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> > > > Unicorn


Infantry RoadNorth Bangalore  

  • 25591670
  • 93/4, Infantry Road, Near Safina Plaza, Infantry Road, Bangalore
  • Indian, Tandoori, Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 1200

11 Reviews / 11 Ratings

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Unicorn Reviews


Authentic Sea-food

Was suggested to try this restaurant for authentic, Mangalorean sea-food and they did not disappoint.
Four of us had crab soup, unicorn special prawn, fried Kane, Kubbe sukhe (clam sukka), Crab chilly, unicron special fish curry with neer dosa and plain rice.
The crab soup (Rs.110) didn't have much crab, but the stock was absolutely delicious.They make a spicy version here. Personally, I prefer the creamy one. Priced at Rs.110.
The prawns (Rs.300) were concentrated in a lovely masala, spiced just enough with the right amount of tang.
The kane (fish from the family of elopidae,commonly known as ladyfish,Rs. 250) was fried to perfection.The meat was soft and delicate ,and yet so succulent. Very delectable!
Coming to the clams (Rs.200), by far my favourite of the starters. Extremely easy to eat, and cooked perfectly in the sukka masala. Great flavour and enormous quantity.
We asked for the crab chilly (Rs. 350) to be de-shelled and there were no qualms whatsoever. Every crab dish I order in Bangalore seems to taste like scrambled egg, and this was no different so can't really give a non-biased opinion on this one. The masala again was fabulous though.
The highlight of the evening was the unicorn special fish curry (Rs. 500). The fish served was Anjal aka seer or surmai. Made with coconut, tamarind, chillies and vinegar, this curry is synonymous with Mangalorean cuisine. Coupled with neer dosa (water dosa, Rs.65 a piece) or simply plain rice (Rs.60), this combination can take you to heavenly bliss. Couldn't be more authentic!
Totally, our bill came to Rs. 2472. (Tax:Rs.400). Definitely worth it


Eating since 18 Years

I have been eating in Unicorn for last 18 years, the food is simply superb, the place is only for Good Sea Food, if you venture out for Vegge or north indian type of food, you may be disappointed, though the quality of food is very good.


Sea food at its best :)

Being a total fish foodie, this place was fantastic!

The place is about the food, not the ambience aor decor. Fuss free, fast service and delicious food!


Dinakar  - Burrp User


4 Reviews

January 21,2012


Awesome Food

We went in at 3 PM and were very sure we'll get kicked out for coming late for lunch. Surprise Surprise, not only were we welcomed, but we also had excellent food served in a jiffy (guess it was jiffy because we were late). The prices are extremely reasonable for the food & location. A piece of advice, skip the alcohol, its way too expensive when compared to the food. I don't think this place needs a review, its reached a class of its own.



The best Mangalorean Sea Food in Bangalore.

What can one say about The Unicorn, it has to be tasted to feel what authentic mangalorean sea food tastes like !! the freshness of the the sea food is the best kept secret of the Unicorn, keeping in mind that all the sea food is bought in from chennai or mlore, the freshness is immaculate. The quality has not changed in a very long time, the ambience and the service is just great. Suits all sizes of pockets, as one can order a simple fish curry rice or even splurge on the kanes and anjals, with crab masallas and appams. On the higher side tho when it comes to the bill, but who cares when the taste buds are tingling.

Not many great choices for the veggies tho, however the veg makkhanvalla and rotis are best suited here.

All in all do try the unicorn special items be it in veg or non veg!! you would simply love it.

Also a cozy place for a quiet dinner or lunch, keeping in mind the ambient lighting and very nice and cordial service.

Good luck Unicorn..



Pure Joy!!

This is one place in the city where the quality of food has remained the same for years now.

Crab Curry Rice, Kane Masala fry and not to miss the Unicorn Special Masala is to die for. The place is a bit heavy on the pocket. But then, when you get quality, you pay for it!!


epicure007 - Burrp User


52 Reviews

December 14,2009


Sea Food. Eat Food. Love Food.

read about Unicorn in one of the local travel mags. Otherwise, it is hard to find this, because it is in the first floor of a very commercial looking office complex. Only the faithfuls would know of this place. Having said that, it is surely worth a visit

On a hunch, I chose Unicorn to celebrate Valentines Day with my wife. She loves sea food being a Mangalorean and it had to be a good place

The place was not very crowded for lunch. They have around 12 tables and there is a lot of glass used in the decor. A lot of blue and there is a reasonably big bar counter so I guess the place must be popular as a bar in the evenings. The wait staff are middle-aged which means that they have been here for a long time. Naturally, the service is apt, prompt and well-informed

We started with a Crab soup with a prawn starter. Its been a while so I dont remember the names. But both were fantastic. The wife loved it which means it must have been pretty close to authentic and the meat was surely fresh. Even our little daughter loved it and it kept her quiet for most of the time

After polishing these off in no time, we ordered a prawn Biriyani and a Unicorn Special Crab. This was a whole crab with a slightly Chinese preparation, resembling the Singapore Chilly Crab. It was fantastic we get a whole crab with a lot of meat. I am not a great fan of any Biriyani which is not Mutton based, but the Prawn Biriyani was quite good. Nice quantities and large prawn pieces

The rates are very reasonable and must cost around 600 for a couple without drinks. All in all, if you are in this area, do visit. And dont bother to go here if you want anything in vegetarian - hardly makes sense



Khane Fish

Going by the taste of the food there, when we visited the place last in December 2008, the chef seems to have changed. The food isn't what it was like before.

There was this delicacy called the Khane Fish which was one of the best fish items you could get in Bangalore. Unicorn always reminded me of the Khane Fish. Try it out the next time you visit.


I dont quite understand

I dono why this restaurant has got good reviews here, but absolutely true that its a place for seafood though i havent tasted it to comment on it, the smell of the place sure does prove it. If you are a veggie, dont even walk towards this restaurant, you definitely cant eat anything at all with the kinda smell the place gives out.

It feels weird to enter the place that looks nothin like a restaurant from the outside unless for the board you would never know. The ambiance is not bad looking, typical fine-dining place but smells rusty and fishy to be precise. Some people might prefer such ambiance tho.

I ordered the egg biryani and raita/ gravy was complimentary with it and i chose the raita. The finger chips was nothin but french fries given an indian touch by adding some chilli power to it. The biryani was horrible to say the least, i cudnt get myself to gulp it down my throat. i literally had to use some butterscotch milkshake to get over the smell and taste of that one bite in my throat. Tho am a lover of egg, this egg was too much smelly for any eggetarian ... well the fries smelt of fish too mayb they use the same oil to fry everything.

The place did seem a bit expensive too since i had to pay around 300 bucks, or mayb i jus felt frustrated to see the bill since i din have more than a bite of anything but the milkshake which was as thin as water but was better than the rest to fill the tummy and for the tongue too.

and then ofcourse i rushed out....NEVER AGAIN!


foodfan - Burrp User


4 Reviews

October 12,2008


Crabs were awesome

Good food...
We ordered crab masala and unicorn special prawn with neer dosa.. the crab we had was without shell.. you also have an option to have with shell... the taste was really good... There is also a bar menu to go with the food.. the lighting was also good.. I liked the place...
Food with some hindi songs in the background... If you want to have a quiet dinner or catch up with your buddies this the place to go... The only thing I did not like is the salt and pepper which was kept on the table.. It was directly from the supermarket and did not go with the table or the place... It is a minor thing and can be ignored.. Overall good place to eat..
The dinner came to around Rs450/- per head with a drink..


Kaushik Paul - Burrp User

Kaushik Paul

5 Reviews

September 15,2008


Great Seafood

If you like Trishna and Mahesh in Bombay, you'll love Unicorn...the seafood is fresh and the preparations are delectable.

The Neer dosa and Prawn gussi are a MUST! Crab was very tasty but they should have the option of giving it to you de-shelled (as they do at Trishna). Prawns were absolutely yummy.

Although the ambiance is nothing to write home about, the food is very good...avoid going there during lunchtime on weekdays unless you have a driver...the parking situation is quite maddening.