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Went there for dinner on my son's birthday and had a nice quiet evening. The ambiance is rich, the service is personal (the celebrity chef took the order himself), the food is yum... Read more

Was meeting a couple of friends last Sunday. With so much buzz about That Madras Place, it was a natural choice.
We had difficul... Read more

I was very thirsty and all I wanted was a thirst quenching Indian drink!!! (read no coke, pepsi, fanta types)
I rarely visit Egmor... Read more

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Chef's Recipe: Vinegar Cocktails

JULY 9, 2014

Karina Aggarwal
Learn out how to make your own vinegar and surprise your friends with vinegar cocktails at your next party. Though the recipe is secret, Pankaj Balachandran, Bar Manager at Rick's, The Taj Mahal Hote...Read more


Just Desserts in Dubai

JULY 1, 2014

Tanya Gupta
Our columnist picks her top food experiences in Dubai, and it's a dessert-heavy menu. Dubai is always touted as a shopper's paradise. That it's also a salvation for the hungry is rarely written about....Read more


3 Reasons Why You Should Watch Chef

JUNE 18, 2014

Tanya Siqueira
If you're looking for a sweet story peppered with visual treats, put this 'Chef' on your menu. A few people watching this 117-minute food film will come away thinking it's about the power of media - b...Read more


What You Should Know About Drinking Wine In India

JUNE 16, 2014

Karina Aggarwal
Forget tasting wines, there are more important things to be considered before that writes Karina Aggarwal. I won't tell you how to do the see, swirl, smell/sniff and sip bit because honestly, you've m...Read more