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> > > > Woody's


JP NagarSouth Bangalore  


11 Reviews / 12 Ratings

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Woody's Reviews






Wasted my time and money in this place- Highly NOT Recommended.Wasted my time and money in this place- Highly NOT Recommended.

I just went there couple of times on the way to work place-During Dec 2014 to feb 2015

South Indian Tiffin and meals are below average. The staff members are so rude and inhuman behaviour

I was almost humiliated and I need to beg to serve each and every dishes. They cannot communicate in english or tamil.

The price was hefty and I expected some decent food and hospitality.I guess this place has been for years its gone to rags now

Highly Not Recommended...







Bad Service and Waste of Money For Quality of Food

Waste of money if you are planning to have north Indian dishes.



Bad Service & Lethargy!

Had been to this restaurant for the afternoon South India meals, the food quality & vareity is not worth for Rs 160 per head. The service is pathetic, typical Govt attitude. We need to call / shout / show signs to inivite the VIP (waiters) right from laying of plantain leaf, to fill water in glass, call / keep looking at the waiters whether they will look at you so that you can ask them for each ite,,, Rice, sambar, Rasam etc.

It looks like "you pay to beg them to serve you" On top of that they state that child meals is only till age 5, very surprising at all the restaurants including MTR, Mayyas they extend child meals rate till age 12- 15. Initially they agreed for child meal for my 12 yr old son later they denied and made me pay full meal charge.

No wonder they have closed meals section in the basement and operating from the A/c hall in the Ground floor as the crowd has come down drastically due to reasons stated above & may be many more reasons..

My Bill no.AC11442, AC11441 ( Captain KIran kumar - S3 waiter) dt 21/04/2013




They should shut down

As I start writing this review, I see fellow burrpers have already found that this restaurant is not worth visiting.

When I had my office nearby, unfortunately for me I visited it twice. The service and food is not worth the price. The food is cold, and service is horrible.

The only good thing I found about the restaurant was that their service and food was consistently bad for everyone. So on a philosophical level I feel happy, I was not picked for special treatment.


Average food, average service

The food is not great. the service sucks. the only advantage is that it is located near to my office


last option

If you are having a car and if you are well off people who want to drop in for breakfast, woody's is the best option. It gives free car parking and charges all that in your food bill. A coffee costs here 15rs, yup you read it right its 15rs.

The only advantage you can get here is that, you can discuss abt business deal or relax for a while at this place. Its a self service restaurant, no one will ask you to leave by showing you the bill.

Do give a try , to get a new experience which you will surely share with others.


Lousy place... good news

The food sucks. The service sucks. Woody's is altogether, completely, totally, purposefully avoidable.

The temporary good news is that Reliance Fresh has purchased this bit of land from them and they will have to shut down for a while.

And the bad news is that they are moving to the next building.



Worst service n Food Ever

This happened to be on 22rd of March, I came to see my friends and was craving for Karnataka special Bisibilebath so my friends suggested there is a Resturant which is costly but serves good food. So we left fro the restaurant , the ambience was good and their architecture was nice, we waited for about 20mins and got alloted a place, I was ready to wait even for 1hour. My friends ordered starters Tommato and Hot n sour soups and 2 bisebilebaths and my other 3 friends tried to order Aluparata he said no, Methi parata- no, only naans are available we said ok n asked for some gobi snacks he said no, we felt what is this the time was 9:00pm and he was giving a big no for most of the things, so we picked from what he have than those are in Menu, Atleast I was happy that i got my Bisibilebath, We got the soups quite quickly, but the tommato soup was the worst soup I have ever tasted and looked puzzled at my friend who suggested this, he said the other soup is good. SO after that we were waiting for the food and there comes our waiter after half an hour wit the good news that there is no bisibilebath!!!!!, I was like #@$## dam #@#?#! in my ind and we politely asked for the bill, for which the waiter was puzzled and asked why? guess what we paid for the food which we ordered and dint have them. There was no manager or person who said sorry or something this was the most insensitive restaurent I have ever seen?? so please avoid this badly managed, poor dishes den. By the way there are two sections AC and NON AC u will find no differnce between them :)



Bad food, Bad Service - AVOID

This was one of my favourite places to eat out with my family. But the quality of service and food has deteriorated so much that I would not recommend this place to anyone.

The staff are rude and least bothered about customer service. The quality and quantity of food is extremely bad. Even if you complain, the management is least bothered.

There are far better choices quite close by. Avoid Woody's.


Quality has detiororated

Watch out for worms in your food before you eat.

Was a big fan of Woody's until I found worms in my plate tonight. This was found in the Green Salad. I didnt mind the rise in the prices, but having worms in my plate is something unacceptable. Stale food(potato sabji) in the Dosas is commonplace.

It might be a good idea to stick to snacks like Idly which is less risky in eating. Avoid N.Indian delicacies.


Good for breakfast or a snack

If you crave a dosa in South Bangalore, and don’t want to go to a crowded Darshini, Woody’s offers a suitable alternative. Surprisingly housed in a modern looking glass and steel building, this is a family-friendly, South Indian vegetarian restaurant. The atmosphere is some significant notches above the Darshinis, but decidedly middle-class. The ground floor, which is the self-service section, is spacious, while the upper floor, which is a sit-down and eat area, is a bit claustrophobic.

The food quality varies from very good to passable – you would do better to stick to the tiffins and snacks, rather than a full meal. They serve delicious dosas – try the pessarattu, which is a dosa made out of green gram dal, the rava dosa, and South Kanara favourites including kadubu (a cone shaped idli). They also have excellent coffee and a chaat stand musters up some passable chaat.

The best time to visit Woody’s is either for breakfast or for a pre-dinner snack. A word of caution – stick to the self-service area since the service at the upper floor can be slow and frustrating. The restaurant has plenty of parking space and is open from 8:30 am until 11 pm.