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> > > > Three Quarter Chinese

Three Quarter Chinese

Church StreetCentral Bangalore  

  • 08032904888, +919902861113
  • No. 22, Church Street, Bangalore
  • Indian, Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 1000

28 Reviews / 31 Ratings

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Three Quarter Chinese Reviews






Mediocrity - In Every Possible Way

Had a great evening attending a fusion concert @ the Rangoli metro art centre and after a great concert decided to have a dinner @ TQC – unfortunately the mood of the night took a paradigm shift. The food was just OK.
We had a soup – which was average – with a few starters – which were good. I was kinda surprised – but the bigger surprise is yet to come. Tried the garlic fried rice – which was too spicy, My husband tried aappams and he escaped the claws of the fried rice. I am not new to Chinese cuisine but am sure this rice should be a product of a Chinaman who immigrated from Andhra to China…. It was that spicy. I did try patching myself up with the naan and so on – but nothing could beat that chilli outta me…..I believe someone would have felt the same but don't know how many reviews are going to follow. All in all – totally not worth Rs 1600. Will never set foot again.



Just About Ok

Since the overall rating was 4 , wanted to visit this place, finally it happened this weekend. Spacious and no waiting was what i liked - however the thought did come to my mind -how can so good a place be available instantly.
I tried everything that was available on the buffet . The tom yum soup was ok, not many can get that right. For starters i tried the fish preparation which was more like a masala fish - a little tangy but good. The fried veggies were soggy, tandoori gobi too was salty. Main course -i did like the veg fried rice , with hunan style chicken prep, biryani was just not biryani- rasam too was very disappointing, orange cake was good so was the malpua. In all an average experience. Not bad is what i'd say.


Chaitania - Burrp User


58 Reviews

December 20,2012


Passable Food

Have tried buffet as well as items on menu but I have found that food is just average. From the menu, non-veg and veg momos are good, noodles are okay. All desserts cost Rs.160 + tax = Rs.189. Fried pancakes stuffed with dates and served with ice cream and honey is okay here but I have had the same one at Beijing Bites which tastes better and is priced at Rs.99.

Location is good, ambiance is fantastic. This place is huge and has an attached bar. Restrooms are also well maintained. Service is slow. After an order is placed, it takes at least 20-30 minutes for the order to reach your table. For food, I would definitely prefer other places in this area...........


The Ideal Restaurant For A Night Out With Family!

Three Quarter Chinese happens to be a very popular Chinese Restaurant in Bengaluru. It is located on Church Street in Amoeba Complex, so you just cannot miss it! I must say this was the first Chinese Restaurant I had heard of in Bengaluru when I came in 2005. Seven years later, I got a chance to visit this restaurant when my cousin had come down from Singapore.

There were 6 of us that night and we decided to book a table as it was a Saturday. Once you enter the place, you will be greeted by the host/hostess who will take you to your table. I must say the restaurant is HUGE. You can sit either in the lounge/bar area which is located at the entrance, or choose to sit in the regular seating area where there are enough and more tables accustomed to the number of people who have come.

To start off our meal, some of us decided to try out the soup.
1. Veg Soup – Pepper Garlic Mushroom – I heard the soup had the right proportion of pepper and garlic which complemented the mushroom very well. Just the perfect soup to slurp down on a chilly evening.
2. Non – Veg Soup – Pepper Lemon Chicken Soup – This was a clear soup with numerous pieces of chicken as well as various kinds of pepper like red capsicum and green capsicum. The dash of lemon just made it taste even better.

For those who didn’t have the soup, decided to take a bite of the starters which were just awesome!
1. Veg Starter – Veg Chinese Platter – This humungous platter contained so many items, that I am sure your stomach would have been full even before the main course arrived! This platter should definitely order if you are going in a big group and there are many people who are vegetarians. That day, there were four kinds of starters. They were:
a. Spring Roll: The Spring Roll tasted yummy and unlike other places, these spring rolls were not oily at all.
b. Mushroom Pepper Fry : One of my favorite items to order at any restaurant. This was another delicious starter and the amount of pepper was quite a lot and made the dish very spicy. All in all, it tasted great!
c. Crispy American Corn: The good ol’ American Corn which has become a favorite in everyone’s list. The corn was crispy and seasoned with onions, pepper, and green chillies. You could keep eating this all night!
d. Gobi Chilly: No Chinese Meal is complete without the famous Gobi Chilly. I must say, even this dish was spicy and tasted excellent!
2. Non – Veg Starter – Lat- Che Chicken – This was the starter that the non-veggies enjoyed. It is spicy dry chicken served on a sizzler. The chicken was moist and tender and cooked just right. The flavor of the sizzler just added to the wonderful taste.

Our stomach was quite full after we ate the starters. However, we still wanted to try out the main course as we had heard lots of good things about this restaurant.
The Non-Veggies ordered the Mixed Meat Fried Rice. This dish contained egg, chicken, and shrimp. It tasted good and I must say the rice did not contain much oil…which is a good thing of course!

The Vegetarians ordered the Veg Chili Garlic Noodles. There is nothing like eating noodles loaded with lots of chili and garlic and this was the right dish to order. The nice thing about this dish is that it’s enough for three people.

It was time to sit back and relax before taking a look at the menu again, but this time to order Dessert! Yes, even though we ate to our heart’s content, we were not going to skip the Dessert!

I decided to order my favorite and that is Fried Ice Cream. One order of this contains two scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream with the outer layer that is fried. A perfect dessert on a date as it’s the right quantity for two people!

My cousin decided to order Sizzling Brownie Sundae. This has become a popular dessert in restaurant and even in coffee shops! The brownie is served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. There is a small portion of walnuts served on top along with the ice cream. Who can forget the sound of sizzler which keeps going shoooooooo even until the very last bite! The brownie was soft and the amount of chocolate sauce was just heavenly!

The ambience of Three Quarter Chinese has a very homely feeling. Since it was a Saturday night, it was packed with more families than groups of friends. The lighting is not too bright and the soft instrumental music in the background makes you feel as if you are eating a nice meal right in the comfort of your own home!
The prices are quite reasonable too. A meal for two (without alcohol) will cost approximately Rs. 1,000. They are open from 12 PM to 3:30 PM and once again from 7 PM to 11PM. Three Quarter Chinese is located in Church Street as well as in Jayanagar.

So if you feel like going out with family and want to enjoy some good Chinese Food which is not too expensive, then Three Quarter Chinese is the right choice!

Ambience: 5/5
Food: 5/5
Service: 5/5


Back in the Bang

I write this review simply because I was overwhelmed by my own hometown this last visit.. Flew in on Saturday evening and just had to have some quality time with the family.. A scan through the food promenade of Bangalore - Church street, led me to this little haven.. Tucked away under amoeba, a pleasant private party was just the thing we needed and got.. The food, the ambience and the service were perfect..



No nonsense Good Chinese ....

This is the kind of place ideal for throwing budget parties without compromising on the quality. Had been there about a week or two bk with husband and in laws after a shopping spree. Hunger was at its peak hence ! :)

We ordered chkn machow soup and momo kinda starter (i dun recollect the name) but remembr they describing it as a steamed open momo with some herbs and chikn filling..Taste was extra-ordinary,we loved it . For main course we had chicken and lamb fried rice with a gravy chickn in oyster sauce . This too tasted pretty good.

Overall,a good place to relish regular chinese fare.


Potent Cocktails & How!!

I've been to 3QC a number of times before, and am quite fond of the place. But yesterday, for the 1st time, I had 2 cocktails there. At first, I thought that they were a bit overpriced (@ Rs. 450/coctail) but when I took the 1st sip, I realized why they came at that price. Man, were they potent!! I think one cocktail was equivalent to 2, so you can say I had 4 :P

Food, was great, as usual :)



Good value for money

Three Quarter Chinese is not all that good with their food but the prices aren't too high too. It is one of the casual dining restaurants where the service is good and the food average, but it doesn't matter since you don't pay too much anyway.



Great Place for Team Party

The food was good, nice ambience and seating plan for large groups. For less than 400 INR PP you have sumptous buffet. Great with valet parking, and diverse variety in Veg and Non-Veg menu.
Enjoyed every bit of it!



Good Food

Many of the items on the menu were good, though only the veg stuff were tried by me. Ideal for team outings and so due to the proximity to Amoeba, and the good ambience and excellent service.. not too costly as well..


sabarishs - Burrp User


3 Reviews

September 07,2011


Decent food

Spread is not that great, but just good enough. While it may not impress you, its enjoyable food nevertheless. Desserts are good too. Seems a perfect place for team outings, especially week day buffets. And families might find it fun too. I even saw a few oldies in the mix.

If you want to impress someone or overwhelm yourself, look somewhere else.


Ripples - Burrp User


13 Reviews

September 07,2011


Keeps you going back

This is the sort of place you can take your parents for dinner. Very elegant place and the food is good too. I would not call it authentic chinese food but I keep going back to this place. The dishes are always perfect, that sweet and spicy flavour keeps you going back. Just the right amount of all the spices, no overpowering flavours. Try their cheese cake for desert.


great place

One of the older fine dining places in church street.Had visited them a few times over the years.I guess they do something good and some items off the menu are bad.
I have usually stuck to the Chinese stuff and have never been disappointed.Special mention for the main course items .The gravies are delectable and not the usual corn flour laden Indo Chinese types.They are very flavorful.
Surely recommended for a full family lunch / dinner .The place is huge and can seat lot of people.


foodie9 - Burrp User


7 Reviews

February 14,2011


Delicious food, great service

We went there twice in one week because the food was so mouth wateringly delicious. Service was prompt, warm and very, very good. The only minus point was the prices which were on the five star side.



the water was not filled upon request again and gain
Food was average, normal fusion chinese
confused staff , misplaced order, they jus deliver the food to ur table, you gotta serve the food urslef, even if ur in a big crowd ............ street vendor will have better manners

After filling the survey form, the old staff manager came and aksed wat are the flaws
and after hearing my issues, he throwed the bill at our table ....... ? ? ?
i was wt a group of friends, so not in a mood to fight wt filthy staff Manager

for these kinda place never expected the staff manager to be this RUDE , coZ i reiceved equally good service at three quater chinese jayanagar

is this the only person and his crew behaving crazy ????????

Not gonna visit again and i hope this reaches the management .....


Worth eating in .. definately not for Chinese Food

I have worked in and around Church street for over 4 years now and hence have eaten at this 3QC quite often; mostly for the lunch buffet, which in my opinion, is great. But, considering that it is right in the middle of Church street, it is not the best or even the right option for Chinese food. North Indian food is also not the best considering the choices around you and this is definately not the place for a quiet classy dinner.
Just a word of caution, if you are ordering a la Carte with someone who is having the buffet ... even if you have a piece of the buffet (even a rasogolla), the management will insist that you pay for the entire buffet meal !!!


@ nothin soooo gr8

gr8 place to go in n njoy with grup..bit heavy on the pocket but nicely preped fud....CNInese not recommemed,go desi Non- Veg styled, quite lotta family, b'days n cryin toddlers, purfct setup to destroy couple only visits.

1 time recommened


Amazing food & portion size

Have been there 2-3 times & did over-eating everytime. Good staff & service. This place is a value for money.


mridoo - Burrp User


3 Reviews

April 02,2010


Complete waste of time and money!!!!

We were in the Brigade Rd area and decided to dine in one of the many restaurants on Church St. Settling on Chinese, we made the AWFULLY WRONG CHOICE of going to Three Quarter Chinese.

The restaurant was almost empty (it was a weekday, so that's okay I guess) but we were seated right next to the station where all clean cutlery and dirty dishes are stored. So the whole dinner we had to listen to the clatter and clanging of dishes... and to the instructions from the senior waiters to the juniors on which tables to arrange and how.

MENU: it is rather limited and generic. There are no explanations for items. We asked a couple of doubts to the junior waiter but he had no clue. He sent a senior waiter to us who was extremely condescending of our choices. For example, I asked what a "hot pot" was and he said "it's not for us Indians... it has nothing - just a clear soup.. if you want, you can sip it during your meal - shall I get it??"

The soup we ordered (tom yum) was excellent. Probably the only good part of the meal.

For starters, we settled on veggie momos and schezuan fried vegetables. The fried veggies were like any other pakodas and the momos had no taste or salt - they were bland and not stuffed. The worst part was the restaurant actually SERVES IT WITH A NORTH INDIAN MINT CHUTNEY!!!! When I questioned the waiter about this, he said "yeah, that is what we serve here". I asked him to call the manager, who appeared Chinese, and he also defended the serving of corriander chutney with starters.

Do they think we're fools to accept that? In this day and age when people travel so much and are so exposed to all world cuisines, you can't try and pass of North Indian for Chinese. I will accept it at a Sagar where I pay 50rs for a dish, not where I pay 200rs for a dish.

When I explained that momos are served with a tangy sauce, he reluctantly brought another sauce. This was really good and I commented so to the waiter. He replied, "If you mix the soy sauce and chilly-vinegar on your table you'll get the same same thing." I was shocked by his condescending attitude and asked him if I was the cook to sit and assemble my sauces!

We were tempted to cancel the main course order due to the horrible attitude but it was too late. We had lost our appetite by then so we didn't pay any attention to the flat noodles and the veggies in hoi sin sauce.

At the earliest, we paid our bill and left - Rs.1200 for 2 starters + 1 soup + 1 noodles + 1 side dish. EXORBITANT considering that NOTHING was authentic or tasty.

Overall, it was a BAD BAD mistake. I wish we'd gone to Mainland China or Saigon or Aromas of China - where at least the service and ambiance is high class - instead of putting 1200rs down the drain for an unwelcoming and unappetizing experience.

PLEASE go anywhere else, even if you're marooned in a thunderstorm on Church St and the ONLY place open is 3/4 Chinese. Ugh.



Good Food

I have been to this place so many times...Nice food, never have to wait...Even if you have to, there's amoeba just next door ;)
Nice service and good food. Try Dragon of my fav dishes...Not at all expensive.Worth every penny.



Nice One

I went down to this place with my entire team and all of us liked the food a lot and buffet seems to be value for money as per the taste and quality of the food and also for the number of items in the spread...

The ambience was also good to suit a place to have a kinda team outing...

Would defenitly love to go again and try out some non buffet menu.


newsingh - Burrp User


23 Reviews

September 05,2009


Good experience

The place looks expensive - and is.

The waiters are courteous, willing and helpful.

The food is good. I love the soups here.

You get to try your hand at chopsticks.

Somehow I don't see a lot of people here whenever I go. Why?

Extensive menu.

I am not a great chinese food junkie so I give it a miss often.



Gone downhill

The first time I had visited this place 6 months ago, I was delighted. But this time, my opinion about this place took a 360 degree turn.
There were flies buzzing all over the place and even made themselves at home on the jar of pepper flavored butter that was placed on our table!!
Since this an open air restaurant, it also got quite muggy though one could not blame the management for that.
I ordered for a New York steak which was "grilled fillet grantinated (??) with cheese and bearnaise sauce. The sauce was missing and what was instead placed on our table was a bottled variety of the brown sauce. These people have so much consideration for their patrons' health that they totally omit salt from the preparation. When I pointed this out to our server, the smart alec claimed that was why the salt and pepper shakers were on the table for. So if you fancy having your steak which has been grantinated, but has no salt and you are not averse to sprinkling salt over the fillet in the hope of rejuvenating some hidden taste in the meat, then you know just the place to head for.
The "potato crouquette" that accompanied the steak was just a glorified lump of fried hash brown with a sliver of some hard rubbery cheese. And the veggies, again without iodine, were also undercooked.
The lamb pepperoni pepper passed muster but the preparation was run of the mill.
I thought the desserts might rekindle the memories of a good meal I had here. But alas 20 minutes and counting, the tarts I ordered for did not appear. I was told that they had been sent to the head chef for garnishing!!!.
The ambience is fine, if you can avoid the flies. The waiters are courteous. But the food is disastrous.


Heikkilaine - Burrp User


3 Reviews

December 22,2008


Just great!

I got great service, the staff was friendly, prices seem reasonable and the portions large enough to feed a hungry grown-up. The only minus side was the US-style, totally overdone Christmas decoration, but that's only for a few weeks or so.

Highly recommended!


Cheek n glittery. Not pricey but looks so

Loved the food and the service.. wasnt too crowded on a sat evening. A chopshuey costs 180, and so does a large Bailey's.


Save yourself the time and money

This place was a disaster. nothing about the place appeals to me. When you walk in you feel you've walked into the wrong place, thats when you ask your self 'is this a reception?' This place is just a big hall, very bad decor, very bright and almost zero privacy. Correction zero privacy. You hesitantly peek inti the menu which looks alright and you feel maybe this isn't the worst of places. Then comes your food. And oh my god! If its not too salty, it tastes like the chinese you get at the hawker stands.
The service doesn't score anything either. It actually reminds me of, i get it, Shanthi Sagar!!
The crowd's a noisy bunch too. Uncivilized, overtly loud people will surround you at this social fiasco.
I strongly suggest not to try this place. For a good chinese meal, mainland china is just adjacent to it. Bamboo shoots and noodle bar are also good options.
I'm still look for the bloke who suggested i should try "La nourriture".
Cheers and ...burrp!


Doing good business sans Gobi Manjurihan

Three Quarter Chinese is located at the main stream Brigade Road/Church Street area.

Coming from Kolkata, I was dying for a familiar food, finally landed at Three Quarter and they didn't disappoint.

Next to me a newly married local couple was seating, they wanted to order some veg. affair. The waiter tried to help them at his best, but it's not so easy task. Finally a basket of Dimsum caught their fancy as it was served next to them. They asked about what it is.

The waiter tried with best of his knowledge and his English to explain, but the couple didn't seem satisfied and asked for "Tomato Soup and Gobi Manjurihan".

Thank God. Three Quarter don't serve either.

Surviving in Bangalore without serving "Gobi Manju" need guts. Kudos to Three Quarter!!


Cruising21  - Burrp User


7 Reviews

February 01,2007


Good but noisy

3/4 of the menu is Chinese and 1/4 is Awadhi. Food is good especially if you like your fish which they get everyday from Karwar. But the place is too too noisy - not too much privacy if you are on a date.