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36 Degrees


  • 24617050, 9840794500, 9962834974
  • No.89, Temple View Apartments, Santhome High Road, Santhome, Chennai
  • Ice-cream, Juice, Snacks
  • Meal for 2 - 200

30 Reviews / 32 Ratings

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36 Degrees Reviews

Best Hangout Place

This is such an awesome place . We used to go to this place after our school almost every evening . They are very flexible and the prices are also moderate enough . The service is simply superb , the best I would say . The ambiance is great and its so much fun to be there with friends . This place is known for the combos they offer us . They are one of the very few places that allow us to celebrate birthdays . One of my favourites . Nostalgic too . Parking available .


Nice hangout spot

Perfect place to hangout with friends. Ambience is amazing. You get all kinds of food and especially the brownies are really good and also the milkshakes are delicious. The yhave a flexible system and let you celebrate parties, etc in a joyous manner. We were there for my friend's birthday party and the staff were really supportive and friendly. But, on the downside, they dont have car parking. Two wheelers can be parked though


Lame place for hangout

I went to this place a few weeks back with my friends. The ambiance was so so, although felt as if no one has come here in ages. We ordered an orange juice, ice tea, bhajji cheese grill, chutney grill and french fries. The ice tea was good but the orange juice was sour. The grills we ordered were pathetic. The food pricing was reasonable.


Nice place for a snack

I remember we went here on the day Chennai city experienced a mild tremor, so the roads were quite busy with people heading home from office early and thats when we got here........

It was empty except for us, nice seating and a decent menu, affordable prices.

We had a milkshake, a plate of onion rings and tried out a dessert kinda dish, "fruit creams" which the waiter suggested to us as their was very yummy with nice fruit pieces dipped in cream.

I would go there again just for that fruit creams dish.




Can't recommend this place to anybody , needless to say everything about the place was hopeless , service , food, loo, etc


aceman007 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 04,2011


I hate to even give one star to this place

On one weekend afternoon we just wanted to go to some coffee house to chillax. This place looked decent enough. But Man!!!! The staff... Horrible people. They don't know proper Tamil, Hindi, English. They can just stammer and manage something in Tamil. It was too difficult for us to order what we wanted. One young fellow who was serving was staring at my girl throughout. I even asked him what he wanted. He murmured something in Malayalam. That SICKO made us feel bad and un-comfortable. And the master-stroke is that none of the staff could properly swipe a credit card for the payment. And by the way.. Guys don't get fooled by looking at the American Express SELECT 20% discount. That cheapos are not going to oblige. The in-charge over there tells me that the American Express Sales guy has pursuaded and talked him into giving it. I've been using AMEX for so long, they aren't that kind of guys. When I demanded for the discount, the guy starts personally attacking me saying - if you cannot afford why are you coming to such a place. That sick _ _ _ _ _ _ _. I don't know and cannot even understand how these guys expect to grow like this in the hospitality/services industry. A total Thumbs down...!



Nice Hangout spot this Summer

From coffees to cappuccinos, from sandwiches to pizzas, from fresh juices to fruit shakes to faloodas to brownies, 36 degrees serves it all!

Great ambiance!!

We loved the music and service is good.


Shahir M - Burrp User

Shahir M

8 Reviews

January 23,2011


Change in management

There has been a change in the management which I guess has taken a beating to the quality of service and food.

Share: - Burrp User

5 Reviews

December 24,2010


Well, Change is not always for the better.

When I first used to go there, the cafe was vibrant, the lawn was neatly landscaped and the menu reflected the items delivered. But now, things have changed for the worse. In the combo, as another reader pointed out, you now get chips instead of fries but the menu mentions fries. Also, home deliveries are erratic due to dearth of labour, and the beautiful entry landscape with custom made shades are now lying messily in the side. The lawn is unkempt and inside the story isnt much better- the paint is peeling of the walls, the A.C. is rarely ever on and thete are flies that sit on your plate while you eat. Things have changed around the place and the owner must wake up! For now, the stars are scanty. A thumbs down for me! I miss the old 36 Degrees.



Highly recommended

I live overseas, but I've been to 36 degrees a couple of times. The service is courteous and friendly, and the food and drinks arrived in good time. The faloodas are excellent, and the burgers are wholesome and filling too. However, I found the brownie a bit too dry and nutty, and I also found a hair embedded in it! The decor is modern and colourful, the couches are comfy and the cafe is air conditioned. Overall a nice play to take a break from your daily grind or to relax at the end of the day. It impressed me enough to want to go back every time I'm in Chennai.


rajeshrajoo - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 15,2010


36 Degrees of Insult

Just had a very insulting lunch out at 36 Degrees with my friend from Mumbai. She had ordered the combo on the menu which mentioned a sandwich, fries and lemonade. The fries never came. She got 4 measly chips instead. And when she said she won't pay, since she'd ordered just for the fries, the owner started speaking in Tamil arrogantly. He said that for the price mentioned you'd only get a sandwich. Like he was doing a favor giving the chips and lemonade too. Chips instead of the fries mentioned in the menu. The worst part is that this place has a burrp certification. How did they get that!!!! Never will I go there especially with the arrogant rude-mouthed manager around. And I live so close to this rude place!



cool place but can revisit their menu

I've gone to this place couple of times.. and I did enjoy the ambience... the menu is not so interesting and they can definitely improve on it to invite more customers...



Cool hangout...uncool food

Great ambience, where you can kick back and relax with your better half or friends. Limited variety of snacks which are not out of the creams n pastries r good, dont go for the fruit creams...Haji Ali has much better ones. Overall, I would say go here if you want to relax...prices r not that cheap either.



Good ambience, but not great food

36 Degrees is good for those who are looking for a quite hangout and a peaceful ambiance. Their food is not so great and some of their juices have been pretty bad in more than one occasion. On the brighter side, however, you will not regret having come, for the good ambiance and the moderate prices, though you may not love it either. Can be useful as a regular hangout place but dont use it for special meets!


chilled out

Looking for a quiet evening hangout with your friends or with a loved one?

There's this tiny little place ducked near our Marina Beach called 36 degrees.Its a coffee shop with few tit bits to munch on as well.

With the gentle sea breeze coming its a chilled out place with a chic ambiance with cool interiors and most importantly staffs who dont ask you to get out once you are done eating!

The specialty of the place is their fruit creams which are available in all seasonal fruit flavors.Try the sandwiches/pizza and the onion rings if you are a little hungry first

If you are a mango fan go for the mango fruit cream, the brownie with ice cream is also a great treat for chocolate lovers.



The place is cool and have to admit their fruit creams are very nice.I like their sizzling brownie too. The service can improve a lot though i don't mind it being a little laid back.Another place very similar to this would be HajiAli in Greams road.Apart from the ambience both are very very similar.

Share: - Burrp User

5 Reviews

October 04,2009


Chill 0*C

36 Degrees is one of my favorite hang outs, and I know the owner too. The Menu ranges from sandwiches, subs, pizzas and burgers (only one choice). The mozarella and schezwan varieties are outstanding. The French Conviction (Grape Juice) is one of the best on the menu and my favourite, the ambience is also perfect and homely, complete with Madras roofing. It is a must try for all foodies and especially Vegetarians as the Menu is complete Veg (including the Brownies, Truffles and Fruit Creams!!!). Although it could do with more chice of combos for the frugal people. It is cool and hep and Ï like it. Just try it.


Great place but for

Went in a couple of months ago.
1. Nice secluded place run by a keralite entrepreneur, very peaceful and not crowded

2. The soups, starters, main dishes, everything was great.

3. Very nice ambience.

Negatives: The typical indian mentality of the incoming crowd.
1. Sitting on the sofas with both their feet folded in with their shoes
2. Extremely boisterous and attention seeking teenagers
3. Filthy table manners of eating with their hands and spilling the food under the table, it was bad to see the cleaner bending underneath the sofa to clear the leftovers
4. Couples sharing intimacy
5. Worst of all the billing clerk kept staring at my wife for the entire two hours we were there. It made her entirely uneasy and not wanting to come there again.


Unassuming little joint

You know how they say that the best food is that which reminds you of your childhood and your mother's kitchen? I sort of had a similar experience last Sunday at 36 degrees.

I was out with a friend who was convinced that she had seen "a quaint little place opposite Mayor Ramanathan Centre" and that we should try it for sure. Skeptical right from that moment, I was surprised as to how I had never noticed this joint before.

Stepped in and while I loved the interiors and the ambience of the place. I immediately visualized it as the location of my next office. Much to my dismay, the owner who was on-location told us how the joint was doing rather well. Dammit.

I really didn't expect anything from the food. We decided to try the Mozarella with Mushroom pizza, a Mango fruit cream (made popular by the Haji Ali Centre on Greams Road), a fresh juice (Orange & Pineapple) and a coffee. The pizza arrived first and I was completely bowled over.

For those of you who are still wondering what the damn "connecting-with-childhood" bit was all about, this pizza took both of us back to our childhoods - she said the pizza reminded her of Cakes n Bakes pizza while I wafted back to the days of Choice Bakery outside our school on TP Road. It was the typical "fast-food" pizza with a generous dose of pizza and pretty much nothing else :D The cheese was fresh and the dough was just as sprightly, obviously oblivious to the concept of thin crusts.

The juice was a smash hit - 5 stars to that. One look at the coffee and I warned my friend about it. She mentioned how everything else had proven me wrong till then. However, I was right about the coffee - lol. It was absolutely pathetic. She didn't go beyond the first taste. I am sorry but since I've never EVER had coffee in my life, I am in no position to comment further.

Mango cream - outstanding. I mean, I have heard people rave about the fruit creams at Haji Ali, but this was really something else.

At a total of Rs.310 for this experiment, we weren't really complaining. The place's setting was quaint and cosy and it was a nice way to spend a lazy Sunday late afternoon.

Facility is usable, though common for men & women much like most cafes in the city. However it seemed as though a water pipe had blown as there was water all over the loo - a definite put off for most women.



Fruit Creams

Tasted the fruit cream today.
Truly awesome. I asked for the chocolate cream but the guy who took the order recommended the Strawberry cream. It was brilliant. Fresh strawberries in fresh cream. What a treat. Also had the brownie with ice cream. Good but nothiung exceptional.
The faloodas are decent and the chikoo milkshake was also pretty good.
Go here for the one reason !!!





Well thats what it amounts to really.
36 degrees (in celsius) is 96.8 Farenheit. You know, it may well have been named 37 degrees 'cause that amounts to roughly the body temperature and this place provides just that. Warmth.
Wonderfully warm with a stunning decor, tastefully done up just perfectly in such a way that its not in your face. The ambience is awesome and so is the food. The sandwiches are good and so are most of the other dishes. The fruit juices are, well, just those. DONT have the milkshakes though. Not worth it. 36 Degrees claims to have brought "fruit creams" to Chennai. Although they looked delicious, I could not taste them the day I went. But if they tasted half as good as they looked, I wouldn't complain.
In all, a nice place to meet friends and have a nice conversation, without all the "wannabes" of the other "hep" coffee joints about. Give this place a try.


cyruz - Burrp User


1 Reviews

July 01,2009


indulgence Corner!!!

I Indulged myself @ 36 Degrees lip smacking Fruit creams Sandwiches and the lovely Subz and had gr8 conversations with ma friendz. today evening..we all liked the place!

the subz is a roll with the schezwan and bhaji mixed!! Real Indian sandwich were real yummy the place rocks big time!!

Keep it up!!

Interiors and the ambience are perfect...loved the friendly service...Best of all the Mango Cream :-) Must eat!! dun miss!!


36 Degrees in what?!

When I see seven people giving a place a great rating I like to visit the place for real.

So off I trudged to 36 degrees in 36 degrees C.

Ambience: It is a nice place where the airconditioning works. The chairs are comfortable and somebody seems to have done the place up. The effort shows and if you like it fine.

The menu: Has various juices, some shakes / cream type drinks, coffees, sandwiches, pizzas, and more.

I decided to try something simple. A bhaji sandwich, a cappucino and my friend ordered a cold coffee. The sandwich was reasonable. They have no clue how to make a cappucino or I got the wrong barrista. The cold coffee was passable.

The service guys are enthusiastic and want to be helpful.

Would I go back there? Maybe, probably not.

Its difficult to understand what they specialise in as their menu has nearly everything bunged in ( like a multi cuisine restaurant ) .

If you are trying to hide from the heat, the airconditioning is reasonably good.

If you need snack food or drinks, you can look around. Though not many options in Santhome.



This Place is simply Amazing!!

36 Degrees is entirely different from other Cafes the cool Green interiors with the beige bright sink in couches is the right place to relax!!!
Its on Santhome High Road opp to Chettinad School, the place is very appealing and my boy Friend took me there for a surprise B'day Date !!
I had the best Burgers and my boyfriend had the Kiwi fruit with Cream which was lip smacking and the Dry Fruit Falooda was very very Yummy!! one of the best of its kind what I have ever had in my life!!
Its very calm and cozy unlike the other cafes very Elite and rich cutleries and nice experience!!
Thanks to Anand!!
Don't miss this joint try it out....


shaks - Burrp User


1 Reviews

June 30,2009


"at 36 Degrees U go Minus"

36 Degrees the name says it all!! I went on a hot evening to 36 Degrees with 6 of my friends the Decor the Aircondition the music and the courteos staff jus pleased us all...The food was simply delicious the Special Sandwich, Pizza Combo and the Watermelon juice was as good as the interiors!! All the most the first time in Chennai I had this Fresh Fruit Cream with Alphonso Mango was really yummy...My friend had a Unique thing in fruit whic is the Custard Apple Cream our typical Sithaphal Cream was the best of all -)...Ashna ma best friend fell in Luv with the Brownie with Ice cream all Eggless and pure veg did'n even feel like it was a Veg joint..Gr8 place to check out, quite average priced and an ideal place for a date!!!!


pretty cool!

Gr8 ambience...nice food...courteous service....not to forget the excellent smoothies!! Awesome place...keep it cool dudes!


guess - Burrp User


1 Reviews

June 11,2009



LOTS of Eggless vegetarian desserts, which Chennai lacks badly..Pleasant ambiance, The servings are large, you need an appetite! Hope they keep adding and changing their menu to keep it going..



Uber Cool Joint

As agninakshatram looms large and Chennai sweats and swelters, how about some “cool” relief at 36 Degrees? The tag line reads “at 36 Degrees you go minus…” So, of course, yours truly decided to check it out…

Located at San Thome High Road, 36 Degrees is the “cool” place to be in this summer! This unique fusion of coffee & fruit shop is situated in the basement and lives up to their tag line. Upon entering, I felt an instant relief from the scorching sun outside. With adequate air-conditioning in place, the place is pretty chilled out!


refreshingly soothing interiors

36 degrees is very close to my workplace at MRC Nagar. I wanted to go out for lunch one afternoon and ordered a burger here. It took a tad longer for them to prepare it but I'll have to admit, the burger was well worth every second of the wait.

The whole look and feel of the place, the furniture, the seating arrangement, the lighting, AC is a great break from a lot of gaudily done up places in Chennai. It felt good walking into 36 Degrees on a hot afternoon.

A friend tells me the smoothies are worth trying here. Quite reasonably priced too. :)


good ambience

have visited the place recently...very good ambience and some what a different style of seating arrangement and all together a calm place unlike the other busy cafes in the city. food also tastes good....all the best


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