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MalleshwaramSouth Bangalore    & IN 3 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 22682055
  • Upper Ground Floor,Orion Mall,Brigade Gateway, 26/1,Malleshwaram, Bangalore
  • Italian
  • Meal for 2 - 1800

7 Reviews / 9 Ratings

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Toscano Reviews






Pizza with panache

This is situated in front of the lake in Orion Mall. Beautiful location, lovely breeze and courteous servers as soon as you wakk in. We ordered Pizza the Pizza Verdure which was just perfect - crisp, well baked and yummy. The vegetarian lasagna was mediocre. We ordered Sangria from the multiple wines on offer. A scrumptious meal with lovely ambience! A place I would love to go back to!


Italian Restaurant With Wine Along The Pond Side

Enter Orion Mall from the pond side and you will not miss buzzing Toscano restaurant built just like an Italian street side restaurant. You should be lucky though to get the seat on the pond side (which is much advisable).

It was just smoothing and the very best ambiance the mall could offer. I mean what else do you need, an open restaurant with comfortable seating, scenic view and soothing songs of Eric Clapton on the Jukebox!.

The restaurant waiters are attentive and they know how to serve a customer well.

With the extensive menu for Pizza's and pastas, not to forget the combos and chef's special, the restaurant offers wonderfully well cooked food, which can serve your appetite well. The Toscano's Chicken Pizza was good, though the beverage was more like sugar syrup and was a disappointment. My bad, should have ordered wine.


Wonderful Exp. of food, ambiance and service

Landed here to celebrate my wive's birthday over a dinner. It turned out to be a very good place ambiance and service wise. They had this excellent seating arrangement. Very well mannered staff and good cutlery.

Coming to food:
We had quite a few stuffs but the pasta turned put to be the really good one. It was yum... Very tasty. There was a fried chicken starter (the days special!!) well that was a kind of disappointment. highly priced and meager in serving. That was my only disappointment.

As a whole a wonderful experience. The open veranda type seating arrangement over a candlelight was very good experience. Also I did go inside and saw that old time charm in the otherwise new restaurant.


dumbs - Burrp User


8 Reviews

November 18,2012


good place for Italian food

I like their thin crust pizzas. It is really nice to sit facing the lake and dig into the food. The place needs some lights though.




Having eaten a lot of non-vegetarian starters, we decided to go for an all vegetarian meal. Result of this was - (1) Pizza Verdure - very thin, crisp on the circumference, soft inside, veg and cheese topping, a drizzle of olive oil and a winner it was. (2) Spinach and Ricotta Cheese Ravioli - The was a basil and tomato based dish and definitely can please a crowd. (3) Veg Lasagne - As tasty as it can get. (4) Spagetti Pasta - unfortunately do not recollect its menu name. This pasta was different from the regular white sauce or tomato based pasta. The one came with just some seasoning, garlic and olive oil drizzled. Yes, no sauce. It was nice, but I'm sure we will not have this the next time we visit Toscano.

The service was very good - quick and prompt. All the food served was hot and made with fresh ingredients. The pricing though high is not exorbitant.

Our fantastic meal was rounded off with a cappuccino instead of deserts as none of us wished to eat more. The coffee was nice and we departed from here totally satisfied.

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great ambience

Been here on my graduation day, wasnt much of a grand affair
Ordered italian pizza which had lighter than a sheet of paper kinda crust
It tasted good but
The wine bar requires a mention as it is top class
Although we din order any
The service was excellent and good staff too
The one opened at orion is aesthetically located and is an attention grabber
Give it a try and u wudn feel disappointed



Amazing Italian Food

Have been visiting Toscano ever since they opened in U B City. This place is no doubt a fabulous place for having very nice Italian Food.
We were happy when they opened in Orion Mall close to our home.

They have not disappointed in the new location and have increased their service and quality of food several notches higher.

Have stocked quite good quality wines. Anti Pasti Platter is definitely worth a try :)

Amazing Place for Italian food coupled with a lovely ambience ...