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> > > > Upahara Darshini

Upahara Darshini

JayanagarSouth Bangalore  


4 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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Upahara Darshini Reviews

anranga1 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 23,2014






Cockroach in Soup

The tomato soup we ordered at 8 pm on Sunday, a peak time had a cockroach in it. This was on the first floor where you can sit and eat. The service was generally poor.



Good old Bangalore

Upahara Darshini in Jayanagar is an awesome place to grab a bite after some serious(or not so) shopping or maybe after hanging around with friends(or not so). It was that much more awesome with it pouring pretty heavily and all. I had a Spring Roll Dosa, which was wholesome and delicious! This place is known for its Dosa... different varieties of which you will find on its menu. The Open Dosa was equally amazing. Topped up with the persistent rain and some kick-ass filter coffee, my evening was made. I didn't even care about the water standing in my helmet when I got back. But the one problem that no darshini or fast food chain seems to have solved plagues this one too. Poor crowd management plays somewhat spoilsport.


Never Again...

I was too hungry and was in the boondocks of jayanagar. People with me suggested we’ll head to UD and I just nodded my head. Could not wait any longer to hog.
The service is hall on the first floor, and I could see a big crowd waiting near the entrance to catch hold of their tables. We were moving towards the waiting area (that’s the staircase), I heard a few ladies yelling at the top of their voice at the janitor. This went on for a while and all of them got down unsatisfied.

We moved in after 10mins. The dining hall was completely crowded and I could see the waiters running around as though they are gonna miss a running train.
The waiters placed the menu card on our table and did not give much time to look into it. While we were waiting, I had noticed in the self-service area, people eating paddu. With my presumption of availability, we ordered it with the manchow soup and masala papad. After 15mins, the waiter, came very close me as though he wanted to reveal a secret, n uttered – paddu illa (paddu isn’t available).
We had no option but to say “OK”

Our soup arrived, and it was just like the hot n sour soup. The papad was ok and earns a start. One of my friends said, during weekdays, the food and the service – both are very good and this could be the weekend effect. After a while, I asked one of those waiters to serve me the water, and he came close to my ears and asked me, neeru?? (water for non-kannadigas). I guess, people here have a habit of coming very close to the customers while talking.
For the main course, we ordered the roti, rumali roti and kaju kurma. This one was definitely better and earns another star from me.

Craving for sweets never ends and we’d ordered Basundi. And this was the biggest mistake. It did not look like Basundi forget the taste. For the sake of ordering it, we did taste and believe me, I have almost forgotten how Basundi tastes 
It was overloaded with sugar and was a complete disaster.

I had never had meal @ UD and this experience was a complete disaster


Dosa Anytime...

This place is voted for making 3rd best dosa in Bangalore in the recent Times Dosa and Coffee Contest. My friend and I ventured to figure out the same…
The masala dosa is served with a sealed pack of butter. So, people who are diet conscious can avoid this dollop of butter on the already greasy dosa. Chutney was good but, the sambhar was too watery.. Dosa tasted good, though I like the dosas from so many other places in Bangalore. The coffee served was passable. It was very light and less aromatic.
They have a service hall on the 1st floor and is open most of the time, though the board near the stair entrance says “Service Hall Closed”. They also serve Chinese and North Indian cuisine food in addition to chaats in the evenings

They also serve the mangalore kadubu (kind of idly in the shape of a glass cooked with the jackfruit leaf covered on it) for breakfast. This has a different flavour and tastes good!

If possible try and avaoid going during the peak hours as it gets madly crowded. If you are going on a sunday for breakfast, make sure you are there early or be ready to wait for a while to be seated