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Arekere Gate  

  • 9341968214
  • 7, Krish Tower, Omkar Nagar, Arekere Gate, Bannerghatta Main Road, Bangalore
  • Mughlai

8 Reviews / 8 Ratings

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Xyka Reviews


horrible experience

1)third class place with full of foul smell,no ac wrkng
2)food quality was really pathetic and no one was there to take order.
3) waiter were rude
4)all the food have same gravy base


Horrible staff

If you are looking at a great experience just because you pay a decent amount of money for their food, forget about it.

The staff here is DOWNRIGHT RUDE. Apart from the fact that they can't speak fluently in any language except Bengali (and this is not even Calcutta, for heaven's sake!), if you try to demand for better service in a manner as polite as you know, they will try to put the blame on you.

Misinformed, rude, horrible staff.

The food's not really bad, neither expensive. But that said, Oh Calcutta serves MUCH better food. And Nizam's Biryani is a million times better too.

Steer clear.


vaib_hav - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 22,2009


Horrible Food

This is the worst outlet till date I found in Bangalore.
I tasted Paneer dish & Chicken and both were so horrible, could not think of visiting this place again.



Mouth watering Biryanis & Chanps

After a very longtime in bangalore, I got excellent Mt. Chanp & Parathas, with excellent biryani, The Chanp Reminded me of Royal, and the biryani was also awsome. ITs Paradise for Kolkatans. Thanx to Prashant for suggesting this place. I would ask all the members to atleast try it out once.



Really good food, not bad at all.

I would totally disagree with Mr. Prakash, and with mr Anuj, after reading there reviews, I did not want to visit, but after reading friends_ss comment, I did make a visit, and to my suprise it was a great place, I mean it, the food was really awsome, after a longtime in banglore I had mutton bada, which reminded me of Delhi's Karim, and there biryani is totally like TRUE KOLKATA STYLE Moughlai biryani, I was amazed to see a Deck kind of a darbar made, to sit on the carpet and eat. I would just say onething that one should go atleast once to experince it. And belive me the prices are reasonable enough as per dinning in bangalore is considered.



Excellent Food!!

I would just say that there are at times, things might have gone wrong in services, But the food is just amazingly good, as the ambience is. Its a good place for family. You feel comfortable & you are taken good care of it. I agree when there is a rush in, things might not be done on time, but still I love that place, n wud recon every 1


Bad food with worst service

Was very happy to see a new restaurant above Reebok showroom but got hugely disappointed after the first visit. Has nice ambiance and interesting menu and all good things ended just there. VERY bad service due to lack of training, didn't bother to serve the dishes after placing them on the table. Butter naans are the worst I ever had and at the end the waiter took forever to bring the bill. Was getting late for a movie so had to goto the cashier counter and wait for 10 minutes to get and pay the bill. When complained about the quality to the owner at the cash counter his response was an arrogant "Whats wrong?" Huh!!!

Avoid this place at all cost.


Poor Xyka on service

Xyka is another run-of-the-mill restaurant on Bannerghatta road ! One surely expected something different(and better!) but this one really disappoints. To start with, they did not know a single landmark on Bannerghatta road, let alone the big apartments, so you can guide them for delivery. They have around 10-15 items on their entire menu (I may be exaggerating a bit but you do find yourself without much choice). We decided to just go for the starters as we wanted to try out first and then order the main course. After 3 of us tried to explain them the route to our place which is just off Bannerghatta road and every restaurant in a radius of 5 kms knows this apartment, it took about 1.5 hrs for the order to arrive(i.e just the few starters). To make it worse, the quantity of servings was ridiculously less and they were arrogant enough to argue that it was good enough. There is nothing much for me to say; just that they have a long long way to go to even catch up with the rest of the average ones.
Avoid if you can.