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> > > > Urban Solace - Cafe For the Soul

Urban Solace - Cafe For the Soul

UlsoorEast Bangalore  


19 Reviews / 19 Ratings

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Sangria Happy Hours Jul 01 - Jul 31

  • Grab a couple of your friends and head over to Urban Solace any afternoon from Monday through Saturday and treat yourself to a refreshing Sangria Pitcher and get a plate of Masala Peanuts FREE!
    Day: Monday - Saturday
    Time: 3pm - 6pm

Burger Fest Jul 10 - Jul 31

  • Treat yourself an amazing choice of over 20 Burgers to die for.... Great Burgers... Great Dips... Great Addons!
    Time: 9pm - 11pm

Sangria Happy Hours Aug 01 - Aug 31

  • Grab a couple of your friends and head over to Urban Solace any afternoon from Monday through Saturday and treat yourself to a refreshing Sangria Pitcher and get a plate of Masala Peanuts FREE!
    Day: Monday - Saturday
    Time: 3pm - 6pm

Weekend Breakfast Specials Aug 01 - Aug 02

  • Choose your Weekend Breakfast Experience at Urban Solace and you get to enjoy the best and only view of Ulsoor Lake while you relish their renowned English Breakfast Platter and other breakfast offerings. Or you can also treat yourself to the most “Yummy Stuffed Paratas” prepared from traditional home style recipes that will keep you reminisce the past and also coming back for more!
    Time: 8am - 11am
    Price: Rs. 150

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Urban Solace - Cafe For the Soul Reviews






Nice ambience, terrible food.

The place is nice and seems to have character. We sat outside on the balcony which has a nice view of Ulsoor lake - and would be really great if the city wasn't so noisy. It seems like this place has poetry readings and improv comedy so in that way it seems quite interesting.

The food, however, is bad. I had some sort of red Thai curry which was overspiced and perhaps didnt have coconut milk - or perhaps they just forgot to add it. This was just bad. The rest of the food was mediocre and unremarkable. Service left a lot to be desired but that might be because the waiter was new.

The thing about the food is that it would have been considered passable 20 years ago but nowadays, since there are a lot of good places and better quality ingredients available, its unacceptably bad.

All in all I suppose this place is unique and if only they improved their food - which is not too hard to do given the level they are at - it would be a lot nicer place.


Paul Avijit - Burrp User

Paul Avijit

1 Reviews

November 09,2012


review with a view

I loved the food, special mention of the English breakfast which is delicious to its core. The menu set is perfect and changes every day to break the monotony of our taste buds. Cant wait to try the executive lunch which looks like paradise on the platter.



Good food, at reasonable price

Although started out as a place serving continental food, Urban Solace has introduced food for the Indian Palate recently. The portions are just wonderful. For as less as under Rs.300, a great Indian spread of chicken ( curry as well as kababs) plus jeera rice and soft phulkas and a few pieces of veg salad... what more would you want in a meal? The continental food, including sandwiches are just as good. The place is where one could relax with friends. Feel at home, at Urban Solace. Unwind. Chill.


danny707 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 20,2012


Worst Place ever

Unfortunately, one day, I had decided to go to Urban Solace for lunch. They had a great menu and I had ordered a salad and a Main Course. After waiting for 35 minutes, a guy comes with my Main Course and says that the salad is not available. Are you kidding me?!! Why didn't you guys tell me that in the beginning. And, then comes the manager, along with his dreadful attitude and does not even care to hear me out. These guys just spoiled my lunch and there by spoiled my day. Highly inadvisable to go there if you need some respect for your money and time. Worst Place ever....



This place is very close to my work place and hence decided to have lunch from here for a change. It is so terrible. I ordered their sandwich and it was highly disappointing. Their pricing is way too over the top for their quantity and taste. My very first experience has been very bad and I am hundred percent sure I will ever want to try that place. Please do not go there.


E Khan - Burrp User

E Khan

11 Reviews

January 20,2012


Great atmosphere!

This is place has a great energy. The ambiance is artistic and makes you want to unwind. I came here a few times for a casual dining experience. One night there was open mic poetry which was very interesting. There is also a rooftop that creates a romantic mood.

I am not too impressed with the food, but I did like the atmosphere. Just go to see the art, whether it's live or hanging on the walls.


ragpicker1 - Burrp User


148 Reviews

September 11,2011


Really Lovely

I have been longing to try this place out for ages and finally, got the chance to do so. My friend and I parked the car conveniently close and strolled along to the restaurant. After having a good look at the painting displayed outside, along with the details of the promising young artist we went inside and were almost immediately met by the owner. He very charmingly showed us all the seating options and after we chose an outdoor seating, politely and discreetly departed and returned with the menus. My friend who was not from India was most enthusiastic about trying an Indian wine and he ordered a Sula White Wine from the extensive Indian Wine List. Not being a fan of wine, I ordered a soup which I always enjoy, called Tom Yum Soup. We also ordered a Non Veg Platter with Sauces and their signature dish - Poulet Champignon. My friend added a coke to the list of items. The food arrived quite quickly and to my surprise I actually enjoyed the few sips of wine which I had. It had a sweetish fruity taste to it which appealed to me. My soup was absolutely delicious and I enjoyed every mouthful of it. The starter was also lovely as was the main course. Meal over, we paid the bill and left. My view of the place is that it is really nice. There are a lot of seating options available and the decor is not bad. The paintings on the wall were fascinating for me as I love scenery. The menu is extensive and the wine list, provided you want an Indian wine is quite extensive also. The food is well cooked and the taste cant be faulted. The service is great - polite, charming and discreet. The price is very reasonable. The place is also a self-entertaining place in that you can browse through the books displayed behind the cash counter. There is ample parking all around the area so provided you dont mind a walk, parking is no hassle. Definitely a place which I hope to return to a number of times and which i certainly intend to recommend to anyone looking for a nice peaceful place to eat, read and unwind.


tsnathan - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 16,2011


Decent italian joint

Went with food voucher. After the waiter took the voucher, after few minutes the manager appeared and greeted warmly by name and reconfirmed the limit of the voucher.
Ambiance; About average. We selected table outside and not many patrons around at 1230 PM. Though there were water was slightly puddled up in the corner due to monsoon rains, we didn't mind. Inner rooms seems to be better decorated. As I am a non-smoker find it hard to accept the fellow patron smoke in the neighboring table :(
Food: Ordered soup and salad., veg and non-veg main course. The food tasted really good for the price. No mock tail was available. Desert were no good.

If you don't love nature you may see cockroaches crawling near table may put you off! So, choose an inside table to shield your brain!!



Disappointing Birthday Lunch

Went to Urban Solace with high expectations. It was really disappointing. Everything about the place was something to crib about. Soon as we walked in we were welcomed by a host of flies!!! I asked for the menu and promptly, without batting an eyelid, the server flips the Today's Menu card on the table. So I asked if that is all they serve. With a sheepish smile, he gave us the menu card. Not much on there for choice. Picked a salad...they didn't have, so we had to change it again. The starter was too spicy, too many chilly flakes. The salad (tuna) was average. I hate to say it but I could've made that at home with lettuce from Namdhari's, tuna from thoms and some home made mayo. The main course Poulet Champignon was the same taste as our starter except the former had 4 slices of capsicum in it. The rice was a bit too salty. and EVERYTHING except my juice had chilly flakes in it. The servers aren't very smart. We got the food, with no plates. We had to keep asking for them. And the goodness! Atleast have an insect machine. Oh and pigeon feathers are a treat all over the floor. To top it all off, i had to quietly kill a roach in the corner. I'm not one to make a hue and cry about stuff but i would never in this lifetime recommend the place to anybody.



I think i liked it....:D

well me and my friends went to this place for the first time and it mostly had appetizers, pastas and mocktails...the appetizers were good...nothing out or the way...its a garage plus two rooms converted into a cafe which gives it a very cool and calming vibe....over all seems like a nice breakfast/evening snack place...the prices were a lil steep considering the fact that the place is not really that famous...if i wanna spend 255 on a pasta i'll rather up my budget and go to a gr8 place like Medici in indranagar and have the mushroom ravioli...and a glass of wine


kkblr - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 07,2011


Warm ambience, good food

Decided to treat ourselves to an English Breakfast yesterday at Urban Solace, and we were delighted. The place is very different from most restaurants. Though small, it is welcoming and cosy. We enjoyed the food, the music and the ambience. Will surely go back for a meal sometime soon.


dyw936 - Burrp User


9 Reviews

January 14,2011


Waste of time

My Husband and i were in Ulsoor and i remembered the Times of India article and so we stopped at this restaurant and then we wished he hadn't,

First we couldn't find place to park and when we did we walked in and the drive way was packed they had a poetry reading.. we were ushered into a room at the back probably cos we had our baby with us and there was another couple with a small child.

Food we ordered - the starter was nice (basil chicken) and i ordered a Poulet Champaign. which came a few minutes later and my husbands Paprika Chicken came a good half hour after mine.. the quantities were small and thank god for that since the food had no taste at all not even salt.. we then asked for deserts and they had none except for a very dry orange chocolate cake.. we were so disappointed and still hungry that we had to stop at KFC on our way back home...


rashmibal - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 03,2011


Chrismassy and Warm

Read the TOI write up and landed up at Urban Solace. I loved the way the place the way it was decorated; had a crismassy feel about it with carols and all. Even more enchanting was the fact that it was a house converted into a restaurant. The menu was small however everything we ordered was yum, a hearty meal with Basil soup/Cream of chicken Soup (both were exceptional), main course - chicken stroganoff, thai curry and two types of pastas - full solace. One disappointing fact however was that there were a number things on the menu like mocktails, chocolate cake etc which were not available. None the less my kind of place - cozy and far from the madding crowd.

Look forward to the tuesday evening events there.



heavy pondy influence

the place feels like mini pondicherry. the laid back slow service makes it even pondy like. 6 tables in the drive, a few more inside.
menu is mostly conti with a smattering of thai. we tried the pasta basilico(185), paprika veg(180) and champignion chicken(200) - hope i spelled it right. the pasta was a little on the dry side, the other 2 entrees were excellent. the owner personally takes the order is very accommodating with customizations.
one observation: my sis asked for an extra bread stick with her soup. there were 3 of us, the waiter got us 3 break sticks one for each of us in-spite of the other 2 not having asked for extras - a sure sign of class. its small things like this leave a mark much more than the bigger things.


vibez_well - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 17,2010


very disappointed

Thought of checking out this place and having some firangi food for a change. But ohh boy, was I disappointed big time!!

Went there with my wife & kiddo. and sat under a leaky pipe! We were totally ignored for about 20 minutes after which I went over and asked for the menu. We decided on what to order and waited for our orders to be taken... FOR ANOTHER 15 MINUTES.

While the menu looked good and I really wanted to try a lot of stuff in there.... I just didn’t get the chance! I left without eating after 5 more minutes AND AM SURE I’LL NOT BE GOING BACK THERE AGAIN.

If the owners are reading this, here are some tips for you.
1. Welcome the diners
2. Serve water. Even if you don’t have time to ask for preferences
3. music, coffee mugs, philosophy books and fancy table runners wont attract diners…. A welcoming attitude will.
4. Leaky water pipes will make sure customers don’t return.
5. make your staff read all these bad reviews. And ofcourse ask them to act on it.
6. if you cant do any of this, change the name to URBAN DHABA.


truthful123 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 17,2010


Warning! NO SOLACE!!

We went across to Urban Solace after reading the write up in the TOI last Sunday for dinner and unfortunately invited a guest to try it out with us. Ofcourse there was very little "Solace" and a huge amount of annoyance, disgust and anger , not to forget embarassment infront of our guest. Will try and be as to the point in my comments as I can without losing my cool:

- No parking facilities to speak of

- They had not more than 18 covers in the main area- which is more than what the parking porch of the house where it is set up can take! Yet not a soul welcomed us to the resaurant.

- There was a leaking pipe above our table and we had to change places but ofcourse the managment did not seem bothered or apologetic!

- We sat at our table of 4 for over 20 mins before walking up and asking someone to give us the menu! and again another 15 mins before we asked someone to please take our order!

- While we waited serveral other guests who came in were turned away as the kitchen was out of stock!!!! And this at no later than 09:30 p.m. in a city like Bangalore!!!!!

- We were very sloppily served 1/2 filled bowls of soup @ Rs.80/- each and no sign of table service or water glasses!!

- 2 out of 4 main course orders (at approx Rs.200/- each - where in heavens name did TOI write that you can get a meal for two at Rs.250/-???) were served only. A third main dish - not our order was brought to the chef was out of the request we had made.....can you belive the audacity!!!

- We promptly paid the bill for what had already been served and left in disgust.

In all this time the owner was charging between the desk and the kitchen and drying plates!! Not the slightest bit of customer focus or courtesy. He could have approached us and apologised for the total lack of food or service but....... Is there any scope for a place and a management of this attitude?????


Horrible food , average location ,sky high prices

I went to the place to munch some snaks in the evening yesterday .

The place is a rented house which they have turned into a restaurant .
There is no parking place . Dont be surprised if you dont find your vehicle in place after you go out of the
restaurant because the neighbours place your vehicle on the road ; they need need to park their vehicles .

The food is not good at all . I ordered a sandwich and pasta .

pasta was not cooked properly ,dry , no taste and they charge 180 rs for this dish.

The place was open and there were more visits of mosquitoes to our table than the waiters .

untill we asked no water was offered on the table , there were no tissue papers on the table .

I ate the pasta because I was very hungry however I had a stomach upset in the night.

Damn you urban solace.



Has Potential!

It was on a sultry, summery evening that me and a group of friends walked in here. We were the only customers, so this gave me a chance to give it a comprehensive once-over.
The place is small without being stiflingly so. The walls are covered with paintings, with some of them being up for sale. One wall is dedicated to shelves stacked with books dealing with spirituality and philosophy. While this is really not my thing, you know what to do if you're here, alone and bored! The tables are cozy, covered with bright orange cloth complemented by floral yellow throws. But the centrepiece of the place is a huge painting which dominates an entire wall. When i say huge, i mean Massive. Titanic, gigantic, gargantuan even. Made up of bright colours and swirly brushstrokes, it manages to be powerful and soothing at the same time. A thumbs up to the artist!
The menu here is not very detailed. For me, it's a refreshing change from the overly fussy menus we normally see at most places.
Coming back to our visit, we ordered a few sandwiches, a Hawaiian salad, black coffee, an iced tea and Crispy Fried Chicken. The salad was pleasant, if a tad too watery. When the first few bites of the sandwiches were taken, we were a happy lot! My Salami sandwich was delicious - the bread was toasted perfectly, the meat was cooked well, and the accompanying fries were great, crispy on the outside and butter-soft within. My friend's Egg and Cheese sandwich was a definite winner. It's amazing how the chef took two ingredients as basic as egg and cheese, and alleviated them to such sinful heights! The Crispy Fried chicken was very good as well, with the chicken being succulent and soft, and the batter that coated it crunchy and non-greasy.
And now for the bad part. A cafe should place equal importance to both food and drink, but the potions were, in one word, terrible. The black coffee was so bitter that not even three whole packets of sugar could fix it, and as for the iced tea, it was salty to the point of being inedible. Luckily, the waiter saw my friend cringe on his first sip, and immediately whisked it off to the kitchen to be fixed.
Drinks aside, we liked the food so much we decided to try out their executive lunch a week later. Priced at Rs. 125 per head for non vegetarians, it consists a welcome drink, soup, flavoured rice, steamed English vegetables, a curry, and dessert of the day.
The curse of the bad beverages remained unbroken on this day as well, as our welcome drink, sweet lime soda, was bad. The lime had been squeezed a little too much, and we all know what happens when lime is subjected to such harsh treatment - the drink was grotesquely bitter. Things took a definite turn for the better with the soup, Sweet Corn Chicken, made so well that it can give many Chinese restaurants across the city a run for their money. The flavoured rice was very nice, the vegetables delicately spiced and well - steamed, but the highlight for me was the curry of the day - Thai Green Curry. It featured the perfect balance of flavours - the sharpness of lemon grass, the heat of chillies, the sweetness of coconut milk and the subtlety of basil. The pieces of chicken floating in it were cooked really well - tender and moist. For dessert, we were given chocolate pound cake served with chocolate sauce, which was nice without being exceptional.
I must mention that the portions seemed small to us at first, but after they were polished off, they left us feeling full and not overstuffed. Add to this the freshness of the ingredients, and you have a lunch that's perfect for a hot summer's day.
The previous reviewer mentions that the service is poor here, but i must disagree. The staff here is essentially a one man show, a smiling gentleman who makes you feel at home the minute you step in. He is very prompt ( i refer to the iced tea incident) and remembers little things about the patrons. He brought me cold water before lunch was served because i had asked for it on the previous visit. The time taken to serve food can be considered a little too much, but i guess it's part of the USP of this place - it does encourage one to take a break from the urban jungle after all!
In my opinion, this place needs to work on a couple of things - the flies and mosquitoes that buzz around nonchalantly, and the bad, bad, bad drinks. I would like to consider these things as growing pains, as this place is relatively new, and hope that they get sorted out by the time i come around for another visit.
And another visit there shall definitely be!



Lousy is the word

Poor service, confusion over the orders and no apologies for a wrong item delivered. All this in a desolate looking ambience! Add mosquitos to it. Phew!