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> > > > The Waggah

The Waggah

KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  

  • 9980029797, 9591975579
  • Shop No 52, 5th Cross, 6th Block, 60 Feet Road , Koramangala, Bangalore
  • Meal for 2 - 800

15 Reviews / 16 Ratings

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The Waggah Reviews


The food is good, waiters & management...pathetic!

The name, the exteriors and a few reads in a local newspaper tempted me to visit Wagah.

As soon as we entered, the ambience was good. And since it was a Sunday, we had to wait for 30 minutes. Finally we got a seat (for 4). But it was actually a table was for 2 or 3, not at all a table for 4.

They gave us complimentary bread sticks till the starters came. We asked for a repeat of the bread sticks while we waited for the starters but we were told that they were overb. It was just 9:35 PM. But after sometime, we saw bread sticks being served at some other tables.

Then came the starters, they were quite good, their cook/chef is praiseworthy.
Nobody was bothered to refill our water glasses even after asking multiple times.
A cube of ice needed to be asked for thrice and came only after half an hour. Another drink came only when the bill arrived.

When we were ordering main course, we wanted to try the dal-makhani. The waiter said, its over. By 10:00 PM, the dal-makhani was over, breadsticks were over, but still they were entertaining new guests. Ideally they should have put that on the notice-boards, so that new customers can make their decisions to come-in or not.

Main course took more than 40 mins to arrive, and nobody was bothered about our table, we had to ask for 4-5 times so that we can have our roti-sabji.Here again, I would praise the cook, the food was good. But the management and staff was at it worst.

When the food is expensive, I was under the impression that management spends a lot on training on its staff, waiters and other managers. But that's not true here.

It seemed that none of the waiters were trained to impress the customer and they have a chosen one among themselves as their manager with coat-pant-tie.
We decided not to pay any service charge, which they agreed after quite a few arguments.


nawingee80 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 15,2013


First Experience Worst Experience

Motive:Wanted to celebrate Valentines days with my wife for the very first time, to enjoy the day and to surprise her.

Pre Booking: Booked a table for two. (request for a nice table in sides). They agreed and said that the Valentines days package with an candle light dinner for couples.

Reception: We went at 8:30 and checked for reservation, but couldn't find. I asked for a quite table but i have been denied and without much choice i have to accept a table near by the cooking area.

Order: Waited for 10 minutes and i called for some waiter to check if there is service for that table. Then, we ordered for the Valentines Day package that includes a welcome drink, starters, main course and finally desert (750/- + tax).

Highlight: There was no Candle Light AT ALL !! Wat The ****?

We waited.... waited.... waited..... kept on waiting... and finally .... nothing came. I called a gentlemen waiter and reminded that we are waiting for the food to be served.

*********** **** I guess they haven't ready with the food. ********************

That gentle men waiter informed another waiter (guess he is a senior person among them) who is dark faced person (sorry to identify him that way) came to us and told that, it is not like buffet order, so we have wait and told that they are preparing.

Gentle reminder: After noon they told that they have package for the day, but at 8:30pm, the waiter said that they are preparing, This is acceptable but the way that dark faced waiter informed was full of attitude and bullish.

Food served? Yeah, but how? they started with Non Veg starters.... they kept couple of pieces on plate then, the same was served for other tables. Then waited waited waited ... for the veg starters to be served for my wife.

Wait Wait: What about the WELCOME DRINK? was it served hahaaa.... no not all. I asked them if the welcome drink should be served first or starters first? They replied, they preparing drink and have to wait for sometime. After 25 minutes of arrival in the place.. then came the drink....

Then came the veg starters.... three pieces of fried panner flavor and then after some time then came another veg starters and been served with two pieces of fried alloooo....

By the time we finished our starters it was already 9:30pm and there are many customers were waiting in the lobby by the time. Remember we came at 8:30pm

Highlight in main course is: We were having rotti and the dark faced guy was kept on sending the junior waiters to serve pullav rice in our plates before we are finished with rottis. It really looked like he really wanted to serve the food all at one time and make us finish fast and leave. This was really annoying and bitter by the way the service was.

Final Part: DESERT: In the menu there was a choice between two deserts Rasamollai and Chocolate Ice Cream . Without asking what desert we like, that waiter served two cups of dark chocolate ice cream. I told that we didn't really ordered what we want and wanted to choose between Rasamollai and Chocolate Ice cream. But that dark faced waiter told that they dont have Rasamollai. I told that they have mentioned in the menu. After a bit of argument that waiter came up with one rasamollai and one choco ice cream, and told that they have only one Rasamollai and dont ask for one more. Again what the ****?

We are not here to have a free food or asked something apart from the menu. We paid : 750/- + tax = 993

Its is not the money i have issue with. It was valentines day and chose this place to make the day memorable and celebrate and enjoy the occasion.



bigfish4321 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 12,2012


Pathetic service, Greasy food - avoid this place!

Had read a review about this restaurant in Times city and went for lunch with great expectations...But the staff turned out out to be downright rude and the food.. well.. too greasy to call it Peshawari cuisine. Better avoid this place!


apriyada - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 11,2012


Discourteous Staff

I had very bad experience here. I went there along with my husband and two kids. It was 8 pm Saturday night and not a single customer was present there. We asked them to give sofa seat for six people. They simply refused that. I can understand it when at least few customers are present and you see people coming. We walked out by saying you keep that seat also and have full empty place. Pathetic experience.



most ordinary

we got food parcelled yesterday from waggah.we ordered for mutton roganjosh ,which was very ordinary compared to its price.I felt lazeez mutton chap is much better than this.Sindhi mutton biryani,tasted like mutton curry rice ( that's the definition of peshawari biryani).Only khameri naan was soft & worth praising.The ambience is nice with a prompt service.But as long as food is not out of the world ,no restaurant can linger in u'r memory,.Just a one time restaurant.




We tried the Rannn here on a Sunday afternoon and it was heavenly! Decent ambiance and good service. Lunch for two will be around Rs.1200 - but the quality is quite good. The rotis were a bit burnt - but we did'nt notice it while feasting on the well done lamb. Definitely a must try!


naveents - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 05,2012


Awsome food & great service

We are the frequent visitor of Embers in Nandhana grand hotel , we went there without making any reservations & landed there by 1pm unfortunately that place was closed down because of renovation , i believe they are opening Resto Bar.We all were planning to head to a different restaurant , all of a sudden a person from the hotel came and asked us whethere we were looking for a buffet & we replied yes.So he explained that they have a executive lunch at Waggah which is priced at Rs 325 & showed us the menu.It was very appealing as it had 4 starters & around 6 Main course & few desserts.

So we were guided to our table, made us sit & they started serving the food course by course.Food was awsome , Service was excellent & ambience is quite good.

I was also asked to visit this place again as this place is famous for it's kebab's like Raan,etc...,Dum Cooked Biryani's,Curry & Breads.

I should really appreciate the hospitality show by the staff of Nandhana Grand Hotel.Thank You all so much & all the very best..

We will visit you very soon & also looking forward for the renovated restaurant.cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Arrogance and Card machine not working

Second time i visited 2 weeks back, and the same experience. I had booked for 8:30pm reservation, and called them 30 min in advance to tell them i will be late by around 10 min. The person on the other line told me arrogantly that i have to be EXACTLY on time, otherwise they have to give the table to someone else! This is unimaginable and impractical in cities like Bangalore. Who would come on time for a reservation witth the traffic and also on a SATURDAY? i can understand if the customer is very late ( more than 30 min), but the sheer arrogance on the phone was intolerable. Ofcourse i reached there 7 min late, and there were at least 6 tables vacant! The food was just fine, nothing great. The worst thing came afterwards. They told us that we have to pay by CASH. When we raised our voice, they said they accept AMEX cards. Strange, firstly the machiens were not working, and then after 2 min, the amex card machine was working! WOW...I dont believe that their card machines are not working, and feel there is something more to it than meets the eye.



Looking for Peshawari food visit :)

Went last Friday ..We were six people ,and were looking for a peaceful place ..and yeah in koramangala ..first time read in TOI (Bangalore times )
Ambiance was awesome ...right in the busy street found this place peaceful ..soulful Sufi Music ( depends on your taste of music) .
So when went through the MENU cards ,it was really tough to get what the dish was ,but the have little description along with the Peshawari name which was enough for a foodie to understand .But always prefers the expert comments of the staffs(dressed like Pathans ) ,
We ordered veg as well as nonveg was good ..and finally got to taste khameeri roti after a long time .....last time had in Karim's .
Over all it was good food .
Price as mentioned .
they serve Alcohol too .:)

Nice experience :)


maddy110  - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 02,2012



yesterday was my birthday...i went there with my family....after dinner they informed me that ..card machine is not working...then i need to walk to next atm machine and withdrawn bill was 10000 so..guess no body takes so much cash now a days in was pathetic..will never visit..very bad experience..guess they were speaking lie....they could have informed prior...


Good hospitality !

We group of 4 were there on Friday night and it was a good experience. Food had been tasty but for someone who likes to gaze on the ambience rather than food, it is bit dissapointing. The place looks deserted which will give you the feeling as if you are really in desert but it is not appealing as the roof/walls need to have a similar chemistry, seems that someone just finished the work in hurry. Painitings on the walls are confusing as they give you impression of being in an arabic country rather than INO-PAK Wagah border !
We ordered Mutton champs, chicken balti chooza and Zafrani kebab it was really good and worth trying and they have 1rs indian bread thing going on which is appealling. For food it is a good option to try out but ambience to go on date, certainly not an option !!! Although hospitality is classic !!!
Try it out once !



Good for trying out once in a while

Went to The Waggah with my wife. Good crowd for a Saturday afternoon. One may require reservations if arriving in a larger group. We did not require a prior reservation, however. Good ambiance with a NWFP setting and waiters dressed as pathans. And for once, there were no parking woes.

Our review:

What we ordered -
1. Mutton chops - excellent in taste (5 pieces in a plate) and lip-smacking
2. Chicken biryani - very well cooked and the chicken falling of the bone, done just right
3. Mutton biryani - Nice but the meat was a bit tough
4. Mutton roganjosh - Excellent gravy but tough meat
5. 1 punjabi lassi - Fillling and topped with 'anardana' which the wife enjoyed
6. 1 30 ml of Smirnoff vodka and 1 7 UP

The pros -
1. Period setting and location
2. The punjabi lassi with 'anardana' and it's authentic taste
3. Mutton chops were out of this world, best of what we ordered
4. The spice in the mutton and chicken biryani rice were okay. And cooked dum style, served from a small clay pot with a dough seal certainly enhanced the flavor of the rice
5. Food menu in a wooden cover and drinks menu carved into a wooden bottle
6. Good and friendly service

The cons:
1. The mutton chops quantity - 5 measly pieces, not worth the price
2. The mutton roganjosh - very tough meat, felt undercooked; Even the quantity was inadequate considering the price
3. The quantity of biryani - We were hurried for a subsequent appointment and got most of the biryanis packed but at home they were polished off pretty quick. The portions were at the most, optimum even by light eating standards.

Our verdict:
1. The prices are high
2. Need serious work on the quantity of each dish
3. The biryanis, while being good, were nothing to write home about. Also, they was not exactly signature as expected and certainly not worth the price
4. I have found only Sahib, Sindh and Sultan to be worth some of it's hype, this place must avoid itself from becoming an overpriced run-of-the-mill punjabi eatery
5. I reckon that they do starters very well given our experience
6. Good for casual lunch/dinner with friends
7. Could be a frontier cuisine powerhouse if they worked on their quality and quantity

We'd give this place another visit 2 months down the line and if they've improved, I'd definitely add this in my list of favorites. But for the moment, it would be a 3/5.



Food is really nice!!!!!!!

Had Lunch @ Waggah.....nice place.. marvelous food with decent quantity :) wanna go again soooooooon..


Awesome Food!!

I have always wanted to try North West frontier food but hadn't had an opportunity so far so when I came across this elaborate review below I could not resist the temptation of trying out Waggah and I'm very happy that I did because the meal turned out to be fantastic and the experience truly great. I wouldn't go to great lengths describing the interiors but the woodwork was outstanding so were the paintings. Coming to food, we tried several kebabs from the menu which was a hard bound menu. I don't remember the names of the kebabs we tried (both were chicken) as they were a little tricky both the chicken and the mutton preparations from the main course were also very tasty. The biryani was average and different than the other biryanis available here. Maybe it did not go well with my taste preference. But overall it was a very satisfying meal. Planning to go there soon with my colleagues again.


Shahi Dawat from beyond the border!!

Nandhana Grand hotel at Koramangala has come up with a new restaurant called ‘The Wagaah’. We went there for lunch within a week of its opening its doors and came back happy and satisfied.

The restaurant specializes in North- West Frontier Cuisines specially 'Peshawari Khana' and they have befittingly kept the name of the Restaurant 'Waggah' as a friendly tribute to the Waggah Border which is in many ways the gateway to Pakistan from Hindustan. Waggah is the perfect place to unwind with royal interior and an exquisite ambiance of the Royal Afghan heritage and the interior, sitting arrangements, wall paintings and windows, paintings represents the heritage of North West Frontier and also emphasizes on the essential culture of cooking using tandoor, karahi, balti and copper vessels with fire wood.

Three of us (one veg and 2 non-veg ) were there last Monday for lunch, excited to try out some Peshawari food as it was a newly opened restaurant serving something different other than the regular 'run of the mill' food that most restaurants serve these days. We were warmly welcomed by the manager and were taken to our table in the corner which we booked in advance. I noticed that the lighting was dim and created a very soothing ambiance within the restaurant. We were presented with the drinks and food menu. The menus by themselves were very unique, drinks menu was in the form of a wooden bottle on both sides of which was mentioned the drink options and food menu was in the form of a rectangular box. Also, we were informed by the captain that they don’t usually keep cutlery on the table as per the frontier tradition but of course provided on request by the customers.
We skipped the drinks menu ordering just Apricott Pannas which was really nice and soothing with a touch of tamarind in it. Then after few mintues came our Pukhtuni Tamatar Ka Shorba with the starters Surkh Murg Ke Joleh, Lahori Fish Tikka, Jaituni Kumbh Tikka (made of Mushroom) and Chicken Lahori Kabab. Shorba came in a cup and was delicious. All the starters were nice and just perfect but Surkh Murg Ke Joleh was the best. It just melted in the mouth. The flavours were unique and different from Indian or Mughlai food.

For main course we had Taftaan and Bakarkhani breads (Pathan specialities), Wagah Nalli ( Mutton curry on the bone), Wagara Murgh Peshawari, Daal Makhani and for rice it was Sindh Nihriki Biryani & Makai Ka Pulao (veg option).
The breads were different than Indian breads we are used to and the Waggah Nalli was spicy and tangy. I specially liked the Wagara Murg Peshawari for its distinctive taste.

We hogged like there was no tomorrow and by the end of the main course was too full to even contemplate dessert. We had decided to skip desserts altogether but gave in to temptation on the manager's suggestion and ordered their special Afghani Khajur Ka Halwa which was a first for all three of us. Needless to say, it was a HIT too.

The best thing about this place is that the food does not taste like regular Indian fare. The bread, the curries and even the Biryanis have very distinct taste, smell and flavors. I have never tasted Pathani or Peshawari food before, but if this is how it tastes I like it very much and will definitely recommend Waggah to all those foodies who have tired of the same old, same old Indian food.