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> > > Nando's


Sector 35, Chandigarh  

  • 4052501,4052502, 4052503,4052504, 4052505, 9357777622
  • SCO 339-340, Sector 35-B, Sector 35, Chandigarh
  • Meal for 2 - 700

6 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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Nando's Reviews


Had a great time

If someone is looking for that spicy grilled chicken then Nando's is the place. Awesome taste, good value for money. First time visitors must try the peri-peri chicken!!


Not for Vegetarians!

I know it is a place for chicken but what do you do when all your friends want to go to a place like Nandos and order chicken. Being a veggie I was very disappointed with the place.



Very good ambience and good food. Their flagship dish, the peri-peri chicken is worth checking out..



A bit noisy, & intrusive but interesting food

After reading the review of the Portuguese dish - Cataplana algrave, I decided to try out Nando's @chandigarh.
My advise to beginners, please go for the mild peri-peri before becoming too adventurous, it is spicy enough to warm your ears !
The Portuguese biryani was good, the spices different, and the complimentary drink went down well with the dish.
Unfortunately, the waiters were very loud, intrusive (kept on asking repeatedly if I was enjoying my meal) and appeared to be under-trained, a bit surprising for an International chain.
Still, I would probably go back at least once more to try some of the other recipes too.


Jd Singh - Burrp User

Jd Singh

1 Reviews

December 26,2011


Savour the new Portugese dish, Cataplana, at Nando

Nando’s Chandigarh, the South African chain of restaurants, has introduced a new Portugese dish to its menu, Cataplana Algarve.
Cataplana is the name for the non-vegetarian cuisine as well as the utensil in which it is served. It is the most popular dish and is used as a centerpiece dish at social gatherings.
Cataplana Algarve is also similar to Indian biryani and is served with all the ingredients inside this copper dish that enables the ingredients to mesh together and this gives a great herbal tinge and full flavor to the cuisine.
Cataplana Algarve is a medley of flame-grilled Peri-Peri chicken thighs, tossed with spicy rice, grilled peppers, chickpeas and a dash of parsley. You can wash it down with a newly introduced Nando’s designer drink, Rosa Fresca, a new concoction of mint mojito and pomegranate syrup.
The serving vessel is a broad domed dish like two woks placed together and is traditionally made of copper. It is of Moorish design and was introduced to southern Portugal during their occupation from 8th century AD, and Algarve is a province in Portugal after which this rich, aromatic dish is named.
One can enjoy this Portugese Cataplana Algarve, along with refreshing designer drink, Rosa fresca at just Rs 350 (Serves one).
Nando’s is known for its deliciously spicy and fiery Peri-Peri dishes, and opened in Sector 35B last year.


Anuraag  - Burrp User


70 Reviews

November 18,2011


Boa comida !!!!

It eluded me in Bangalore and Bombay but I finally caught up with it in Chandigarh. Now, Nandos may not be a top of the mind name in India but the chain does have its roots spread far and wide. The ambiance is not in sync with typical fast food joints with this being more laid back and country music being played.

Now the one word (repeated twice-over) that you'd keep hearing in a Nandos is peri-peri which is essentially a type of chilli. So there's peri-peri chicken, peri-peri paneer, peri-peri hummus and a lot more peri-peri..

We decided to stick to standard fare. ordered for a half-chicken meal and an Espetida Rustica on a recommendation by the steward. The half chicken had 4 pieces of their trademark chicken which is flame grilled, a bowl of rice, coleslaw and wedges. The espetida was particularly tasty and served in a novel way. They are also 4 different peri-peri sauces placed on each table varying in the degree of 'hot'ness.

Ordered natas and a chocolate-biscuity thing for dessert. The natas was good, infact both the desserts were.

Coffees were a surprising find in the menu but pretty good VFM. Overall, prices for 2 can go up to around 1500 with drinks thrown in.

I would want to try another couple of things on the menu and am definitely going back but only towards the beginning of the month ;)


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