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> > > > Zheng, BluPetal - A Business Hotel

Zheng, BluPetal - A Business Hotel

KoramangalaSouth Bangalore  

  • 43431888, 9535193450, 9980457763
  • , BluPetal - A Business Hotel, No. 60, Jothi Nivas College Road, Koramangala, Bangalore
  • Chinese, Mongolian

10 Reviews / 10 Ratings

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Zheng, BluPetal - A Business Hotel Reviews






Good Place for a Chino Noon!

The place is well worth the money you pay .. It paved the way for a glorious lunch meet :) The ambiance was conducive for it.. Felt very warm and cozy. The food was brilliant.. especially the chefs special smoked barbecue fish .. Service also was great.



Nice And Warm Place to Dine

We went to Zheng for dinner. If someone is looking for nice food and ambiance, this place can always be considered.

The cuisine was a mixture of Indian and Chinese. But I tried both the cuisines and they were very good.

Overall- a good place to go.

Desserts were also delicious.



Bad service

We visited the place for Mongolian barbeque and there was absolutely nobody in the restaurant. The chef arrived 20 mins later and the entire lunch was exorbitantly priced.. The food was not something to mention either



They haven't learnt

Will just say good ambience but nothing apart from that.
Pathetic spread on the buffet, no customer service skill all you hear is "we are freshly making it" and when served its ice cold. The food is no good a little high or low on salt cant even talk about desert.
at your own risk



good interiors but lazy / snobbish host

Yesterday we went to the restaurant as I had purchased a snapdeal coupon giving me 30% discount on the billing. While placing the order, I mentioned about the coupon. The host, a thin guy with a white shirt was not aware of the offer I suppose. First he mentioned that the coupon had expired when the expiry date was mentioned on the coupon as 31 May. He stopped taking the order and took the coupon and wandered for some time before coming back for the order. Then he agreed to give the discount, not because of the coupon but because of some IPL offer that was going on at that time. Why was the coupon not honoured is a mystery. We asked for prawn dimsum to which he said that the preparation would take over 25 minutes and instead offered chicken dimsums which he said were ready. We were very particular about any of the food having MSG added to it. Upon asking for clarifications whether the ready dimsums will have MSG, he said that he will get back to us which he never did. We also ordered a chicken flat noodles and veg soup with lime joice.
The soup was good but the instant chicken dimsums were served only after 25 minutes. No clarification given if the dimsums had MSG or not. The noodles followed after another 10 minutes and to our dismay the chicken in the noodles were fried loaded with MSG. When asked for desert, the host repeatedly said that there was nothing apart from icecream for a couple of times, and after sometime he mentioned that there was also pineapple moose. By that time we had lost interest in ordering anything else and we just decided to ask for bill.


June 4, 2012response from management at Zheng, BluPetal - A Business Hotel:

Dear jangs

Thank you for sharing your feedback. We appreciate feedback from our patrons and take them very seriously.

We apologize for the experience you had at Zheng and further would like to invite you to dine with us and promise you flawless service and great food

BluPetal Hotel

priya258 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

September 03,2011


Truly One of Its Kind!

Zheng proves to be a delight for lovers of good chinese food. The soups are tasty and are served piping hot. The dimsums are soft and delicious. The main course is also very good and the chefs cater it to your tastes upon request. The best part of dining at Zheng is that everything is freshly prepared and cooked to perfection. The spices are blended in very nicely with the food. The flavours are subtle and satisfying to the palate. The seating is very comfortable and the ambience truly deserves appreciation. The service is excellent. The staff is well trained, efficient and courteous. Zheng is a classy restaurant which gives you a great feeling about Chinese food!



Good Food, but Buffet mostly empty

Went for a Buffet lunch here last week, and the food itself was just ok.

The problem I had here was that when ever I head out for a refill on my plate, most of the buffet dishes were empty, or just had gravy without any pieces. Refills were very slow to come and wouldn't come unless you pointed the lack of food to one of the waiters.



Really Good Food, Must try sum dimsum!

I've been to this place twice till now and both times the food was excellent! The 1st time was for their buffet and this was a sit down buffet where the food was made fresh and served at the table.
Their starters were excellent, their dimsums are really good and soft and tasty unlike other places where the dimsum is hard , leathery n bland.

Their burnt garlic fried rice was really good and the hakka noodles were alright. They had a slice fish in hunan style that was fantastic and went well with the fried rice.
Desert was disappointing with only coconut rolls with icecream and fruits.
For a price of 270(including tax) it was worth it and they even threw in a free breezer and that made it a steal!

The second time I went in for the ala-carte for dinner and again they didn't disappoint with excellent dimsum. Good butter fried garlic noodles and the chicken side dish whose name I dont remember was good. For desert we ordered a litchi pudding and it was quite ok. Bill came upto 1100 and that included a 300 rupee cocktail so I thought it was alright for the quality and quantity of food served.

I did not seem to suffer any post food distress that a couple of the other fellow burrpers faced tho, nor did any of my friends face such a thing on our visits there.


Still suffering

Yesterday, me and wife wanted to have leisurely evening out. While we were driving past JNC and still undecided on where we should go, we found this new restaurant and decided to drop in.
The ambience is nice and the service is warm and friendly. Though occasional swinging of the glass door which opens in the hotel and the main road was disturbing the otherwise quaint atmosphere.
We ordered Veg Noodle Soup, Butter Garlic Chicken Noodles, Chilli Fish, Kung Pao Chicken. Barring the soup evreything else was avoidable. Fish was Stale. Chicken lacked flavours and Butter Garlic Noodles was too spicy for any one's taste. The portions are decent and service is prompt. But with such pathetic food a restaurant cant be in business for long.The bill cam to 950/- along with 5% SC and VAT.
Both of us are still suffering from indigestion and acidity.


Above average tasting food, bad consequences

We went to Zheng after hearing a bit about it. 4 of us went there, expecting it to be very good, but we were let down.

The chef recommended all our dishes, and we left it to him to wow us. The caramelized walnuts on apple slices with ginger and onions were delicious. The prawn dim sums were good. The prawns with the spring onions and chilli batter were not bad. The burnt garlic fried rice was tasteless, and the vegetable gravy entree was poor. The dessert of pineapple and litchi fried canapes were not good at all.

The service was pretty good, and the chef personally came out to talk to us.

The portions were quite small. Yet, strangely, we felt very, very full, and our stomachs were not just bloated, but felt hard. And the next day, all of us had very upset stomachs.

Was it food poisoning? Probably. But we're pretty sure that the amount of ajinomoto (MSG) that they put in their food must've been enormous.

I'd have given this place a higher rating, but for the post-food experience.


April 12, 2010response from management at Zheng, BluPetal - A Business Hotel:

Dear johncougar

Thank you for sharing your feedback. We appreciate feedback from our patrons and take them very seriously.

We have delved into the possible causes of the post meal discomfort that you and your friends experienced after your meal at Zheng. We have reviewed the internal checks and quality controls that we undertake before we serve a meal to our patrons and ensured that they meet the high standards that we set for ourselves.

I am confident that you would have enjoyed your subsequent visit to Zheng w