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> > > > Veena Stores

Veena Stores

MalleshwaramSouth Bangalore  

  • 23344838
  • 183, 15th Cross, Margosa Road, Malleshwaram, Malleshwaram, Bangalore

27 Reviews / 28 Ratings

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Veena Stores Reviews






Finally Tried it Out...

You know, if you live three km away, there is no excuse in the world to say you haven’t been to the iconic Veena Stores.
I had a whole bunch of excuses.
Couldn't find it/ won't get up at 6.30 on a Sunday morning/ it has to be over rated/ I won't stand in a queue and eat on the road.
And the list, like the queue went on and on.

Anyway last Sunday, I switched on google maps, got directions, and landed up with my spouse. I believe the idli vada , pongal, khara bhath are to die for , so that’s what we ordered , as well as a bisie bele bhath and khara pongal to go. But before that let me tell you , don’t be fooled – the google map instructions for Veena Stores is incorrect, and although I kept screeching to take the left and go onto the parallel road, there it demurely was- right in front of us.
Google maps lady, faugh!

Well, you park a street away, stand in the queue filled with a group of morning walkers, residents and aficionados like us.

You reach the counter where 3 efficient gentlemen yell orders , collect slips and disburse largesse, get your coupons, hold it delightedly to your quivering bosom, and in a few minutes, there come your orders on spotless recyclable, disposable plates. At the left of the store , a focused elderly gentleman sits guarding a big bucket of the famed coconut chutney with his life, and carefully dollops a controlled ladleful on to your plate .

So what’s the verdict?
The chutney is a tad watery but superb.
The idli vada are melt in the mouth – haven’t tasted anything like that anywhere.
The khatra bhath is decent , but has a distinctly watery flavor, as does the kesari bhath , surprisingly.
The coffee ( we asked for medium, so that could be the reason ) was mediocre to say the least , and had malai in it , my biggest turn off in chai/coffee.
All this totaled a grand sum of Rs 200 by the way.

So all in all – it was good, reasonable and worth the visit . Worth the iconic status – I dunno. Maybe there was so much hype, it could never match up to the build up given.
We reached home and tried the bisi bele bhath as well. Nice, but , you guessed it , distinctly watery!
Perhaps they had only made a limited stock ,and had to dilute a few dishes for the Sunday crowd, who knows.
But hey, its so close, its an iconic place , its in beautiful, old, and sleepy Malleswaram, so yep, we will be back !







The Best Bisibela Bhath

This is a normal store that sells condiments and also sells breakfast dishes in the morning and evening during specific timings. It has a limited menu of idli/vada, kesari/khara/bisi bela bhath, tea/coffee etc. Cannot remember much for now but the menu hardly has ten items.

I tried idli/vada and Bisi Bela Bhath. I must tell you that the bisi bela bhath was yummy and the tastiest that I have had in Bangalore. It was piping hot with that crispy mixture. I just loved it. And yes, the idlis were quite soft too and vada was yummy. Nothing great but yes tasty. All the dishes are served in square shaped Areca/palm leaves and a plastic spoon. Disposable ones.

Food : 3.5 / 5
Price : VFM 4/5
Ambience : 3/5 This is a road side stall with no proper seating arrangement.
Service : Self-service 3.5/5



Average-Too Much Hype

Had heard about this place since I came to Bangalore- I had read about the reviews that my fellow foodies had written and was waiting to try this place out- Sorry to say but I felt this place was a little too hyped - I ordered for Idli,vada and bisebele bath.
The idli's were piping hot when served- I like that-I prefer it that way- and I was just waiting to try it out - the first morsel and it was a spirit dampener - all hopes shattered - with the so called best idli's in town - it din't even taste like an idli - and stuck to the palate!!!! Now come on would anyone one call that idli. The best idli- I doubt. Chutney was watery but had a distinct flavor which was nice.The vada was crispy like a wafer on the outside however I think it was double fried due to which you could hardly taste the contents of the vada but only had the crunch crispy thing which 90% of the people would like- there has to be a difference between a vada and a wafer - need to maintain their individuality :-) Coming to the Bise bele bath - I have had versions of it - the best one being served at a Sai Temple . But at Veena Stores it was on a sweeter side .

I have given a good rating purely because I felt the ingredients were fresh and the food was served piping hot - taste scored this place down-


Two crowded - best idli vada

The store is in the main road of margosa road a small shop - and 2 have a plate of idli vada u gotta wait for 15 mins , but is it worth the wait , for idli s without sambar and just chutney ,,defintely yes one of the hotest & softest idli s and the crisper vada u get backed with chutney , just makes up for the sunday morning breakfast - if u r in malleswaram defintely worth being there



Lip smacking snacks with a pleasant difference!!

There would be hardly anyone who would not want to praise their idli-vadas with that flavourful chutney which is equally worth craving. But I have come here time n again not just for the taste n quality but also for the fact that they DO NOT USE ONION/GARLIC in their kitchens!! It is clearly displayed in their shop. This is one such added benefit which I don't find in many other joints. Many joints add garlic even in their chutneys. So I have stopped going out for even idli-vadas to any other place but Veenas. And I can confidently try out all their dishes knowing very well that there won't be any unpleasant ingredients.


twiferme - Burrp User


29 Reviews

February 06,2013


Quick and Really Fast

This for me is 1 of the best food joints and the best food for me is the shavige uppit ..items here are cheap and best as we tasty added soda which causes side effects and a chilled out place



My Sunday routine.

Have been having my Sunday breakfast at Veena stores for many years now. It's a must do for me. Just adore the idli, vada


Ravi M - Burrp User

Ravi M

7 Reviews

November 20,2012



I wouldn't leave this city at least for this................. A Bangalorean's life is not well spent if he hasn't had his dose of Idly, vada and Coffee at Veena Stores !!!!


the best vadas u can crave for

this is a really small joint, but the essence and aroma and chutney with vada and idly feels like heaven. though you have to stand on the footpath and eat it, itsalways crowded, been there for 30 years and they are the best idly makers in town.


srinivast - Burrp User


145 Reviews

November 02,2012



Today we have been to this legendary joint that dishes out the hot n steamy and fluffy idlis...with delectable aroma....

I must say that I am disappointed with the lack of taste in both the idli and the accompanying chutney...

Service: still superb; down to earth; prompt and attentive; personal and quite inviting...


Ek Plate Idli

one of relatively unknown joints for having the most amazing south indian breakfast is the 'Veena Stores'. Its immensely popular among the residents of that area or people like me who know about it :-). Its a humble little shop in Malleshwaram where cooking happens at the back and the front is the sale counter.

It starts serving at around 06:30am in the morning and I would say 6:30-7:00am is the best time to go there unless you are willing to stand in a queue for your breakfast.

The best bet there is the 'ek plate idli' (rice cake). Served piping hot along with mint/pudina flavoured coconut chutney, gives it just the right amount of originality with a difference ;-). And they are the softest idlis I've ever had! :-)

The Vada ( Indian Donut ;-) ) again are Hot, Crisp and fluffy.. you ought to have one of those!

The yellow-ed and ghee-ed (soaked in ghee) Khara Bhaat/Upma again is a grreat bet. Again served piping hot, it becomes a nice complement to the idlis.

They serve tea and filter coffee but nothing amazing here ...



Not worth the price

Veena stores used to be my favorite once upon a time. Now they have changed. The price is steep and the quantity is very less.

Their upma used to be my favorite and now for 23 bucks you just get a handful and it is very watery. Thought it was just a one time mistake but it was the same everytime I went there.

Their Vada is still the best but overall I think they should concentrate on making good food. Even if they increase the price, they shud do justice.



Chow Chow Baath! :D

The food is just is just yummm......! my fav is the 'Chow chow baath'.. quite a long queue so have loads of patience to get great food! :)



Can i give more stars for the idly vade?

Only of the oldest and best fast food place in the heart of malleshwaram. thanks to pradeep that he is still keeping up the tradition. its been say 15 years back i first tasted the yummy idly-vade combo with yummy pudina chutney. Still the taste remains same. No great ambiance, but mouth watering fast food.


lokoko - Burrp User


8 Reviews

October 09,2011


idlis idlis and more idlis

have no words but just idlis to describe this place. idlis here are as soft as idlis can get. a plate of idlis with a golden brown crispy vada surrounded all over with corriander chutney - wah kya combination. ppl still have to stand and eat though but for the quality and cost of the food I wudnt mind that. get up have a brisk walk and end it with a plate of hot idlis - my day would be set.


Eat it to believe it

Excellent quality and taste. I yearn to visit this place for a idly n bonda all the time. Keep it up please!!! :)


Charm of old Bangalore

They don't refill, they full-fill. No trip to Malleshwaram is worth if you miss the Veena stores idly.



Best Idlis in the UNIVERSE. Period

I know this place since 1981. When it was a no name(literally, it was known as" that place on 15th cross where you get good idlis at odd hours"). IIScians were the main crowd (for that matter, it was never crowded) especially after returning after the "last show" from MG Rd or Brigade Rd. After 1987, I have only visited this place in my dreams. Nice to know that now it has a name, and that it has thrived.
Someday, I will return for my usual order -6 idlis with "benne" extra chutney and 6 idlis parcel.

In good old days idli @ 15th cross would cost 15 paisa each :)


soft idlis

its a very very small place u can easily miss..real nice idlis and crisp vadas.. try puliyogre.. its also nice.. but only disadvantage is it has no seating provision & v have to stand that too in main road..:( ..


Old Bangalore at it's best

This establishment is one of my all time favourites. Go to 15th cross, Margosa Road in Malleswaram and you'll find at least 50 people crowded around a hole in the wall, filling the sidewalk and you'll know you've found Veena Stores. In a survey last year, this was voted as Bangalore's best idli-chatni and with good reason. The idlis are warm, petal soft and yummy. The chatni is truly awesome and I have known people to get 3 refills of the same per plate. The kesari bath here is my other favourite. It's hot, tasty and sweet without being oversweet. They also serve various other rice items, snacks and some interesting beverages. The coffee is strong and very good. The idli is Rs.14, the kesari Rs. 17 and the chatni is free and unlimited :). A meal here shouldn't cost you more than Rs. 30. If you're in Bangalore, you simply HAVE to go here. I would also suggest that you amble across to CTR and have the dosa there.
Old Bangalore flavour, kick ass food and cheap prices: what else could one want :) :) :)

For more reviews, please visit -



Idly-Vada melting in your mouth....

The most popular "Veena Stores" brings series of memories in my mind.. Anantmurthy tuition being held in Himamshu College at 6:00 am, my good old degree college days, the dark mornings when I was hurrying up to my tuition and so on.
What I like best about Veena Stores is, the hygiene they maintian, serving food in plastic plates and spoons;Now chutney is served separately, and not with the food. What vadas man !!! Mmmm... reminds me of Bhatkal vadas. But the sizes are reduced now which is a slight disappointment. There's value for money which is why there's crowd from morning till evening, hogging on hungrily the yummy chow-chow bhath and idly-vadas..
No other store can match up to this one..
Gr8 going !!


epicure007 - Burrp User


52 Reviews

September 03,2009


The best idli, vada and coffee. Period

I have been frequenting Veena Stores since 1995. So, its been almost 15 years of burrping with them. I happened to remember that they may not be listed on burrp since burrp normally speaks of restaurant and VS is a lot - but certainly not a restaurant

If you love idlis and vadas, and love them enough to wantto try the very best - then there is really nowhere else in Bangalore to go. I have spent 6 years in that other heartland of the idli which is Chennai and I can say for sure that no offering out there is even a patch on VS.

I remember eating the idlis for the first time and wondering where they had vanished, because they melted that fast in my mouth. There may be others who make equally good Idlis ( because it is not a dish that can be innovative - simplicity is its high point), but when it comes to Uddina Vadas, VS is miles ahead of anyone else who claims he knows what a Vada is. The right amount of crunchiness on top, the perfect batter to get softness inside, and then the fantastic Pudina chutney - if VS ever plans to sell his chutney alone he can make a fortune.

And then to finish it off with perfectly heated, filtered and sugared coffee.

But you know what keeps this place going? Its the ability to make his stuff - in exactly the same way every single time. Trust me on that, I have been there for fifteen years



A great highway joint

I think this would be a great highway joint. If you had a hurried morning to go to office, just park your vehicle round the corner, walk up. have a plate of idli vada and coffee/tea, and get back to your drive to journey. You'd spend about 15 minutes in this simple activity when theres no much crowd. It wont be an overfill (a sign that they dont use soda) and you feel good and light.

Spongy idlis, excellent chutneys. Although there's no sambar, you wont miss it even once during gorging your food.

Haven't tried their upmas and rice items, never had the need to... idlis and vada, few places i found the authencity of taste here.

Definitely 4 for the taste.


Vowwwwie Vadas!

I totally agree on what Rakshita has to say in her reviews and also another foodie friend of mine told me the exact same plan of going to Veena stores and next to CTR for their famous dosas. I simply succumbed to the temptations of their experiences at these places and wanted to visit them as early as possible.
Finally made it on last sunday. I woke up way too early for a Sunday and decided to walk in beautiful Lal Bhagh, After a rigorous session of running, jogging and walking the calorie conscious duo didn't think it was a sin to pamper ourselves with some high-cal food, for this i wanted my husband to take me all the way to Malleshwaram!

Since it was early on a Sunday, It didn't take too long for us to get to Margosa road. Veena Stores is a humble little shop on the 15th cross. it is beside Lakshmi maternity hospital. There is no parking on the main road, so we parked our vehicle at one of the side roads and walked up to the store to find a long queue, patiently stood and soon when it was our turn, we quickly placed an order for idly, vada and Kara bath.
Without much wait, we got hot plates of idly n vadas.
The idly was flawless white and extremely soft. The chutney and idly made a heavenly combination. The idly at Veena stores was so close to the best idly i had eaten. It was at a vacation to Mysore during Dasara festival it is available only during the festive season and is called 'Mallige Idly' (Mallige - Jasmine in kannada).
The vada is the best here, it is honestly the best i have ever eaten! I am usually not a Vada person, but totally loved the bite and taste of the crispy, brown, fried chunk with the green chilli and coconut chutney. Without much wait we decided to bite on more. They were generous enough to take the second order off the queue :-)
The hot Karabath is extremely rich with ghee, ghee and more ghee. The mixture of rava, ghee, vegetables and species just melt in your mouth.

The fact that you are standing is totally forgotten amidst the yummies in your hand and mouth! They are very quick in their service. We were Full and completely loved the place. A place I would emphatically recommend for idly and vada lovers!


Awesome idlis, good vadas

Really good, never had better idlis really. The vadas are nice and crispy and the chutney is also good. It's just standing area and they don't really care too much about courtesy as they are really busy serving those munchies, but hey once you get your plate you really don't care. If possible try and avoid rush hours like breakfast or peak weekend evening unless you're used to getting your way around such busy places :)


Rakshita - Burrp User


30 Reviews

January 19,2009


Best Idli-Vada place in town

The perfect Sunday morning routine is to wake up at about 8 and haul your butt to Veena stores in Malleswaram. It's literally a hole in the wall, rather like a shop where you get your plate of whatever over the counter. And then you crowd around the store, or find a relatively clean spot of the footpath to sit on, before you dig into the softest, freshest, hottest idlis with perfectly watery green chutney.

The vadas here are the best I've come across - golden brown, hot and crispy. You can't stop at one, trust me! Also, you can't leave without at least one bite of the khara bath (upma) and kesri bath, to top it off. oh!.... and a stainless steel glass of hot filter coffee.

Now, you're done with Veena stores, you have an absolutely satisfied expression on your face which is bound to only get better. So start trudging down Margosa road, all the way to 7th cross. Now that you've worked off the idli and the vada, it's time to enter CTR (, for Breakfast Round 2. Benne(butter) dosa (the best ever, but that's another review) and a last cup of filter kapi!


Idli Vada like no place else

This small shop at Margosa opens for small time for both breakfast and evening snack time and serves idlis, vadas, upma (kara bhaat), sheera (kesari bhaat) and coffee...
Each item is worth eating again and again. But take one thing at a time and eat else it becomes cold.
Negatives: No sitting, no parking, no sambar
However, the positives are much more than the negatives.
Also, beware of heavy rush...