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WhitefieldEast Bangalore  


8 Reviews / 8 Ratings

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Yzury Reviews

Ashokaran - Burrp User


2 Reviews

January 17,2013


Good website for shopping

I have ordered different extra virgin olive oils and got delivery the same day in Bangalore Electronic City. The quality is good and the service (delivery- customer care) great. If you are looking for food products you cannot find in a traditional supermarket, go on yzury. Their range of food is amazing and exclusive.
Thanks for your good and prompt delivery of my order, it was a very good shopping experience with you guys.



Excellent services =Yzury

I am very happy with Yzury for their service. I got my food products the same day after the validation of my order. On that day of delivery i was not at home so i called customer care that i will be available at home after 5 pm.They send person at 6pm. As i was very busy that day it was not possible to reach before 7.45 pm. I informed same to that guy. He waited for me till 7.45......Excellent service.......Also i found food products in very good condition as yzury put them in an isothermal box during the time of the delivery Thanks Yzury!


Rogouadi - Burrp User


4 Reviews

January 07,2013


trustable online supermarket

i like to do my shopping once a week on i have been using this website since 3 months and i have never been disappointed by the quality of the food neither the services.

They recently increase their food references and i have more choice now. their prices are good for imported products and i love their canned fish products.

the services are at high level and my yesterday order (sunday!) was delivered less than 6 hours after its validation. I just regret they cut the wines and cheeses but when i called the customer care they assure me wine and cheese will be back very soon!

I definitely recommend!



Gourmet Sales YZURY

Exclusive and Gourmet offers to discover and rediscover the universe of Yzury products: chocolates, confectionery, teas, coffees, cookies, flavoured olive oil, flavoured vinegar and pasta.

We DO NOT sell Food an Wine you can find in supermarkets.
All the Food and Wine listed at are EXCLUSIVE CHEF'S CHOICE.

The Yzury Team


Probably the best wine in Bangalore

The question of the wine in India is always a problem. You never know if the wine is expensive because the quality is superior or because of the taxes and customs duties on it!

Generally the quality of our Indian wines is very poor and the imported wines are so expensive that it's difficult for us to associate a price with a quality!

With yzury everything changed. They propose french wine at very good price with a great quality.
Last week i bought one Mas des Tourelles and one Chateau Coutet.

The Mas des Tourelles is a French Merlot. Usually you find a Merlot in a shop around 1800-2000 Rs. Yzury sales it for 967 Rs!!!
The Chateau Coutet is a Saint Emilion Grand Cru. You cannot find that wine in a shop so i checked in 5 stars hotels and i find it for 14500 Rs. Yzury sales it for 2200 Rs

Incredible... Thanks yzury to bring us wines at great price with such a good quality!!!


Great and reliable online shop

Yzury is just great. The website platform is very user-friendly and the gourmet products are very high quality: that's what i call a real Gourmet shop!

What i like the most is the diversity of the items with lots of different flavours especially for the olive oil and the vinegar.

I tasted the truffle: stunning!!! The product is expensive but really worth it.
I tried too a french specialty: the calisson. The taste of the almond is very smooth, the texture is soft and the product very colorful... I love it!!

The delivery services is very efficient. In less than 4 hours i had my products at home. For my first order they offered me several cookies with baratte butter..Yuuuummyyyy!
The order arrived with a welcome card to introduce the products and the company.
The packaging of the products is really fantastic

Well done Yzury, i'm so happy to have access to international gourmet items directly at my doorstep :-)



A Foodies Delight!!

This is not the first time that I am shopping with yzury and this is not the first time they have delivered their delightful service. So I thought I should write a positive review here.

So far very good experience and above the expectations in fact.

From my experience it's the speedy delivery online shop in Bangalore (maybe in India!). You're delivered the same day or the day after depending of the hour of your order. All the food is kept refrigerated in a special yzury's box; the delivery boy, very smiling, can show you the 2kg ice pack inside the box to maintain the food at good temperature.

My last order was a milk hazelnut choco bar, one chili infused olive oil, some tagliatelle pasta and a bottle of Mas des Tourelles Merlot wine.

The chocolate is simply amazing; lots of flavors, smooth in taste and very much worth the cost.
The chili olive oil is stunning because of the very good quality of the oil (if you compare with what you find in supermarket in Bangalore) and give something more to our daily meal.
About the pasta, they are cooked with 7 eggs (normally 3!): you can really feel the difference with the traditional one and you become quickly addict of them!!
The french wine Merlot Mas des Tourelles is simply the cheapest french wine in Bangalore and taste better than wines around 2000 Rs!!!

It's always a pleasure to order with yzury and having at home High Quality Gourmet food! I find as best gourmet online shop to order in Bangalore!


Caviar in Bangalore on

It was my first order with yzury and it was a great experience.
I wanted to tasted the famous caviar, very expensive product you can only find in Leela Palace in Bangalore. One of my friend recommends me a new Gourmet online store with only high quality food.
I was surprise when i saw that they sale caviar at an incredible low price for that kind for product.

I decided to order and everything was perfect.
I order the morning, i was delivered the afternoon the same day!!!!
The delivery guy arrived with a refrigerated box to keep the product at a good temperature.
The payment was on COD and Yzury add my a gift as i was a new client :-)

The quality of the caviar was amazing and my all experience with Yzury was outstanding

I definitely recommend Yzury to all the Foodies in Bangalore!!