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> > > 5 Senses

5 Senses

Khader Nawaz Khan Road  

  • 30062010, 30062020, 30062030, 9840980000
  • Oyster, No. 9, Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai
  • Mediterranean
  • Meal for 2 - 1700

28 Reviews / 28 Ratings

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5 Senses Reviews





Much needed

Located centrally in a complex in Khader Nawaz Khan Road, 5 senses is huge place with spacious seating. The service is very good and the parking is plenty. We ordered 2 starters and a pizza. The starters were a little salty but that understandable considering the greek style of cooking. The pizzas was very good. The ambiance is very good and the place is definitely worth the visit though the pricing is a little bit expensive.


serenity1 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

January 10,2013


Really liked this one

I've been to this place more than a couple of times and it's been quite some time now, but would surely love to be here again.

The restaurant is really awesome and for the service, food and location, it ain't expensive either. The place is very nicely done and each time I've been there I've not had anything to complain and that's really something. Food is well presented and nice, people are courteous and ambience is exceptional. One of the best stand-alone restaurants in town.


Lovely set up with ok-ok food

usually you have high expectations with restaurants in and around Nungambakkam especially for the competition but this place fails when it comes to food. 15 of us went for a buffet and we were shocked with the line up! it was nothing!! starters come in late, it gets over in the middle, not sure where the food features in Continental/Mexican/ Italian.. overall not a good bet! Staff and the lay up is pretty nice but the core which is the food needs serious introspection! 5 Senses fails to tickle miserably!



Best New Place I've been to in a long long time.

Some accidents are a blessing in disguise, and that's what happened when I found 5 Senses by accident. My family and I were cruising on Khader Nawaz Khan Road searching for Baan Thai, but Fate chose otherwise. The zany poster of European countries caught my eye and I stopped the car.

5 Senses has such sexy decor: Hollywood films and stars adorn the walls in this Mediterranean restaurant (I don't know why). The food is lip smacking; I have never had a better pizza, one that mirrors that iconic invention by the Italians. The service was superb and the layout allows conversation, and yet doesn't feel like an island away from civilization.



Great ambience, Par quality food

Full marks for the location, decor and the atmosphere. Seldom find such places in Chennai. The service too is excellent. However the food does not live up to expectations. The flavors are confused and the output though good, is not authentic. Also some days its a buffet. In my opinion the kind of cusine they serve (Greek , Moroccan, Italian...) it best presented in plate. Picking them from the buffet row destroys the texture and leaving it under a burner for long surely depletes the subtle flavors. Good place, hopefully the food too will keep pace soon...



4/5 senses are stimulated......

The ambience is nice with classic Hollywood posters hanging all over has an interesting menu in the form of a notebook,a nice & quiet place to enjoy time out,the aroma of the food served makes u hungry with the highlight being the starters ......that apart it fails to stimulate is the most important of all senses in this regard which is the taste ....overall the food is ok & the feel of the restaurant is just about fine......can give it a shot as overall it is satisfactory which includes the pricing......


Hina Gujral - Burrp User

Hina Gujral

3 Reviews

September 10,2012


Nice romantic evening

I went to this place with my husband on a date to spend some romantic time; I must say it was one of the best evenings we have spent together. We went on Saturday evening and there was Live band performing all time favourite classics, very classy crowd, live barbeque, wine and open air sitting arrangement. 5 senses has that picturesque ambience which is ideal for spending a lovely evening with your spouse or to propose someone but for ordering food here you must have knowledge of Greek, Mediterranean & Lebanese cuisines otherwise you will end up ordering something horrible and come home famished. If you do not want to sit in open air they have separate sitting area also with no live music & a nicely set up bar.


pricey good food

it has positives and negatives , positives are clean flavours , authentic food , great presentation and ambience. negatives are it makes a pretty big hole in ur pocket and the quantities are small. so watch out if ur value conscious



ok place

Went there over for Sunday lunch and found the restaurant to be deserted but we were amazed by the size of the restaurant, pleasing interiors and the outdoor space is mega huge, would be nice to sit out on a pleasant evening. Loved the menu layout concept and the drinks menu. Starters were good and the presentation of the main course was killer, i had the chicken roulade which would have been amazing except for the fact that my chicken was pink (undercooked) and this just threw me off and dissapointed me, although i loved the taste so much that i ate the rest of the cooked portion, but still serving uncooked meat is super dangerous so be careful when you order. Will i return? well i found the value for money to be a bit on the higher side, pricing was almost like that of 5 star hotels (and i work in one), a bit more VFM and you will find me there every week :-) - overall keep up the good work and good to see such cuisines flourish in Chennai.


May 20, 2012response from management at 5 Senses:

Dear Ranjeetv, thank you for your feedback and kind words! We have launched an all new a la carte menu nad based on feedback, have increased the portion of food being served. Do give us another shot and let us know what you think :)


Satisfied yet not satisfied

We had been here for the New Years Buffet in 2011, but wanted to get a first hand experience of the regular dine in, so today we (5 of us) went here.
The food was good, presentation heavenly, a true fine dine experience..yet we were unsatisfied with the quantity of serving specially in the starters.
The staff was courteous, service was apt.....however a bit more interaction from the manager/chef/staff won't hurt..specially when you're gonna coughing up this kinda amount.
P.S .and guys LIT is a must try, go in for the glass, avoid the pitcher........and ya arrange a cab to drive u home ;)


May 20, 2012response from management at 5 Senses:

Dear Saurabhach, thank you for your feedback! We are very sorry for leaving you dissatisfied! We have recently launched an all new a la carte menu and based on all your feedback, have increased the quantity of food being served. Do give us another shot, you won't be disappointed! :)

nimmo10 - Burrp User


8 Reviews

February 15,2012


Reserved for special occasions

we went there for Vday and were happy to find the ambience and music pleasing to our senses. We ordered basa fish fillet and grilled fish which turned out to be yummy but very small portions. I think they are good at what they are doing. Only they need to increase portions size to justify the high price.


March 22, 2012response from management at 5 Senses:

Glad to hear you had a great Valentine's Day, nimmo10! Thank you for the feedback! We look forward to having you back with us on many more such special occasions! :)


Pricey but yummm

Went there for lunch with my husband.. Has the lunch set menu for Rs. 650. While I chose vegetarian, my husband chose non-vegetarian. I had iced tea for my drink. You get starter, salad, pizza, main course and dessert as a part of the menu. You have 2-3 option to choose your pizza, main course and dessert. The food tasted good and the presentation was brilliant. I felt it was quite worth the money.

You can check out my complete review at


March 22, 2012response from management at 5 Senses:

Great to hear that! :) We have now introduced a lunch buffet (+ 1 beverage) for Rs. 550/- all inclusive. Available from Mondays to Fridays between 12 noon and 3 PM. If you get to try it, do let me know what you think! :)

A Complete Let Down

I had a chance to visit this retaurant with a couple of friends for a treat. The first thing that struck me about this restaurant was the great outdoor seating and ambience. The walls were adorned with nice pictures of yesteryear Hollywood stars. The menu was more of a coffee table book and was designed like a nice scrap book. Looking at all this we were hoping to have an excellent gastronomic experience. But we were in for a shock.

We had ordered two tapas platters with a mix of starters. The entire starter platter was completely dreadful, almost unpalatable. After this we were cautious when it came to ordering maincourse. We ordered safe options like pizzas and lasagnes. The pizzas were just above mediocre. One point to remember is that you have to specifically ask for ketchup. They dont serve ketchup with pizza in true Italian style. But the taste was far from authentic italian. The lasagne again was just okay. The tiny portion of lasagne served was appalling. The pepperoni pizza was good though. One of us had ordered grilled pomfret which was better than the rest. Most of the main courses came in such tiny portions and even the knowledge that imported ingredients had been used din't justify the price tag and was a complete let down. We decided not to take a risk with desserts. We just ordered a couple of mocktails which were quite good. The bill came to almost 1k per head.

In the end it was quite a bad experience at 5 senses. The only high points of the day were the great setting and a live band. Try it at your own risk.

Food - 1/5
Price - 1/5
Ambience - 4/5


MalarC - Burrp User


2 Reviews

January 24,2012


Nice Ambience, good wine, not that great food

The setup is good with the outdoor seating and live music, the imported wine tasted like it really was, the continental food was well presented but nither the taste nor the quantity did not live up to the steep price.


March 22, 2012response from management at 5 Senses:

Dear MalarC, we are sorry you were disappointed! Do give us another shot and we promise your next experience here will definitely be a better one! Have a good day!

missjaya - Burrp User


7 Reviews

January 24,2012



OMG the black and white chocolate canneloni- divine, ecstacyy trigger-er, topper of the top of the 7th heaven, sinful :D a must try. havent tasted anything like it in chennai!. the pepperoni pizza (though they have some fancy name for it) is worth a try too!

would recommend 5senses to anyone and everyone looking for an exemplary dining experience!


March 22, 2012response from management at 5 Senses:

That's great to hear! Thank you, missjaya! :) We look forward to having you back soon!


5 senses satisfied

Good location, ambiance, food and great live entertainment, love the pizzas and pork back ribs!


January 24, 2012response from management at 5 Senses:

Thank you for the great feedback! We are glad you love the place. We look forward to having you back with us soon!


A Bad one though nice ambience but poor food.


January 24, 2012response from management at 5 Senses:

Hi! We are sorry your experience was bad! We would like to know what exactly went wrong so we can work on it. If you could take some time off to email us the details at, it will be great! Thank you!

highly expensive bad food with lousy service

definitely the positive reviews are fake coz i dont think anyone wud have the patience to wait for an hour or so for their food and see the waiters chit chat and enjoy watching you get upset about the lousy service. And after such a long wait even for cutlery, and the table to be cleared you get food which is just ok in taste....not great and almost bad. To top it up the food is very oily...chicken phyllo is expensive and when it comes it tastes like eating a spoon of oil...forget about the chicken coz the phyllo had absorbed all the oil.!! and then quantities are small for a dish of 650 plus taxes you get a small square sized phyllo just good enuff to fill the tummy of a 4 year old.Apart from the ambience nuthing is good just go if u r i no mood to spend money or eat food or expect good service...take a sip of a drink (no alcohol there) n enjoy with friends the ambience ....but dont order food!


January 24, 2012response from management at 5 Senses:

Hi! We are very sorry to hear this and to have let you down. Our food may seem pricey as most ingredients are imported. We will make sure that this doesn't happen again. Please do come back and give us another shot. We promise your experience will be a much better one. Thank you and sorry, again!

Nice Food But Very Expensive

i was here a few days back, the food here is really good but i somehow feel it is way too overpriced... i think if they cut down a little on the rates then they will have more happy customers


January 24, 2012response from management at 5 Senses:

Sir, our food may seem a bit pricey because most of our food ingredients are imported. However, we are glad you really liked the food! Thank you!

Good food at steep rates

We walked in towards the lift in this new restaurant on Khader nawaz khan road... A we entered the roof top, we were pleasantly surprised at the spacious interiors and exterior seating and of course the decor. The walls had posters from Hollywood classics. As i admired them, the waiter brought what looked like a huge diary, but which was actually their menu card, rather coffee table book. Flipped through the pages, tried to make sense of all that was written under each category and finally gave up.. but the information about the various towns, cuisines present was very interesting.. Wish they gave us a book to take home to read in leisure!!

We ordered a Tapas, that had about 5 little starters, 3 veg and 2 non veg.. They were each sinful and packed with flavour. And then for soup, i ordered a Broccoli soup, which the waiter served in a rather unique fashion. The bowl came with a little cake in the center around which green thick soup was poured. The center was infact a broccoli mouse cake. It was good.. very light!! A friend ordered Mushroom soup that was served with a long slice of toasted bread on a wooden platter, quite funky... The others passed up on soup and went ahead with the main course.
Between us, we ordered a Chicken Basil pizza, a chicken salad, I ordered a dish that was an assortment of smoked vegetables, and finally there was the Mousakka... If one could satiate their hunger with just the appearance of the dishes, we would be full to our ears, but then as much as appearance matters, so does portion size and price...

Food did taste good, but apart from the pizza, the portions were fairly ok... Between us, we finished one and a half bottles of wine as well. And did order up a few Apple mojitos that another friend had recommended...

Oh, and we werent done yet... We wanted to go all the way and have ourselves one hearty meal. For dessert, we just stuck to Chocolate Canaloni, that was served on a long white plate with a slice of orange in the center, a green cherry on top and chocolate sauce on the plate while the other end had two rolls, one hazelnut flavoured and other dark chocolate with rich cholocate filling on the inside.. It was to die for... divine!!

Good conversation, amazing company and good food, all that made the evening quite a memorable one!

The place is very neat, ambiance is perfect, waiters are very attentive and so service is top notch. But the price is a dampener... One needs to watch the price tag before ordering unless it was a special occasion. The check jolted us out of our mood and brought on an air of silence around!!


December 23, 2011response from management at 5 Senses:

Thank you for your review Aarti! Our food may come across as a bit pricey because most of our ingredients, meat especially, are imported from across the globe.

However we are glad you had a good time and we look forward to having you back with us soon!

RahulR72 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 18,2011


Awesome food, great ambiance & live entertainment!

When I walked into 5senses, I was pleasantly surprised to see Chennai that has such a large stand-alone restaurant with fantastic outdoor and indoor dining area. The menu, while difficult to understand, is very exhaustive, but then there's always the friendly service staff who are very nice and help you out with the menu. We (Me and three friends) loved these - Lamb souvlaki, Dajaj Mashwi, Sea food tagine amongst others. Do not forget to try the pizzas. So thin the crust, it is by far the BEST pizza in the city.

They seem to have pretty impressive live entertainment lined up every week. We went there Saturday night and the live band was rocked! All-in-all, a great experience and we totally recommend this place. A must-try for Chennai-ites.

Also, I don't agree with the bad reviews either. I think 5senses is easily a notch above any other stand-alone restaurant in the city - in terms of food, ambiance, decor and service (cannot compare it with other stand-alones in the city). This place oozes class. We can't wait to go back!!! :)

PS: NO I'm not paid to write this!


December 23, 2011response from management at 5 Senses:

Thank you for your review! We are glad you had a great experience. Look forward to having you back with us soon!

djbambi13 - Burrp User


6 Reviews

December 10,2011


Very good surprise, not to be missed.

I don't agree with the bad reviews AT ALL. I think I know what is good food ( no pretention here) and I was impressed by this place. And I am not paid to write a good review!
The different tastes, the combination of flavors, the originality of the mixtures, the presentation of the dishes, a true quality! It's sophisticated but really good, not pretentious and fake, subtle and they worked hard to make a beautiful decor where you feel comfortable. Everything we had ( and my friends are both vegetarian and not vegetarian) was excellent. The meat is super good, the platters ( yummy) the desserts, the pizzas...I hope they carry on this way and get more customers coming because we all thought it was totally worth it and a very nice surprise! I can't wait to go back again.


December 23, 2011response from management at 5 Senses:

djbambi13 - Thank you for your review! Please do come back again, soon!


Very so-so

I went here for my team lunch, and boy do they serve slowly! The place was empty for lunch time, and even then the waiters took about an hour to bring all the courses out, sloooooowwwlllyyy, for an hour.
The fixed lunch menu is value for money. Very okay-ish food, and lots of it. I didn't try the a-la-carte, and don't think I'll be going back to try it anyway. Because, frankly, the dessert and the salad was crappy! Chocoloate cannelonis that would require a steak knife to cut through for dessert, and a bunch of lettuce with mayo for the so-called caesar salad. Ugh..
The pizza was alright, tasty, though the crust was just way too thin, and the pasta was served cold. It can't get worse than that :|
For those who want Italian, go to Tuscana instead. Its better food at the same price. For Greek, go to Kryptos. Don't come to this place and try to mix the two - its a bad bad combination!


December 23, 2011response from management at 5 Senses:

meghamookim - We are really sorry about your experience here. We have looked into this issue and will ensure this will not happen again. Please do come back and we'll make sure your experience is a better one!

superfreak - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 20,2011


Failed Senses!!!

Wonder how much these people get paid for such big fake reviews. I had been here recently trust me guys they serve the worst (expensive) food ever.
Positives Ambiance, Service.



Definitely worth a visit

A nice try at making good food seem complicated.. :) Read the menu and figure out little if not nothing.. As one of the other reviews said, the menu is a little confusing in its organization..

Had the chef's plate for starters and the bailey's ice cream based desert. The desert was very good.. So were the starters. Could not really try a lot of the dishes on the menu! But shall put up another review once I do that..

Service - Needs improvement
Food - Slight scope for improvement
Menu - Needs a re-org..
Ambience - Rivaling the best in Chennai.. Would suggest that you go during the rains.. Its lovely in the open area..

* Personally I rate this as the second best dining experience I've had in Chennai. The best being Northern frontier - Raintree Anna Salai - Rooftop..


December 23, 2011response from management at 5 Senses:

AyenDe - Thank you for your review and rating! Do come back again soon!



Was there a few days back for dinner. Probably being a new place , the 100 seater restaurant had only about 10 seats occupied. The ambiance was ok, service excellent and food good. Their menu is tastefully done but a bit confusing - the categorization! Took a good 20 mts to figure out what we want .

The starter was good, in the main course - we enjoyed the lamb - chicken was average. Dessert was good. however we found the prices quite high . Overall experience can be stated as below

ambiance- 3/5
service- 5/5
value for money -3/5

Another interesting fact is that they serve beer and wine and i am unaware that standalone restaurants are allowed to do so as it was not mentioned in the menu as well!


December 23, 2011response from management at 5 Senses:

Karthikeyanm - Thank you for your review!

foodie  - Burrp User


17 Reviews

October 03,2011


Awaken your senses

located in happening Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Chennai's happening locale, 5 Senses is namma Chennai's latest gateway to the Mediterranean (opened only about 2 weeks back).

What struck me even as I park my car is the bright signage of the restaurant-bright, sunny yellow aptly reflecting our weather and that of the Mediterranean (not to forget our CSK colors). You enter through the basement and the elevator takes you to the 3rd floor where 5 Senses is located.

The restaurant has a nice spacious outdoor and indoor design. On a cooler evening, I'm sure sitting out would be a pleasurable experience (albeit there isnt a spectacular view).

The indoors are adequately well lit, with Hollywood stars of yesteryear adorning the walls (may be trying to give a global touch?). The staff are very courteous and helpful when it comes to choosing the wide variety of delicacies that is available. As soon as I get comfy, I'm offered a cool glass of water with a touch of mint, lime and orange-really refreshing.

The menu has been detailed similar to a travel book indicating a travelers experience. I start off with a Chef's non-veg platter. You get a nice assortment of various portions of fish, prawns, chicken wings type, pork and lamb. I thoroughly enjoyed the fish, prawns and the pork. The lamb was slightly on the salty side. You get good portions of bread and the staple olive oil to go with the platter. You also have the choice of soups and salad in case you want an alternative to the mezze platter.

The main course spread is again impressive. I had a Norwegian Salmon along with vegetables. The presentation was excellent and so was the taste. The portion was just about correct for 1 person.

I moved on to the Dessert section-wanted to stay away from the usual Tiramisu and tasted the Chostata- a tart with chocolate lava filling and irish bailey cream. Yummy-just melted in my mouth and made me want more.

I was sitting next to the bar counter and couldn't but get tempted by the fresh coffee beans being brewed. Quickly decided to round up with an Espresso double shot!

The only thing missing was some good wine, which the restaurant does offer (but I had gone on Gandhi Jayanthi and hence couldn't taste their French or Italian wine).

BTW, managed to have a quick chat with the Chef as well (Jatin I think). As he aptly put it, 5 Senses offers you authentic Mediterranean cuisine in a contemporary manner.

All-in-all a fitting end to a lovely evening.


December 23, 2011response from management at 5 Senses:

FOODIE2007 - Thank you! That's a great review! Do come back again!

madan80 - Burrp User


44 Reviews

September 30,2011


Tickling all the 5 senses

Having been to many "new" restaurants, I have come away disappointed with either the food or the service, however, 5 Senses the latest Mediterranean restaurant in Chennai, has made a lasting impression on me in terms of what other restaurants must achieve for service and food.

The first thing that hits you is the size. With a balance of indoor and outdoor seating and sufficient place between the tables, you get a sense of space. There is a bar counter (but no alcohol) and a see through area where the pizzas are made. The walls are studded with pictures of hollywood icons (Including my favorite Godfather Poster) which got us questioning the theme.

5 Senses is a Mediterranean restaurant and they had a lot of dishes from Spain, Morocco, Italy, Lebanon, (France - because there was Ratatouille on the menu) and Greece ( If I remembered the list correctly).

The very first taste you encounter is the water - cold water flavored with Mint, cucumber and Citris, refreshing and really different, we knew we were in for something special.

We started our meal with a Tapas Platter - it comprised of Shrimps and lentilL,
Baked chicken escalopes stuffed with mozzarella and chorizo(A spanish Pork Sausage), Smoked salmon roll mint nichoise, Crumble of goat cheese corn n dehydrated jalapeño studded and Boiled mushroom n red pepper escabeche, caesars salad garlic croatini. The presentation was brilliant and the food was as good. Though not a big fan of goat cheese, the dish did entice me to try it- and I enjoyed it- to the point where the cheese overwhelmed me- if you are a cheese fan - this is a dish to try.

We then ordered a Pizza- though the topping was atypical of a pizza - the Pesto Pollo - a pizza of Basil Pesto Marinated chicken and parmesan cheese and Mozzarella- the outcome was something brilliant. The pizza top mark, little cheese, more flavors and an amazing thin crust.

Our main course was the Grilled supreme - a Grilled chicken stuffed with tiger prawn and spinach. This dish was a bit off the high benchmark setup by the preceding dishes as the chicken was a little hard, though it was very well cooked - it took some effort cutting it. The prawns were cooked to perfection and we loved the little pasta they served it with.

The portions did appear to look small, but they were satiating - larger portions would have filled us up but these quantities gave us the much needed space for deserts as well.

And like they say - leave the best for the last- the deserts were brilliant.

We had the Maraschino cherry and amaretto cheesecake with filter coffee anglaise and caramel spun, Tiramisu and Black n white chocolate cannelloni with hazelnut and coconut mousse stuffing. This was the first time I was having spun caramel- and it had a very unique texture and taste, but it was an experience. The dark chocolate cannelloni was a little overpowering in terms of taste but the hazelnut mouse, the Tiramisu and the cheesecake were spot on. Being a fan of cheesecake, I found the texture of the topping to be amazing.

What really stood out was the presentation of all the food - it was beautiful and well thought through. The chocolate dust, the spun caramel, the filter coffee angalise etc. The service was courteous and staff were lovely. The restaurant plans to change the menu every season- thus giving one a reason to go back for more.

We later learnt that the reason behind the disconnect between the pictures / decor and food was to get the guests to think about the connection. For example, posters of the Godfather - its association with Sicily and Italy and Pizzas (an item on the menu) being one such.

Some of the things that I did not get to try- but I expect it to be good are the Hummus and pita bread along with a traditional Mozzarella pizza with basil leaves- well, maybe next time.

Will I go there again - Yes of-course.

Food- 4.5
Ambience - 5
Experience- 5
Cleanliness- 5
Overall - 5

Dinner courtesy Burrp!


December 23, 2011response from management at 5 Senses:

madan80 - Glad we've left a lasting impression on you. And, thank you for your review! Do come back again, soon!