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> > > > Xtreme Sports Bar

Xtreme Sports Bar

Bannerghatta Main RoadSouth Bangalore    & IN 5 MORE LOCATIONS


17 Reviews / 18 Ratings

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Happy Hours Jul 01 - Jul 31

  • Xtreme Sports Bar, Dairy Circle presents to you Happy Hours Power Play! Mon to Wed - 12pm to 8pm & Fri to Sun - 12pm to 6pm.

Happy Hours Aug 01 - Aug 31

  • Xtreme Sports Bar, Dairy Circle presents to you Happy Hours Power Play! Mon to Wed - 12pm to 8pm & Fri to Sun - 12pm to 6pm.

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Xtreme Sports Bar Reviews

Xtreme experience

This place is heaven for sports lover. large screens, sporty ambiance and pool table makes up this place. It can accomodate any no. of people. Good place to hang out with friends. Decent service and decent price.


Worst Xtreme Sports bar i have been to !!!

This one has to be the worst Xtreme Sports Bar around...... i had never been to one but when one of my colleagues suggested about this, i agreed, my biggest mistake !!! I have been to many sports bars and i love to play pool, the pool tables here were pathetic... the cloth & sidewalls of the table were worn out and the balls were like from 1500BC :-O
Apart from that... we ordered some Mojithos and the drink comes with sugar granules at the bottom of the glass.... who uses sugar for preparing a cocktail ??!! Get sugar syrup idiots !! I have been to other sports bars and they are far far better than this one atleast..... waiting for a good experience in some another branch of Xtreme Sports Bar, this one is truely a damper !!!



relaxed ambience and good food

Nice and relaxed ambience, the snooker/pool table in the center is treat for those who play the game...unlike me. LCD showing sports channel all over makes bring it more closer to sports as the name suggests. we were a group of 5 colleague and were served with good food & drinks and in a timely manner.

They have a smoking corner as well within the restaurant.




Horrible staff and service

Went there a couple of weeks back, so I'm a little late. However, better late than never.

It was a week day and a few of us colleagues decided to make use of their happy hours. On calling up, they said that happy hours started from 4. On reaching at 4:25, they said that happy hours actually started only at 4:30. That was ok, must be a communication gap. Anyway, there was just 5 minutes remaining, but the waiters were stupidly adamant and said that than any order "now" will not be under happy hours! So obviously, we just waited for 5 more minutes. That left a first bad taste. How would 5 minutes matter to them? The place was completely empty too (other than us), and the waiters were just hanging around.

Then the time came to pay the bill. We wanted to simply check if service charge was added to the bill. Due to the dim lighting, we couldn't see the bill properly. Also, the bill details were not too clear. So we simply asked the waiter whether service charge was already included. He rudely replied that you don't have to pay a tip if you don't want to! We had initially decided that we would pay a tip anyway, but after his reply, we just left a Rs.0 tip, vowing to never come back again.


FoodFrenzy - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 02,2011


Worst experience ever!

To keep it short, we were drugged! It was on a ladies night... I guess they added something to the alcohol to get the ladies high faster so that we would order less alcohol. I'm sure they know what I'm talking about... close to 20 ladies were either throwing up or passed out by 10 pm! Not acceptable!



Expensive but fun!

I highly recommend this place for those with time to kill and money to burn. The ambience is great! The staff is alert and responsive. They have a decent span of happy hours. I tried these shooters called 'The Hurley' if I remember right, which was quite the thing! Yes, the drinks are overpriced, which means that making this a 'hang-out' will pinch your finances. You could even play pool or fussball for just 50 bucks. And... worth mentioning is their loyalty programme which sounds interesting.



Good is unbelievably pathetic!
Absence of hospitality! Try to avoid the place as much as possible,if at all you are being forced to visit the place or gettin dragged into corporate parties here,Expect to get disappointed!




Me so frustrated, have to say this over n over ... good place , but totally rude n sick management n staff... n yeah.. please avoid if u wanna spend ur evening happily...




been here a few times.. but lately, the customer experience is totally deteriorating and disappointing. May be they dont allow stags to be on the dance floor, but it was totally ridiculous to find them even dont allow to walk across the dance floor( either to loo or to the smokin room) we can say that a total disaster to the evening well planned and for people who jus wanted some loud musin n beer... i would suggest to be at home with friends rather goin out there n emptyin ur pockets n returning unhappy.


Nice place to hang out !!

This is pretty close to some of the perfect sports bars that I have seen outside India... Lots of space.. a very nice menu... !
The Happy hour is cool and they play some good music as well !!
Will definitely return !!


a good hangout....

a good hangout...although i can't think of frequenting it very much lest i get bored of it!!!
decent interior...nice music (as loud as a sports bar should be)...good food (a li'l pricy, but worth the extra penny)
would be visiting the indiranagar one next...


teju666 - Burrp User


36 Reviews

September 27,2010


No Sports Anymore

Few screens do not maketh a Sports Bar. For a place that started off with a great theme, it has finally succumbed to the wallets of booze oriented customers.
I have frequented this place a few times. Apart from the big and small screens showing only sports, they had the pool table, a formula 1 car housing a auto racing video game and a virtual golf thing. It felt "Sporty" in there. All that is left is the pool table where you get just about 15 min to play a round after a 90 min wait. The other sports have now been replaced by tables. More revenue/ square foot!!

The drinks are good. Draught beer which isnt flat is rare these days in the city. Prices are reasonable. Service is good. They serve starters and dinner which is convenient. However the taste is too salty for my preference.

One major complaint I have of this place is the smoking area. They have a smoking room which is not well ventilated. So they keep the door open and eventually the smoke & smell fills the entire area. So much for govt rules. The floor supervisors are a trifle rude although the waiters are pretty decent guys.

Also once an order has been fed into a computer it cant be changed. What trash!!

Lastly the music. It sucks. They charged us 300 bucks a person as cover charge as they had a DJ that night. They should have paid me that much money just to listen to it.

I go there as its closer to home. But please stop calling it a Sports Bar.


Lot of flat screens, drinks, and youngsters

I don't consider myself that old, but I felt a little old here with all the children running around. In any case, an awesome place to watch the world cup, people, or sing karaoke.

Four stars since the place is cool, the workers attentitive and the food/drinks warm and cold, respectively.



Love the Place!!

I have become a regular at this watering hole. The Ambiance and Music are good!! Love to watch matches on the big screen... But the best thing will have to be the service. They have always been very good. Definitely recommend this place...


For some sports and drinks

I?ve been here twice ? both the times on the karaoke nights. They have the karaoke nights on Wednesdays and Sundays. Its pretty big accommodating golf, snooker, simulated car race and a few other games. Though it was a weekday, the place attracts quite a few crowd. I presume its coz, this is the only proper bar in this part of the town which serves some good food along with drinks and some sports for those who love it.

There?s a large screen which telecasts sports on one side and the other side it would be the recoding of the performance of some band or the lyrics would be displayed if it?s a karaoke night. Apart from this, they also have 2 large screen TVs.

We ordered for some brandy as 2 of them were not well and had terrible cold and some Island Beach and Mojito. We made a mistake by ordering for cocktails. This is not a place for cocktails. They just do not know how to make it right! Just stick to the regular drinks and make sure to keep in mind you never order a cocktail here. For munching we ordered some Nachos and Sheek Kabab. Kabab was edible and so was Nachos. But, the Nachos were nowhere close to authentic. The cheese was hardly sprinkled but there was some good amount of Rajma on it. As I mentioned, it tasted good but not authentic. If they call it Indianized Nachos, it?ll sound batter.

Since we were all quite hungry and were in a mood to eat some rice, we ordered Mixed veg and Garlic Fried rice ? this was extremely spicy and 2 spoons of rice brought fumes from the ears. The Subzi Dum Biryani and Handi Murg Masaledar was good and so was Nilgiri Pulao. The next time we went, we had Crispy Chilly Potato which was spicy but nice and some Jeera Pulao with Dal Makhni ? this was really good and could blindly try!

As rightly mentioned by the other user, the music is a loud and its difficult for us to communicate with the waiters. The patrons generally consists of college crowd and the techies. There are quite a few people who love to sing and create a kind of competition on a Karaoke Nights.

Drinks, Food and Sports for the 4 us cost us around Rs.2500k


vgiri - Burrp User


4 Reviews

October 04,2009


Dissapointed !

I saw the picture of this place and i went WHOAAAAAAAAAaa . And thatz about it. The only good thing about this place is ambiance.


1. Young crowd
2. Medium priced cocktails
3. Decent Menu. They have free Wi-Fi
4. Ambiance
5. Decent music (Very loud - I love loud music but the decibel was not great)


1. The Smoker Zone is dingy and pathetic ! You cannot sit and smoke on the couch, you need to go this smoker zone and that is plain sad. No Wi-Fi access in smoker zone
2. NO TOILET PAPER IN THE LOO (Was lucky to have picked a tissue near the sink before going to the loo)
3. Waiters can hardly hear what you are ordering as the music is so LOUD which is not really needed.

I went on a Saturday night and the place was filled with people. It was not overcrowded though. I order my drinks and food and then left the place to smoke. By the time i came back my place was occupied my somebody else and the waiter asked if it could sit elsewhere.

I had to leave my table every 5 mins to go to the smoker zone and had to rush back to my table with the fear that somebody else would take it!

The cocktails was SO-SO. Didn't want to order food after seeing all this.

The DJ knows only one artist: AKON. He played atleast 13 tracks of his. Come on! there are other artists you know! The music was good but it was waaaaaaaay too loud !

For 2 drinks and a veg starter and a pack of classic milds came upto 870!


jlnblr - Burrp User


52 Reviews

September 12,2009


Great Place for Beer - a bit loud though

I have been wanting to visit this place for a while, and finally got around to going there yesterday. The set-up is fantastic - large LCD screens all over, snooker table and very comfortable lounge style seats. Beer is @ 100 bucks a pint - the waiter told us they have a happy hour - buy 1 get 1 - so it was awsome value - we were really happy. we ordered a corn tikki - disappointing - it was really a normal tikki with 1 piece (i literally counted) in each tikki. for 110 bucks - pretty bad. go there during happy hours, get your beers and stick to the standard snacks.