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> > > Wheely Good Food

Wheely Good Food

Hope Form  

  • 9844223366
  • 251/2, Shop No. 1, NR Mansion, VS Reddy Layout, Kadugodi , Hope Form, Whitefield, Bangalore
  • Italian, Indian, Oriental

2 Reviews / 2 Ratings

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Wheely Good Food Reviews






Pathetic Food, Worst Customer Service

When this restaurant started, it had a lot of promise, we used to order quite a lot from them. Now I think they have just taken their clientele for granted and send over crappy food and don't take feedback or corrective action about the same. We ordered their Veg Augratin and Chicken Augratin yesterday, what we received was the same dish (spinach and cream cooked together with like 2 strands of cheese on top, definitely not an Au Gratin). The only difference was that the chicken Au Gratin had a few pieces of chicken. No Garlic bread to accompany an Au Gratin either. When we called to complain, first we were told by a person that the veg augratin is supposed to have only spinach, when we pointed out that there were 2 dishes 1) Veg Augratin, 2) Spinach and cream augratin, the person told us that he didn't know what went into what on the menu and will call us back after talking to the chef. 30 minutes of waiting later, when we didn't get a call, we called the restaurant again, then we get a different story that the chef was out and the replacement chef didn't know what was supposed to be in each dish and they would refund our money for the hassle. The guy promised to call back and didn't bother. After waiting for a whole day, when we called back to ask for an update, we were time and again told by various people that they will revert back and didn't bother calling back. Finally after much call backs, in which they refused to accept any wrongdoings on their part, one person commented that they don't have a policy of refund and will not be refunding our money, and they wouldn't mind sending across one Veg Augratin today (24 hours after the complaint) provided we didn't report this anywhere, but won't compensate for the bad food they sent to a customer in any other way. The delivery person actually told us that they were opening a second outlet and hence there were multiple issues with orders in the last few days, which is understandable but should have been sorted rather than take such callous approach to customer service. They have lost our business and anyone else we can influence. Pathetic food and worst customer service make this a no go for us.



WGF Awesome!

The food is simply delicious! Value for money, easy packed meals, hygiene and tastes amazing!