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> > > > Tiffin Bar, Alila Bangalore

Tiffin Bar, Alila Bangalore

WhitefieldEast Bangalore  

  • 08071544444
  • Lobby Level,Alila Bangalore,100/6, HAL-Varthur Main Road,Whitefield, Bangalore
  • Tea and Coffee, Oriental
  • Meal for 2 - 2000

2 Reviews / 4 Ratings

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Tiffin Bar, Alila Bangalore Reviews







Best of Bangalore

A lot has been written about the brunch which this place offers but what i can vouchsafe is that this rooftop beauty is one the best places in bangalore to spend an evening. Alila is a white marble morden architectural wonder which springs out of nowhere on the varthur road and somehow would reming you of Howard Roark and his buildings from Fountainhead.A top rated Hotel Alila has its hi 5 bar on its rooftop . It has no buildings on its either side and hence sitting on the rooftop reminds of an expanse like no other. As you step out of the elevator you are greeted by an infinity pool with sparkling clean water on your left and an amazing bar on your right. This bar usually does not have heavy traffic and i bet thats cos not many know about it. As you step on its terrace and take a seat besides the pool you realise how beautifully everything has been painted in white including the tables . The wonderful wooden floor and the dried ferns by the edge of the rail give a rustic feeling. A wonderful array of concealed speakers give an an amazing feel to the place by the choice of music they play. The food is really good ....we had some mini bugers and Patata Bravas along with a few cocktail and we had never tasted better potato starter than the one we did.The potatoes were crisp and yet not dry and the herb mixture along with the drizzled sauce elevated the simple dish to the most insanely tastful starter.

You can spend atleast 2-3 hours in absolute privacy in this beautiful place with the amazing bangalore weather complimenting it to the hilt. If you are ever in doubt where to go as a couple for some good "us" time suggest you head to Hi 5 ....its worth it .....



Dont EAT here, just SEE, ENJOY and LEAVE

We were overwhelmed by the elegance of this place, beautiful landscaping, nice gravel portico, artefacts in the lobby and more...everything from the cutlery to the table and the water body inside the dining hall - just beautiful.


Service was bad - 25 mins to get my first glass of water

Menu - The menu is boring to say the least. And how can vegetarians have just one dish to choose from? The Asian food has nothing interesting, the Italian food was all the usual and then the Indian. Why would anyone go to a fancy place to eat ordinary food?

Food was HORRIBLE!
Like any fancy place the prices were high and the food looked like a dot on the plate. We ordered the grilled mushrooms for apetizers and waited endlessly for the chutney which was supposed to come with the dish. Instead, we were offered ketchup to do - I dont know what!
The main course - we ordered Spaghetti Carbonara and Pad Thai Noodles. The taste was bad - both the dishes were dry, very little taste. For the pad-thai we asked for chilli sauce to make it more dible. Instead, we were offered sweet chilli sauce to do - I dont know what! For the Carbonara, since it was very dry, we asked for some of the sauce that was mixed with the spaghetti. Instead we were offered sweet-chilli sauce to do - I dont know what!

And the bill? Rs. 1600!!!! I can have a superb unlimited buffet at no less place than The Park for Rs. 800 per head including taxes...Beat that!