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> > > > Twenty.21


WhitefieldEast Bangalore  

  • 28026660
  • Ground Floor, G-25/26, Ascendas Park Square Mall, International Tech Park , Whitefield, Bangalore
  • European, Italian
  • Meal for 2 - 1500

3 Reviews / 3 Ratings

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Twenty.21 Reviews

Wow...a fine trendy restaurant

Twenty.21 is a great mix of modern cuisine with traditional European recipes. The high ceiling, paced out seating and trendy lights creates the right mix for a contemporary dining option. The menu is unpretentious and has quite a few options of Soup, Salad, Pasta, Pizza and Main Course. We ordered Green Apple, Roasted Beetroot and Goat Cheese Salad and Pan Fried Red Snapper in Nantua Sauce with Leek Fondue and Basil Mash. For dessert Orange Parfait Glaze with Tropical Fruit Cocktail, it can brighten your mood on a rather gloomy day.
The restaurant has a set menu in the afternoon priced attractively at Rs…. If you are working in ITPB or near vicinity this will soon be a regular working lunch option.
Chef Pravin who has worked with renowned Michelin Star Chefs in London came to our table and explained the dishes. The VFM lunch option will bring us back regularly to this restaurant



Great food, fresh and honest!

As you walk into the mall you cannot help but notice that it is purely an F&B centric mall. You have Nando's, Cafe Oz in the front, Habanero (not really Tex Mex), Twenty.21 and Shitakke at the back! For dessert and coffee you have Swensen's and BreadWorks.

So when I walked off the elevator from the basement, I was struck by Twenty.21 and Shitakke. I was welcomed by this blackboard in Twenty.21 stating that for INR 450, we had unlimited 4 course sit down buffet! One thing I hate about weekday lunches is the fact that most places offer meals put out long time before you had arrived and hence mostly chewy and cold! This one became an attraction as I could go in and sit and have a hot meal delivered to my table!

We started with a Caesar Salad. The chicken was delicately flavored with herbs and garlic, grilled well, moist and soft. The lettuce was fresh, crisp and cold. The right amount of dressing. The croutons were still crunchy and tasty!

The next course was the Pumpkin Soup. I was a bit skeptical to have pumpkin as you usually dont end up with something like that in Mumbai! But it came recommended from the chef! The soup was hot, well portioned and an excellent flavor of pumpkin, little cream and rosemary! The herb did the trick and lifted the entire flavor!

I went with Cajun Chicken for the main course. They served me two good sized chicken breasts. Well seasoned, very good spicy New Orleans flavor and an excellent presentation. The chicken was hot and well cooked. I polished off the dish in 10 minutes flat!

I went for their flourless chocolate cake. Served hot, well made, great taste. It came with a wonderful aroma which filled up the entire restaurant. Breaking into it, I saw the liquid ooze out which made it even more appetising! I ordered for a repeat!

I think I overate for a lunch meal! It was worth the money and the experience! I will definitely go back for trying their pizzas!

The decor is simple and inviting. They are going to have their license soon, so for now no alcohol!

The service can get a bit slow sometimes, but then I give them some more time due to the fact they have opened just about a month back.

I liked the fact that for every course they give you fresh cutlery!

Overall, I really enjoyed the food with very little that was wrong!



Good food, sloooow service

Park Square Mall is one of the recent malls to open in the Whitefield area. While the other shops seem the same run-of-the-milll...ooops run-of-the-mall types, there are a few interesting eateries here. Habaneros (for not-so-great Tex Mex food), Shitakke for reasonably good oriental food, Swenson's for American supersize portions of ice cream and then Twenty.21 for European Italian food.

I dragged my husband and his sister here for a quick mid week lunch given that I had heard good things about their set menu. There's a set 3 course meal for Rs.375 and 4 course meal for Rs.475.

You can choose your 3 courses from Salad, Soup, Main and Dessert. The salad and mains had vegetarian and non vegetarian option to choose from.
I went with the tomato-mozzarella-lettuce salad and pumpkin soup to start with.

After nearly 30 minutes of placing my set menu order, the bread made an appearance on the table. For a specialty restaurant like this, I'd except some better bread. This was worse than any mass produced sliced bread available at your kirana store. Zero flavour.

After another long wait, the salad made its entry. It was well worth the wait - the lettuce and tomato was fresh, the basil-olive oil pesto-kinda dressing was delicious. They hadn't skimped on the mozzarella the way most restaurants do and the parmesan shavings on the top took it up another notch.

My husband's watermelon-feta salad was also extremely good, in his opinion. I could spot generous chunks of feta on the plate, which again is a huge plus.

My sis-in-law ordered a spaghetti in tomato sauce with asparagus, which was piping hot, well made and it was a huge portion, good enough to share between two people.

Meanwhile, I was served my soup, which was a perfect consistency and flavour. A couple of bread sticks along with the soup would have balanced out the sweet flavour, but it did seem freshly made and piping hot.

The husband ordered a pizza for himself (not the set lunch menu) - which he reported to be flavourful and well made, except for too much extra dry flour sticking to the bottom.

After I was done with my soup, I had to send them a few reminders to get my main course -the vegetable lasagna. When it did come to the table, it looked awesome, the aromas divine and the sauce and cheese on the lasagna still bubbling. There's something about food freshly prepared, landing on the table - there's nothing as appetising as that.

The dessert my sis in law ordered, the lemon pie, seemed nice in presentation and taste.

Overall, the set lunch - 3 course at 375 is a really good deal for an excellent fresh salad, a soup and a main or a dessert (choose any 3 courses). The individual mains are priced around 350 and the salads around 250, which I find to be kind of steep.

I'll give big plus points for the piping hot, fresh food, but given that it was part of a set lunch menu, I wonder why they took so long between courses. Even the bread came 30 minutes too late. Isn't the bread to be served immediately on seating so the guests don't have to wait so long before they are served anything at all.

The service was kinda confused with different waiters/ managers running to our table. Most of them were eager to take away our cutlery in the middle of the meal, which provided some comic relief as we waited for our food.

I'm assuming they will straighten out their timing issues and the service issues soon, giving them the benefit of doubt as they have newly opened.

Im sorry I cannot give an opinion about the non vegetarian food, but the chef seems to be doing his job very well!

[We were asked to produce our bill on the next visit for a 10% discount]