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> > > > Windsor Pub

Windsor Pub

VasanthnagarNorth Bangalore  

  • 22258847, 41148006
  • No. 7, 1st Main Road, Kodava Samaja Building, Vasanthnagar, Bangalore
  • Continental
  • Meal for 2 - 1000

18 Reviews / 18 Ratings

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Windsor Pub Reviews


Great for a casual hangout

Casual atmosphere.. Typical old style Bangalore pubs. Not for the younger cool dudes. Its for the elder mature working folks who want to have a nice time. Food, Menu is good. Ambiance is good for a casual, relaxing hangout.

Location is one of the -ve factors. From the outside, you will never feel that it is a pub, unless you there is one over there..


kripee - Burrp User


14 Reviews

November 16,2012


Awesome place

When you want to go out with friends, grab a beer and eat some awesome coorg food, this is the place. The guntoor chicken and the masala prawns are really really good. If you're here in the afternoon, try the sannas and chicken/fish curry.


Great place for friends to chill

I had no clue about the place before entering it. One of my friends called me there and said he has already ordered pork. And trust me, the pork was out of the world, so was the beer.

The service and ambiance are quite okay. All in all, a great place to chill with pals without bothering too much about the moolah.


janetsal29 - Burrp User


5 Reviews

December 02,2011


Windsor Pub

I had been there 3 years back... After reading the review i feel like going today to try Coorgi food... Weekend


jamiroquai - Burrp User


7 Reviews

September 16,2011


Go for the Coorgi Pandi(pork) Fry and Beer !

Can't have enough of the pork fry. Yummyy!!! Plus, they serve beer in chilled mugs which is a good thing.

I will go back for the Pork Fry for sure...

One complaint - The outside of the restaurant sucks. With cigarette buds and pan covers strewn all over. Keep it clean for God's sake...



good pub but costly

We went there after reading all the reviews here, however my experience was that the food was great but rather expensive, imagine pork curry was 192//- with tax, beef was 170 etc, some dishes even 200, i think even koshys might be cheap or at the same rate, anyway sadly i find the waiters (obviosly trained) a little irritating as the moment you finish your beer, they will ask you for more beer wont let u gulp it down also.The food is very tasty for eg, the beef fry i have eaten before 20 years at a mallu christians hosue seemed to be same taste. The pork curry is authentic and nice no fat , only the meat, we had squid curry and also fish fry, each dish was great no complaints etcept the price



Nice and relaxed

Went to Windsor pub on a weekday afternoon, and this place has a nice and relaxed retro atmosphere. You are welcomed by a couple of ever-present dogs right at the entrance. The location and surroundings of this place is a little "not-so-good". But once you enter, everything is forgotten. When we walked in, the place was empty but soon filled to half it's capacity within an hour.

The sizzlers are pretty good and the service is quick and efficient. Beer obviously is great too! I had ordered a couple of taps of beer, and when the bill was presented, I saw that they hadn't added a few taps. On informing them, I was pleasantly surprised that a tap is on the house for a main course per person. Dessert is not mentioned in the menu card, but the mud pie with icecream is heavenly.

Except for beer and sizzlers, the place is quite expensive. Egg curry costs Rs.220/-!!



just before ur train

we went there everytime we had to catch a train from cantonement station.. beer in frosted mugs.. appams & stew, spinach & corn on toast.. so good!


nirmala9 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

September 02,2010


too good

I dont get to get out as often as i'd like to, but I must say, Windsor pub with its simple format is a complete winner.. am not even a Beer drinker, but i urge to go to this place just for its delicacies ... the pandi preparations are to die for...


Its a nice place!

I think the person below probably dint buy too many beers and spent tons of hours just sipping on a beer and occupying valuable space for a place which is brimming with people. Super Food. Awesome place. Been going there for years. U cant beat the Erachi there! :)



Another wannabe 'cheap' pub in pub city

Pubs in bengaluru are dime-a-dozen, especially ones playing retro music in tribute to rock, jazz, soul and folk legends of yester-year. It is quite a fad actually. Providing an environment for people to think they are in the hippy 60's nd 70's, sit back, buzzed, listening to music of that era, enjoying themselves...or pretending to.

The fact is, these pubs seem to get away with a lot really... I mean you have crappy food, bad service, screwed-up decor and all the rest... but you serve beer between 50 to 70 rupees, play jimi hendrix & van morrison in the background and you are set...

"Who cares man???, **** the horrible food, thats jimi playing....jimmmy, woooohooooo!!!"

This pub, before I begin a more generic rant, has forgotten about being in the restaurant business. They have forgotten that unless in the case of misbehaviour there is very little grounds for throwing people out. Dont get me wrong, they didnt literally...

But, if your demeanor says it and if you were to ask your customers 4 times within a span of 10 mins whether they want more beer or something to eat, you are quite close to literally saying "Either eat/drink more, or get out..."

Fair enough, restaurants need to make money. But to make it so obvious is ridiculous. Naturally, I will warn anyone I know (and so will my friends) to keep away by a 1 km radius, so where is the gain for them?

The irony was - granted that we were sipping our beers relatively slowly, given that the RCB vs CSK match was going on - the pub wasnt even packed. I just dont get it...

Anyway, this pub is a washout, stay away unless your life depends on going there. :/

as an afterthought... the beer was Rs 70/pint, and french fries were a ridiculous 95 rupees. Apparently the policy is, if the service isnt good enough to drive you away, let our food prices do... Bon Appetit!


mtb10 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 17,2010


fun and chaos

Not too much to write. Fresh beer. Great snacks ( fish, chicken, beef). Even better appam and stew and even better music. It is like a den. get in, freak out, enjoy and get out.


scorpion - Burrp User


3 Reviews

December 05,2008


Your friendly neighbourhood pub

Windsor Pub has been around for a while, and while other "flavour of the month" pubs come and go, this old favourite remains just as popular with Bangaloreans.

But why? It's not a large place. It seats maybe 50 people. It's not a fancy lounge designed by a hotshot architect. It doesn't even serve fancy cocktails, just beer.

Despite that, it has a worldly home-like feeling that puts you at ease. It's unpretentious, and you don't have to dress up for an evening there. It's great to catch up with friends and have a nice time.

The food, being a mix of various southern cuisines, is very tasty. Again, just a nice, home-cooked flavour. I am very fond of ordering my parathas with curries there. It's not a fancy menu, but it doesn't pretend to be either.


gatherer - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 24,2008


'win'dsor indeed

Windsor pub is one of my favorite places in bangalore. great food great music and no need to dress up for it being top reasons.

It is a comfortable place, easily seating over 50 people in simple tables of 4. Now that smoking in public places has been banned it is easier to get a table than it used to be once. There are a few stools by the bar too where u can perch. The ambiance is nothing spectacular- though it is clean and the seating comfortable- the usual miles davis type posters adorn the wall - along with some original artwork by the owner- who will be more than happy to explain it to you and even sell reprints to you. The owner with the meanest handle bar mustache makes up part of the familiar ambiance that is windsor. The music is always something I love - if it isnt a little bit o gentle chiding will get it changed.

The service is prompt and efficient- no matter how crowded the place is , someone is always available to top of your drinks or take your order. - And almost always they seem to know what you want before you do.

The food is simply excellent and one of windsors biggest draw. The cuisine is primarily Coorgi / Mangalorean / Malayali and a haven for non vegetarians. The vegetarians have not been completely ignored, though the vegetarian options are considerably small. Nevertheless I know many vegetarians who regularly visit the place and swear by the masala peanut (!). The must try dish is the ‘Pandhi Curry’ - sour and spicy- its just perfect- I doubt if you will get this anywhere else in bangalore and even if you do i it tastes so good. Also try the crab meatballs and the chicken samosas. All excellent. No matter what dish you try in windsor- the food here leaves you with a 'comfortable' feeling and leaves you feeling warm and satisfied.

Great Food, Great music, great service- and ice cold beer to go with all of it- just what i want from a pub

Other useful details
1. its always a little difficult to find parking here- especially if there is a function at next door kodava samaj. No valet parking available
2. Credit cards accepted
3. Only beer is served. (but its worth it)
4. A/c
5. Veg and non veg (tho veg options are limited)


allhail - Burrp User


33 Reviews

October 03,2008


Used to be good, used to be fine ..

Windsor Pub used to be our favourite hangout while we stayed in Frazer Town. We have taken friends umpteen times to try the best stuff there .Once we moved , (even closer) we found we were not going that often.

Walk in to the small place - loud rock music , affable conversation and smoky haze and you feel at home. Two steps away from a collapsed miners lung ,perhaps, but still at home. Its the place I brought a PG Wodehouse to read , while my husband sipped on a beer and watched cricket on the large TV screens. Other guests played a convivial game of scrabble on the bar counter ( yes it was that kind of a place !) Great atmosphere, and there was always Reggie or Sudesh who owned/ran the place to make you welcome. But soon that changed , and while you see a surly face on the bar counter saying they are not sure when you could get a table , you know why restaurants are so much about people. And you know why great places are about making you feel welcome. Service is uniformly good, otherwise. Pleasant and matter of fact .

Cut to the food .
The Pub Lunches and Dinners are their mainstay . Absolutely excellent food. I have never had a complaint about the food except that their divine Pandi Curry coud have a little fatty pork at times. The husband says the draught beer is super , and dabbles in their brain fry which he says is great too. I say ee-yuck!

The Pandi Curry is their signature dish - black , sour , spicy, tempered perfectly . It is the best I have eaten . I prefer it with parathas rather than the sannas , but both rule. Its the only place where the kachumber salad served with the main course is crisp, fresh and lemony with the perfect hint of a chili . Also , the Ceylon Kheema and Egg Paratha is great . Bring a spare tummy though. Lots of other good stuff and starters, I know, but I am writing about what I keep going back for. And its super and consistent .

For dessert, the Tosca , crisp and served hot with melting vanilla ice cream is the best . A must have !

I still go back now and then.
If only I could go back and feel I belong there , again !


It's near Kodava Samaj!

And whenever there's a function there, you'll end up not finding place to park. And that's the only drawback Windsor has, parking. Great food, good service, nice crowd and the BEST draught beer in town. Beef jerky is a favourite. But no Old Monk, so stars--;


I've found my shrine...

What’s the first image that springs to your mind when you hear the words ‘Kodava Samaja’? Let me hazard a few guesses – in your head, it’s a place where over-the-hill members of the Coorgi community catch up on weekends (with the younger ones reluctantly in tow) to let their hair down and network with other natives at 'cultural events' over plates of piping hot ‘Coorg plate-idli’ and tumblers of steaming coffee straight from the hills. Or maybe for you, the Kodava Samaja in your city has so far been the preferred choice of venue for your all of your 3 Coorgi friends’ weddings – where, like at every other wedding, said older members engage in a bit of clandestine matchmaking for their own sons, daughters, nieces and grandnephews-in-law.

Push, if you will for a minute, these images to the back of your head and imagine instead, a Kodava Samaja playing host to a bunch of people who drink beer, listen to jazz music, admire popular art and eat what I believe is some of the best non-vegetarian food I have ever had the fortune of sinking my chompers into. Well boys and girls, such a place does exist – and you need look no further than Windsor Pub, situated on the ground floor of the Kodava Samaja building in Vasanthnagar, Bangalore.

A sucker for ‘old establishments’ (Pecos in Bangalore and Toto’s in Mumbai being my other favourites), I loved the feel of the place the minute I walked in – the place is dark and inviting with muted lighting. Smooth jazz music (the kind I don’t usually get but what sounded pretty good that afternoon), greets you as soon as you walk in and is more or less complemented by the Miles Davis & Dave Brubeck posters on the walls. What’s also on the walls are some cool paintings that have been done by the owner himself – chat him up and he’s pretty willing to explain the meaning behind each of his works and even sell you reprints, if you want. And oh, the dude has the meanest biker handlebar moustache I’ve seen in a while. :)

Seating is comfortable and ‘loungey’ with the place built to accommodate about 50 sitting people at tables of 4 – there are a couple of bar stools at the bar counter and one of those ubiquitous LCD TV screens, with which you can distract your mind from the chatter and the music, if you so wish. The waiters are prompt and come to your table with menus almost as soon as you settle down – though most of them know that the first order will be for a pitcher of the cold stuff – which doesn’t disappoint. That first sip of Kingfisher, straight from their taps and out of a frosted beer mug, feels really good on its way down.

Rubbing my hands together with visible excitement, I dived into the menu and felt my heart soar with every line that I read – what’s on offer is food cooked the traditional Coorgi / Mangalorean / Malayali way and the place is a haven for carnivores like yours truly. I’ve been told the Coorgis are unrivalled in their manner of cooking pork and the ‘Pandhi Curry’ (which literally translates into ‘pig curry’) may sound a trifle uninviting but is a universal recommendation to all who enter here. I wasn’t feeling too ‘porky’ that day and so we decided to start off with ‘Masala Fried Prawns’ – a zingy preparation of prawns tossed in a wickedly good spice paste and shallow-fried with curry leaves. Hats off to the chef for getting the texture of the prawns just right – the flavour of the masala was also brilliant. Already half-full with beer, I couldn’t wait to get to the main course – which turned out to be ‘Ceylon Egg Kheema Parathas’ and WP’s house speciality – shredded beef. We couldn’t have chosen better – the parathas were delicious, wholesome affairs – stuffed thick with an egg and mince mixture, shallow-fried just right and served with a ‘korma’ and salad. The beef dish was excellent too – quite literally, fine shreds of beef fried with plenty of garlic and onions to a crisp texture – and I couldn’t help but reach for fingerfuls of it every now and then. I’d immediately recommend all three of the above that I tried that day. The menu has a great choice of what WP calls ‘Pub Lunches and Dinners’ – with continental and Indian choices for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. There’s also plenty more to choose from in the starters and sides menu – it’d do you well to give about 5 minutes to the menu before you order. The seafood here is another hot favourite – the lady at the next table was completely engrossed in her shell-fried crabs all the time that she was there and like me, looked completely and utterly satisfied by the time she was done.

The place is obviously popular and usually has a waiting period for lunch and from about 8ish in the evening. Smoking is allowed, though I’ve heard that all that cigarette smoke can get a bit stifling after a while, owing to the size and lack of open ventilation in the place. The place is easy on the pocket - a pitcher of draught is about Rs.195 and a starter and main course for 2 (likely to climb if you binge on the seafood) will cost about Rs.500.

As for me, I think I’ve found my temple and frequent visits here on weekends look very likely. And before I forget – to all you Kodavas out there, you people truly rule. May your tribe surge forth and multiply! :)


Blr Bytes - Burrp User

Blr Bytes

21 Reviews

February 01,2007



t's one of my favourite places to eat. The food is strangely comforting, with curry leaf and coconut. Their prawns, the Masala Fried version, is to die for.(Once ordered a good twenty plates of it.) We loved their Chilly Cheese Toast and the Spicy Chicken Sausages in Hot Garlic Sauce. Their Coorgi Pandhi Curry and Mallu Erachi Olatheuthe are signature dishes. As is their Seafood Soup.

Had the Kingfish steak, Prawn Curry and Appams, the Kerala Chilly Chicken and Dosas and the Fish and Chips. The seafood is really very good. Other must trys are the Egg and Kheema Parota and the Kothu Parota. Did I say I like the food? And the other thing is, the beer is fresh and strong, well as strong as draught beer can be. And a glass is free with every entree.

Music is a little loud at times, the crowd is always fun but the ventilation can get stuffy at times. Oh, and make sure you have the Tosca Cake with Ice Cream for dessert. You'll find it nowhere else and it is worth it. WP treats old customers like old friends and make me go back again and again.

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