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Thulsi N Thyme

HAL 2nd Stage  


11 Reviews / 11 Ratings

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Thulsi N Thyme Reviews

yvvik - Burrp User


1 Reviews

June 04,2012


Good ambience, average food

I went to this place with a few of my friends the other day. The ambiance is very nice and the food is okay except for a few dishes which were very bad. First of all, the restaurant is "Indopean" but there is hardly any European dishes. Secondly, some of the starters were so bad and under-cooked, we had to ask for a replacement. Veg options were less and when we chose a Paneer dish, they said they are out of Paneer. But thankfully, they managed to get some later and prepare something for us. The Main course and Desserts were fine but nothing special except for Carrot Halwa. Finally, we got a huge bill in excess of 8K and then they ask for Cash as Credit card machine wasn't working!! Finally, after some arguing, they managed to get it swiped through another working machine (Dunno where they got it from).. I feel, for a Fine Dining place, they need to ensure everything is in order in order to make the visit more worthwhile.



good service and average food

The service and ambience is very good here. The service is warm and caring the ambience specially the outside seating is great.
The food, specially the veg options are very limited. The food is inconsistent, and the drinks need a bit of tweaking. But otherwise the food is ok.
But I would go there for the ambience.




My experience here was terrible, with no redeemable aspects. Firstly we were seated in the dim, rather dark outside area, which made reading the menu impossible. After shifting inside, we were told that the restaurant, whose USP is the "Indopean cuisine" which they advertised in the media as well as with a huge banner in the ground floor, had only an Indian menu, a BIG disappointment. Our drinks had no ice, particularly important if its an iced tea, and the beer was not chilled. The service was very poor, with the waiter/manager shouting at the kitchen staff and crockery being shattered, completely ruining the ambiance. The only few people who were there were obviously making their way there to watch the IPL match, possibly due to all other places being full. Infact, the number of mosquitos were way more than the number of patrons, making for uncomfortable dining. Barring the starters of paneer and chicken tikka, the food was very mediocre and spicy, totally did not warrant the steep pricing. And finally we were told they accept only AmEx cards, a detail that they forgot to mention anywhere in writing. Totally not worth the price, leaves you feeling cheated. I would never go back and would not recommend this place to anybody.



Indian dishes with European prices (and portions)

The lift took up to the restaurant on the top floor. The inside section was nothing noteworthy. And then we were ushered to the outside dining section. The view of the HUGE tree bang outside the dining space, its branches covering the entire area, even in the dark, was quite something! That immediately took the outdoor ambience up by several notches.

We were 4 adults and a 3 year old, seated at a round table that could well seat 8. So we started off playing musical chairs to be able to have a conversation as the table distance was far too much to talk without making it look like some of us on the table were hearing-impaired.

The 90 minute drive on a Friday evening from Whitefield to Indira Nagar, made me do the Ask for a Bacardi Breezer. I am not a Breezer person at all, but traffic in Bangalore can make you do crazy things. So the first disappointment, they didn’t have Breezers (which was of course listed on their drinks menu). Then I asked for a KF Ultra- same "Sorry Madam, we don't have that" response. Now, I can understand a restaurant not stocking all the single malts mentioned on their menu, because they are expensive. Even most five star restaurants stock only one or two of the single malts listed on their menu. But this is Breezer and KF beer, for heaven's sake.

Next we try and order starters. Now we were given an entirely Indian menu for some reason, I turned it upside down and inspected it closely to see if I was missing any "Indopean" / "European" food items on the menu, but no luck. So we order the "Cheera Cutlet". Again, no marks for guessing the response. "Sorry Madam,.....".

He recommended the Faulaadi Kabab and Paneer Adrakhi. Each starter priced reasonably high, had four pieces. Now this is a slight problem when there are five people dining. How difficult it is for a restaurant to do simple customisation like making five portions out of the same ingredients used. Or like my friend pointed out - "It wont make a serious dent in their profits if they served one piece of paneer extra so everyone on the table had one portion!"

The Fauladi Kabab tasted quite good with the vegetables inside crunchy...but wait there was a downside, the only flavours I could taste was that of black pepper- overpoweringly strong, and the flour used to bind the kababs was kinda excess and raw.

The Paneer Adrakhi had no tinge of Adrakh in it. It was overpowering with the flavour or cardamom, served with even more cardamom-y sweetened hung yogurt (a milder version of Shrikhand) if you will. The paneer wasn't rubbery, but it wasn't melt in your mouth soft either. Since they served only four pieces, we went ahead and ordered another portion of this starter even before we tasted it-big mistake, as we had no option but to eat more of this starter that bordered on a dessert. I am not exaggerating but cardamom was the only flavour I tasted in this.

From here, the meal kinda looked up (a bit). The Dal Makhani was good. The Bhindi Do pyaaza was reasonably okay, but I shouldn't be complaining about excess oil right? The Mushroom Mutter shared the exact same gravy as the Bhindi Do Pyaza. Our Onion Kulchas and Paneer Kulchas were good but kinda doughy and uncooked in certain parts. The main course portions were pretty decent!

No, we didn't order any desserts. That sweet paneer starter had doused any dessert cravings.

I must add that the outdoor section needs more lighting; we are eating food for heaven sake, not watching a movie.

My disappointments:
Not stocking regular drinks listed on menu
Out of the few vegetarian starters, the ones that looked interesting were not there
They served us something else instead of Paneer Adrakhi (which I'm realising in retrospect)
For that kind of pricing, the food better be outstanding
I still don't know what was the European in the Indopean, other than the pricing.

Good location and outdoor ambience
Service was pleasant
Good privacy - the next table wont overhear your conversations
Decent main course portions

A vegetarian meal for 4 adults with just one KF beer ( I had the one they stocked) and no desserts was around Rs.2700.

Good to try once and then decide for yourself.

I'm giving this 2 1/2 stars, not 3 by the way.


fluffy - Burrp User


6 Reviews

March 02,2012


Good food and service

A very pleasing experience, good ambience and innovative cuisine. A little extra choices in each section would help, particularly vegetarian, but they opted to dish out something special for us. It felt good.
Great place, same tax structure!


Korobi Roy - Burrp User

Korobi Roy

4 Reviews

February 29,2012


Romantic place for Dine & Wine

Thulsi & Thyme is a unique experience in terms of the ambience, sophisticated wooden furniture, water, open lounge area & impeccable service.
Customized food, I wanted to eat something less spicey & cheesey, the chef customized the acchari mushroom, which was quite nice. My pinna colada was made with vodka instead of the regular white rum. Very attentive & flexible steward & staff.
The dessert that I ordered (New York style cheese cake) was overprized @ 255.
Nevertheless, a nice place for a romantic dine & wine.



loved it!

ambience was great. retro, unobtrusive music. service was good but slow. every dish ordered was tasty. roganjosh lamb chops n the prawn tart were fantastic!


dinendash - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 22,2012


Strictly okay !

Went to Thulsi N Thyme last night with a lot of expectations. Was happy with the Starters, which included Tomatoes & Boconccini and the famed Achaari mushrooms. The main Course was a bit of a disappointment for me. There aren't too many options for vegetarians in the Continental section, and I was in no mood for Indian food. So, I settled for the Pumpkin and Ricotta Ravioli which looked and tasted uninspiring, to say the least. My husband enjoyed his Stuffed Chicken Makhani though. To end the meal, we decided on a coffee flavored Creme Brulee. It turned out to be a horrid looking lumpy porridge like dish, which we sent back promptly ! Apparently, it's their version of the dessert, so they still charged us for that gloppy mess. Not going back there...


Deepti K N - Burrp User

Deepti K N

11 Reviews

February 14,2012


must visit.

A nice multi-cuisine restaurant, little crowded but the tempting food at reasonable prices cmpltly makes up for it.


Good different!

It’s rare to find a restaurant that dares to stand apart in Bangalore’s ‘different but actually same’ culinary-scape. And it’s next to impossible to find one that manages to pull off the daunting task with a good degree of panache. Thankfully, Thulsi n Thyme does the impossible, blending two very distinct cuisines, Indian and European, into a gastronomical harmony that is unique while ensuring that your taste-buds have a fine time savouring the union.

Spread across two levels, Thulsi n Thyme is an elegant space, accentuated by warm browns with a dash of white that breaks the monotony. On a breezy Bengaluru night, seated out in the deck, you could heighten the joys of your dining experience by breathing in the splendour of the setting.

All settled in? Then, the staff won’t waste a moment to get you started. You’ll encounter the usual suspects on the beverage menu, all good. But before you settle on your choice of spirit we’ll ask you to give the mocktails a second glance. Truth be told, they’ll easily be one of the highlights of your repast. The Velvet Fog, in particular, is a burst of flavours that nudge your palate into consciousness.

Thulsi n Thyme has separate menus for lunch and dinner. The lunch menu keeps in mind that you possibly have to return to your desk and, moreover, would like to work once you get there. The dinner menu, on the other hand, is indulgent and lavish…eager to pamper while cajoling you into a blissful gastronomic submission.

For starters, the tandoor chicken platter is an absolute must! Laid out on a bed of coriander scallion chutney, boiled peanut chaat, black olive tapenade and murabha – each perfectly tandoored entity unleashes a riot of flavours. And as you greedily gobble the succulent meat, you’ll be made aware of the game of hop-scotch that it plays on your tongue.

The smoked salmon comes drenched in lime-marinated red onions, capers and horseradish mousse. While the dish is a winner, be warned, it may not go down well with those who like their food ‘well-done’.

The entrées can cause a flutter or two. For the uninitiated connoisseur, the baffling combinations of cilantro pesto with paneer kadhai, Dijon-crusted chops with roganjosh gravy and butter chicken mousseline is bound to induce a twist of nervousness. But,you’ll soon realise that the across-many-culinary-worlds elements come together nicely on the plate.

When you’re ready to take your pick from the dessert menu, you’ll surely breathe a happy sigh of relief. Thulsi n Thyme doesn’t go for the overkill and serve you rasmalai on your cheesecake (thank god!). Instead, you can pick from classics like créme brûlée, chocolate pecan tart, New York-style cheesecake and the likes. Take your pick, it’s very unlikely you’ll go wrong!

Like many restaurants that serve the manna from foreign shores, Thulsi n Thyme too is partial to the non-vegetarian. The vegetable-lovers amongst us may have to give the Indopean a miss and make do with Indo here. Give Thulsi n Thyme a try! It’s one place that shows you how thulsi can be treated nicely without insulting the thyme and vice versa. It’s one place where different is good.


Vinay S - Burrp User

Vinay S

9 Reviews

December 11,2011



Decided to visit this newly opened place. Ambience is good. Was hoping we could have got the outdoor seating but guess I was a little late in making the reservation. Was keen to try the European cuisine but the minimal choice of vegetarian food made me switch to the Indian cuisine, which I wasn't very keen on trying. However that doesn't take away the fact that the food was quite delicious. Did leave a feedback to add more vegetarian dishes in the European cuisine and hope this is done - That will give me the reason to make the 2nd visit :)


Of Masalas and Vinaigrette

Located conveniently on 100 ft road in Indiranagar, Thulsi n Thyme is on the 4th floor of the Reid & Taylor building. Walk into this place, and you know the restaurant screams class from all directions. The toned lighting, aesthetically appealing furniture, the wall decor and the well designed bar ensures that you give this restaurant a 5 star rating for its ambience alone. A simple thing like a water lily in a bowl makes the slightest difference in contributing towards its ambience.

Thulsi n Thyme offers Indopean cuisine, a word concocted by themselves, which means they offer European cusine infused with Indian flavours, or vice versa. The restaurant has a separate menu for lunch and dinner, which upon closer examination, I realized, differs mainly in its entrees, where they offer sandwiches for lunch. They also had a separate Indian menu.

Every dish in the appetizer and entree section was a continental dish with an Indian connect. For instance, Dijon Lamb Chops in Roganjosh gravy or Achari Mushroom with Mascarpone. Might sound a little confusing first, but you should try a variety of things on the menu to get a taste of everything.

We didn't select anything from the Indian menu and went ahead with the Dinner Menu. We started our meal with the Smoked Salmon - this literally was just salmon slices with capers and onion rings. I would have liked more seasoning on this, mainly because it tasted too raw. Next, we ordered the Crab and Pear salad in a herby honey vinaigrette dressing. The pears were poached well and the seasoning complemented it fantastically. Upon ordering, the server had told me that the crab would be tempura based, but the salad had whole spice crab, which was honestly difficult to eat, and was a mighty disappointment.

The Achari Mushroom was delicious - they took the typical Achari Mushroom and added Mascarpone (cream cheese) to it, which was a beautiful marriage with the spices. We weren't sure about the Dijon Lamb in Roganjosh, so we decided to choose the Signature Grille for our lamb chops. We picked a demi glaze Toronto Seasoning (onion and garlic), and paired it with Risotto (as the starch of the day). The lamb chops were out of this world - the meat was succulent and was well browned, and the sauce complemented it excellently. The risotto was just a tad too sticky, but the vegetables were equally good.

To finish, we tried the Chocolate Treacle Tart, which was baked to perfection and had a great consistency. The walnut in the tart was a pleasant surprise, and added to the extra crunch.

Overall, a nice experience; my only qualm with the place was that the staff wasn't really fully aware of the menu and its offerings (mainly because they're new).Would give this place a few months time before writing another review! :)