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> > > > Turquoise Bar & Grill

Turquoise Bar & Grill

KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  


55 Reviews / 56 Ratings

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Turquoise Bar & Grill Reviews

xiendas - Burrp User


3 Reviews

January 04,2013


Did a mitake of going to this resturant

It is not a recommendable resturants. There are many good options in this high price range. Quality of food is nowhere good compared to what they charge. it is quite substandard. waiters are also lethargic. found the utelsils also not cleaned is non-tasty and looks like poured with lot of butter and cheese just to give a good look.
not a recommendable place. better places are there in koramangala.
unnecessary decoration they have done inside. dont feel like eating in such overdone decoration.


nsen1983 - Burrp User


5 Reviews

December 19,2012


Not good for continental dishes in lunch

We went to Turquoise with expectation of the continental dishes. Ambience was good. During lunch time we've seen buffet (indian foods) is available but we decided to go for alucard. Many of the items from the continental menu were not available. Two dishes we ordered were not well cocked. When we asked the staff for the reason, they said since they are busy with buffet, all these things are happening. My suggestion would be NO for continental foods during lunch. I dont know about their buffet or dinner time service. Overall it is a bad experience. I wont go there.


jsmartz - Burrp User


3 Reviews

December 07,2012


Turquoise - Peshawari and Tandoor

Recently visited Peshawari and Tandoori wing of Turquoise. To be honest I was really surprised at how poor the service and food actually was. Going by reviews I assumed even the Tandoor restaurant would also be good, but I was sadly mistaken. The food was not served on time and the waiter was not sure of the food that he was serving nor did he have any idea if he had got what we had ordered. Choice for vegetarian and non-veggies was very less and exhorbitantly priced. All in all it was a really pathetic experience and it can be totally avoided until they bring up their standards!


raraj74 - Burrp User


12 Reviews

November 21,2012


Steaks & More

Turquoise has 2 restaurants at the same location so its easy to get confused if you set out to have continental but are seated in the Indian floor or the other way around. Whats good is that they serve both cuisines on either floor. And if you are looking for a quiet & romantic place to go out to but dont want to travel the distance to the heart of the city then Turquoise is the place to be in Koramangala. A large spacious place with sufficient space between tables which ensures your privacy and some very comfortable sofas to sink into. The Tenderlioin Steak with Black Pepper & Red Wine Sauce was simply superb with 3 or 4 large medallions of meat was tender, succulent & juicy and done medium as default. We also tried their wasabi prawns which had the wicked kick of the wasabi as a starter. My wife had their London fish & chips which came nice & crisp on the outside & tender on the inside. On another occasion we were with a large group (about 20 of us) & so tried their set menu. Being a full meal with starters, mains & desserts, this suited us very well as we got an unlimited assortment of items from the menu without any of us having to order anything separately. Overall a very good experience the couple of times we have visited although the service could do with some better training. They mixed up our bill once & then it took them eternity to get it rectified. I'd give the place 4.5 stars for the food & ambiance but 1 star less for the not so great service. Or maybe we need to have more patience these days! :)


carolrk - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 21,2012


My visit to Turquoise

Spent a great afternoon at Turquoise restaurant ... Cooperative waiters , lovely food, great ambience ... Had always wanted to visit the place ... driven by the wonderful pictures of the Sunday brunch in the ads ... & finally managed it despite the great distance from my house :-)
Went with the intention of eating at the European ... but found it was closed due to re-doing of the kitchen n stuff (this was July '12 ) & will be reopening soon as the Turquiose Bar & Grill . Hence ate at the Peshawari Tandoor ... & though I usually dont head for Indian/Peshawari type of food ( I normally find it too heavy n all that ) ... I must say I was quite pleased at the offerings & managed to tuck in quite a bit despite my apprehensions & appearance :-)
Loved the kumbh khazana (mushroom stuffed with spinach & cheese - yum really ), Paneer tikka was pretty good , as was the Tandoori fish & Galawati kabab ... & though I was filled to the Gala with the starters itself , I went ahead full Throat'lle onto the main course :-)...
& the Nalli ka salan, Dal Black'hara ( or Bukhara :-) , Khamiri roti that leered temptingly with its Come'here'Ye looks & the Dum ki Biryani found their way into me ... by then I was so stuffed ki mein Dum thodne wali thi ... lekin that didnt stop me from having a lick at the kulfi falooda - fa'lood'icrous it would have been to have given up & be Licked even before dessert :-)
& if anyone is wondering how I tucked in all that , rest assured I was not alone . Hubby who was celebrating my wedding anniv with me (who else ??) ... was a part of the proceedings & I must say the 'I prefer veg' man made the non veggies look like mere Lambs ... courtesy the melt in the mouth lamb :-)
Anyway to cut a Lamb'i kahani short - I said Cheers & raised my glass of Passion fruit martini ... now what other drink could be more apt on an anniversary ? So what if it was the 24th - anniversary I mean , not drink :-)



Turquoise or Peshawari ?

What does one expect with a name like Turquoise Bar and Grill ?? I pretty much expected burgers, steaks, drinks etc ... Is that too much to expect ? We got into Turquoise Bar and Grill ( At least the tag on the door said it was Turquoise Bar and Grill ). No one greeted us or asked us if we wanted a table. So i was expecting this place to be cheap cause service definitely felt lower than rock bottom in the beginning.. service improved with time though.

after getting seated.. we were handed the menu card which had nothing but stuff like rotis, kababs and naans. The drinks were way too expensive to even consider..! As expensive as they get in bangalore.. its like firangi paani expensive without the ambiance...

We ordered the barra lazeez kabab and the mutton biriyani.. for a starter that costs close to 400 bucks it hardly had any content and texture

It was only once we placed the order that we noticed that the table next to ours were given a different menu card... When i checked with the waiter.. tht was supposedly the menu card of Turquoise Bar and Grill. Apparently.. Turquoise and Peshawari Tandoor are the same place... and from what i've witnessed the waiter takes one look at you and decides which menu to give you.. rather than asking for your preference... this really ticked me off..

Food tasted decent. nothing spectacular.. definitely not worth the money spent ! 1250 for two biriyani's and a starter..350 bucks service tax, service charge and VAT..
a bill of 1600 seems okay but considering we dint really have much.. disappointing
Will not recommend... Will not visit again..
It's your call..


Ravi M - Burrp User

Ravi M

7 Reviews

November 20,2012


Yummy Food

This is the best place for me to fill my stomach, be it Indian or European. Do try out their Dal Bukhara and Peshawari Paneer Tikka.

Very nice ambiance suits for all the needs


Awesome Food.

I discovered Turquoise when I was invited there for one of my friends Birthday.

The food here is simply awesome , I personally feel they have one of the best Mughlai chefs in town. My favorite dish which I cant resist ordering on my every visit is Lal Mass . Even other starters and main-course are very good and they serve liquor as well.

The ambiance is low lit ,cozy sort of place with very comfortable seating gives a very romantic and relaxing feel to it.

The staff there is very courteous and always on there toes.

The only downside to the place is it its super costly and leave a huge crater in your pocket.

Apart from that I would definitely recommend the place.



Not worth the price charged

While the restaurant outside is named Turquoise, they have a mix of cuisines once you get inside, infact we had to confirm we were inside Turquoise and not some other. They seem confused about what they want to serve and the same reflects on the ambience & decor as well.

Food is priced on the higher side but the quality is just about average. The Chandi kabab ordered was a little raw while the nasi goreng ordered did not smell good.

The decor seems the restaurant is confused about what it wants to project, its a hybrid mix of a lounge, european and desi design. The staff while courteous, the main person was gruff and definitely does not deserve the 10% the restaurant charges as service charge! Don't think I would make another visit here.


bigappetite - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 29,2012


No Greek Food !

I called them up and they said they dont serve greek food but why is greek mentioned under the food type ?


rokotiko - Burrp User


2 Reviews

August 22,2012


Frustrating service, but good food

We ordered the Raan, a tomato soup, the burger, and the lamb chops. The Raan was a bit rubbery, but the rest of the food had a wonderful flavour. I would give them an 8/10 for the food. However, the service was SO bad that we ended up leaving frustrated- and not relaxed and happy, defeating the whole purpose of dining out. I would not go back or recommend Turquoise.


ravim84 - Burrp User


46 Reviews

August 19,2012


Pretty good

You can't say that turquoise is ideally located, being on the 2nd and 3rd floor of a lane in koramangala, but then koramangala is the hub of 1000s of restaurants. It's located roughly behind kotak bank on 100ft rd to be precise.
We visited the european wing on the 3rd floor and the place has a simplistic, very spacious decor. The seating is comfortable and the entire flooring is wooden. It has a very large dining area, and the cuisine is european with a couple of asian dishes as well.
The menu isn't very large and we had the veg spaghetti and the fried rice with curry. Both items were flavourful and had sufficiently large proportions. The service was good as well, and I would surely want to come again to try out more food, especially non veg..



New Turquoise has more "Indianised" European Food

Went to Turquoise after their month long kitchen refit. The food now has been angled towards the "Indiansed" European palate. More spicy.

But the Wasabi Prawns are very good, as are the Peri Peri prawns. Both the pork main course dishes (Sliced Pork and BBQ Spare Ribs) are very good. The lamb chops need catching up.

We also tried the Singapore Pepper Crab, and having lived 6 years in Singapore, I can swear these are the most authentic.

The service is still spotty, and both Spento and Annie need to focus on this. If you are a true foodie, take the time to talk to them, with an open mind, before ordering. You will get great food.



bad never visit

Very bad staff they don't know how to talk.
I called them for the timing and if they provide home delivery. First some lady picked up the phone and said no body is here and cut the phone abruptly. Next time I again call them some man picked up the phone. The person there I don't know who he is, is roaring at the top of his voice. I will visit this place and will make them pay for what they said on the phone.
for my side never visit it the staff just don't know how to talk to customers.
Never visit this shit place folks.


June 26, 2012response from management at Turquoise Bar & Grill:

Marketing personal who harass with such phone calls will not be tolerated. Your Mobile Phone no. xxxxxxxxxx has been handed over to the police.

This site is for feedback from customers. Do not misuse!

Don’t listen to the haters. This place ROCKS!

My husband and I unequivocally loved the restaurant. The food and the service were above par.

This is probably the only alcohol serving brunch I’ve ever been to where the waiters actively offered to refill our bottomless glasses and recommended their better cocktails according to what we were eating. I was particularly grateful for the raspberry and ginger cocktails towards the end of our meal when we were starting to get full and lose our resolve to taste everything.

As for the authors of the reviews titled "Bad Food with an Attitude to Match!” and "Horrible restaurant, pompous owner!” quite frankly I’m utterly shocked that they didn't ask you to leave.

Curd rice? Really? At this place? What on earth were you thinking.

Firstly, if all you wanted was something that “soothes” your ailing stomachs you could’ve simply had a fresh lime soda. If you were to call your doctor at 3 am complaining about a stomach ache he’d tell you to have soda in the absence of medicines, not curd rice and certainly not with tadka!

Secondly, this whole bland food complaint from the likes of you has been the bane of my existence. For the last time. If you don’t understand a cuisine don’t eat it. Thyme, rosemary, lemon grass are subtle flavours which will NEVER produce a flavour which is even a fifth of the result of chat masala, guntur chilli or even haldi or green chilii for that matter. It is meant to be bland compared to regular Indian food, except that anywhere else it would be called subtle instead.

You can’t compare a tea-smoked tuna or a sous vide chicken to a mutton biryani or a chicken tikka. To many people smoked tuna would taste like raw fish that has been placed in a smoking oven which, in all honesty, is precisely what it is.

So I beg of you don’t order it if you can’t appreciate it. And don’t be surprised when waiters start reciprocating your behaviour.

Be nice to your waiters. If for nothing else, then for the fact that they have access to your food before they get to you.


For a biiiiiig Sunday Brunch....

Probably the best sunday brunch spread I have ever seen.
Its really a very wide spread with varieties ranging from Indian to European.
Looking at the vast varieties, we decided to go for brunch rather than a-la-carte and we are really glad that we did so.

The service is very good. There was a live performance to add to the ambience. The place is pretty neat with great food.

Please go through the spread before u actually start to dig in. You have to have enough space in your stomach even if you plan to just taste everything.
The food is very tasty, we could not see that there was any compromise in the taste or quality of the food.

For the price, its a very good brunch in the city. Try out various sea food delights, tarts etc.,As a sea food lover, I enjoyed Prawn Salsa, Fish fillets. For meat lovers, there was fine Shepherds Pie and tenderloin. Make enough space for thin crust Pizza and Pasta as well.
Desserts were very fruity.

Go with a big stomach for big Sunday brunch!!!



pathetic service and arrogant owner.

Turquoise - one of the worst restaurant and service.
They screwed one of my most valuable evening. Served the wrong food. Seems Waiters are not at all trained to server food and behave. after screwing the evening owner was very arrogant.


Get here


This one announced its start on a grand scale. It was all over the radio, two restaurants in one building with two different cuisines and ambiance. It took me more than 6 months since its opening to be there. This is my review for Turquoise- the European. The other one is Indian.

It is located at a very unassuming place for a restaurant. You would miss it if not for the signage. Koramangala in Bangalore is the epicenter of all restaurant activities. On a rough count there are about 300 restaurants of all kinds in this area. Turquoise is located on the most sought after road in Koramangala, the Jyoti Nivas College road. You will be greeted by the valet team as you arrive here. The entrance is the lift lobby. The European restaurant is on the 2nd floor and the Indian on the 3rd.
The place is well lit. You will be greeted by the staff and escorted to your table of choice. The place is big enough to have at least 300 people standing without any tables. The tables are well placed and apart enough that you cannot hear what others are talking and vice versa. At the right hand corner of the floor, there is an LED lights chandelier. Brown, cream and dark wood color is the theme. The bar location could have been a little better but I guess they just put in one corner since there was no option of people sitting in the bar and drinking. Grab the corner seat near the chandelier and enjoy your cozy talks along with a nice view of the road below.
Marvelous would not be a good word for food. Awesome would be an understatement. Fabulous would be a usual thing. Excellent would be normal. This is a place for people who love meat. This is not for the calorie watchers. This is for people who would like to indulge. Forget the calories and the fats and whatever else. Just eat and enjoy.
Not much to be heard. Instrumental is the music, which means that you can actually talk.
Pretty normal, not that great and not that bad either, it is what is expected from a restaurant like this. The stewards dressed in Black western formal outfit is pretty much normal and is getting boring for me. The waiters are nice and friendly and will explain the food before being served.
Oh yes, this is what most people would look at. Does it commensurate with the kind of food they serve? That’s the biggest question. Would I spend 350 bucks for a simple meat dish? What am I saying? Oh yeah, this is costly for those who would consider a bill of 1500 for 2 as costly.
Yet another restaurant added, very good overall.
Food: 4.5, Ambiance: 3, Music and service: 3, price: 3. Overall: 4 out of 5.


Good food and service

It was a good experience. The food was good, ambiance was ok and the service was great. A bit expensive, other than that all looks good.



My Sunday Turquoise Way

Went for the Sunday Brunch a few weeks back. The ambiance is cooling on a hot summers afternoon. I went for the buffet with mocktails at 849+. There was a good variety on display and some starter would be served on the table. The food tasted good and was of good quality. I ate till I could eat no more. The desserts were very delicious. My friends enjoyed their drinks. All in all a wonderful lazy Sunday meal. Lovely music. Will return with more friends



Not worth the shocking owner response

Had been to Turquoise..... with my cousins and wife sometime back... Was a cousin's treat... We went both to the "European" section and the Indian section...

The overall experience we felt was that it was no where close to worth being the price they were charging... I mean ambience is fine for a restaurant but you core offering is food.

If you screw up on the food... then the customer is not gonna come back just bcos of the ambience...

We had a variety of veg and non-veg dishes.. nothing much to write home about...

Now ... ideally i wouldnt have written about this experience.. bcos there was nothing much to write about ....

But what got me writing is the shocking response from the owner below ... I may not be a directly affected party here... But seriously, this person needs to double check on how he portrays his restaurant, via his responses... to the rest of the readers.

You talk about your customers devouring food served at a table at your restaurant... and expect us to come to your place?? That shows what you think of us... i.e your customers who pay you the money to run your business!

I feel sorry i went to this place!!


Horrible restaurant, pompous owner!

This is in response to the review of Turquoise Restaurants below titled 'bad food with an attitude to match'. I was one of the people at the table that day and looking at the post below and the response from the owner, I felt I must really comment on this. Firstly, the owner assumes that everyone who visits his restaurant knows the difference between authentic European cuisine and Indianised European cuisine. He needs a reality check! He thinks we prefer Indianised food because the blog link in the post below has a positive review of 'Veeks & Thomas'. Secondly, he thinks curd rice with thadka is south Indian! The novice restauranter that he is, it clearly shows there is huge room for improvement. Moreover, the 'gentleman' he is talking about is me. And he admits that I told him that it is the chicken or something else we had before that which led to a bad stomach. That's exactly my point - we had those cheese balls before the chicken!!

And the owner talks about us hassling his staff - the same staff that rudely refused to serve the dips, never got an order right, never had a smile on their face and took a zillion years to serve drinks. Maybe they have hassles with their owner and he needs to check on that rather than shifting the blame onto his guests.

The one thing that gets my goat - he says we 'devoured' the meal and then complained! My question to him - didn't we pay for it? I have every right to complain if I don't like it. Moreover, on a table of 12, when a plate of chicken wings with 5 pieces arrives, it goes into 5 different plates and is done with in a jiffy. We didn't deliberately devour it and complain my friend - no such cheap thrills required. And I trust our taste buds more than your word when it comes to figuring out weather something I am eating and paying for is stale or not. So before you get accusatory the next time, a few words of advice:
1. Accept negative feedback gracefully
2. Don't keep pretending to be busy when a guest asks to speak to you
3. Remember that guests are paying for food - so whether they devour and complain or do it any other way, it's none of your business. Your job is to focus on the complaint.
4. Some of us have lived all over Europe - we know what Authentic continental cuisine is, thank you. Liking raggi mudde/curd rice/spice doesn't mean someone cannot appreciate your menu.
5. Your staff seems hassled - probably by you.
5. And yes, curd rice is NOT ONLY south Indian. Learn some basics of your trade please.
6. Stop posting fake positive reviews as someone else has indicated.



Bad Food with an Attitude to Match!

Hello people, I'm back to the blog world after a small hiatus! Blame it on work, some travel and a little bit of laziness :) The scorching Bangalore heat has jolted me out of my slumber and here I am - back to doing the rounds of Bangalore restaurants.

One Saturday evening, twelve of us friends landed up at Turquoise Restaurants in Koramangala quite by chance. The restaurant has two sections, The European and The Indian. With majority in the mood for cheesy delectables and pasta, the group headed to The European.

The vegetarians started with Messe - Cold Starters and Salads served with Pita Bread. The Pita bread tasted like under cooked set dosa. Some of the dips were just about fine - hummus was average and salsa tasted flat - no zing or punch. Rest of the dips are not even worth a mention.

The non-vegetarians chose Ali di Pollo - Baked Chicken wings marinated in herbs and Barbequed Shrimps. My sibling and hard core foodie Shashank says – “The chicken was definitely leftovers. Tasted like rubber. We even told the bearer. In any other place, they would have immediately made amends by asking to choose something else. But nothing remotely close to that here. The Shrimps were bland, tasteless and well, I can say I’ve tasted better. We then ordered more chicken from their Indian menu and I must say that was quite okay”.

Another veggie starter, Crostini Misti with an assortment of toppings was passable. The herb ricotta cheese topping was decent and the bread was grilled just right. The rest of the toppings were pretty bland and insipid. I understand that European food cannot have Andhra spice, but - the flavour has to be wholesome and tasty. The only starter that really had any taste/flavour and was actually passable was the Baked Auberguine with Tomato Confit, Cheese.

The ball started rolling, and quite literally (in the stomachs), when the Mozzarella Fritta con Balsamico (cheese balls) came to the table. On the first bite, we thought the taste was rather odd (maybe stale cheese?), but we dint make a fuss about it as we were a big group of friends bonding and having fun after ages... After about 15-20 minutes, my friend and husband both complained of a queasy stomach and uneasiness. By then, it was pretty late for us to move out to another restaurant. With two friends who are expectant mothers, we decided to play safe and switch to Indian food.

Another round of starters included the basic Tandoori Fish and Tandoori Ghobi. Decent enough, but nothing to write home about. While the queasy stomachs continued, we requested the bearer to organize some basic curd rice to settle the stomachs. It was flatly refused. We requested to speak to the owner, who again sent word with his man Friday that curd rice was not happening. Since requesting politely to speak to the owner did not work, a firm holler did the trick (really - does it take such a lot to get the owner to a guest’s table???) We told the owner about the queasy stomachs and requested for some curd rice with tadka. This is what the owner said - "We don’t have curd rice on our menu. We don’t do curd rice. Or let me put it this way - my cooks are not South Indian." He told us this with an arrogant sarcastic tone - not at all becoming of a restaurant owner talking to his guests!

It’s not like his cooks are from Europe or something? Any cook worth his salt who makes all sorts of North Indian dishes should be able to put curd and rice with a dash of tadka. It’s not rocket science and nor do you have to be a South Indian to do so. And probably because the European cook was away, the starters were so tasteless!

We were so disgusted by this attitude that we skipped dessert although I was pretty tempted to try their Baklava (but who knows, probably the Greek cook was in Athens or something!).

Bad Food with an Attitude + A total rip off + Arrogant Owner = Turquoise Restaurants.


April 18, 2012response from management at Turquoise Bar & Grill:

In response to your detailed review & trying to keep it as short & dignified as possible we’d like to state that we have been running Turquoise for a year now & yours seems to be the only complaint directly attacking the freshness of the food we serve! In fact when we spoke to the gentleman on the table, he mentioned that your friends have take ill all of a sudden & that he wasn’t sure if it was the chicken wings that they had just consumed or if it was something they might have had EARLIER & requested for some curd rice. We honestly could no

April 18, 2012response from management at Turquoise Bar & Grill:

Agreed that curd rice is not on your menu. It was clearly a request - a request as mentioned in my post you clearly DID NOT want to oblige.

We are not in the habit of "HASSLING" staff or anyone else for that matter. Indianized continental is something we like at certain places that serve ONLY that. We come to places like yours for authentic stuff that is tasty....not bland. Nor do we come to places such as yours with the intention to eat curd rice. It was a request that arose from the situation. Mind you this is my second visit as the


Utterly butterly delicious

Have been visiting Turquoise on & off for over 7-8 months now - have to say they seem to be getting better & better by the day. I think I can safely say we've tried almost 75% of the menu. Their pizzas are lovely thin crust & crispy - love their Florenine & 4-cheese pizzas with the caramelized onions the best. My favourite steak is the one they wrap the cut of meat in liver pate was done medium, very juicy & cut like butter! Another softy are their lamb shanks.....delicious, juicy, soft, superlative - these guys know what food is & how it should be treated.

Hats off! :)

PS: Must Try: Mango Mascarpone Mousse


Truly European!

Going to Turquoise (European) was completely incidental. I had this sudden craving for good and authentic European food and a quick search on suggested this place amongst many others. Since my wife and I happened to be in the vicinity we decided to go for it.

Décor: The place is pretty accessible and has got valet parking which is good. The overall décor or the ambience of the place is not something to rave about; the place lacks any persistent theme, be it the wall paintings, styling of the menu etc. This is not a typical place to go out for a romantic date; its more like a family place!

Food: The menu is quite elaborate. A lot of research has gone in towards drafting the menu in terms of the items listed. Pretty impressive considering the food options listed are at par with many European restaurants I’ve seen myself in London! We decided to order Vol-au-vent as starter since I am a big fan of pasty. It was at best pretty decent; the presentation could’ve been better though. For mains we ordered Lamb Goulash (served with Herb Rice) and Spinach & Ricotta Raviolini (smaller version of Ravioli). The Lamb Goulash was pretty good; according to me goulash is not a place for tomatoes or peppers and that all such flavor should come from the paprika, which was pretty much coming out in the taste. Also the overall flavor of the lamb was also nicely accented by the sweet anise flavor which was pretty evident. And above all this was actually a Goulash & not a Stew (many places pass Stews as Goulash which is pretty disappointing).
Now for the Spinach & Ricotta Raviolini…it was amazing…simply amazing! Firstly the Ricotta actually tasted authentic, unlike other places where they simply substitute Ricotta with Paneer. The presentation was good, served with just the right amount of cheese and crushed pepper. Definitely recommended to all!

Service: Service was good…the people seemed to know their stuff. No glitches whatsoever.

Cost: Prices are pretty decent, not too heavy on the pocket. Given the fact the food (or rather the cuisine) presented here is mostly confined to 5 star hotels (which come at a very high price), Turquoise provide good balance in terms of not going overboard. (The Goulash was ~500 and Ravioli was ~300).

Décor – 5/10
Food – 8/10
Service – 7/10
Cost – 7/10


Good Continental food

My wife and I wanted to try continental food that Sunday night and landed at Turquoise - The European Restaurant a few minutes past 10pm. We were a bit apprehensive that we might be rushed to order, eat and leave! However the gentleman who waited our table was patient and explained to us the dishes on the menu we were interested in. Eventually we both ordered what he suggested!

The ambiance is decent and the cutlery used is interesting and looks appropriate to the cuisine.

We had a roaster tomato soup (rs.155) which I thought would be the usual plain jane dish. However I liked the overall delivery of the tanginess of the tomato and the hint of pepper in it. So much that we didn't have to add any other condiments to it to better suit our taste.

For the main course my wife ordered Melanzane Parmigiano, Brinjals layered with Basil, served in a tomato & Parmesan cheese sauce (rs. 355). This was the most liked dish of the day; the blend of tomato and parmesan cheese in the sauce was perfect. The slices of brinjal coated with Basil and cheese was good as well.

I wanted to try something in non-veg and non-chicken, so I went with the Pork Belly Carne (rs.455) suggested by the waiter. This was my first tryst with Pork Belly so wasn't sure what to expect! However the meat looked like sliced chicken breast and tasted like how Pork meat usually tastes, which surprised me I guess! The meat was served with Spice Cranberry Sauce, which was another first for me. I would give the flavour a thumbs-up; however if asked whether I would order it again, I may not. Just that personally I don't prefer the more than a hint of fruity mildly sweetish flavour with my meat.

As we were overall impressed with the dishes we decided to round it off with a dessert. We chose Honey & Lime Pannacotta (rs.195)which was a light and lovely dish. Mildly sweet and a great consistency all through. A perfect dessert which doesn't make you feel over-stuffed.

Another highlight is that the dishes are well designed and presented. The service is non bothersome and discreet. I would personally rate the pricing to be just about right as you don't feel cheated with the dishes they serve here.

Would definitely want to visit them again and try some more of their menu.



Must Try!!

Visited this place for Sunday Lunch. Since they don't serve A La Carte on Sunday we decided to try the buffet. The Salad counter had an array of veg and non veg salad and starters. They were all delicious and fresh. We were served starters, pizza and tandoori items on the table. My son enjoyed the Mutton Biryani and the Black Dal. This buffet has a few Indian dishes which was helpful satisfying my whole family. I enjoyed the seafood and the roast. We struggled with the dessert as we had no space left. All in all I was very comfortable and I enjoyed my meal with my family . The service was good and friendly. I would recommend this place to all my friends. Its definitely a must try!!



Love this place

Visited the place after reading the review. The waiter helped us place our orders. I ordered a Baked Aubergine starter, something very different, a great combination of tastes. For mains I had Lamb Chops. It was juicy and tender. My friend is a pure vegetarian, he was happy with the menu choices. The Chocolate Fudge Pate is to die for. The ambiance is simple yet elegant. The pricing is not expensive at all if you compare with other places in town. The steward recommended their Sunday Brunch Buffet, which sounded very interesting. Will definitely visit again.


sangri2006 - Burrp User


6 Reviews

February 23,2012



Heard radio adverts and then heard friends raving about this place. Finally decided to visit the place for dinner. Nice interiors. You have space around you, its not cluttered. The food is very good. Dont miss the mezze, the lamb chops and any fish dish. The chef definitely has a passion for what he serves up. The staff were professional. Great night out.


cleohubert - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 15,2012


Happy Valentines Day

I wanted Valentines to be special and a special treat for my husband. Got my reservation at 9:00pm. Heard a lot about the food here and wanted to give it a try.

We arrived there a 30 minutes late. The place was packed. Lots of people waiting for a seat. I totally blamed myself for being late. They had a few tables opening up which offered it to the people waiting before me. When a couple refused a particular table then the next couple got a choice of taking it. I can understand that each couple wanted a special table, but with this kind of a waiting list I was not taking a chance. I got a 6 seater all to ourselves. Not the ideal choice but there were rose petals on the table and a candle.

The ambiance is nice, warm colors and had some couple tables tucked away in the corners. Looked like a decent place to visit on an ordinary day. The place was buzzing. Waiter rushing back and forth. The manager going from table to table. We went with the set menu and placed our orders. The starter and soup arrived in 15-20 mins. The Vol au Vent was lovely creamy and tasty. My husbands Insalata di Caprese was good. We were hungry and the food was welcoming. Later I had the Mixed Seafood Soup, a good choice for both of us.

It was another 20 odd mins before the main course arrived. There was some confusion with the order which took some time. My hub had the Lamb Rack, there was this mild taste of Pistachio in the crust. I had the Prawn with Rotolo. It tasted great, i would have loved to have more.

Dessert was as expected. A sweet ending to our meal.

I gave this restaurant 5 stars for the effort they put in. It takes a lot of it to service this many ppl. The atmosphere was not so romantic with all the buzzing going on. I am sure there may have been mishaps with other tables but which restaurant wouldnt have had those. Their focus was on the taste food which is how it should be. They were not stingy with the Lamb which made my husbands night. I had a good Valentine's day.


anjanhm - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 15,2012


best euroooo in the city

it is best europiean rstorent in the city I love dis pls very good food suuuupeeer shapied pieeeeand. i wish best of luck TURQUOISE and also i would like 2 say happy happyyyy birthday tuuuuurrqqqqqqqqqqqiooooosssseeeee!!!!!!!



Terrible service

I just got back after a terrible ordeal at Turquoise- on Valentine's Day no less. Booked for 930-10 pm in advance, they confirm. Then a lady calls back and says i have to give exact time or else they will push back 15 mins, so i say 945 and we reach there dot on time to find first of all - no welcome staff, secondly, the reception is purely for billing, some one else checks a rough piece of paper with 915 in front of our name (wrong time), that after twice confirming. Its a mystery to me. They tell us it is a problem because it's mentioned 915. Still, at around 10 we get a table for 6 (we are just the two of us) they say if you don't mind etc etc. Nobody lights it up, makes it neat, lays down cutlery. Nobody comes to take the order for the next ten fifteen minutes. At 1030 - a full 45 minutes after we stepped in they come to us saying they are sorry, they 'misplaced' the order and can we wait till around quarter to eleven or so for the appetizers AND the drinks?!! And this after we repeatedly ask who i presume to be their head waiter why the order is taking so long- he never responds, looks away and walks off. Everyone looking terribly busy including the owners and managers but they never once come near the table to apologise or ask around. We finally get ready to leave and even then only after we insist on getting the number of the owners does the lady who probably owns the place presents herself saying yes, we accept our fault, we apologise. We told them they have ruined the day for us and they say, 'yes we realize.' We didn't wait for the food and left at 11 without eating. I understand these things happen, but i would like to ask the management why would you over book on a special day??? Not a busy weekend, you are not the corner shop, you TAKE reservations, you are supposed to treat your patrons better, so next time, STOP taking reservations if you are going to get overwhelmed and ruin someone's evening! Very unprofessional and a horrible experience.


travelinred - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 02,2012


One of my fave euro restaurants in blore

I've been here on many occasions and always love it. The waiters give alot of effort to keep your drinks full and attend to your every need.

Here are the dishes I love:

Fig and Goat Cheese Pizza - with a little kick of honey and chili, this is my favorite veg item on the whole menu.

Steak - I'm a non-veg lover and nothing is better than a juicy perfect steak for me. One bonus, the freshest, reddest tomato wedges marinated in basil.. perfection.

Creme Brulee - tap that spoon on the surface and hear the rewarding crack. Sometimes they have amazing surprise flavors on the Sunday Buffet - berry or banana - but the simple vanilla version is to die for.

Sunday Brunch - Bring a few friends at 12:30 and begin the 3 hours of lazy feasting.. indulge in some tasty cocktail concoctions and nibble your way through a dozen salads, taste a few soups, sample some lasagna, some roast, some fish, some veggies. Eat a slice of pizza or 3 and lamb lolipops delivered to piping hot to your table. Once your stomach is full, switch over to your reserve dessert stomach - just try to sample all of the dozen or so cakes, custards, brownies, brulees, pannacottas, and ice creams - its all blissfully too much.

For discounts - check out their facebook page. I noticed everything is 50% off on Tuesdays plus some other weekday specials.


tasties - Burrp User


15 Reviews

January 28,2012


Great Experience Twice over

Been here twice. For a Group Lunch and once for their Sunday Brunch Buffet. Decided to try this place after hearing the adverts on the radio. The ambiance is refreshing and simple at the same time. Staff are helpful and knowledgeable.

Went there for a team lunch which was great fun. Since a lot of my group were apprehensive with a fixation that European food is bland and boring. They finally decided to experiment. The Seafood dishes and Meats are amazing. The flavors were great and for once my team did not miss the curries, spice and curd rice. Their dishes are authentic and not indianized.

I visited next for the Sunday Brunch. They have three packages you can choose from. We had the 999/- Unlimited Alcohol. Go when you have time to have a nice lazy Sunday Lunch. Their buffet is large and in addition there are hot starters and grilled meats served on the table. The food kept coming, we had to slow down. I am sure i did not try everything on the buffet. I had no space left. They serve you variety of fresh fruit martinis in addition to your choice of drink Yumm!. Live music is great.

Ideal for romantic night out or groups. Buffet is unbeatable in quality and pricing. Try it.


sb1907 - Burrp User


10 Reviews

January 19,2012



My spouse and I visited to this place basis the 4 star avg rating. Upon entering the restaurant, we found that we were the only ones there - we suppressed the initial panic and decided to give it a try (big mistake)

We ordered a chicken dish(Petto di Pollo), which the staff recommended and a baked veg dish(Gratin de Verdure Al Forno).

The chicken was dry (a little more pliant than cardboard) and filled with some strange tasteless filling. On the side was mashed potatoes which seemed to have been prepared a day or two in advance. I pity the chicken who made the ultimate sacrifice only to be turned into this travesty of a dish!!

The baked vegetables did not offer anything in terms of taste- we chomped on them consoling that at least it was healthy. The consolation was short lived when we were paying a bill of close to INR 1k.

Visit this place at your peril. And yes - the actual menu rates are around INR 100 rupee higher than the menu on burrp.


ruchikaj - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 13,2012



I visited this place last night. Everything was good here, from decor to food to drinks to service! but the menu card listed on this site is deceiving.. the actual prices of all the items are much higher than the ones listed here. there is a difference of 100 bucks for all the items.. I guess its time they updated their menu card and maybe burrp should be tad bit more accurate!


Sagarika  - Burrp User


11 Reviews

January 03,2012


New year party.......very good!!!!!!

Turqouise as the name suggests,
Ambience blue and food at its best.........
With lot of entertainment, they hosted new year party,
Their fine European dining was great undoubtedly.............



Must order: Chocolate Fudge Pate

Let me get straight to the food. We ordered a lot for two people, 1 soup, one salad, one starter, two main courses, two drinks and two desserts.We tried the Turquoise trio dessert platter with a sampling of three of their desserts. Two of the three desserts were good. But the chocolate fudge pate was so yummy that it made up for it. I loved the Chicken Vol au Vent starter too.



Going back for sure!

Tried the weekend buffet - loved loved the salads and starters too. Service was very good - very courteous and non-intrusive. The live music was pretty alright. Overall great place, beautiful soothing decor, wonderful food and service... though a little on the pricey side. Try it at least once!


Will keep coming back! The best in Bangalore.

Went to Turquoise with my family and I must say I will keep coming back till I try the entire menu! The presentations were impeccable, the portions were just right and everything tasted perfect! The chicken was well cooked and juicy, the fish was delectable and melted in my mouth and the cocktails were dreamy.

The ambience was really good, well done interiors, tables being placed a good distance from each other, soft lighting, making it cozy.

We were 4 adults, and we tried:-
- Soups (Tomato Basil & Minestrone),
- Cocktails (Passionfruit Martini & Watermelon Mojito)
- Starters (Panzanella & Kefta Kebab),
- Main Course (Grilled Basa & Chicken Cacciatora)
- Dessert (Turquoise Trio & Pannacotta)

Each course was more delectable than the other! The owners, Mr. & Mrs. Cooper made sure everyone was comfortable and happy, and made for a good conversation about Parsi Food which got me back to my Mumbai roots and love and longing for a good Dhansak! Spento very graciously offered us a taste of the Dhansak – Brown Rice, which we licked off the bowl in just under 10 seconds.

When a restaurant is run from the heart, it really shows. I have not had such a good meal from start to the finish in a very long time. We still have not tried the Indian floor, which we will soon, but by the looks and tastes of the European Menu, I’m sure it won’t be a letdown.

In retrospect, I do have a couple of things that I thought could be better, which are:
- The room was freezing. The air conditioning could have done with a little adjusting (This is purely me, I don’t know how the rest of the table felt)
- The wines are served by bottles and not glass ? Please change this!
- The waiters need a little education on the wines.



Highly Recommended

I went here for dinner one night, at the invitation of two Swedish friends who were doing an internship in Bangalore. We were a large group of around 10 people - European mainly, with a couple of Indians thrown in. We walked in, climbed up the flight of stairs as we didnt want to use the readily available lift and entered the restaurant. We were ushered to a large table and sat comfortably down. The waiters brought us the drinks menu and the food menu almost immediately after we were seated. All of us decided against liquor and instead perused the food menu. I decided to share a Cream of Broccoli soup with the Swede sitting next to me and we placed our order. Shortly after, the soup arrived and both of us loved it. The waiter also brought complimentary bread baskets to the table and the bread selection was great. We placed our dinner orders quickly and the food came really fast, given that we were such a large group. I had ordered Coq au vin and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was well prepared and well presented. The girl seated opposte me had ordered a Salad with Mozzarella and she offered me a little of it. Though I am not much of a salad eater, this one tasted quite good. Another of the girls seated near me ordered Gnocci and that looked great, though I opted to not taste it. My neighbouring Swede had ordered a veg pizza and I had a bite of this. It tasted good. I have no idea what the rest of the table thought of the food and the service, but I heard no complaints so I will assume that everyone, like me, had a lovely, enjoyable evening packed with good food and great conversation. My take on the decor is that the place is well decorated and looks lovely. The food is splendid, there is a lot of choice and the prices are very reasonable. The service is excellent. Definitely a place to try out and probably one which I will return to at some point of time.


roofcat - Burrp User


17 Reviews

November 25,2011



First of all, why is european cuisine always equated with blue decor?! That little quibble aside, this is a good addition to the fast growing restaurant list in Koramangala. The combination of pleasant service, good-to-average good (albeit with small portions) and an attractive, soothing decor makes for a decent eating out experience. However, the attempt seems to be to become the Sunnys of South Bangalore, but that wish is a long long way from becoming reality!


Amazing food

I went to Turquoise for lunch and i had an amazing experience. the staff is real friendly, the food is amazing and the desserts are even better. The staff is very warm in welcoming you and they do provide good service too-whats better..they even suggest you the best food if you are confused...
i had an amazing experience and i think going there for dinner would be a better choice and the lightings in the place looks real classy..


adityaw - Burrp User


2 Reviews

October 22,2011


Friendly atmosphere, good drinks, great food.

A friend of mine were looking for new places to try out in Koramangala and came across this place quite by chance. We were both not dressed for the evening (shorts, tee shirt, you get the idea) and on seeing the decor, we thought we'd be ushered out (like so many bangalore joints seem so fond of doing) but this place was refreshingly different. The staff was friendly and attentive and made us feel at home instantly. The decor was cheerful, with comfortable couches and soft music you don't have to shout over. We ordered Long Island Iced Teas which were mixed really well...easily one of the better LIT's I've sampled in this town. For starters we ordered the mezze with 9 mini starters, most of which were great. My main course was a Fish Florentine which was pretty good too. I felt the spinach overpowered the fish just a little bit, but the sauces and presentation were great. All in all, a success. The only tiny omission was the bread platter with the Gratin de Verdure (which my friend ordered) reaching the table after he'd finished most of the dish.
We liked the place so much that we stayed back post the meal and knocked off another LIT. The bill came to a little less than 3000. It's not really a moderately priced place, like Burrp states, but worth the money. I know I'm going to be going back again soon!




I am writing this from the table at turquoise I have just finished the most phenomenally awesome Sunday brunch ever in Bangalore and trust me I have been to a fair share of them here in Bangalore. Being a serious foodie I was apprehensive about trying a new place but when it was strongly recommended by close friends I decided to try it out and boy was it good !!! Very few places maintain excellent quality through all the courses, but this Place does !! The quality of everything from the starters to the desert was fantastic it was a truly memorable experience for me and my wife we would especially recommend all the melt in your mouth fish dishes and the deserts!! Thank you guys for the awesome food, efficient service and above all making us feel at home


skandi - Burrp User


2 Reviews

September 25,2011


Great Choice for Koramangala

Turquoise is a 4 or 5 star option for those unwilling to travel to the corners of Bangalore for a fine dining experience. Spacious and airy interiors with options on seating in cosy couches or high back chairs with plenty of space for kids to run around in circles. Service though a tad bit slow is still curteous with the omni presence of the owners who drop by your table to suggest items from the vast menu. We dropped in on Friday evening again on Sunday afternon to try their brunch and came away amazed.

On Friday night we went with friends and had the Kefta Kebab and also the Vol au Vent (shredded chicken in a mushroom sause overflowing out of a flaky pastry. Both were delicious and vanished in minutes. We then had the Braised Lamb Shanks with polenta, Grilled Prawns and a Baked Vegetable Gratin with a cheesy sauce. The lamb was soft and was falling off the bone - delicious again! I thought the grilled prawns with lemon butter sauce were heavenly and the baked gratin had a nice crunch to the veggies. For 3800 for the 3 of us including a bottle of wine we thought Turquoise was great value for money considering delicious food in a great ambience in Koramangala.

We also went back for the Sunday Brunch today and were surprised to see the huge menu laid out. We had the the unlimited champagne brunch (1500rs) and the unlimited cocktails & beer (1000rs) We also got a wide selection of vodka based martinis served to us. Must recommend the Cucumber Martini. A variety of cold salads and starters were laid out. Seafood salad was great but the Prawn Cocktail had gone limp I think due to lack of ice? There was also a mezze choice with pita bread, canapes and some imported cold cuts & cheeses. They also served us some Paneer Tikkas from their Indian section. Grilled Lamb Chops were succulent and pizzas were really thin crust and crunchy. Mains had a mix selection of European and Indian. Large choice of desserts too with again a mix from Indian and European.

To sum up, althought their service needs speeding up, we never thought Koramangala would ever get a restaurant like this. But with Turquoise, we think Koramangala has finally arrived!



Expensive lunch

We went for lunch at turquoise. The ambience was nice, waiters were polite,taste of food was good. My disappoinment started when our main course came.My friend and I are veg eaters. We had eaten soup and salad before. When we ordered potato gnochhi the waiter asked whether it is going to be shared by 2. We said yes. when potato gnochhi arrived we could count the food on our plate. For the price on menu aprox 250 rs we expected bit more quantity. On asking we were told since it home made pasta quantity is less. Then we ordered pesto pasta. However on arrival of pasta we were further disappointment when we could count penne pasta pieces on our plate as the quantity was less. We had asked before ordering if the quantity would be more and were told yes. Dessert portion was also small.To sum it up we had kid size portion at steep prize.The total bill for 4 people came to 3500rs.

Fyi: I am no expert on food just good eater so dont get mixed up by the id.


clauds - Burrp User


9 Reviews

August 16,2011


Raw chicken

We had lunch here and ordered Mezze to start with, which was very good. After that it all went downhill. We then ordered a 4 cheese thin crust pizza with Parma ham which hardly had any cheese or ham and the crust was wafer thin - like a very very thin cracker. Also had a spinach and nuts gnocchi in a 4 cheese sauce which was OK. The last and worst dish was a Chicken Saltimbocca - pieces of chicken topped with parma ham and sage. I was halfway through the dish and found the chicken extremely tough and bland, and so I thought I'd remove the chicken and finish only the ham and what I found was that the part of the chicken that was covered by the ham was raw! I complained and told them not to add it to my bill. They obliged and the owner/manager came out to apologise half heartedly. Raw chicken is a serious health hazard and expected more remorse from them. Also, the portions aren't big but the prices are. I won't be visiting the place again.


What's not to love?

This place has it all. Great decor, ambiance, starters, soups, salads, mains and desert. Excellent service. Great drink menu. The owner stopped to visit as did the chef. I went with two other expats and all three of us, who have been in Bangalore for almost two years, agreed that this is the best place yet!


Johnk - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 06,2011


An Anomaly -Perhaps

I have read great reviews of your restaurant and I have been trying to reach the phone no listed 65776588 and it says that the number is invalid. This is indeed a poor start. An anomaly perhaps. Do correct so that regulars like us on Burrp can experience Turquoise.


Decent place, but Check your Bill before Paying

I went here with my wife for dinner. We went early and had the whole place to us for a while. The ambience was nice with good decor. The hostess and waiters were very courteous and took good care of us. The food overall was good, but there is a lot of room for improvement. We started with the roasted tmato soup, whic was quite good. Next, we had the Lebanese platter, which was done quite well too, compared to other middle eastern joints in the city. For the main course, we had the spinach ravioli and the potato gnochhi. The spinach ravioli let me down a little as I am used to having my ravioli stuffed with a lot more of spinach than that was served. It was not the worst spinach ravioli I have had, but it was not the best either. Th potato gnochchi was quite good.

While coming back, I found to my dismay that even though the menu card had showed the tomato soup to be Rs. 125, I was charged Rs. 195 for it. I was shocked that I probably need to start cross checking the amounts put on my bill agains the price on the menu. I hope this mistake is just a one off and not repeated in the future.


August 4, 2011response from management at Turquoise Bar & Grill:

Hi - Thanks for your kind comments & review. We have checked our records and noted every Tomato Soup sold betwen July 28th & July 30th and verified that it was priced at Rs. 125 only. The Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli is priced at Rs. 195. We'd request you to kindly check your bill again and if you find any discrepancies we would be happy to correct your bill and offer you a refund. Thanks for visiting us, Best Regards from the management, TURQUOISE.


Good Place!!- Authentic taste!!

Had been to this place last night. Let me sum up quickly..

Food : Excellent
Ambience : Good
Service : Good [ Could be faster, was wondering why some dishes took so long even when the crowd was less]
More on an expensive side, [ or may be we ate a lot]..
I would reccomend this to friends and would revisit this place.



good food but horrible management

we went there last night for my wife's bday. the service was quite slow though that was not the painful aspect.
they took 45 mins to get the final bill.
and when finally the bill came at 12:15am, they didnot give us the prmised 10% discount they had promised at the time of booking (if the bill was above 10k, which it was). and the owner shamelessly denied it.
we didnt want to argue as we had infants in our group and most of us were just tired waiting for the bill.
when i go out to restaurant, its just not the food but also the good hospitality which the management brings in.
And the restaurant fails miserably in that regard.


July 10, 2011response from management at Turquoise Bar & Grill:

Hello Mr. Fakruddin,

To clear the issue about the discount, your reservation was originally for 15 to 20 persons at 8:30pm. You group of only 13 arrived around 9:30pm. The manager did promise you discount of 10% on your total food bill. When your total bill was prepared, the food total came to only Rs.6855. This does not qualify for a discount. The bill may have been late but you were still being served you dessert 11:30. The time on your bill is 12:04am.

It is child’s play to write a review that may seem damaging but the fa

July 10, 2011response from management at Turquoise Bar & Grill:

Omitted a little detail there.

Discount was for 10% off on food total if total is above Rs.10,000, with a reservation for 15 to 20 guests.

July 10, 2011response from management at Turquoise Bar & Grill:

its really funny that you are coming with all these lies not justify your behvaiour. i wish i had recorded the
conversation i had with your manager.

and talking of other restaurants, Mr i have been in bangalore for 9 years and eat out atleast 2-3 times
a week. so i know how good or bad a service can be.
anyways i wish you best in running your restaurant this way.


Best ever

We have been to this restaurant 3 times. Once to the Indian section on the 3rd floor and twice to the european restaurant.

The indian food was excelent. The best was the briyani not that there was anything that was not good only problem was that ny stomach was to small to sample everything.

The european food was fantastic. Being foreign myself it has been a while since I ate a shepards pie that tasted so authentic. To be honest everything was great.

The only real problem was that the desserts is out of this world we have sampled every single dessert on the menu and the one want to out do the other one. Please do not only eat a main you will never know what you missed if you don't try the desserts.

Would recomend this restaurant it is really great. Give it a try,



Turquoise! Wow! Wow! Wow!

If you havent dined at Turquoise as yet youre missing something reeeaaly bigg! We checked out the place last weekend and fell in love with the joint! They have 2 restaurants located one above the other serving European & Indian. My wife's a biggie on Euro fare so we tried that out first and I was pleasantly surprised with the veggie salad! Very elegantly presented in layers I could not believe I was munching through good old baigan & assorted capsicum - grilled to perfection with some yummy soft boconcini cheese thrown in for good measure! For our mains we had Fish Florentine & the Shepherds Pie and I couldnt believe that the Shepherds Pie was so very in Bengaluru city! On a another occassion we also tried their Tornadoes in Gorgonzola Sauce and I must say these guys know how to cook a steak to perfection! I try not to lick my plate clean in fancy places like these but much to the chagrin of my wife I was wiping my plate with the softest of breads & stuffing my mouth all at the same time! We couldnt get enough of the Tiramisu and their Mango Cheesecake the first time around so on our 2nd touring we stuck to the same desserts! I am now convinced that Koramangla has arrived on the international food scene!!

While the European restaurant resembles a formal fine dine with very spacious & comfortable seating, the Indian "Resto-Lounge" (as they prefer to call it) is something we have never seen before! It seems the pleasant owners have put in their heart & soul to create the coolest environment with some really cool fibre optic chandeliers and very comfortable seating! Going by the owner's size I can understand why special attention has been focussed on such comfortable seating!! :) They also have some really wide tables that can accomodate all that you have ordered for in one go! The Indian resaurants starters were truly to die for! Melt in your mouth Galawati's & Sheekh Kababs to the amazingly soft & fresh Paneer Tikkas (we were informed they make their own in-house paneer). We also tried the Parsi speciality Patra-ni-Macchi which was an excellent preparation of fish coated with a coconut & mint chutney wrapped in banana leaves & then steamed. The Nalli Awadhi accompanied with soft fermented Khameri roti's took me back in time to Samarkand's early days and the Dal Bukhara (simmered overnight) flew me straight to Delhi's Bukhara at the Maurya Sheraton! We were already stuffed at this point but being a iryani addict, I could not stop before trying out the Gosht ki Dum Biryani and they did not dissapoint us! So flavourful was this biryani that I can safely say I have never before eaten such a delicious, lip smacking biryani! We signed off with just a single dessert, Qubani Ka Meetha which had a little twist to the original with a dollop of creamy custard on top to take away the extreme sweetness of the stewed apricots.

I bow down to the chefs at Turquoise - they have conquered my taste buds & my stomach with divine and delicious food fit for the Gods! Am going back there again during the week to try their buffet lunch! God help me & my expanding girth!!