the restaurant. After leaving us comfortably seated, with the menus - drinks and food - in hand, the waitress backed discreetly away. Not wanting a drink, we looked at just the food menu and placed our order - one Indonesian Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce and one Curry Laksa soup with Chicken, Prawns, Noodles, Vegetables and a Boiled Egg (It is one of those meal-in-itself soups, very common in Asia). The food came very promptly and we started on the Chicken Satay (our appetizer). It was lovely. Then, we shared the soup, in that my friend ate the vegetables and boiled egg which I had ladled from my soup onto her plate and I ate the soup, prawns and all. Our meal was leisurely and we took an hour over just these two dishes. Feeling full, we then called for the bill. My impression of the ambience is that it is excellent and I really like that patrons get to choose between smoking and non-smoking zones and open-air vs airconditioned comfort. The service is fantastic - quick, friendly and unobtrusive. The waitress was also very knowledgeable and very kindly explained to my friend about the difference between the various types of noodles on offer on the menu. She also patiently and smilingly taught my friend how to use her chopsticks. The food was excellent however, it would be great if the menu had a few more items listed on it, also if there could be a mention of which region/country the item comes from. The price is very reasonable. Definitely a place to note and to dine in.


i am surprised by the past reviews!

i was going through the past reviews of the restaurant and utterly surprised to see what people have to say about Tasty Tangles. I am a member of a Gourmet club of Bangalore and a total foodie and Tasty Tangles happens to be one of my favourite restaurants in city. I generally dont write reviews but I have repeatedly visited this restaurant and there is not a thing I dont like about the place. The staff is extremely helpful and pleasant, food is the way it is supposed to be (not indian-ised) and ambience (dont even have to get there considering its in UB City and got outdoor seating).

What I am even more surprised is people commenting about the prices... what prices do people want to pay at a place like that? And i dont absolutely buy the idea of getting a pint of beer for lesser than Rs. 99 at Blue Bar or anywhere in town except for shady little bars (hole in the wall places)... A meal for two at Tasty Tangles costs around Rs. 800 excluding drinks and a perfect place for business lunches or a nice evening out.

The reviews just make me wonder what sorta people are writing the reviews which are totally misleading... again it is an individual's experience and after all the times I have been to the restaurant I dont have even one complaint!


sudars1222 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 12,2009


Weird Attitude by Manager Vinod Kumar Manager

Hi Guyz,
i am Sudarshan working with HP as Senior president,first visit to Tasty Tangels was really too good I had gone with my family,the food was too good and most importantly the service was very well taken care of by Mr.Paul resturant Manager.
Last week I happend to visit the same place with my office collegue,the food and the service was too sick,when the same was complained there was a resturant Manager by Name Vinod Kumar A U,one of the most sick person on earth with lot of attitude and very poor vocabulary.When the same was expalined his answer was" GET LOST AND DON't EVER VISIT OUR RESTURANT IN FUTURE".Being in service based induatry working with a mnc company he is not been thought the right way to address the customer.
My sincere advise to all of you would be not to visit this place ...

Dissapointed Customer,
Sudarshan Kumar


February 12, 2011response from management at The Tasty Tangles:

We apologize that you were made to feel uncomfortable at our restaurant. We always try and ensure that our customers are treated very well and spoken to with the utmost respect. The unethical behavior of our staff is absolutely not acceptable by us, and I can assure you that we will address this matter immediately.
Once again I am personally very sorry for this behavior and hope that you will give us another chance to prove us.



This place is quite a treat. Sit in the open air area over looking the fountains and you are guaranteed a scrumptious meal.
The menu here is very limited, which a lot of people might like. They have a strange way of ordering, where you check check-boxes on your one page menu. A colossal waste of paper i might add.
The last i remeber the place is quite empty and that ensures, prompt and "service with a smile". The food i must say is on the delicious side and portions sufficient. Love the presentation and that crazy smell you get from every dish. Chinese has been about simplicity and wholesomeness and yes, this place lives upto every last bit.
Do not hesitate to customize your meal. I have no recollection of what i had eaten but i do remember a pan fried noodle something which tasted a lot like oyster oil and was absolutely yummy!!
Time to ditch mainland china. Cheers and burrp...

Meal for two - 1000
Ambience - 4.5/5
Service - 4/5
Food - 4.25/5
Competitors - Mainland China, Mugen, Aromas of China, Bamboo Shoots.



Tasty Tangle Take Away

We were going to have an evening in at our bud's J&B's place so we decided to go with something convenient and tried Tasty Tangles for Take Away (try saying that 3 times fast!). Anyways, we were disappointed because they didn't have the duck entree available but we had no problem ordering a few other options to share that included fried calamari, vegetable spring rolls, vegetarian pad thai, Singapore noodles with chicken and prawns, sweet and sour crispy vegetables, and Thai green curry. We had a fun night in and since I didn't see the bill I can't comment on the dent it made to the wallet (which often impacts my final impressions of a restaurant). But wouldn't be surprised if their prices are steep as other reviewers have commented.



A good place, but VFM?

Couple of days back, I was talking with a CEO of a company and somehow the discussion veered towards food and restaurants. The CEO remarked that though she could afford the prices, many places in Bangalore have ceased to be places where one gets Value For Money food and thus have lost the repeat business from people like her.

And yesterday when I went to this place in the eve for dinner and when I saw the rates and the quantity served, her words came back to me.

I don't give much hype on the ambience of this place. It is good, but then, this place is in the best part of the UB City and one has to be exceptionally talented to get it wrong!!! So nothing much to it.

The place was practically empty at about 8.30 with three tables being occupied. If you consider their capacity, this is pretty pathetic.

Since it was quite windy outside, we chose to sit inside. The drink menu is kept on the table like a paper mat. And the main menu is stuck to a pad like exam sheets. One needs to tick against the food of their choice and hand it over to the waiter.

Drinks are expensive. Consider this. A tiny glass of draught beer is 99 bucks. Add to this the service charges of 10% and it amounts to Rs.109/-. Way too expensive even when compared to places like Blue Bar or Library bar or the Polo Club! And this place does not have even half the ambience of these places! Another thing I have simply not understood is this. What makes restaurants and bars make us pay 10% service charge for the mere act of serving the beer from the dispenser to the table!!!

We ordered a portion of Duck Wontons, a veg fried rice, sweet and sour chicken and mango mousse for dessert.

The quantities were miniscule, to say the least. I am not expecting half of duck to be put before me when I order an appetizer, but 4 pieces of wontons for Rs.200??

Main course was no better. A small bowl of Fried rice for Rs.160?? A small portion Sweet and sour chicken at Rs.300?? The taste was pretty good. But still, if one ends up feeling hungry, after paying a almot 500 bucks, then something is wrong!!!

I went back home thinking of what this CEO had said and ticked off this restaurant from the "must visit again" list.



Like being on Orchard Road

Good variety on the menu, including many Singaporean specialties. What we had wasn't spicy enough (though labeled spicy) so you may want to take that into account. Pepper sauces on the table helped. We had some noodles, squid, prawns, and the duck. All of it was quite good.

The only real disappointment was the pad-thai, which we thought must have been either Singaporeanized or Bangalored - too dark red and over-spiced though not spicy thai hot.

The best part was the really nice atmosphere, eating outside without any traffic or associated noise. There was a nice breeze and with the high awning and teak floors, it was easy to imagine yourself being in Singapore itself.

Reasonable drink prices for a nice restaurant in Bangalore. It's crazy what some places charge for mixed drinks. The Hurricane (a New Orleans Singapore sling) was tasty.

Attentive but not overbearing waiters. Someone else complained about how they don't serve you but they're not supposed to. And I prefer it that way.

I can't wait to go back with my family. The kids will be able to run around the terrace in UB City while the parents relax on the veranda. Sweeeeet.



A nice place to eat..

I decided to go to tasty tangles after i read the other two reviews on burrp..

when i reached the place what took me by surprise was the huge crowd that had gathered right outside this restaurant which made me change my mind to sit outside and headed straight was way too noisy could be because it was a saturday..its cosy and nice inside..soo the ambience scores..

the cocktails here is a must try..they have some coffee blended ones which are awesome and the quantity is a good amount..

for starters they dont take orders here they have a sheet of paper which happens to be a menu sheet and you have to tick your order..which was a bit of a problem cause there isn much choice and we had to call our waiter to know if they can customize..which they dont..and since we wanted something in chicken therz just one starter in chicken which was quite good..we wanted to order another chicken starter but there was nothin on the menu which kinda was disappointing..

the portions are really small and definitely not filling..soo order more..the maincourse was also good, again limited choice..

the not soo nice part of this restaurant is they charge a 12.5 percent tax and 10 percent service charge on your bill which mite be the norm for any fancy restaurant in town but i was a lil disappointed paying service charge cause though the waiter was kind enuf to help us out for ordering things he didn bother to serve food onto our plates, he just left it on the table and left.. we had to serve it ourselves..which is not good service according to me..

if you are going to this place for a meal i would suggest you go on a weekday for dinner and sit outside cause this place looks better in the nite..but be ready to shell out a minimum of 2k for two for food and a couple of drinks.


bevarsee - Burrp User


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January 26,2009


A +++ Food Ambience Service

been there for lunch

all the people were milling around rajdhani and khansama in the same building so we decide to go to this place and were glad we went.

This place reminds me of an typical American bistro much better actually


Food is excellent
desserts are awesome
service is impeccable and friendly
ambiance is spacious and inviting



my 20 paisa

if you want to get guaranteed good food and service esp business and family lunch dinner please go here for excellent Asian food

i will 100% go here again


Fantastic ambience

The title pretty much summarizes the place. nestled in the gigantic UB City complex, the open space that this restaurant shares with the others around (rajdhani, Shiro, Ecstacy, Subway,etc) is not something you will see in bangalore any time soon, especially in the CBD area.
We landed here on New Years eve thinking of having a quite dinner and scooting before the bedlam started. there are no reservations accepted, so be warned. The decor is sparse with the furniture being quite comfortable. we chose to sit outside since the surroundings were so beautiful.
We started with a daiquiri and hurricane, both being quite good-the daiquiri had a tad too much ice in it. Considering the fact that this has been advertised as having Singapore cuisine, i was looking forward to seeing the ubiquitous Singapore Sling, but no luck there.
We had the papaya salad and 'Popiah' - a kind of spring roll. both were unique in taste, not overdone, but different from what I've had before. The Popiah has a filling of sprouts and a whole lot of mushrooms.
The main course was Malaysian flat noodles with vegetables and soba noodles with chicken and shrimp with a side dish of assortment mushrooms. Nothing spectacular about the food with the soba dish bringing back memories of the 'American Chinese' food you get in the US of A. Not to insult the food here, but thats the first thing that came to mind.
To sum up,I'd give the food a 3 star, but the ambience scored a 4.5, after all those 'goodoos' called restaurants that we otherwise go to. The waiters were very friendly, suggesting food and explaining dishes. Serving sizes may not look like much, but they are very filling. The plates belie the quantity. Our meal came up to around 1900, the cocktails themselves made up around 550 of it.
Go here with the kids. Lots of place to play around, and especially in the evenings, there is a nice fountain that comes out from the floor (cannot get the word to describe this) with colour lights. We saw a lot of kids having fun around this area.