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> > > > Vaayu Sky Lounge

Vaayu Sky Lounge

Brigade RoadCentral Bangalore  

  • 08041118477
  • Level 5,Eva Mall,60,Brigade Road, Bangalore
  • American
  • Meal for 2 - 2000

15 Reviews / 16 Ratings

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Vaayu Sky Lounge Reviews


Yes..Please Update Yourselves or Shut It.

This place is a disaster and will be shut soon.It was empty even on a Saturday night at 9.30 pm. They played some old hip hop tracks and followed it by Hindi tracks like 'mere sapnon ki raani kab ayegi tu'. Wtf .DJ was some bald guy who din't even have good music taste. Food was yuck. Never ever think of going to this place.


Please update yourselves.

Went there on a Friday evening to celebrate my anniversary. We walked in at 8:05 in the evening, checked for happy hours and the waiters said that Happy hours closes at 8PM, then why would you mention it as Happy hours is on till 8:30 PM?? Please update yourselves. Also checked for hookah which they said is not there. Agreed hookah is not available everywhere, but can't you not even update yourselves. Music was even worse, get a good DJ people, crappy music, felt like I was in school. Ask your Dj to visit pubs more often to see where the other DJ's are.. Food was ok, beer's were cold enough, ambiance is good. I will think twice to send someone there.. My only request is to change your Dj or stop live music, and please update yourselves on the timings for happy hours and also inform that you don't serve hookas.



Beautiful place ..

The place is just beautiful. Top floor of Eva Mall on brigade road, partially open aired, tastefully done interiors, white couches which provide comfortable seating. I went back here on Saturday after 3 years, and wasn't disappointed. The happy hours were till 8, so we drank a little more. Their special menu had some dumplings and chicken starters which we tried, they were quite decent. Service was a little slow, but we didn't mind it a lot. The DJ was playing old pop and hip hop; he plays there quite often we were told. The place isn't expensive as well, and before night a lot of college crowd from nearby hang here. It's perfect to meet up and have a few drinks, and then head to Cafe Masala (which is right across) for a late dinner! Kudos to BJN for maintaining the place well.


Worth your time and money

First things first -- the service is great. We had ordered four beers coz happy hours were about to end. After some time, the waiter offered to replace two of them with chilled ones. The food was very good. The staff is polite and not intrusive as well.

The rates are reasonable too. Though its located on the top of Eva Mall, the view is not breathtaking. all in all, a great experience with value for money.



Overpriced, no city views

This bar is pretty quiet, which is nice. It's on the roof but it has no view. The drinks are nothing special. Service is below average.



Vaayu - Not so high lounge !

Had been here out of curiosity, though there were better places to spend the evening, on the eve of my spouse's birthday, only to feel awfully disgusted !!!!

I had booked a table (which was not the need at all as there were no many takers for this place) at Vaayu - The Sky Lounge to celebrate my spouse's birthday. We entered and were welcomed with a curteous smile which blended with the ambience as well.

Ordered for some cocktails and Iced Teas along with starters.

After a while, the waiter came over to us and asked us to order the main course, coz the last order time was almost nearing. We did so and asked him the menu. To our astonishment, there were just so little that he could offer - mutton biriyani, chiken fried rice, white rice and chicken curry. For the veggies they just had veg biriyani and nothing more !

Well, we settled for mutton biriyani with no more choice. After 5 mins the waiter came again to deliver the news that, there is nothing avaialble other than, white rice and curry !!! Flaberghasting !!!

Later we learnt that they dont prepare main course at this place instead get from the near by Cafe Masala - read the left overs ! Disgusting !

And thus came the end of my dear ones' bday celebration. We had to walk out with no food !

Trust me guys,there are better places in namma Bengaluru to wine, dine, chill and relax ! And if you are looking at the happy hours, then let me tell you, they are just taking us for a ride with exorbitant prices for the first drink, which can actually fecth you 3 more such drinks ! Dont be lured by their happy hour trick.

Hoping they do some good, being in the food and beverage industy !



Excellent Place

A friend and I went to Vaayu more than two months ago. I had spent a considerable time glancing at this BJN outlet, everytime I went to Cafe Masala and had been dying to try it out. The name "The Sky Lounge" added to the appeal. Arrived at the "Lounge" we were politely escorted to a really nice table which gave us a pleasant view of the sky and of the fireworks which were just starting to light it up. A very charming waiter handed us the menus and after I had gotten over my initial disappointment of realizing that there was no dinner style items (the name lounge should have made me realize this), just appetizers, I ordered a large Vodka called 43 degrees below and asked for an Orange Juice to top it up. My friend ordered a Peach Margherita. The drinks came almost immediately and were mixed to perfection. My friend enjoyed every sip of his and I, of mine. To munch, we ordered three appetisers - Crispy Prawns Sichuan Chilly which I liked so much that we ordered a second plate of it, Tai Chin Chicken which was ok and Steamed Chicken and Pakchoy Dumplings which my friend enjoyed. We spent a long time here, enjoying the night sky brilliantly lit up with fireworks, enjoying the ambience and comfortable seating in Vaayu, the fantastic music and the excellent food. The service was absolutely impeccable. Our waiter couldn't have been more charming and even obligingly offered to get us a menu and then dinner from the neighbouring BJN outlet called Aromas of China. I guess they have a tie-up, in order to cater to guests like me who forget that lounges don't serve full course meals and look disappointed when realization dawns. Needless to say, my friend and I had a lovely time, a very happy Diwali, and I would certainly like to return to this place again.



Cheated !!

In all honesty, this place is a pretty descent lounge; on top of Eva Mall overlooking the city.

Service is pretty good but beverage pricing quite high I would say.

Food was relatively fine but nothing great.

My only contention was that (me being a smoker); I was a very baffled when I was told that it was non smoking. Why you may ask .. well for one, they sell shisha (now isn't that smoking too .. whichever way you look at it - smoke from shisha or ciggi is smoke).

Secondly, I had a group of people behind me who had a some persons smoke without any regard & the same waiter tells me there is no smoking permitted !!!!! F*** (pardon my French) I tell myself, just because they have numbers on their side, they can smoke & I (meaning 2 persons) am outnumbered !!!

This is where I felt totally mistreated, biased against & very much CHEATED !! If smoking is not permitted, then it's not for everyone.

After being treated like 2nd, 3rd or shit class person, am I going to speak well of this place .. NO BLOODY WAY.

To the management I say, get your act together, either allow or stop selling shisha altogether.

Sorry to say but first impressions last but last impressions last & are everlasting!

This venue does not get my recommendation.


Very Beautiful Place

Wonderful place to visit when u r bored. Relax yourself below the open sky and rejuvenate ur soul with the wonderful drinks served.


Thanks to burrp! recommendations

Taking recommendation from burrp! we visited this place and were we grateful we did! At first the place didnt seem wat it actually is, but we gave it a benefit of doubt, since it was sunday evening and not many ppl hung around at late hours. mayb its a really happening place on other days.

Vaayu is on the top most floor of Eva mall which barely seems like a mall in Bangalore standards. The floor is also shared by other restaurants from the BJN group. The place is a bit smaller than you would expect and the sky view is restricted to the tables on one side. As it got a lil boring on the other side, the waiter prompted us to sit on the bar stools laid rite on the other end with the view!

A special mention needs to go to the waiter, i didnt ask his name, but he made sure he told about the specials not just on that day but for any other day we mite wanna come. He suggested we sit on the other end at the first oppurtunity we get. Very personalised service, brought us bar snacks on the house once asked. Felt good to be here when the waiters smile and said thanks when we left.

About the drinks and food, the menu is good enough but yes its really expensive though. Irish Cream Baileys comes at 450 or 500 bucks for a small shot! and fosters is around 250 bucks a bottle. I think its a place to hang out with a few drinks and something to nibble gazing at the sky listening to the awesome music they play without bothering nething else! The best way to enjoy the company of your significant other, hats off to Vaayu and burrp! for recommending it!


Not just air at Vaayu

Let's begin at the beginning. As soon as we entered Vaayu, the maitre d smiled at me and promptly turned to my husband and almost whispered, “We’ll have a widescreen TV coming up shortly to screen the IPL!” I grimaced at this sexist attitude – for all he knew, I could be the cricket crazy one. (It’s another matter that I wasn’t.)

We were seated at a table (facing the about-to-be-popped widescreen TV) with very comfy sofas and ottomans. Behind us was an artificial lily pond and on the left was the Bangalore sky. The place was tastefully lit up with candles and dim wall lights.

As the name suggests, it is very much a sky lounge situated on the top floor of Eva Mall and vaayu there is in plenty. On the day we went, they had made some really smart arrangements for the threatening rain in the form of clear plastic sheets that could be zipped up to form little, snug, private booths. And as promised, the widescreen was put up to screen the IPL.

The rain never came and neither did the service. (OK, that was an exaggeration about the service). However, the service was rather below average – we had to beckon the server every time we needed something. We almost considered befriending some 'goras' sitting at another table to get the same exemplary and efficient service they were enjoying. That said, everything was served with a smile, and I could excuse the beckoning bit to the fact that maybe they want to leave you alone.

The drinks and food are a whole different story. The Lynchberg Lemonade and the Appletini were too good to be true. (Thank God for Happy Hours that gave us two of each to help convince us they were true indeed!) The Chilli Chicken and Fish Fingers were oh-so-good that we truly regretted not being born as cows with four stomachs.

Would I go back to Vaayu? Hell ya! But next time, I’ll sit with the 'goras' – they get great service and don’t even watch the damned IPL!

Extra info: They have a Ladies Night every Wednesday. Happy Hours is from 5pm-8pm every day, weekends included. It's a little pricey, but they get you drunk enough on their fab drinks and food to not notice. It's recommended that you have dinner at the next door Aromas of China or Cafe Masala (both excellent restaurants by the BJN group as well).


bevarsee - Burrp User


30 Reviews

January 22,2009


Only Ambience is ok

been there in the evening its on the terrace of eva mall


ambience is decent water falls peacefull roomy place
good to take your date only


food is below average
no variety
service is below par and trying to sell sell sell
too dark
music is loud
chairs are too wide apart and quite uncomfy

My 20 paisa

if u want to impress your loved one take her or him there and hang out int he lounge dont plan dinner there

i would not go there again


Gisa76 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 25,2008


super expensive

Place is very nice, i was there with some friends and I ordered a bottle of wine of approx 2500 Rs. Waiter come back saying that that bottle was out of stock and suggest me a similar one. Actually was similar in taste but not in rate! he carefully did not tell me that that bottle costs almost 7000 Rs. That's really robbing people. My friends and me will never come back.


Vaayu Devo Bhava..

It was friday evening and time to think where to hangout in the evening! I was so damn bored with the same old kinda food, restaurants and people.... Wanted to try out something completely different. Thats when my friend came to my rescue and suggested I should try out Vaayu - The Sky Lounge

Trusting the suggestion blindly, we went there during the happy hours (A Drink free with every drink you buy till 8 O' Clock all the evenings). The entry fee is Rs.1000 per couple which is redeemable during the payment of the bill.
The moment we stepped in, I felt, I was in a different world!!
This is one super cool open terrace lounge dimly lit with couches around and a place near the edge of the roof, where one could enjoy the drink and the food. We opted to consume that space and believe me, one would never regret being seated there... The view was good and the cool breeze was over-whelming!

The environment, the ambience was so good, I never realised when we finished our drink and the snacks and it was time for us to go back...

The service was quick, the drink was the usual and the crispy fried vegetable in chilli and garlic sauce was amazing and was apt for the chilly Bangalore weather.

Definitely, a place where one could take back the experience and come back for more!!!


Happy hour paradise

The sky lounge bar is the only place wherein you will get a drink free with every one you buy till 8 in the evening even on weekends. The place rocks in its ambience. The sky lounge is cozy and the music is light. It gets louder as the clock starts to tick towards the cindrella hours. Try out their long island ice tea. The place has artificial fountains and water lilies growing out of them. Once their try out their non veg kababs. The only negative thing is that the food menu is way too limited. They also serve hookahs (sheeshas) but the coal is not changed until you pester the waiters for it.....