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Latest Buzz in chennai - Food / drink / Events / Nightlife


Indian Or Not?

JUNE 2, 2015

Jharna Bhatnagar
Dal Chawal is not Indian? If you thought that the hot ginger chai you enjoy on a winter afternoon or your favourite samosa was Indian, you’re wrong. We dug into the history of some of India’s favour...Read more


In Conversation With: Chef Samantha Nunes

JUNE 2, 2015

Alisha Patel
Pastry chef Samantha Nunes tells us about how she would love to splurge on chocolate and would never work with wasabi. If you've ever eaten a really good macaroon in Goa, chances are it was made by C...Read more


In Conversation With: Chef Vikas Khanna

MAY 21, 2015

Junisha Dama
Chef Vikas Khanna tells us it took him the longest to perfect Duck Breasts with Tellicherry Pepper Sauce, and more.  If you’re an Indian, you surely know US-based Michelin-starred Chef Vikas Khanna....Read more


10 Food Aromas That Will Make You Hungry

MAY 15, 2015

Rutu Shah
10 foods that smell so good that they make your stomach rumble. A nose that can see is worth two that sniff. Eugene Lonesco, the Romanian playwright put it brilliantly when writing about the sense of ...Read more

Featured reviews of Restaurants in chennai

Chennai has been filled with several hotspots serving delicious food and off late Pizzas have become quite a popular dish amongst... Read more

aaroo4 - Burrp User

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92 Reviews

Imagine walking into a room and the aroma of cinnamon, cloves, cardamon and ginger hits you, leaving you in a whirl of flavours?... Read more

Pilliravi - Burrp User

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2 Reviews

Its a great place to get together with friends for coffee, the different types of coffees served must be tried once.. pastas and... Read more