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> > > > Zen, The Leela Palace

Zen, The Leela Palace

Airport RoadEast Bangalore  


8 Reviews / 8 Ratings

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Sunday Dim Sum Brunch Jul 08 - Jul 31

  • Celebrate your Sundays amidst the lush gardens and waterfalls of The Leela Palace Bangalore, at Zen. Set in oriental grandeur, choose from a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dim sums. Toast to the perfect Sunday to a selection of imported beverages, and an indulgent brunch.
    Day: Every Sunday

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Zen, The Leela Palace Reviews





Nice restaurant.. Worth giving a try

On the eve of Christmas we went to Zen, the ambience and the hospitality is very nice. The salad that we ordered and the pad thai noodles were simply outstanding, I have never had that great pad thai noodles ever before..


Zen- Pan Asian

On the occasion of Sunday brunch. This started with a glass of champagne in the foyer. The brunch is buffet style and has a selection of sushi, although I am not a great or an ardent follower, the main courses were some curries,lamb and beef. Ambiance, is Awesome!!! great spread of desserts!!! Any one staying or vising Leela, will definitely recommend :)


The sunday buffet

The sunday buffet at the zen was a mixed bag. The salads were good. half the sushi was good and the rest was terrible. half the dim sums were good and the rest was dry and didnt taste good at all. Their deserts always seem more fun to look at than eat, but thats with any buffet table. Their service was good and their wine was really quite nice.


mudpuppy - Burrp User


38 Reviews

November 17,2009


Obscenely expensive

Asian food is never cheap (though it can be done well inexpensively), and when you're talking about imported sushi-grade fish you expect to pay for it.

But still.....

This one is for the bankers in town who can stick it to the rest of us as "client meeting".

The food, as others have said, is good, but nothing spectacular. The physical atmosphere is nice, but since the restaurant is so expensive, it's been nearly empty every time I have been, which makes it seem kind of sad.


LTMcCarthy - Burrp User


106 Reviews

September 21,2009


Delicious dimsum and sushi

I really enjoyed the lovely surroundings at Zen. The Leela Palace grounds make you forget that you are in a city. While we dined on several orders of delicious dimsum and fresh sushi it felt like we were in the jungle far away from the pollution and noise. The six of us had no complaints with the food. Everything was very tasty. I have heard others rave about the Sunday brunch at Zen, with it's all you can eat sushi bar so I must return and give that a try soon.



Give it a miss

I agree with the previous 2 reviews on Zen. Even if money was not the criteria, and you are willing to pay, the food's pretty average.

Service is probably the only saving grace.


shivakv - Burrp User


5 Reviews

January 18,2008


Zen comes in small quantity

They say best things come in small package, I beg to differ.
After paying 500 for a plate for spring rolls, I don't want to 3 pieces little bigger than my little finger on a place big enough for me to lie down. The quantities are ridiculously small. After earing in Citrus this place is a big big disappointment. This place is for people who like to Chinese and diet at the same diet.


Blr Bytes - Burrp User

Blr Bytes

21 Reviews

February 01,2007



This is a review of their weekly buffet.

If you want to stop reading here, then here's my take: Don't go. Not for the food, not for the ambiance and certainly not for the value for money proposition. Worthy and far superior alternatives are, T'chi for Chinese, Harima for Japanese and Shiok for Thai.

Their insipid and uninspiring salad bar was a motley collection of soggy vegetables in the same bloody dressing. The beef salad was good, insofar as the beef was good, but they overdid the celery. Everything else was best left alone.

The sushi and sashimi bar was, well at best it was bright. A boring selection of fish of which the best that could be said that it was fresh. Ish. The ubiquitous tuna (no toro), salmon, octopus , mackerel (which was better than I imagined it would be) and some very good jellyfish. But there was no chef in attendance nor were there any name-tags to identify the food. Shoddy service really. I don't really like sushi, tried some, wasn't bad. But certainly not good.

The trouble with buffets is this. Heat lamps and induction stoves. They keep things warm but food also ends up over cooked, dry and pretty damn unappetizing. Their main course options were an unimaginative rice/noodle/beef in oyster sauce (again, good beef mediocre sauce)/chicken with cashew (ooh! Indian Chinese)/stir fried veggies (that collapsed into goo)/prawn green curry (hideous)/fish in sweet soy sauce (Yaaay! So exciting!) and crab in black pepper (taken out of the shell. No fun.)

They had this counter where you could choose your raw fish and it would be grilled and served, the only choices being "Spicy, sir or medium-spicey?". They had pomfret, red snapper, lady fish, tiger prawn, lobster, salmon, scampi and a few other local varieties. Safe to say it was middlingly ordinary. Piddlingly so.

They also had a few satay starters. Pity they all tasted the same, burnt to a bloody crisp.

Dessert encompassed the usual suspects. The fresh fruit was the best option along with a Chocolate Mille Feuille. The chocolate fountain had, what could be best described as, Amul chocolate in it.

This is no gustatory pleasure. The focus is not on the food, quality or appearance. It's more an experiment in excesses. I 'll give it a pass in future and would recommend you do the same.

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